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Petition for Yuzu to start going by his deserved title?

Yuzuru Hanyu, First of His Name, Living Legend, Champion of the World and of the Olympics, Conqueror of the Grand Prix, Lord of the Axel, Destroyer of Records, and King of Extra. 

Think about it, the time the ISU announcer will take to proclaim the whole thing would earn His Grace at least an extra 30 seconds to be affectionate with Pooh. It’s a win-win.

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For the Summer Scramble, how about one with Ryoma or Frederick helping/ encouraging a pregnant F!mu come out onto the beach because she's self conscious about her body/ or is embarrassed to show off her belly in a swimsuit :)

[Theres no such thing as “or” when you give me these two hotties!!!!] 

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Frederick: At first you were excited to hit the beach, since Frederick was the one who suggested it. Since when did he suggest you take a day off?

Just the two of you, all day on the beach…it didn’t get more wonderful than that. At least, that’s what you initially though. Then you put on the swimsuit.

“Frederick…” The disdainful tone you had made the captain look up from applying his sunscreen, “I don’t think this is such a great idea.”

“Why ever not?” He asked, glancing back, “Is something the matter?”

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#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

Somebody I Can Kiss

Sherlock burst into the lab, charging over to where Molly was working. She glanced up briefly, but then returned her safety glasses shielded gaze back to the biopsy she was working with. 

“Oh, hi. Is there something-”

“I think you should realize that in all reality I am not as impressive I sometimes act,” he fired off a bit breathlessly.

Molly straightened up and frowned. “Pardon?”

“Look, Molly…” He took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. “I explained this to John many years ago and I’ll explain it to you as well…I am no hero. I’m not superhuman or invincible, despite the way I may behave at times. But you, you are…remarkable.”

Molly slowly removed her glasses, eyes staying riveted to his.

“You are brave and selfless to a fault. You care about others and their feelings and wellbeing so very deeply, and would go to amazing lengths to help them. The way you live your life and treat others…” He paused, slowly shaking his head in quiet awe. “It makes you deserving of a very special sort of life…with…someone.”

She swallowed thickly while pulling her gloves off.

“A-and despite how I may…feel,” he said, appearing to taste the new words in his mouth with nervous curiosity. “I am afraid that perhaps I may not be- that is, for you I may not be enough of-”

“Sherlock,” Molly jumped in quickly. “I think I’ll stop you right there.”

He paused, raising a brow in question.

She smiled, quickly putting away what she had been working on. “I’ve got to get a report to a doctor upstairs, so maybe you can give me a few minutes and wait here?”

The corners of his delicious lips turned downward and he looked rather adorably injured at what must have seemed to him like disinterest, or perhaps even agreement with his concerns. Molly reached in her lab coat pocket though, before leaving, and handed him her phone and earbuds. 

“Here,” she said while tapping the screen a few times. “Put these in and press play. And when I come back maybe you’ll have a clearer idea of where I stand on this issue.”

Sherlock took the device hesitantly but nodded in agreement, putting the earbuds in place. He hit play and she smiled at him before walking out the door.

Molly came back into the lab about five minutes later to see Sherlock greet her with a soft smile. She crossed the room to him slowly and accepted his return of her phone and earbuds.

“So…what did you think of the song?” 

Sherlock gazed affectionately into her eyes, answering her in a low whisper. “Do you mean it?”

Molly nodded, smiled, and draped her arms around his neck. “I don’t want a hero or a fairytale or anything that’s out of the ordinary. This is enough- you are enough. You always have been. I don’t care how much you believe you fall short, because it doesn’t change how I feel about you. And what’s more, I know exactly what I want.”

“Something just like this?” Sherlock asked with a little smirk as he slid his hands around her waist.

Molly grinned. “Nice listening comprehension, detective. So, if you’re so smart, according to the song,” she went on softly, tugging him down a bit. “What else do I want?”

Sherlock feigned a thoughtful expression as he eyes her lips and bent further forward. “It seems…the very same thing that I do,” he whispered.

As their lips met and they became blissfully wrapped up in each other, they both finally felt like things were as they should be. Which didn’t mean it was a fairytale, no. It was far more simply and ordinary than all that. But they did each have something they wanted- someone they wanted. 

They had each other. 

teddy lupin modern au aesthetic

(so much love in this community where have i been all this time wow big thanks to everyone who came by and said hi, i’m so overwhelmed rn)

also i was wondering if you guys could send me some of your teddy headcanons? i’ll share some of my own:

- Teddy Lupin being a metamorphmagus is non-binary and is super confused about his sexuality because there’s Victoire who is gorgeous and beautiful and everyone thinks they’re perfect for each other but then puberty hits James Potter AND WOW OKAY DAMN

- Teddy is 90s kid trash who dresses in second-hand stores and charity shops

- Teddy inherited his dad’s love for beanies and hats (hugs to @asktheboywholived)

- Teddy gets metamorphmagus anxiety attacks when he doesn’t know who he is anymore and keeps transforming into people and things he fears or hates

p.s. I want to follow more blogs, maybe someone could share their favorite ones? harry potter rp related ♥

not crediting anyone since all the pictures in the aesthetic board are from my laptop archives/instagram

The shaymin jumps down from the tree in front of the victini.

The gullible shaymin walks off leaving the victini relieved. What next?

  • Me: I'm excited to see Fantastic Beasts I'm just a little bummed about the lack of diversity :/
  • White girl: what are you talking about there's a black person in it
  • Me, screaming internally: boy you got me :)))

[wow, where have i been? this video <3 LOOKS 2 TRY, THE MOVES <3 goddamn, i don’t even care about this song or the movie or but this music video is really <3]


Wow, where have I been? Have you seen this before? I saw this DIY idea in a magazine a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try it. Now every time we go through a half gallon of milk or orange juice, I take apart the carton and create a new dispenser. The screw lid holds the new cardboard top in place so tightly, you can actually use your newly-crafted jar to effectively store and pour liquids!

If you want to save yourself a little trouble, open up the top of the carton before you cut around the spout area, unlike what I show here.

This jar is holding couscous, but it could be a handy flour shaker, a sippy cup, a sugar container, or a honey jar. 

Happy Saturday!

fox!Slaine and tanuki!inaho = transforming dork squad

Dom: I want all my sons to suffer
Trenderman: they are MY sons
Dom: wow where have you been Trendy?
Trenderman: *disappears again*

Dom: but ye I want them to cry a lot

young stan giving u a once-over & being like “i bet i could lift you” and u give a weak protest bc u kinda want him to touch u but at the same time what would u do

when u end up letting him anyway he doesn’t like, hold u bridal style, he just ducks down a little & wraps his arms around ur hips/thighs and lifts, and u kinda have to hold onto his shoulders to keep your balance and (it’s great) kind of terrifying and ur heart does this thing when he grins at u like “told you i could! im pretty strong, y’know, nbd” and u gotta control ur expression bc u cannot just blush in front of him but u end up blushing anyway and he laughs

but he’d be like this with anyone so when he puts u back down u resolve to forget about it (you can’t.)