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It’s the graceful tap of heels on concrete that alert the person that her brown eyes had found not too long ago, watching from afar with unabashed interest as they seemed to continue to struggle with the task they had been apparently trying to handle well before Aella herself had noticed them from across the street. At first it had just been amusing to watch, curiosity getting the best of her as she wondered if they would eventually succeed in… whatever they were attempting to do. After ten or fifteen minutes had passed though with no such luck, she found herself become more and more exasperated rather than entertained. Mouth pursing finally, she made herself way towards them with a casual sway, little smirk peeking out at the edge of her lips when she finally stopped just a few feet away from them, clearing her throat and speaking up.

“Are you in need of a little assistance?” Aella asked in a light tone, brow raising a bit as she crossed her arms over her chest, head tilting as she waited for a response.

Arrival on Midgard || Sif & Open

In New York City, storm clouds began congregating far above of one the streets and wind swirled around the area, buffeting people as they hurried to move out of the commotion. A shimmering beam of light shoot out of the clouds and Sif landed gracefully on the ground, clad in armor, carrying her sword and shield on her back. A circular pattern was evident on the ground surrounding her.

The Asgardian looked around, gathering awareness of her surroundings. Heimdall had informed her of Thor’s likely location, a building known as ‘Avengers Tower.’ She wondered briefly if she would again encounter the mortals that were members of the organization ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Ignoring the gasps and stares of the Midgardians around her, she strode over to the person in the crowd that looked least alarmed by her presence. “It has been some time since I have been present on Midgard. Are you aware of the location of ‘Avengers Tower?’”


     she had noticed the other awhile ago,
     but Clarke had hoped they would take their own way eventually
     ——— but at this point, she was figuring that was not the case.
     seeing as she still felt their presence -
     could glimpse the  o u t l i n e  of a form in her peripherals a few times.
     finally, she halted herself in the middle of the woods,
     lips pressing together before she turned and faced the seemingly
     empty scenery — but she had been around long enough to be no fool.

                (   there was always life within these woods,
                          you usually just got lucky if you never ran into it  

      ❝ I know you’re there. ❞

    Clarke’s voice held steady, not giving in to the thumping in her chest.
    the dagger that had been hidden away into her pants was now
    clutched in her hands — not about to be defenseless if the other was
    looking to harm her.

                    ❝ You might as well show yourself now. ❞

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          The ghoul entered the café, waving to those working behind the counter. It seemed like the manager was out— There was someone filling in for him, at least. Scanning the building for any familiar faces, the gourmet was out of luck. There only happened to be one person here— One that didn’t work here, at least. Perhaps he’d strike up a conversation with the stranger. He assumed that was better than sitting alone, anyways.

          Strolling over toward the said stranger— He waved a bit, before tapping on the table gently to pull her attention onto him. 

                    "Er— Escusez moi, I don’t mean to be rude, but… Would you mind if I sat down with you?"


He chuckled, observing the other other male. “Oh my, well aren’t you polite. Shin Dongwoo…” he nodded. “And how are you today?” he asked with a small smile eyes focused on the face of the demon.

Dongwoo’s head tiltes a bit to the side, the smile still not fading from his lips. “Ah, as of all days, I am well.” His eyes, however, try to catch whatever information they can feast on out of this man in front of him. “And you, Medeis?”

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"I see the way you look at her." (like pre-lexa betrayal or something??? idk )

sentence meme: daughter

  her mother’s words come out of nowhere, causing an
    expression to form across her face of utter shock.
    out of all the things that her mother could have said to her
    in the privacy and quiet of her bedroom;
    that had not been what Clarke had ever expected.
    the words cause an aura of discomfort to slowly begin forming,
    as if she wasn’t quite sure how to process the forward accusation —

       Clarke had always talked about her past interests when they
       were on the Ark. they had been childish crushes though — and this
       was a conversation the two of them had yet to have.
       and the fact that Clarke was completely derailed on how she
       should be feeling regardless nowadays,
       she wasn’t even sure how to appropriately respond.
       her face remained furrowed with her mouth slightly parted
       as they continued to maintain eye contact with one another,
       her mother’s gaze not wavering and seeming to be patiently waiting for…

                                                s o m e t h i n g .

   the steady beat within Clarke’s chest began to speed up, thumping
   and causing her breath to shorten just the slightest as she began
   to delve back into an endless sea of conflicting emotions.
   Lexa was different. she had an air about her that had immediately
   fascinated the young blonde, a chemistry developing between them
   as they began to build up a sort of relationship — built on trust —
   a  f r i e n d s h i p , of sorts. a friendship that held something different
   underneath that Clarke had begun to take notice of.

                       (   and she was sure Lexa had as well   )

         but neither of them had made any sort of action towards it.
         it remained unspoken, buried beneath well played words and
         the main issue at hand — their people. there was too much
         going on for Clarke to of even thought very much into it yet —
         but clearly she had thought of if before, even if it was fleeting.
         her mother’s words were honestly beginning to stir up such
         an odd emotion within her. it was making her stomach squirm.

                    ❝ I don’t know what you’re seeing. ❞

              and it was  t r u e — Clarke didn’t know what her mom was
              seeing… because she didn’t even know what it was herself.