{so went out an bought it}

Even if it’s just pretend + Calum T.H.

AN: This is full on fluff. Please tell me what you think! Thank you! 

Summary: Calum in disguise gallivanting around Melbourne with someone. 

The chilly morning of Melbourne greeted us as we walked out of the lobby of Crown’s hotel. Beside me was Calum fidgeting the glasses with the gold frame and the curly wig that I gave him before we went down from their hotel room. I was supposed to give the guys a tour around the city before their concert tomorrow but he’s the only one who was up to it this morning. I even bought disguises for them so they can have a great time but oh well, at least I get to wear the wig that I originally picked for Luke. Looking at Calum I can’t help but giggle at his appearance. His curly wig looks so real and his glasses hid those big brown eyes

“You look fine, stop touching your hair!” I said whilst grabbing his hand away from his hair.

“Sorry, but it’s just so itchy…” He whined while itching his fake scalp

“Well, those glasses aren’t enough to disguise you Calum, just bear with it. I got a wig on as well” I said smiling and pointing at my lovely blonde locks “So we’re in this together!”

“You know I have a thing for blonde’s right?” He winked then played with my hair while we walk towards a café near the hotel “Look’s good on you by the way” he said jokingly

“Ha. Ha. I know I look good” I faked laugh flicking his hand off my gorgeous hair “Let’s buy some coffee first, Cal” I said grabbing his wrist and dragging him to the café

“Whoa! Slow down tiger” he said

As we got in we got in the queue, Calum was right in front of me blocking my view of the menu. Why am I so short I ask myself mentally, I poked Calum’s side “Hey curly, can we switch place?” I said walking towards his place “Yep, sure babe” he said while nonchalantly looking around but I felt my heart beat a little faster. I felt him resting his chin on the top of my head and slowly his hands around my waist hearing him sigh then said “Perfect…”

“What are you doing, Curly?” I said while trying to escape him, moving around him. I finally seeing the display cabinet and the menu

“Hmm…” “Don’t move…” He whined tightening his arm around me “Since it’s just the two of us today, how about we pretend like we’re on a date or something? To make the disguises believable…” he suddenly suggested

I stopped moving, my heart suddenly beating faster than before, I tried looking up to him but he kept me in place “I don’t know…” I said reluctantly

“Common! It will be fun, I’ll even pay for everything today” he reassured me or should I say bribed me. Knowing myself, I was a slave for free things, so guess what happened

“Everything?” I asked back to him my eyes skimming through the coffee menu

“Yes, of course…” He replied instantly

And with a deep sigh I said “Fine…but don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure! Baby!” Calum said to me chuckling then I slapped his arm “Ow!” he said

“Whatever…it wasn’t even that hard” rolling my eyes even though he can’t see them “So what are you getting?” I asked

Finally letting go of me “Just a long black I think, you?” he answered

“Earl Grey of course” I said back. I moved to his side leaning into him for support wrapping my hand on his perfect toned and tattooed arms I looked up at him, he was looking around the café then he caught me looking “What?” he asked

I just smiled and told him “Nothing” he looked at me funny before ruffling the top of my blonde wig before smiling back at me and said “Silly..” We quietly waited for our turn, enjoying the aroma of coffee and freshly baked pastries.

What the hell. This is cute. To anyone who read it till the end, tell me what you think. 



20 long tank- 2 crayfish. Danios. One blue (this one), one bright red

So I’ve had this tank for like 3 months now and I started out with 2 crays.
About a month ago the blue one just randomly went missing,
and I assumed the other one ate her.
No worries (sad but,)

We went out and bought fish to put in the tank due to the loss of this one cray (10 zebra danios) and they’ve been doing perfectly fine with the one cray- no deaths.

Today I walk up to the tank and the blue one is just sitting there in the middle(!!!!)
with a bunch of eggs(?) / baby cray(?)

Are they eggs or babies bc they don’t look like the eggs on google images


If possible, id like to raise them if it’s not terribly expensive. BuT IDK HELP

little-lottie replied to your post “Should I go buy beer and ice cream sandwiches or should I remain on my…”

I’ve never had an ice cream sandwich! I’m so deprived!! Please go for this option if only so I can live vicariously through you!!

Oh man, you are missing out for sure! My husband has been talking about these for days, so I went out and bought a few flavors, because he’s been having a bad time of it lately and I am hoping it’ll cheer him up. :) I’ve never tried this kind before, but I’m excited about it!

whip-pan replied to your post “Should I go buy beer and ice cream sandwiches or should I remain on my…”


jouissant replied to your post “Should I go buy beer and ice cream sandwiches or should I remain on my…”

you’ll be so happy you bought the beer/ice cream sandwiches because then you can lie on your couch with beer and ice cream sandwiches #logical

I could not argue with either of y’all’s logic, so I went!

cs-rugbyworld  asked:

1. What have you eaten today?

A LOT. I am ALWAYS HUNGRY so sit tight.
For breakfast I had two slices of soda bread and butter, and two poached eggs, and an Americano with a quarter teaspoon of sugar (I hate coffee with milk but I only but enough sugar in it so it doesn’t taste REALLY gross). Instead of more coffee (I am just about used to having one every second day) I had two kiwis at 11 ish. We went out for lunch so I had a salad with feta, beetroot, cashews and quinoa and loads of green stuff. It was massive, but by three I was STARVING so I had an apple, then by half four again I was STILL HUNGRY and also a total zombie so I had a yogurt, tea, and four marble biscuits (I went for restorative options: cold, then hot, then chocolate). STILL DIDN’T WORK. On the way home I went to buy toilet roll and accidentally (lol) bought a packet of wagon wheels (I don’t know if these are a British Isles exclusive but they are effectively circular chocolate covered marshmallows) and ate two while on hold for the stupid Internet company, and they were just enough to get me through my run. For dinner I made a broccoli, chicken and quinoa bake but it actually turned out pretty awful but I made it, Imma eat it. Anyway, there’s are still four wagon wheels left in the packet.


I watched the Shia labeouf’s motivational video last night and felt really inspired. So I went out and bought a Costco bear that I’ve always wanted
Don’t let dreams be dreams.

Today, I fucked up... by pranking my roommate my scrambling all his eggs, putting the scrambled eggs back in the carton, and telling him he bought "Pre-Scrambled Eggs".

My roommate goes shopping on Sunday evenings. He bought a carton of eggs. Last night after shopping he went out, and I knew he’d probably not be back that night.

So I decided to scramble every egg from the carton. I ate some of them (It was always my intention to replace the egg carton, just to get that out of the way), and the rest I stuffed the scrambled egg back into the carton. So it was just a carton of scrambled egg.

Then on the back of the carton I wrote “Pre Scrambled” in marker.

This morning I hear my roommate exclaim “What the fuck!?”

I ran into the kitchen and saw him staring dumbfounded at the carton. He kept looking from me to the carton and back. “Did you buy the Pre-Scrambled kind?” I asked.

He looked at me like I had just spoken Saturnian, so I repeated my question. “The fuck do you mean?” he replied.

I took the carton from him, acted like I was carefully examining the packaging, and then pointed out the writing on the back. Pre-Scrambled. “Yeah, you bought Pre-Scrambled Eggs,” I said.

He looked as perplexed as it is possible for a person to be. Maximum perplexness.

I put on an act of being amazed that he had never heard of Pre-Scrambled eggs, and about how I always check the back of the carton to make sure they aren’t Pre-Scrambled.

He stammered something along the lines of “But what…but why…how…why would they…what the…why…”

I was about to reveal it was a prank when he suddenly got very serious and intense, like a late-season Walter White sort of vibe, and he said “Fuck no. Not my eggs.” Then he wheeled around and marched out of the apartment. Out to his car. And he left.

I was a bit concerned. And probably should have shouted after him before he left. But I didn’t.

So like 40 minutes pass and I hear our apartment door open, and I hear “I’m banned! I’m banned from the Stop & Shop! Banned!”

I walk out to the kitchen with some apprehension. He looks enraged. “Banned!” He dropped the egg carton on the floor. “Did you fuck me!?”

He wasn’t taking it well.

“They don’t fuckin sell this shit!!! Did you fuck me!?”

At this point I admitted to pranking him. And I apologized. He just stared at me for a moment, then shouted something like “You’re buying me fucking new eggs!!” Then he slammed his bedroom door. Then he opened it and yelled “I have to drive to motherfucking PATHMARK, are you kidding me!? You go too far!! FUCK!!!” And slammed the door again. Then he opened it again and shouted “STOP LAUGHING!!!” and slammed the door again.

I do feel bad about this because it was never the intention of the prank to get him banned from the supermarket. I have already replaced his eggs and I am in the process of thinking up some way to make it up to him regarding his banishment.

TL;DR - Accidentally got my roommate banned from the supermarket when I convinced him they sold him “Pre-Scrambled” eggs.

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Dan’s Livestream // 12.8.15


Documentary will probs be out in January

He bought more mince pies for Phil


“It just came to me. Like an erotic stream about Santa.”

Laggy af

Felix’s tweet

He didn’t watch Sam Pepper’s video because he didn’t want to give him the views

“Yeah it was p good” after pinof7

Talking about the science of pinof 

He put a tshirt over the camera while he went to get something and said “won’t let you see my ass” so I’m assuming he didn’t have trousers on

Showed the advent calendar 

“Phil literally as an angel that one’s very nice”

Saint West

He thinks it’s a cool name 

Phil is in the living room 

He did a yoda voice

He hasn’t listened to Blue Neighborhood yet because he wants to listen to it properly all the way through

“Enter me Troye”

Radio show

The mince pie incident

“Basically pressed my ass into the mince pies”

He has 4 pairs of the same jeans

“Where’s you Haru pillow. What’s that?”

Possible playlist of every song they played on the radio this year

“Would you rather kill Phil or kill a llama? Obviously I wouldn’t kill Phil.”

They had over 5000 submissions to go through for the videos

They obvs couldn’t use all of the submission but they did see every single one and fully appreciate them all

“Girls can get whatever haircuts they want” 

He was honestly terrified during the trust fall

“There was like 3 minutes of screaming to accompany that” about the mushroom tug of war

He’s going to a fancy meal tomorrow to celebrate something so he may post a ‘weird’ instagram ??

He won’t get neko atsume because he know it’ll ruin his life

Guess the crime song

They wrapped tinsel around the staircases 

He had a ‘gloopy’ eggnog latte

He really liked the last episode of AHS

Talking about how all anime boy main characters look the same

Younow broke


Appaz it’s still really windy out

He has a love hate relationship with The Apprentice 

Not decided about Dilmas yet

He said they didn’t record putting up the tree 

He wished everyone good luck for finals

They’ve been rewatching the original Star Wars movies and he loves them

“Just give him an award already” about Leonardo DiCaprio

He needs a haircut as it’s currently a birds nest


He hates popularity contests online because then we just waste time voting

“The only people who earned anything are the people voting”

Award rants 

He said, unless he asks you to, don’t feel like you need to vote for him for anything because he appreciates what we do regardless

You should all give yourself an award on a piece of paper that says “special person that is good” and stick it on your forehead

Gaming videos soon

“I just want Phil’s hair”

He left to go upload 

“Remember, stick that thing to your forehead”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| | dan chill

Funny Story

When I was little I was very spoiled to say the least. My grandma was very indulgent and whenever I went anywhere with her she’d buy me something. Well one time when I was 4 she took me to the supermarket with her. As we were checking out I realized that she hadn’t bought me anything. I quickly asked her if she would buy me a toy but she shook her head and told me not today. I was so shocked that I started crying and limping around, making a very big scene. People were starting to glare at my poor grandma probably thinking she had hit me. She finally grabbed me and asked me why I was limping to which I screamed, “MY FEELINGS ARE HURT!” making the whole entire store start laughing which made me limp even more dramatically. What can I say? I was a dramatic kid.

Today, I fucked up... by coloring my hair fire engine red and making my boyfriend think I was dying.

I usually dye my hair dark reddish brown, but thought I’d like a change. And being in college still, there’s no better time to experiment with cool hair colors.

I bought a box of hair bleach, and another of red dye and went to work in my apartment bathroom. After a while of sitting around waiting for the dye to take, I got in the shower to rinse it out.

There was a lot of it in my hair, so when i stepped into the shower, the bright red dye started rinsing out and pooling in the bottom of the shower, which doesn’t drain well. And of course, some dripped into my eye, causing me to flail around, splattering dye all over the shower tiles and sliding glass door as I looked for a towel.

Just as I was dabbing my eye with the wet corner of the towel, my boyfriend (He lives with me) came home and came into the bathroom.

He saw the red splattered glass door, and me in the shower, and screamed. I, startled by hearing him scream since I hadn’t even heard him come into the bathroom, yelped too. I jumped back and stumbled to the ground in the shower, and he pulled the door open, freaking out.

He saw me fallen down in several inches of blood red water, with more red splats all over the wall, and that was when I realized how scary it must have looked.

I quickly said that it was just hairdye, and we ended up laughing about it.

TLDR - Dyed hair bright red. Boyfriend walked in on me washing out the dye in the shower, and thought I was covered in blood.

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Saaleha carefully got ready for the morning, more then determined to get herself an egg mcmuffin this morning and maybe a coffee! She had missed the breakfast menu for the last four days this week and she wasn’t about to miss it again!

No, no this girl was gonna get her shitty egg sandwich this morning and no one was stopping her! Saaleha now dawned her normal gear though this time with a sweet ass ‘blood’ hoodie she found in the dirty clothes a few days back.

It had some really sweet fake blood stains on it, she almost believed that they were real at first! So it felt great to finally be able to wear this sweet occult hoodie out and about. Made her wonder if her sister might add a few eye stitches onto the back or arm later if she went out and bought a few.

Once ready Saaleha set out, jogging down the sidewalk now to try and make good time to the bus stop, there was no need to take the moped after all if she could get somewhere for free without needing to use up gas. So off she went.

Wanna hear a story Last summer I really wanted to buy a lava lamp so I went on Amazon and I found this four pack of lava lamps for like $5 so I was like fuck yes mad cheap AND I get 4 and so I bought it and waited a solid month for it to come in the mail. THEN I opened it and come to find out it was lava lamp cardboard cut outs, not actual lava lamps.

Day Seventeen

-A small girl was thrilled to discover that she was tall enough to reach over the counter and hand me her money. She gleefully shouted, “I’m high enough! I’m high enough!” and I have never been so proud of someone half my height.

-An elderly man bought deodorant called Swagger. I am glad that he knows how important swag is in the modern era and scents himself accordingly.

-I stepped away from my register for a moment to move some hangers. Rather than wait at my register, a pair of guests followed me around, watching me from a safe distance, before finally returning to the counter once I did. I do not know what they were hoping to gain from their check-out lane safari, but I do respect the efforts they went through to try to avoid me noticing them. They were in vain, but I respect them.

-A small boy hid underneath the counter, shouting out phrases like “I love Target!” and “Target is the best!” repeatedly, for five straight minutes, with no signs of a motive or a desire to stop. I am not unconvinced that we hired a ten year old as a propaganda machine.

-A girl sat in the cart as her mother tried to choose a brand of gum for her. “That one,” the girl would declare. “This one?” the mother would ask. “No, that one,” the girl would respond. This back-and-forth went on without change until the mother had gone through every package of gum that we had. Neither flinched, changed inflection, or showed any sign of consciousness of what they were doing. This is by far one of my most surreal moments yet.

-As I left the bathroom, I noticed a stereotypical business man doing unstereotypical things. By this, of course, I mean he was scrubbing his left foot with a paper towel. As one does between board meetings at a retail establishment. 

-An older woman accosted a young woman I was ringing up, demanding to know where she got each article of her clothing from. Most of it was Walmart. The elder one inspected each piece of clothing individually. All the while, the small child with the older woman was spinning around, exposing his nipples to all within range. 

-A newborn child gave me the single most distrustful look in history. I do not know whether she could sense that I was out of stickers or if I had wronged this baby in a past life, but the infant was having none of me.

I still can’t believe this.

I found out something so incredible and unreal today? I’m shaking as I type this and I’m going to try to explain it in the best way possible …okay so last month I bought my parents tickets to a twenty one pilots show because they’ve really grown to like the band which makes me happy. Anyways my mom was picking me up today and saying how excited she was for the show and how she went on the facebook page for the radio station the show’s going to be at and one person commented “21 pilots? don’t you think thats deceiving? there’s only two of them” and I said “ugh I hate when people say that, they don’t even know the meaning behind the band’s name” so my mom asked what the meaning was and I told her about the play and how that tied into the meaning…while this was happening my mom’s eyes got huge and she started to cry and I got confused as to why. it didn’t make any sense to me so I asked her if she was okay and then she started to tell me a story…

so my mom’s a nurse and has taken care of many many many patients and she obviously can’t remember all of them. She starts to tell me about how a few years ago she was taking care of an elderly man who suffered from severe panic attacks as a result of PTSD. The man was an airplane mechanic for the military in WWII. My mom would sit with him and hold his hand and talk with him through his panic attacks. She learned a lot about him and his past. The man was an airplane mechanic and in charge of assembling airplane parts. Once, he noticed that the parts he received were faulty and told his boss immediately, expecting to have to stop production, however his boss instructed him to still use the parts and assemble the planes. The man was really distraught because as it turns out, the planes he assembled crashed as a result of the faulty parts which resulted in the death of “over twenty pilots” (he would say this a lot))(my mom had heard this story over and over and over again). A few years later the man could no longer take his panic attacks and PTSD and ended up killing himself. My mom had never forgotten this mad and he was actually her favorite patient. She would sit and help him through his panic attacks, even off the clock. His death had always affected my mom deeply and I distantly remember her being really upset over his death. Obviously this isn’t the protagonist of the story, but this man definitely played a part and it affected him deeply.

At first I thought my mom was joking, this couldn’t be, it was too similar. Too unreal to be true. I didn’t even think that All My Sons was based off a true story, but I looked it up and it was a true story. My mom and I started crying and freaking out because it was such a coincidence. This is my favorite band, and a story they were built upon. They helped me save my life and this story is very close to my heart(i have tattoo that expresses the moral of the band very closely tied with the story of All My Sons). This is so unbelievable and warms my heart. All i know now is that I connect with this band more than I ever thought possible. 

This dude comes into my work, I don’t remember talking to him but he comes back once a week for a while to see if I’m there. Everyone I worked with said “he’s very cute and seems decent.” I was like “that’s awesome, get his name next time.” He comes in again when I’m not there, his name is Riley. I didn’t know what else to do with that information, so I made a tinder and sought out every boy named Riley. (genius, I know.) So, I go on dates with two boys named Riley, neither of them were him. The first one I went on a date with told me that his ex-girlfriend dramatically moved to California and dumped him. The second one was just a dick, but he bought me chai tea and a cookie, so it was okay. Riley #1 stopped texting me one day, come to find out he lives in California now. Riley #2 texts me every now and then to tell me that I’m hot. Finally, the original Riley came into my work while I was there, unfortunately. I don’t know what my coworkers meant, but he was in high school and looked like a emo boy straight out of 2008. I gave him my number because I felt bad that he’d been trying to see me for so long. He texted me “hey” about an hour later I got a text saying “I love you”.
Moral of the story, tinder = good, boys named Riley = really bad.


Alright, sweeties! A bit of a different post from me today! I have been meaning to make this for awhile, since I haven’t seen anyone organize their grimoire the way I do, I thought this could certainly be helpful for someone!

First, let’s talk about the book itself! I don’t use a blank book or a notebook. I wanted a graph paper notebook this size, but just couldn’t find one! So, after watching this video, I was SO inspired, I could just MAKE the whole thing! So, we went out and bought a used book, a pack of graph paper and a glue stick. This was SO freeing because I make pages before I put them in, I write in pencil, then I go over it in fine Sharpie pen, erase pencil marks, and then glue the page in when I’m finished. That way, I don’t have this fear of “messing it up” (even though I think messing up things is part of the fun sometimes!).

So if you like to be organized, I might be stressing you out. I understand. Organization is something I love and need in my life. I’ve seen so many folks using binders for their grimoires, but it wasn’t my style. I wanted it to all be sort of chronological, but also organized??? My answer to this– COLOR CODING. Ever section (energy, astrology, spells, candles/incense, etc) has a different color that I make on the side facing outwards, along with the category written on the side. This way, if I’m looking for something in particular, I can flip through and find it, no problem!

Secondly, I use ENVELOPES. Alright, I love astrology. Astrology is something I want to have a lot about in my book, but also I don’t want to take it up my entire book with this. So envelopes were my answer for this! I water-colored each envelope in a color suit that felt fitting to each of the elements, and drew on the constellation, glued those bad boys in, and BAM, I have WAY more room to add things about signs because I can just stick ‘em in their designated envelopes. 

In addition, I like using/decorating with things from the internet, magazines, etc. This is YOUR book, your documentation of learning, your personal reference. Don’t be afraid to go off the ‘traditional’ leather bound, calligraphy written, beautiful grimoires if that isn’t your style! It doesn’t make it ANY less witchy or magical to use highlighters, friends! Don’t be afraid, no one can tell you what is right or wrong when it comes to YOUR grimoire!

Also, I would LOVE to see your grimoires, so tag me in your photos!! 


Today’s RTX RWBY panel!

So, I was watching the stream, and didn’t get to watch some of the videos that were exclusive to those actually paying to attend RTX, but the stream was up for all the information concerning RWBY going forward this year! Here are some of the things that came up;

- Everyone started singing Happy Birthday. It was supposed to be for Barb, but honestly it was pretty unclear.

- Team SSSN will be introduced on RWBY Chibi

- The trailer will be online for public viewing very soon!

- There were a lot of Yang jokes made, courtesy of Barb

- Joel did the mocap for some of the new Grimm, including the gorilla Grimm (to do that he literally went out and bought tiny kid crutches so he could move around like an actual gorilla)

- Starting Tuesday the full version of RWBY Grimm Eclipse is coming out! You can buy the beta right now on Steam for 50% off, and then just update it on Tuesday to get the game on the cheap!

- They are working on bringing RWBY Grimm Eclipse to consoles!

- RWBY Grimm Eclipse has its own storyline, and a unique villain that doesn’t make an appearance in the show!

- A whole new line of toys is coming out, including vinyl chibi figurines (Zwei is included!), and a team CRME set! 

- RWBY merch is in Hot Topic!

- There is a physical CD of the Volume 3 soundtrack coming out!

- Volume 2 will be in theaters July 27th, and Volume 3 will be shown before Volume 4 comes out, on October 22nd

- As I was on the stream, I was unable to watch, but apparently the Japanese RWBY cast sent a video to say hello to all the American fans!

- Japan is working to get caught up before Volume 4 is released in America

- We weren’t given a clear answer, but Gray implied that they might (just might! Nothing is confirmed!) be translating the RWBY manga into English, and importing it to the States!

- Later on, they’re going to try and bring more Community original characters into the show! 

- Arnold (Murderofbirds on Youtube) showed up, and it was really sweet!

- Lots of new Grimm that are “very different from the ones at home” are going to be making an appearance!

- The CRWBY does call Ruby + JN_R team RNJR (Ranger)!

- THE TIMESKIP IS LESS THAN A YEAR, ARRYN’S POST DID NOT MEAN THE TIMESKIP. Gray wouldn’t specify exactly how long it is, but apparently it’s between 6-8 months. 

- Apparently Monty came up with random ideas and even characters all the time, and just added them in. Neo didn’t even exist until 10 days before her debut, and they actually went and added her in to the already-finished episode. 

- Volume 2 actually used to have a completely different ending, but they changed it.

- Someone asked if Miles and Kerry were sticking to what Monty wanted for the show, and they replied that they (at least Kerry) were they to help plan out and create RWBY, and yes, they were sticking to the overall story arc and wishes they created with and by Monty. But, they were also not sticking to it rigidly, they were taking some creative freedom and experimenting with the order of some things that they thought might work better, and tweaking a few scenes. 

- Somebody also asked if RWBY had a set ending, or if it would just keep going forever like RvB. The panel replied that RWBY did indeed have a set ending, but even after team RWBY’s story ended, if there were people still interested in watching, they might explore other peoples’ stories, since Remnant is such a huge place. 

- It was also mentioned that Kerry and Miles didn’t want to make this volume super depressing and mopey, but were, of course, going to bear in mind the things the characters have been through and have those things influence their feelings and behavior.