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*wipes 4 gallons of sweat off my forehead* hey guys guess who’s back and spent one and a half days planning and making something so trashy you won’t believe it. it’s a gem au!! i made as many fusions as i could before i physically died on my tablet (with shiro for scale, of course) and tried to feature everyone (apart from corran, sorry buddy) at least once! if you want to see some other fusion, though, hit up my inbox >vo+. have a nice….er….morning, everyone!


Mike Warren 

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Sansa was the pretty one. He remembered a time when he had thought that Lord Eddard Stark might marry him to Sansa and claim him for a son, but that had only been a child’s fancy.

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Could you draw an AU where Hamilton dies first and Laurens' reaction from getting the letter? (Love the art style btw!)

What’s the difference between tears and raindrops?

I feel like it would be a lot more quiet without him around

(oh, and thanks for the compliment! It’s really sweet of you!)


Pairing: Changsub/Reader

Prompt: You get into a heated discussion with the person in the passenger seat.

a/n: shout out to my love @k0ntz​ for the request!

Marriage should always be about two people who love each other, regardless. It should never about two companies trying to save each other so they end up having their two children, basically strangers to one another, get married. You cannot believe it’s already 2017 and things like these still happen. This should only happen in movies, you thought.

Well the thing is, this whole situation is far worse than just two people who have zero love for each other. Why? It’s because you DO love the guy your parents made you marry. But he was in a relationship with another girl before this whole stupid marriage happened, and you can only feel sorry you had to ruin things for them.

“I’m such a horrible person.” You cussed out while packing your things. “But at least I’m finally doing the right thing, yeah?”

Tonight you made a decision to leave Changsub, your husband of 3 years. You’re not really planning to tell him upfront. You don’t have the heart to. It’s probably the dumbest thing to just leave your husband while he’s asleep but you’re almost full sure he’s not going to mind anyway. Heck, he’d probably glad if you do.

For the first part of your marriage, he’d constantly say he needed to work overtime. You’d pull a forced smile because you know he went to see Chorong, anyway. He loved her. I mean, why wouldn’t he? She’s beautiful and kind. You know they still go on dates and talk on the phone until dawn. You’re nothing but a monster that’s keeping them apart. Although, oddly, the last few months of your marriage, Changsub has been sweeter and nicer to you. He’s been going home earlier and on his phone less, too.

“I probably just gotten so used to it that it didn’t mind it anymore?” you thought.


You lied. 

You lied to nobody but yourself.

Why do you do this to yourself? Why are you denying the love he’s been giving? It’s all what you wanted anyway so why?

“Good evening my lovely wife” he said as he put his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek. You love how he’s warm body melts on to you but you broke that thought immediately.

“You’re home early.” You forced a smile. “Probably, Chorong’s busy and couldn’t meet up with him?” you thought.

You loved short intimate moments like this. His arms around your tiny waist. His head resting on the crook of your neck. But here you go again. Self-destructing.

“Get real, Y/N. Surely, he’s just longing for her and imagining it is her he’s hugging.” You battled with yourself.


You and Changsub had light dinner and quick shower before settling down in the expensive king sized bed.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Cold feet.

Cold hands.

Here we go.

No more turning back.

The moment he falls fast asleep.

It will be goodbye.

“Good night, Y/N. I love you.” He said so deep and slow it almost felt sincere.

“Good night, Changsub.” You replied as he pouts.

“And?” he raised an eyebrow.

“I…I love you too” you whispered. You wouldn’t dare look into his eyes. It will just make everything harder for you. It will be harder to push through with your plan.

Lately, he loves wrapping you with his arms as you both sleep and he gets whiny whenever a tiny gap will grow between you and his body. But thank God he’s sleeping heavily tonight. He must be tired.

You took a last look at him.

How his soft features seems even way softer as he sleeps.

How his chest rises and falls.

How his hair is getting all messed up.

You mentally thanked him for all the pretend love he showed you.

It must have been hard for him to be with someone he doesn’t love.

You held back your tears as you carefully, very very carefully, stood up from the bed.

You took out the luggage you hid in the storage room and went out of the house as quickly as possible. Faster than lightning. Like a bullet on a pistol. That fast. And that fucking painful, too. Not leaving time for yourself to rethink your actions.

Farewell husband.

I mean…ex-husband.


“Love?” Changsub’s face scrunched up only to find an empty spot next to him.

He hates having to wake up to the sound of the alarm. He’d rather have your sweet voice telling him to get up because breakfast is ready.

He shot up out of the bed as he felt the house seems…quieter?

That’s odd.

He went to the kitchen to look for you but he felt something wrong.

Your wedding pictures are nowhere to be found.

Your slippers weren’t there.

You weren’t there.

No traces of you.

As if you were never there.

He ran up to the bedroom. The room you used to share with him until last night.

He saw a piece of paper in the nightstand beside the lamp.

He felt stupid for not noticing earlier.

A sharp, very deep and sharp, pain was felt in his chest as he lifted the papers up.

There were 3 pages. One was your farewell note, and the last two are divorce papers. Divorce fucking papers.

Changsub massaged his head as he grab a handful of hair, not really understanding all of this.

“Lee Changsub,

I’m sorry our marriage had to end this way. Actually, I’m even more sorry we had to get married in the first place. I don’t want to ruin things for you and Chorong anymore. I know how much you love her. I feel nothing but guilt every time you had to go home to me when you could have been heading home to her. I’m really sorry. I truly am. Please sign the papers behind and I’ll explain to our parents everything, don’t worry.”


Kim Y/N”

For some reason, you using your real last name hurts him even more. He wanted you to use Lee. Why shouldn’t you? You’re his wife. You have every legal right to use it.  

Without even fixing himself, he stormed out of the house and hopped on his car. He doesn’t even know where to start looking for you, but he’s willing to drive to wherever you are. He was mad. He was furious. He’s lost for words.

“What are you even thinking about, Y/N?!?” he shouted inside his car. Talking to an imaginary you.

He searched highs and lows for you. He didn’t notice he’s been driving the whole day searching for you. He only noticed when the surroundings went dark and his tummy grumbled in hunger. It’s a little bit past midnight anyway. He pulled over to the side of the street and grabbed his hair with both hands. Groaning in frustration.

“Think Changsub, think!” he closed his eyes shut, thinking of all the places where you could be. “Underground Café!” he shouted. His face lit up.

Of course. Why wouldn’t you be at your favorite coffee shop?

He drove fast to where the café was. It’s probably a solid 45-minute drive and upon arriving, he did nothing but scan the whole place.


He spotted you there.

He saw you.

Leaning your head against the glass window.

He grew mad.

At you? No.

At himself. For not knowing how it pained you knowing he’s been cheating on the beginning of your marriage.

Well okay. He was kinda mad at you too.

He stormed inside the café towards you.

“Care to explain?” he said holding the now crumpled up divorce papers. Anger and confusion written on his face and you could sense he was holding back his tears.

You cleared your throat as the tension between the two of you builds up.

“You shouldn’t really mess up legal documents, Changsub. Now I have to get a new one.” You said firmly. As emotionless as possible. Cold. Ice cold.

And that made Changsub grow hotter with anger.

He grabbed you by the wrist and walked you out of the café and into his car.

“Seriously Changsub, if you’re afraid of what are parents will say, don’t worry I’ll explain everything to them! This will not affect the company!” you said almost shouting as he continues to drive with one hand, the other massaging his temples with elbows resting on the driver seat’s window.

He glared at you for a brief second before returning his focus on the road. His eyes growing red.

Did you just see tears?

“Can you pull over please? I don’t want to go back to our…your house” you corrected yourself.

He did. He stopped the car and looked at you again.

“I’m doing this for your happiness, Changsub” you said even before he could speak.

“Well what the fuck do you know about my happiness?!” he shouted. You swallowed hard not really prepared with this angry Changsub in front of you.

“I know you still love Chorong, okay? I don’t want to burden you anymore!” you gave up. Your tears gave up. You felt weak and stupid for crying in front of him.

“Then that means you don’t know anything!” he argued back.

You fell silent. This was not what you expected. You envisioned him signing the divorce papers and going back to the love of his life. And you moving on from all of this. That’s it.

“Do you know-“ he choked. His tears disabling him from speaking. “How it feels waking up and realizing your wife is not there anymore?”

You fell silent.

“Do you understand…how scared I was when I realized…your pictures and clothes are not in the house anymore?” he said in between sobs. His face completely red.

“Do you know how broken hearted I was with the note you left me asking me to sign those stupid divorce papers??” pain written all over his face as he cried harder, resting his head on the steering wheel.

You rubbed his back. Stupid move. You think you can ease all the pain you caused with that?

“I’m sorry if I still continued seeing her after our marriage but I’ve forgotten about her already. I only love you now, Y/N. And I’m sure it’s you I want to spent the rest of my life with.” He took your hand that was on his back a while ago and kissed it.

“The way you take care of me with coffee in the morning and delicious dinner was more than enough for me to fall in love with you. I would be the biggest dumb ass if I let you go…” he said slightly forcing a smile.

“I tried my best to make our marriage happy. To make you happy. That’s why I was so broken hearted when you suddenly wanted to leave.” His breathing is getting sharper as his tears poured out continuously.

“Please…please.” He begged.  His grip on your hand growing tighter.

“Don’t make me sign those papers. Stay married to me. Please.” He cried harder. As if expecting a rejection from you.

Each word stinged.


Your heart softened.

You believed everything he just said. You were just denying the love he is giving you. You felt it yourself. All the spooning. All the random cheek kisses. All the hand holding. You felt all of those. You felt Changsub’s love in all of those.

But you were blinded with guilt then.

“Of course I’ll stay married to you.” You cupped his cheeks and kissed him attempting to stop his sobs.

He pulled away and stared at you.

“Do you promise to be Mrs. Lee again?” he asked you with full hope in his eyes. Kind of like a child is asking his mother if he can get a new toy car.

You chuckled softly and nodded in agreement as you wipe away his tears. “Let’s get to your home now.” You said signaling him to start driving again.

His nose scrunched up and pouted. “Our home!” he corrected you. The words our and home giving you weird butterflies.

You laughed. “Alright Mr. Lee, now get driving.” You chuckled. “Mrs. Lee’s getting sleepy.” you went on.

He jolted.

His tears suddenly went dry.

He kissed you once before driving again.

He had the purest grin on his face too.

And his cheek grew a soft shade of pink just hearing you address yourself again with his last name.

Roy Mustang or Edward Elric?” - Anonymous

Does this come as a surprise? He’s my lil muffin angel son.


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Hii! This is your Laxana anon! I just want to say that it's 100% ok don't worry! ^^ thank you for at least reading my message! (Maybe if you feel ok with Cana alone, she could wear Laxus' coat? Yes? :D)

Here ya go, Anon! Sorry It is kinda lame and sloppy (* ̄∀ ̄) I did it kind of quick because I have to get working on some other works that I couldn’t finish during the week :3 (Sorry I am such a fail haha) But thank you so much for liking my art enough to send a request <3 It means so much to me!