{wow where have I been


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

teddy lupin modern au aesthetic

(so much love in this community where have i been all this time wow big thanks to everyone who came by and said hi, i’m so overwhelmed rn)

also i was wondering if you guys could send me some of your teddy headcanons? i’ll share some of my own:

- Teddy Lupin being a metamorphmagus is non-binary and is super confused about his sexuality because there’s Victoire who is gorgeous and beautiful and everyone thinks they’re perfect for each other but then puberty hits James Potter AND WOW OKAY DAMN

- Teddy is 90s kid trash who dresses in second-hand stores and charity shops

- Teddy inherited his dad’s love for beanies and hats (hugs to @asktheboywholived)

- Teddy gets metamorphmagus anxiety attacks when he doesn’t know who he is anymore and keeps transforming into people and things he fears or hates

p.s. I want to follow more blogs, maybe someone could share their favorite ones? harry potter rp related ♥

not crediting anyone since all the pictures in the aesthetic board are from my laptop archives/instagram

How do you pick an nct bias like wth
One day I feel like I have the strongest love for johnny, then I see Yuta being amazing on stage and in videos and I’m like wow where have you been all my life.
Then a video of Ten comes on and I’m blown away once again of how amazing of a dancer he is and much he has grown from when he was in Thailand.
Next thing I know a video of Taeil comes up of him singing his ass off and I’ve never been so shook in my life, but theirs a catch because I see doyoung trying his best to be an amazing mc trying to get laughs and it melts my heart.
While jaehyun is smiling at him and that boy is so angelic, I’ve never seen anyone like him and how much he cares for his members.
I look to the left and there’s taeyong proving all the haters wrong by rapping his ass off and being the loving leader that he is and winwin is just looking at how cool his leader is being in love and being a dork, a very cute dork.
It’s not over yet cause while that’s happening haechan is being a fucking dumbass causing me to go into fits of laughter all while he is making fun of mark.
I notice how amazingly proud I am of that 17 yr old Canadian boy for all his success and still thriving to do his best in everything even if he misses his home.
And all the mini nct members cause me heart aches because they are either my age or I’m their noona making me fall deeper and deeper for them.
I’ve been through everyone and I still can’t choose. They are all so talented and caring to each other.

  • Me: I'm excited to see Fantastic Beasts I'm just a little bummed about the lack of diversity :/
  • White girl: what are you talking about there's a black person in it
  • Me, screaming internally: boy you got me :)))

fox!Slaine and tanuki!inaho = transforming dork squad


Wow, where have I been? Have you seen this before? I saw this DIY idea in a magazine a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try it. Now every time we go through a half gallon of milk or orange juice, I take apart the carton and create a new dispenser. The screw lid holds the new cardboard top in place so tightly, you can actually use your newly-crafted jar to effectively store and pour liquids!

If you want to save yourself a little trouble, open up the top of the carton before you cut around the spout area, unlike what I show here.

This jar is holding couscous, but it could be a handy flour shaker, a sippy cup, a sugar container, or a honey jar. 

Happy Saturday!

Tumblr is very frustrating as a fandom space space to me right now, partly because it’s so often reactionary and hostile to dissenting opinions. It makes me feel as though I need to stay silent and be a stepford smiler rather than openly participating in fandom discussions, which kinda sucks for a hobby that’s supposed to be oriented around engagement and enthusiasm. 


me before I swipe right: Wow, I see true potential! Where have YOU been all my life? And you ride a motorcycle?? FUck it up. FuuUU808ERRORUUCKK.

me after we don’t match: I didn’t really like his hair anyway in that one pic. Who even rides motorcycles? Too dangerous.