{i guess they have their moments}

You know what I want for Trespasser and Cullen and/or Josephine romances? Established comfort.

I mean, I’d love that for all of the romances, but we don’t know what the other companions have been up to in the intervening years. But if the Inquisition has been going steady for two years, I have to guess that Cullen and Josephine have been there the whole time. (And a non-Divine Leliana, but alas, our Inquisitors couldn’t turn her head.) So I want a scene(s) demonstrating how comfortable the Inquisitor and their advisor love have become with each other. Petty squabbles turned into unwitting laughter. Quiet moments together in between the madness. Finishing each other’s sentences, or answering questions before they’re fully asked. Someone getting flustered or irritated and going off on a rant while the other one looks on with impossible fondness. Small touches and/or eye contact that simply say “I’m here.” I want fluffy, beautiful domesticity. 

Well, that, and no more holes in Skyhold. But we’ll see what we get.

I never thought I’d be the one to need those ‘Paint water’ and ‘Not paint water’ mugs until this moment where I drank from the wrong mug. It wasn’t much different from what my coffeee normally taste like, but it was horrible. Guess I will have to go shopping now. Great. Leaving my bed will be terrible. 

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Hello again I'm the Dick/Kori/Babs anon from the past night :) I was just wondering if you have any meta posts that would prove the people who call Kori "Dick's sexual relationship" wrong. Like I've always heard that Kori "is the reason we have Dick today and Dick is the man he is bc of Kori" so I'm assuming it takes more than sex to really influence someone's character. How did Kori's relationship with Dick influence him in the long run is the question I'm asking I guess :O

Haaa, yeah, I have [this DickKory meta]. It’s honestly not one of my favorite posts because it’s the second (or third?) meta I ever did on this blog, and I feel like I left out a lot of pivotal moments, but it does get the idea across. Back then, I didn’t realize the fandom put down DickKory so much or I probably would have emphasized more of their history.

But yeah, the impact that Kory had on Dick is definitely a profound one.

(New Titans #57)

“Kory realized something was wrong with me. Bless her, she did try to help.”

The New 52 is what turned Kory into more of a sexual being than anything. Dick and Kory did have sex throughout their relationship, but it was never the focus of their relationship, and I only remember it being shown on screen 2-3 times. Throughout their relationship, Kory was emotionally fostering to Dick and got him to lighten up more as he grew older.

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You always seem to have one for grounded in reality. I was wondering what you think of the hand holding m&g photo. I think it's great that in s controlled environment like that they were allowed to do that. 1DHQ knows that will make it out to the fans and they will go crazy for it. Do you think this will up the timeline? I don't think there have been many big push/pull moments? I'm so happy things are consistently moving in the right direction! Now they just need to get rid of babygate.

I think that it’s important. Those photos are policed and distributed by Sony. I don’t think this will massively change the timeline: I think either album promo or end of contract right now are both solid guesses.

I’ve always been of the thought that the media and control of information from the band is a much better indicator of where things are than any actual events/glances/touches that happen. I’m sure Harry and Louis have touched each other at meet and greets before (there was backstage video of it last year, right?). But the fact that it’s being intentionally distributed at this point is important, particularly from Sony.

People are jumping on the idea that Harry and Louis will choose to delay their coming out to cut Simon off from his share, but unless they are selling a Sony product during the coming out, they’re also shutting out Sony. That could be dangerous, as Sony’s assets include a hefty number of the functioning labels along with significant interest near every corner of the entertainment interest. I don’t think it’s in their interest to piss of Sony unless Azoff is confident he can rebuild their brand, or they have no interest in future careers in the industry. And no matter how powerful Azoff is, Sony is someone you want as an ally, but you also want them to know you’re willing to play ball when necessary. So I’m not super on board with the “do everything to cut Simon off” plan because there are some massive unintended consequences wrapped up in it.

Things are consistently moving in the right direction, and the push pull cycles are so overlapping and hard to follow that I really don’t think they would be able to sustain this momentum for much longer, but as many have speculated, a beginning of hiatus/end of contract CO wouldn’t be out of the question, particularly if they have solo things to sell. But we’ll see in the coming weeks and how babygate is continued or ignored to see where we are in the overall plan.

TL;DR: i don’t know about the significance to the timelines, but this is one marker in a series of positive changes that indicate good things are happening BTS.

Okay so...

It turns out that the reason why the guy I’m dating wasn’t answering my calls or messages was because there was a power outage where he lives! I wish I had known that..

But we talked everything through, I got everything off my chest, and he was…well, he was an absolute gem. He said he had no idea he made me feel that way, he apologized for making me feel that way, and he reminded me that he completely cares about me and loves who I am.
I probably just started feeling that way because I was having an insecure moment like I tend to do, honestly. It’s hard for me to accept the fact that I’m desirable as a person, and something I’ve battled with my whole life. I guess yesterday I was just losing that fight a bit more.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, guys..! I’ve read everything you guys sent me, and everything you’ve written is so sweet. Thank you. 🌿

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K like i have 32 B breast i guess cause thats what my bras said and like my binder doesn't get them flat? i got it from underworks and it's the correct size and everything.

Jay says:

When the chest is small it can be hard to bind, beacuse too tight is uncomfy and looser doesn’t get flat. Double triple check that it’s the right size, and if it is, then just take a moment. Your chest does not need to be fully flat. Men do not have flat chests, there is muscle, there is fat, you don’t need to be a pancake there to be masculine!

Bad Day for Homework

I don’t know why I can’t work.
I’ve been staring at these pages
for what seems like ages,
but the words won’t compute.

I have too much on my mind.
I guess, I’m falling behind,
but I don’t seem to be able
to make myself care at the moment.

And perhaps that’s a main component
of why I feel so worried right now,
but honestly, I cannot see how
I can make myself focus.

Other things are my obsessions.
I am unable to tear myself away,
and if I can make a confession,
I think it’s my depression.

But I don’t want to give an excuse.
I don’t want to hide behind the ruse
that I’m ok, I just want to be productive.
But how when I am so confused.

I’m overwhelmed by people.
I’m overpowered by my responsibilities.
I can’t keep count of all my fallacies
or keep up with all my abnormalities.

I think I’ll just lie face down on the floor
and listen to the rain pour
from our side the crack in my door.
Maybe, then, after a nap, I can do more.

I took this the last night we spent together. It was the happiest and saddest night ever. We ate pizzas and watched the Sun go down, looking at the clock trying to guess how much time left we had. We ran together, hand in hand. I remember I looked at you and thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world. We argued, kissed, laughed, cried, you told me not to go and I held you tight looking at the sky and all those stars, kissing and licking your tears wondering when I’ll have the chance to see you again. Closed my eyes and tried to fix in my mind that moment. We’re gonna live forever

Playing Get To Know Your Counselor

Camper: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Me: Guess!
Camper: I think you wanna marry Zac Efron.
Me: My celebrity crush is either Emma Watson or Scarlett Johansson.
Camper: Wait… Like a lady crush?
Me: Well, I’m gay.
Camper: *sits silently for a moment* Okay fine, but how can you have a crush on a girl?

At this point, one of my other kids rolls her eyes for at least the third time in the last 10 seconds, throws her hands up, and announces “because she’s gay!”

Me: True facts.
Camper: Well now this is awkward.

9 things

i was tagged by  romannoff, romnovs and wolfhgang! wow i’m so sorry that i’m super late with this, lol! thanks for tagging me! ^^

1. write your name is song titles

K- kiss with a fist by florence + the machine

A- alphabet boy by melanie martinez

Y- youth by daughter

L- lies by marina and the diamonds

A- afterglow by wilkinson

2. why did you choose your url?

because i have an infinite love for melinda may

3. what’s your middle name?


4. if you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

um a siren i guess

5. favorite colors? 


6. favorite song? 
at the moment?

at the moment it’s sippy cup by melanie martinez 

7. top 4 fandoms?

marvel, dc, the walking dead, jurassic world

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

because i get to talk with hella rad people who share my interests!

9. tag 9 of your mutuals

scarletvisioh, hopevamdyne, peggaycarter, barbaragordan, kathrinebishops, vibrainum, harleenaquinzel, johnnystorrm, scarlettjohausson (as always only if you want to!)