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Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion. | accepting

     || I think beefy, white, well-known FCs are overrated
        No, I’m not tooting my own horn in some politically motivated attempt 
        at being racially progressive, nor do I think I’m better than anyone for 
        choosing a non-white FC. But
        I do find it exhausting seeing some of the same actors half naked on 
        my dash, sometimes for no reason. It feels more like baiting than an 
        actual interest to roleplay, and my 29-year-old frequently laid ass can’t 
        help but roll my eyes at it. 

        Disclaimer: Everyone should do whatever makes them happy. Including 
        me, in the avoidance of what I find to be boring, white, chiseled bodies. |

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               With the same care and understanding as he would treat a nervous beast, unsure of who was dealing with it, Newt pulled his hand back as though he’d touched fire when the woman withdrew from his touch. Both hands clung to his case in awkward concern – he didn’t want to bother her, but she had such a lost sort of look on her face that he couldn’t help but worry for her. Shaking his head at her plea of forgiveness, he offered a smile.

     “Don’t worry, you haven’t bothered me at all. Are you all right?” he asks, lightly swinging the case behind himself. In his small ways, he was not an easily idle person.

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Shovel&&Worn Cello, and then || the product with the sharp half of a dagger?

Shovel && Worn cello = Miners Cello 

This cello, instead of having a point at the end, has a shovel head.

Miners Cello || Sharp half of a dagger = Metal Miners Dagger

Its a miners cello, except that its made of some unknown metal. Using the cello part might produce new sounds now that its made of metal.