{so went out an bought it}

My unintentional collection of Toa Tahu Throughout the years I’ve been buying these and I didn’t even realize that I had owned all of them. My friend just gave me a box of extra parts and it included the only one I was missing/lost besides the newest one so I just went out and bought the newest one to complete my collection I never new I had.


arizona, summer 2011 pt.1
shot with 35mm film

most of the photos I took during that trip have been double exposed, and as much as I want to say that I did it on purpose for artistic reasons…it’s actually because I’m a a total goober. 

this was my first time trying to use film as a medium, and I was still wasn’t quite sure what every button on the camera did, but I didn’t care as long as I was taking a picture of something. so when I bought film (the only place I could find any was at cvs) I didn’t realize that the roll of film only went up to 24 exposures, as opposed to the 36 my camera can go up to.
so I kept shooting every 24 roll up to 36.
but I ain’t even mad, I really love how all these photos came out.
if only I could find the rest of ‘em…


TAYLOR!! Six years ago today I heard “Our Song” at school, and the same day I went out and bought “Taylor Swift”. By the end of the night, I think I had all of the songs memorized. I like to think this was the day I officially became a Swiftie. Since then, I had the chance to see the Fearless, Speak Now & Red tours, and I am so excited to see the 1989 tour on October third! I’m so happy to have been able to grow up with such an amazing rolemodel, and so glad that I’ve been here to watch you grow into the amazing and caring Taylor that you are today. I love you! xo, Sarah 💖

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-+ [ im going to be thrown to hell from this muahahahha ]

Ruby has felt sick for a couple of days now. Randomly wanting to throw up most mornings, which was a curious thing, as she took so good care of her body and pretty much never went sick. She had been sent to see a doctor and he suggested the option of pregnancy. A young woman in her age was in perfect condition to bear a child and would easily be fertilized. Ruby had shrugged this off easily, but just to be on the safe side, and prove the doctor wrong, she had bought a pregnancy test and were now over at Eirik’s place, since they were gonna watch some movies the same day anyway. Now her out in the bathroom and waiting for the results on the test.

“Pfffttt pregnant? Yea right. I’m gonna show that doctor and have him sent back to school for spouting such nonsense.” Ruby mockingly said to herself. Waiting until the time was over and picked up the test. “… Huh… What did this say again…” She arched an eyebrow at the two stripes and picked up the package. “Alright. 1 stripe, not pregnant… 0 stripes, not pregnant…. 2 stripes, pregn–………….” Her brows furrowed and she kept looking at the test, back to the package, to the test, the package and so on for a good while. “…… Omg… Fuck….. Fuuuuuuuuuck fuck fuck fuck fuck……..”

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Dahlia, choose one: A) Ball B) Frisbee C) Stick D) "You threw it away, why should I bring it back?"

D. Totally D.

Dahlia is like the LEAST fetchiest dog ever. When we were first going to bring her home, I went out to the store and bought ALL THE THINGS. Tennis balls, squeaky toys, frisbees. I couldn’t WAIT to toss toys and have her go get them and I was so excited.

And then I tossed a tennis ball. And she just looked at it like “Why’d you do that?” I tried with everything else and NOTHING. I did, at long last, get her to fetch something a LITTLE. Mostly balls. But you will notice, from this sort of hilarious very early video (this was July 2008, about a month and a half after we got D), that she was more interested in attempting to squeak it or playing tug.


Ma Meilleure Amie | part 2 [Justin Bieber Imagine]

y/f/n = your friend’s name


When you woke up the next morning, Justin wasn’t in the bed next to you like you assumed he would be. Thus confused you. You didn’t know whether he stayed the night at y/f/n’s house or if he was downstairs somewhere, but you were hoping it was the second one. You don’t think you could handle the possibility of your two best friends sleeping together first thing in the morning. Especially when he just decided to ask her out last night.

You got out of bed and went to the bathroom. You quickly emptied your bladder and, after washing your hands, you brushed your teeth using the toothbrush that Justin bought since you slept over so much. You got one of his spare towels and washed your face before messing with your hair, trying to make it look as presentable as it could after sleeping on it without any protection. Afterwards, you left the bathroom and headed downstairs to search for your best friend.

The first place you looked was the kitchen. You knew that if Justin was awake this early he’d be stuffing his face with something and you were right. The minute you walked into the kitchen you saw him sitting at the island, hair disheveled with his torso bare, eating a bowl of cereal as he looked at his phone.

“Good morning.” you said as you went into his refrigerator, deciding to get yourself a glass of juice. You were planning on leaving soon so you’d grab something to eat at your house.

“Good morning sleepyhead.” he said, making a small smile spread on your face as you got a glass out of the cabinet. You poured yourself half a glass of juice before putting it back and taking a seat next to your messy-haired friend.

“What are you looking at?” you asked, leaning over slightly to peek at his phone. On it was a picture of you and him from a couple of months ago.

“Just.. going through my pictures.” he said. He scrolled to another picture of the two of you that was even older.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you still have that!” you said. It was from a party soooo long ago that you didn’t even remember exactly when it was. Both of you were sticking your tongue out at the camera, probably too drunk to even take a normal picture.

“I still have videos from that night, too.” he told you. You took a sip of your juice before responding.

“Why?” you asked him.

“I don’t know, I just like keeping stuff like that to look back on.” he said, shrugging. He locked his phone afterwards and finished the last of his cereal before getting up and going to the sink. He ran water in the bowl and you knew it was to flush the milk out of it. He never drank the leftover milk when he ate cereal and it always bothered you. It’s just wasteful.

Your mind drifted off, focusing on nothing specifically as you continued to drink your juice. A bunch of mini-thoughts, daydreams, and brief memories passed through your mind as you sat there. You kept drinking your juice until there was none left but you didn’t notice, being too into all of the crazy things in your head. The only thing that managed to gain your attention away from them was Justin. When he spoke all of your thoughts went away and your head snapped towards him.

“So, do you want to.. go somewhere today?” he asked. You quickly shook your head.

“I was actually going to leave soon.” You absentmindedly went to take another sip of juice but quickly noticed that your glass was empty. You moved from the spot next to Justin and went to the sink to wash your glass out and the bowl and spoon he’d just used while you were at it before putting everything away.

“You don’t have to, you know, we could hang out.” he told you. You dried your hands and turned around to meet his stare.

“I thought you’d be hanging out with y/f/n today.” you said. He just shook his head. “Well when is your date with her then? She did say yes, right?” you asked him. He hesitated before he answered.

“She.. she actually turned me down.” he said. Despite the look of confusion on your face, you felt an overwhelming amount of happiness. The fact that there was still a chance of you two going out gave you a feeling of hope.

“Really? Did she say why?” you asked him, sitting down next to him but in a position that allowed you to fully face him. He nodded his head, but took a while to verbally answer your question.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me, y/n.” he said, making you genuinely confused.

“Tell you wha-”

“You let me go over there and ask her out without even hinting that you have feelings for me.” he said. Now a feeling of nervousness replaced everything you felt.

“Justin, what are you talking about?” you asked. Something inside of you just wouldn’t let this happen. Despite your hopes of wanting to become his girlfriend one day, you didn’t want him to know that you liked him.. at least not now, not this way.

“You know what I’m talking about, y/n. Y/f/n told me that you like me and have liked me for some time. It’s why she refused to go out with me.. she said it’d break your heart.”

“I have never told her that I have feelings for you.” you said, truthfully. You didn’t tell anyone, you just kept it to yourself.

“Yeah, I know… but do you really think she doesn’t know you enough to know when you like someone? She’s known you longer than I have.” he said. You stayed silent, not really knowing what to say. You never thought your feelings were obvious enough to pick up on so you’re baffled by the fact that y/f/n had and you wondered how long she had known. “It just makes me feel like a dick… Here I am, asking you if I should ask out your friend and you like me. I know I’d be hurt and mad if it was me so I never wanted to make you feel that way.”

“Well, I don’t feel that way. Y/f/n is wrong, I don’t like you. And since that’s the only reason she said no then she should say yes after I tell her, right?” You immediately stood up and went back up to Justin’s room to get your phone. You didn’t know what had got into you and why you were so adamant to keep this act going, but you weren’t going to stop now. The only reason he’s not going out with the girl he really likes is because you like him and you weren’t going to stand in the way of his happiness like that.

You couldn’t even find y/f/n’s name in your phone before it was snatched out of your hands. You turned around and was met by Justin’s face. After rolling your eyes you simply put your hand out to silently ask for your phone back.

“You’re not getting it back. I won’t allow you to try to hide this anymore.”

“I’m not hiding anything! I’m going to tell y/f/n that I have no feelings for you then you two can go on your date and be a happy couple, okay, so give me my phone.“ you told him. His stubbornness was really starting to get on your nerves.

"No, I don’t even want to go out with y/f/n anymore. Not knowing you have feelings for me. You can lie all you want but now I see it. She helped me realize all of the signs I was missing. How you treat me, look at me.. how you’re never interested in any other guy and are willing to cancel on every plan you have just to sit at home with me. Now that I know this, I’m not going to hurt you by going out with your best friend.” he told you.

You let out a sigh. There was no way you could keep this act going now. He wouldn’t even consider for a moment that maybe you didn’t like him. He was so sure that you did and you knew y/f/n was to blame.

“So what are you going to do, Justin?” you asked him. A smirk slowly appeared on his face, which made you give him a look of suspicion. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because… I wanted to know if you’d go on a date with me?” he said. As you processed what he just asked you, he skipped over to the closet. He opened it and pulled out something. You couldn’t tell what it was until he turned around and headed towards you, making you put your hands up to cover your mouth in shock. In his hands was a huge bouquet of red roses. You’ve never seen a bouquet this big in real life, only on tumblr. He had a smile on his face as he pushed them towards you, making you hold them yourself. You just looked down at them as he spoke again.

“I know I just asked your friend out yesterday but knowing what I know now…. I want to try things out with us. So… would you like that?..” he said to you. You honestly couldn’t believe all of this was happening. Just last night you fell asleep thinking that you had to swallow your emotions and support Justin being with another girl and today he’s giving you flowers and asking to take you out? It was all really overwhelming. 

Without saying a word, you just nodded your head yes. You took the flowers in one hand and wrapped your free arm around Justin’s neck. He let out a small laugh as you held him tight with him doing the same thing to your waist. You never wanted to let him go. You were finally at a point where you could show how much you liked him without worrying if he liked you back or if it’d be weird for him. It’s sort of cliché but this was definitely the best day of your life and you hoped there were many more days like this to come.


I have this awesome day all planned out for our 3rd anniversary, which is next Monday.

You see, last year we had just bought our house and were spending money like crazy, so when our anniversary rolled around, the last thing we wanted to do was spend more money. (Not to mention, we were gearing up for the 4th of July party). So we went to the boardwalk, played mini-golf, had some ice cream, held hands. Ya know, super cute stuff and it was totally perfect.

This year, I wanna do something. So I planned a long day trip – a drive down to Cape May to hop on the ferry over to Lewes, DE, where we’ll go to the Dogfish Head brewery, do a little shopping/browsing in the historic town of Lewes, maybe hit up a creamery (I have a thing for ice cream on our anniversary, I suppose) and then back on the ferry to have dinner in Cape May before heading home.

Only the weather is supposed to be CRAP. And if we want to do this, I need to make reservations for the ferry soon. So now I’m going back and forth with myself on whether I stick with the plans regardless of the weather or try and wait it out to see what the day brings and then figure something out.

I swear, so many of my summer plans end up like this. Ugh, weather.

Oh man did I ever tell you guys about the time that I was trying to level one of my dragons to 25, and I had a bunch of might fragments so I figured I probably had the right kind, but as it turned out lightning stones were the only ones I didn’t have, so I went to get charged might fragments from the AH but they were selling for 30kT a piece and I was very annoyed but I bought 3 anyway because I figured I’d just sell some of the other ones that I had and get the money back so I go to check the prices on the other stones and then next highest one was going for 700 a piece are you fucking kidding me so I went back to my hoard and rage-sold all of my might fragments including including including including the fucking charged might stones I just dropped 90kT on I have never been so angry in my life and then I ended up exalting the dragon anyway. 

The market definitely isn’t like that right now so idk what was going on that day but I think if I had waited like a day it probably would have evened out more idk man that was a rough day

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fucking ouija boards are scary as hell my friend wanted me to do one and I was like ........ya no way in hell

a story. a story for you.

so fuckin I don’t play with that shit haha like bottom line I just DON’T do that shit you cannot pay me. You could say “a million dollars to fuck with a ouija” and I’d be like lmao keep it. I do NOT do that. 1 million dollars is not worth getting dragged out of the fuckin bed in the middle of the night by a spirit named Timothy okay it’s just not worth it. 

so my friend Katie when I was sixteen - she literally asked for a ouija board for Christmas. Are you hearing me?? On the Lord’s birthday. On the day of the BIRTH of our lord and savior she fucking ASKS FOR A OUIJA BOARD and her mom went out and fucking bought her one. A 40 year old white woman, mother of 5, sat down and gift wrapped this devil’s toy at her crafting station. I’m at her fucking house for an extended stay and she goes “you wanna see some shit” I was like okay let’s see it. She reaches up underneath her bed and pulls the ouija out I no-lie leapt up off the bed and crossed the room into a corner and said GET THAT…OUT OF HERE….she’s like shaking the box at me like what lmao 

I’m backed into a corner terrified I’m like we’re not playing this shit? meanwhile I’m fuckin hiding from this IT WAS LIKE THE 10 DOLLAR TOYS R US GLOW IN THE DARK OUIJA but do you think the devil cares about bargains?? he will come inside the fancy 100 dollar wooden bollar and he will come in the 10 dollar lite-brite board I swear the devil has no sense of class or taste he will fuckin come regardless he doesn’t discriminate rich or poor he wants ur soul and he’ll get it too 

she is freaking out on me she’s like LMAO DO IT! LET’S DO IT! I legit am like no?? she is trying to force me SO BAD she gets her sister-in-law in there and they’re both cornering me like “come on madeline let’s do it madeline u know you want to” my ass is sixteen and a GROWN 22 year old woman is pressuring me into fucking ouija’ing - ppl say peer pressure ain’t real….

so my dumbass - god dammit - I OUIJA’D 

first of all Katie has to literally hold this fucking glow in the dark piece of shit trash up underneath her lamp for like 10 minutes so it’ll glow in the dark, like she wanted to have her soul taken so damn bad…she had to CHARGE  the fucking ouija. So she’s doing that and I’m thinking to myself our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses into the fuckin 10 dollar Toys R Us ouija board glow in the dark hell 

second of all she makes me get up and turn the lights off so there we are - me and Katie and her damn sister-in-law in the DARK. With the neon green glow from the ouija reflecting off our faces and Ider I think at first we were like “ARE WE GONNA GET BOYFRIENDS….” like the devil fuckin gives a SHIT 

and then of course “is there a spirit here…” “are there ghosts here…” I was like no no no no no no my fingers were shaking so bad and this happens and tbh with you we got the name “DENICE” after so much time so I’m fucking thinking to myself 

#1 I don’t think Denice is spelled that way 

and #2 I don’t think Katie knows how to spell Denise 

so I fucking sus her and I think to myself - the devil lost this round bc Katie was pulling the god damn strings. There is no devil in this board tonight. That being said when I went to sleep that night I literally asked her to take that thing outside bc I didn’t want spirits passing through it on my ass while my eyes are closed 

I go home. My ass goes home. Denice long forgotten about because DENICE isn’t real because DENICE ISN’T A FUCKIN NAME??? 

one week later I think myself safe because no demon voices are talking to me at night begging me to do their bidding so of course that’s a good sign. Haven’t come out to blood on the walls YET so okay. I get a phone call from Katie lmao. Who’s MILES upon MILES away at this point and she’s freaking out she’s like “WE JUST SAW DENICE”

I’m like what the fuck are you talking about you SAW deNICE…and she tells me that apparently her and her sister who CONFIRMED THE FUCKING STORY SO I KNOW SHE’S NOT JERKING MY CHAIN were out by their garage late at night and they’re just standing there talking and they look over and both of them see some fuckin disembodied shadow just standing there looking at them it was FUCKING DENICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH A C. 

and both of them just sprinted for the house without looking back and fuckin Katie took their 10 dollar Toys R Us ouija and threw it in the garbage can and tbh my fave part about this story is I was right all god damn along. I said in the beginning do not fuck around and guess what Denice came. Honestly I love being right 

fact: axolotls only live about 10 years so stan’s axolotl did not belong to his brother. he, still an older man, went out and bought a little pet axolotl to keep in his aquarium

he probably saw it in a pet store and was like “that thing is creepy and weird as hell. i’ll take it.”

Some good things about season 10:

There was a musical about Supernatural at an all girls school

The girls who played Dean and Cas were dating

They sang Carry On Wayward Son lullaby to Sam and Dean

Jody and Donna met and were adorable

Claire Novak
Claire didn’t trust Castiel at first. She thought he was a monster for killing her real dad.

But then Castiel became like a dad to Claire. She even gave him a hug and asked Dean to watch out for him!

Castiel went shopping with Dean at Hot Topical. He bought a grumpy cat for Claire’s birthday. She acted like she didn’t like it…but she kept it.

Claire and Dean played mini golf

Claire went to stay with Jody and Alex (Jody adopting all the wayward teenage girls <3 )

Jimmy and Amelia Novak reunited in heaven

Charlie and Castiel met. Cas smiled. They hugged. They were besties. THEY ARE STILL BESTIES *cries*

So so…basically all the side characters. And Cas. They were great.


beyonce: ugh… i think i ate some bad takeout while i was doing that shoot with nicki… i feel terrible idk how i’m going to do this show tonight to be honest

rivers cuomo: bey!!! snookums!!! you shouldn’t do the concert if you’re not feeling well!

beyonce: rivers i have only ever postponed one show in my entire life. one single show. no. i’m gonna go on. if i have to run offstage to ralph in a bucket every few minutes, so be it.

rivers cuomo: what if i went out instead?

beyonce: well honey they bought tickets to a beyonce show not a weezer show

rivers cuomo: no, no, i mean… what if i… did your show

beyonce: oh my god rivers

rivers cuomo: i know all of the choreography, i know all of your lyrics…………………………………. i will be amazing

beyonce: rivers please no i - *throws up*

rivers cuomo: don’t worry poopsiekins i won’t let you down *grabs wig* i was born to do this *departs for the stage*

beyonce: *throws up again*

rivers cuomo, faintly, in the distance, from the stage: I’M OUT THAT H-TOWN COMING COMING DOWN C-COMING DOWN DRIPPING CANDY ON THE GROUND

some random stagehand: *pokes his head in the door to the dressing room* beyonce why is there a white man on the stage

beyonce: *throws up a third time* 

random stagehand: he’s kind of killing it tbqhw/u


I was digging through my pantry trying to find something to eat, and I forgot that my friend Terrell gave me this box of ramen. I’m guessing the brand is Ichii Ramen, from Niigata. This particular one was a salt based ramen.

I decided to add some extra things to it to make it fun, so I went out to the store to pick up some green onion, corn, enoki mushroom, and since I wanted to feel a little fancy, I bought the black pig pork belly since it happened to be on sale.

I just grilled the pork belly, which I seasoned with salt, ground black pepper, and garlic powder. After that was all done, I set that aside and boiled the noodles for about 3 minutes, and then made the broth in a separate pot. After that, I drained the noodles, placed it in the bowl, and then poured the broth from the other pot into the bowl.

After dressing it up with the mushrooms, onion, corn and pork belly, it was time to eat! This was a very different ramen. It had a distinct sea-like taste, like you could taste different fish, aside from the salt. It wasn’t something I was expecting, but it was very delicious! Having it with all the other toppings and pork belly made it even tastier.

I did more research about the ramen also and I guess there’s a popular seafood market in Niigata, so I guess that’s why the ramen had the taste of fish. I wish I could get more boxes of this stuff. It was good!


Noel Gallagher on the first time he heard his song on the radio [x]

“It was Supersonic and it was played on Radio 1 and as it was playing I was thinking ‘I’m gonna be so fucking rich, it’s unbelievable’ and I immediately went out, bought a lot of drugs, which I’m ashamed of (he’s really not), and had a party and I’ve never looked back since. It was a great moment, one I am now reliving through the medium of the internet for you.”

Imagine #36: Silent Treatment (Calum Hood)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 950

Story line: Calum forgets your date night and you give him the silent treatment.

I couldn’t believe Calum forgot about our date night. I was so angry that my hands were shaking. I had to close my eyes and count to ten to calm myself, it didn’t work though; I was still angry. I prepared the perfect dinner for the two of us (which was his favorites dishes), I put candles around the room because I wanted a romantic atmosphere. And he didn’t even call me to tell me he was going to be late. Or for telling me he wasn’t going to come home at all because it was midnight already.

I picked up the things from the table, I put out the candles and I went to the bedroom to take out the dress I had bought for that night. I had put so much effort for that night was great that I felt useless now that Calum had forgotten about it. It wasn’t our anniversary or my birthday or anything important but Calum and I had a date night every month and in the three years we have been together, he had never forgotten (or me). So that’s why I was making a big deal about it, because he hasn’t even called me to tell me he wasn’t coming, which was the least he could do.

I put my pyjamas on and I laid down in bed. I closed my eyes and I tried to sleep but I was still too angry to get some sleep. Few minutes after, I heard the front door open, then steps and then the bedroom door. There it was Calum, sneaking in, trying not to wake me up; little he know I was already awake. By mistake, while he turned on the lights. “Damn”, he murmured. He saw I was awake and his face relaxed and a smile appeared on his lips. “Hi, babe. I thought you were sleeping”. I didn’t say anything, I rolled over and I closed my eyes again, trying to sleep. “Babe?”, he asked, confused. He walked over to the bed, he sat on the edge and moved his hand to move away my fringe from my forehead but I didn’t let him.  “Okay, you’re angry at me. What did I do?”, he said after a sigh. I didn’t want to tell him what happened, I wanted him to figure it out by himself. “Really, baby? You’re giving me the silent treatment?”, he sighed again, “It has to be bad then”. He got up and he began to take his clothes off in order to put on his pyjama. Then, he started talking: “It’s because I didn’t call you? I’m sorry, baby. Me and the boys spent the day at the studio, writing and recording some songs for the next album. I have been very busy and, truth be told, I didn’t know what time was it until the guy from the studio told us we had to go home”.

Calum got into the bed when he finished putting on his pyjamas. We were facing and by his expression, I could see he was really tired. I was about to sigh and give up when he opened his eyes and half-yelled:  “Oh my God, it’s date night I totally forgot! I’m the worst!”, he bit his bottom lip. “Baby I’m so sorry! I… I… I don’t have any excuse. God, why didn’t you call me?”. Oh my God, I couldn’t believe he was telling me that. I called him a million times! I looked at him with anger and I rolled over again. “You called me, didn’t you?”, he mumbled. “Jeez, baby. I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me?”.

I wasn’t going to forget him so easily. I turned off the lights, telling him this way I wanted to sleep but I guess Calum wasn’t a quitter because I felt his lips on my neck and he began to leave a trail of kisses. “I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he mumbled into my skin. His hand grabbed my arm and rolled me over, so this way I was facing the ceiling. Then, he straddled me. Although it was dark, some light came through the window so I could see his face and his face was telling me that, in one way or another, we were going to end the night having sex. Or maybe that was subconscious speaking. Whatever it was, I was starting to lose my anger when Calum started to kiss my neck again. “I hate when you give me the silent treatment. I like a few things in this life and one of them is your voice”, he confessed. “I know I’m an idiot. I’ll make it up to you. I promise”.

“You could have started with that” I finally said. Calum held back a smile because he knew he wasn’t entirely forgiven.

“Idiot is my second name, baby. You know that”.

“I hate you. Seriously, I hate you” I repeated, venting. “I prepared your favorite dishes, I put candles everywhere and you fucking ruined it. I fucking hate you”. I felt like my eyes were filled with tears. Calum grabbed both of my hands and kissed them.

“I know it’s not much but I’m really sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. It have been a few crazy days but I promise you I’ll make it up to you”, he repeated.

“I know”, I mumbled.

“Can you forgive this idiot who loves you so much, so much, that is willing to do anything for you?”. I laughed slightly, more relaxed and I nodded. “Maybe I can start with some…. sex?”, he said hopefully. I guffawed.

“You’re an idiot”, I said while I got up slightly to kiss him.


Last night I came out to my mom (who already knew that I was gay) as genderfluid, something only a few close friends kinda knew about. She was extremely receptive and very supportive. So today I went out and bought a bunch of new clothes, things that I feel really amazing in. And in honor of that, I thought I would post some selfies of me being an adorable little prince.


Mall trip with http://evileli.tumblr.com/!! He’s such a bamf, he bought his first khaki cargo shorts, what a g, right??

Also we went to Claire’s and played with bows and flower crowns. We run this place. Going back once I get another paycheck. Way too many headbands to get!

It was a really nice trip, brought me out of a bad funk. We popped in at Charming Charlies, Burgatory, Rue 21, Payless, H&M~ at Ulta I got the lady to show me how to contour, so hopefully that will be showing up more. It’s pretty clear in the last pic… My goal with makeup is to have someone ask if the beard is drawn on :P