{so went out an bought it}


Splatoon is my kind of online game ⊟ 

Before this week, I was a single-player-only Splatoon person. It’s not that I had any particular objection to multiplayer – although I don’t do multiplayer in general – but I actually could not play it. 

I got a pre-release review code from Nintendo of America, which included access to early press servers… which went down when the game launched, right around when my code arrived. And so I played through the Octo Valley campaign without any temptation to jump in for a couple quick Turf Wars.

I liked that enough that I finally bought the real-ass disc. I’m glad I did: Splatoon is the rare game that I want to play with other people, and the even rarer game that I can play with other people.

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The signs as your momma jokes
  • Aries:Yo Momma is soo fat then when she walks past the TV when a show started, by the time she is out of the way you see the end credits!
  • Taurus:Yo momma is so dumb that she bought tickets to XBOX live
  • Gemini:Yo Momma so stupid that when i told her she lost her mind, she went looking for it
  • Cancer:Yo Momma so ugly that even Bob the Builder said "We can't fix it!"
  • Leo:Yo momma is so fat she downloaded cheats for Wii Fit
  • Virgo:Yo momma so ugly that she made a blind kid cry
  • Libra:Yo Momma is so stupid that she stared at an Orange juice carton for 2 hours because it said concentrate
  • Scorpio:Yo momma so stupid she thought SeaWeed is what Fish smoked
  • Sagittarius:Yo mamma so ugly her imaginary friend played with the other kids!
  • Capricorn:Your momma so stupid that when she got sick she tried to book her appointment with Dr. Pepper!
  • Aquarius:Yo mama is so stupid, she returned a doughnut cause it had a hole in it.
  • Pisces:Yo mama so fat, people exercise by doing laps 'round her!

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I went to my first Warped Tour July 14th, and it was freaking amazing. My mom had bought me a Warped ticket after I couldn’t see Black Veil Brides because Maine was hit with a huge snow storm the day of the concert. It was also an early Christmas/birthday/graduation present from her and my step dad. Myself and a friend both got injured, so we had to leave early. My friend was injured worse than I was, and he went to the car before myself and our other friend, Desiree. While someone had stopped us on our way out to talk about their new band, I noticed that Bryan had walked by. It took me a second to realize it, but I asked Desiree if it was him to be sure. We were both so excited to see Bryan randomly walking by. What I enjoyed most is he seemed busy, but he made the time to actually say hi and take a photo with us. That’s something I won’t forget and that’s something I’ll tell everyone for about 100 years. c:

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Once you get this, you have to share 6 random facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers! 🌸 (ps sorry if you've already done it)

Random facts ok this is tough…I will try to do some that I haven’t before.

1. I really love beef jerky and I am ashamed of that for some reason.

2. Three years ago I shaved my head. I went from VERY long hair to none. It was very cleansing.

3. I just recently started drinking starbucks and now I go every day.

4. If I was a boy my parents were gonna name me Logan. 

5. I don’t like saying goodbye on teamspeak or skype so usually I will just x out really awkwardly and rudely.

6. One semester last year a guy from rs bought me my textbooks.

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I just burst into laughing on the train full of people

I am sorry this traumatic experience happened to you

I hope you’re ok

Don’t let this damage your relationship with spinach

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Can I request a scenario where you and jaebum get in an argument and you say some words you don't rlly mean so Jb leaves the house. That's all and the rest you can write with ur imagination I don't know what to say anymore. But thXxX

You went all out getting dressed for your anniversary dinner with Jaebum. You had bought a brand new red dress and gold heels to wear. You took extra time on your makeup to make sure everything looked perfect, you really wanted to impress him since it was your first year anniversary. 

By the time 11 pm rolled around you knew he wasn’t coming. You made your way back to the closest and hung up the dress and switched it out for sweatpants and a large t-shirt. You placed the shiny heels back onto the top shelf and slumped to the bathroom to was your face and remove the makeup. You returned to the couch to turn on tv and waste the rest of the night alone. 

You already knew it was getting close to GOT7′s comeback and JB had to cancel on other plans before. However, this was your one year anniversary and he promised. The least he could have done was call you and let you know. The more you thought about it the more you wondered if he even cared about you and your anger only grew. 

You had dosed off eventually and it wasn’t until 4 am that JB opened the door to your apartment. He was hoping you were still awake but he honestly knew you wouldn’t be. He wanted to apologize. He saw you asleep on the couch and carefully picked you up; carrying you to your bed. You managed to wake up and open your eyes, simply seeing his face threw your anger back into rage.

“Yah! What are you doing here?”, you asked as he put you down to stand up. 

“I know I’m kind of late but..” he began. 

“Kind of late….KIND OF?? Jaebum you’re…”, you paused to look at your phone, “seven hours late! That’s not kind of late!,” you argued. 

“I know [y/n] but the group’s been working really hard for the comeback and there’s a lot I have to do as a leader and…” you cut him off again. 

“It was our one year anniversary and you didn’t even call to let me know anything,” you told him. 

“I know I should have but I wasn’t even thinking about it,” he answered. 

“You weren’t even thinking about it? Do you ever think about it….about me?” you questioned him. 

“Of course I do, all the time [y/n],” he answered you honestly. 

“Really because it doesn’t seem like it Jaebum. To be honest you seem to think less and less about me lately. It was our anniversary and you promised but you didn’t even remember your promise. I don’t even know why I’m with you. There’s much better guys out there that want me and I could have any one of them,” you stated without thinking about the words coming from your mouth. JB’s face hardened after your statement and you could see him tense as he clenched his fists. 

“So what are you saying that you want someone else? Fine go find someone else, we’re done,” he stated. As hard as he tried to make himself sound strong and angry it just came out weak and you could tell how hurt he was. You followed him down the hallway your mouth hanging open at what just happened but JB was too quick for you and before you knew it he was out the door. Tears filled your eyes as you dropped to the floor. 

“I….I can’t believe I just did that,” you said to yourself. You noticed something on the couch out the corner of your eye. You looked over to see JB’s jacket. 

“Ugh it’s freezing outside tonight and that idiot left his jacket,” you sighed as you picked yourself up off the floor and walked over to gently pick up the jacket. You didn’t want to seem weak by running after him, but you also really didn’t want the love of your life to get sick because of you. You took a deep breath and with it swallowed your pride and put on shoes and your own jacket and stepped out into the cold night. You were scared to walk the streets at night but it was for a good cause, and you hoped some higher power would be watching over you. You walked down the road and noticed a figure on a door step. In any normal situation you’d take off running the other way but you had to make sure it wasn’t JB. You walked closer and rubbed your nose and cheeks to try and keep them warm. You sighed in relief when you realized it was JB after all. 

“Here dummy you left your jacket,” you said and held it out for him. 

“I don’t want it,” he answered. 

“What do you mean you don’t want it? It’s freezing out here! Come on get up, you said and you grabbed his arms and forced him to stand up, which was easier than expected because he didn’t fight you. You draped the coat around his shoulders and pulled it closer around him. 

“There isn’t that better?” you asked. JB grabbed your hands as you let go of the jacket. 

“Why’d you come out here to find me?” he questioned softly.

“Because you….you left your jacket and I didn’t want you to get sick,” you answered. 

“I love you, you know that right? Even though I’m not good enough for you, even though you deserve better I still want to love you. I’m selfish that way,” he told you as he took your hands and placed them on his own cheeks. 

“I didn’t mean what I said JB, I don’t want anyone else. You’re more than enough for me, I only love you,” you replied but Jaebum shook his head. 

“No I really am selfish. You do so much for me and I can’t do nearly half as much for you. I can’t give you all the time you deserve but I still expect you stay with me and that’s selfish. All I have to give is my love and I don’t think it’s enough for you,” he stated pulling you closer to him. 

“JB your love is….” you began but he stopped you. 

“I love you with all I have and I still come up short. I’ll try harder to be here for you. And I woke make promises if I know I might not be able to keep them,” he said. 

“Okay, and I’ll try to me more understanding of your career and everything,” you told him and for the first time that night you finally saw JB smile at you, it was the smile that he only showed you; the one that sent butterflies in your stomach and helped you know everything was going to be okay. 

“I really love you [y/n],” he said as he leaned down to kiss you. 

[Waaah too gushy? Am I rusty? I haven’t wrote in a while haha. I hope you liked it. ^_^ is it what you wanted?]



So my AC broke and my friend Brittany and I we’re fixing it because my family was out of town and I’m cheap af. But when we were trying to buy the part we needed we kept getting lots of “Oh wow! You guys are handy!” and “Are you sure thats what you need? I know a guy. I can call him for you.” and more stuff like that. So once we finally bought the part we went home, fixed it, and made a satirical tutorial video about it.

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11 for wbw if you haven't done it already!

Its morningstar! one of the oldest imperials in my clan, im pretty sure i bought her because she was cheap (for me a newbie) and so so pretty. She went missing for a little bit when i did a dragons travelling thing but had to pull out and the user was afk for months but she came back! Bless. 

Within the clan she is an illusionist and reality warper - mostly she creates gateways to other places on sornieth for easy trading/easy travelling and she had a big part in the moving of the clan. She can be a little scattered brained at time quickly switching from one topic to another but she always means well. She is big into alliances between clans often talking about something she saw on her travels in a vague oncoming storm kind of way. 

i am honestly waiting for a new tert for her as well, i like her gems but i just imagine her with ghost sigh

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Okay. So I love you. You reposted something where they bought something from PaperChase so I went to check out their store and found the holy grail. A4 journal with grid lines!! I have been searching high and low and you saved the day!!

Oh my gosh Anon, that makes me INCREDIBLY happy! I’m so glad that happened!! That’s crazy cool, thank you for sharing with me!! :)

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I went on a double date with my friend and we went to Walmart afterwards with our boy toys. Well, we thought it would be cute to hide and have them find us. (Which it totally was by the way) my friends date found her rather quickly but after 15 minutes of waiting for my date, I decided to see what was taking him so long. Lo and behold I found my date in the check out line. Apparently after not being able to find me for a couple minutes he gave up and bought himself a shirt.

Send me your best and most painfully awkward “worst date” stories and I’ll post them to my blog!

So… that dog I wanted a few weeks back? Guess who’s a new member of NerdHouse!

My boyfriend stayed home on Monday from work (stating he was just burnt out and needed an extra day off, which I totally bought) and, instead, went out and got him from the rescue place!

His name is Spencer (didn’t want to change it since that’s what he’s been answering to) and he’s a year old. Apparently likes to jump fences (which we have not allowed a demonstration of) and loves to cuddle and get pets.

But the other amazing thing that happened to me on Monday was that, attached to Spencer’s collar, was a dog tag with an engraving.

So yeah! No ring yet (we are shopping now since he didn’t want to assume my size/taste) but it’ll happen in 2017.

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I'm pissed that they change Mayas clothes.I loved her styled graphic tee thing she had going on and they never even made mention of it just that she needed new clothes that i guess weren't graphic tees.

Okay I hate to complain but oh my fucking God same. Maya’s style was so edgy and hip and honestly I bought some of the clothes she wore to look a little bit like her but then they went and made her look like Riley or something. Ugh I just wish that Hurricane played out differently and Maya kept her style for at least until season two was over.

i had a dream that the crystal gems worked with me…. garnet was actually outside doing stuff, but pearl and amethyst had been told they weren’t allowed to work until next thursday (??? not sure why) so they had bought “wreck this journal"s and amethyst was completely shredding hers while pearl was following every direction in order to the letter. they were in the cubicle next to me and being v loud. steven was playing with my boss’s daughters i think (steven and the stephens…. because my boss’s last name is stephen… lol)

then i somehow went to a taylor swift concert and got to be in the front row but then it wasn’t actually taylor and i pointed it out and then got banished to a desert? i think more happened but that’s what i remember. it was weird

Anybody who signed up for the free trial on Amazon Prime

I know they had their sale and a lot of people signed up for the free trial, so I thought this might be relevant for some of you. I signed up for the free trial a while back and yesterday, Amazon charged our bank account for $107. We went on the website and it explained that when your free trial ends, they charge you for the next entire year of Amazon Prime.

Luckily, we hadn’t bought anything in a long time, so we were able to get a refund. However, if we had bought anything after the trial ended, we wouldn’t have been able to get our refund, which would be devastating in our current financial situation.

So for anyone who doesn’t plan on using Prime/ might forget they have it/ can’t afford to have that taken out even temporarily at the end of the trial, make sure to go into your Prime account and end your membership before your free trial ends.

one time i was at the grocery store with my mom and i saw this bottle of olive oil that was blue and green and brown and i was like “ha ha ha it’s a rare pepe!” and my mom was like “what’s that” and i went “it’s a meme!” and she considered this for a minute and then when we got in the car with our newly bought groceries she turned to me and said “so…i don’t know how to phrase this” and my heart was sinking because i was running through all the bad things i’ve done in the past few years and she took a deep breath and was like “does fall out boy…..make the memes? or do they just….do they just distribute them somehow…..” and i started laughing, obviously, and she got annoyed and she just kept saying “does fall out boy make the memes! do they make the memes! where do the memes come from! i just want to know where fall out boy gets the memes!”

hey has anyone noticed that luke just seems idk.. happier?? Like last year on his birthday he bought frozen pizza and ice cream and this year he went to dinner with his band and told everyone at the concert that he wants this to be like his big birthday present? and he’s growing out his beard, he’s just looking more confident and talking so much more in interviews and videos and he’s not as self conscious as he used to be and he’s not as shy and awkward and he’s just kind of more radiant and happy and he’s turning into this confident ray of sunshine and idk it makes my heart swell with joy ☺️

The Game Room part 1: Went to my local game shop today and bought an extra large d20 for the express purpose of turning it into a door knob. Turns out, it was incredibly easy (as long as you have the right equipment). Thank goodness my girlfriend’s father was here visiting, for he had such equipment, which he has now gifted us. Very stoked and very thankful to have this cool doorknob that lets everyone know in a subtle way that once you’re through that door, you’re in for so,etching special! I have some other rad stuff coming my way to take my game room to the next level, so when it happens, I’m sure I’ll post update photos and progress pics so stay tuned! P.S. If you would like to know how we did this, let me know and I’ll post what I can tell you!