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Tom Hiddleston, his red-plaid-shirt-of-joy and a glimpse into the moments that have sparkled all those feelings of happiness/sheer lust/giddiness/second-hand embarrassment/anger/denial/oh-my-god-what-does-he-think-he’s-doing/seriously-none-of-my-business/it-does-show-all-his-twelve-chest-hairs/if-he wants-to-wear-that-as-a-fashion-statement-it’-okay-I-guess among his Hiddlestoners since 2012.

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On your Facebook page you said that Darryl and Carol were alone in the creepy house, overnight. Does that mean that they are a couple now? Were they romantic or did they have sex? Can I get excited about finally seeing that happened?

We don’t have any info on anything like that right now. Not sure if something romantic happens inside the creeptastic house. I’m just guessing here, but I don’t think they will have sexy times (don’t throw things at me). They both have too much emotional damage right now. I think they have a lot they need to catch up on with each other. However, let’s face it. The show seems to love their Daryl and Carol reunions. So I’m sure their scenes will offer moments that will make Carylers squeal.

Things I've Thought/Said/Heard While At Work (Part One):
  • “I wanna show you how to do something.”
  • "It doesn't sound like it's enough numbers, does it?"
  • “Oh god, what did I do?”
  • “So I guess I wasn't invited.”
  • “This is why you only have 10 cars in the parking lot.”
  • “That moment when you think your boss might be a meth head.”
  • "This cute little thing?"
  • “Don’t tell me how to do my job.”
  • “I want someone else.”
  • "I'm not allowed to do that."
  • “Today’s my birthday.”
  • "I'm so tired."
  • “She’s being a good girl and giving me the hangers.”
  • "I do not like people nearly enough to be this good at my job."
  • “She’s not as tall as daddy either.”
  • "Those shoes are so cute."
  • “Look, asshole…”
  • “I know you wanna go home.”
  • “I don’t like saying my phone number out loud.”
  • "What did they do with the vending machine?"
  • “Thank you, sweetie.”
  • “Please don’t fire me.”
  • "But is it worth it?"
  • “Suck my dick.”
  • “What does it look like?”
  • "Hello again."
  • “I’m a cheap date.”
  • “Believe it or not I do know what I’m doing.”
  • “Can you change it for me?”
  • “It was mud.”
  • "It's up to you."
  • “This job would be so much easier if I could tell people when they can fuck off.”
  • “Everyone gets yelled at by their boss—shit happens; you get over it.”
  • "Do either of you have a key for the office?"
  • “Oh shit, there’s someone in there.”

A love letter to Camp Undersoul:

Being one of the founders of this thing, I can say how much had work it cost all of us, members of the staff, to make this work. There were diagreements, moments of frustration, lack of sleep and generally a lot of stress. But guess what? Thanks to this event I’ve been able to get my muse back and understand my character so much better! I had the chance to experiment many new things and feel like I’m part of something much bigger, much important, than something I could have done alone. I owe to everyone who made this possible, both attendants and my fellow moderators. 

No matter what, I know that this experience will be one that I will remember fondly for as long as I am a roleplayer, and then some. It felt like something special that would only be possible if a bunch of passionate people who love what they do, who love the game and who love the community came together and had a lot of fun. That was, in summary, Camp Undersoul.

Without all those hardworking people, all those people who love writing and love Undertale, nothing like this could have been possible.

I hope that the next iteration of Camp Undersoul will be full of life and nice vibes, like last time.

Thanking profusely all of the members of Camp Undersoul and all of the people who graced us with their muses, I can say I will be able to continue with my blog with all the energy of the world.

With Love,

~Mod Nero of Camp Undersoul

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If that's the way Jason is characterized in the comics doesn't that mean that that's canonically his personality?

Jason… is weird. The problem with Jason’s characterization is it’s incredibly inconsistent. He can have good moments pop up in the midst of terrible characterizations, or he acts totally out of whack in decent stories. I think the main problem is Grant Morrison who took over the Batman title in 2006ish.

So I have a love/hate relationship with Morrison. He did Damian real well and Dick/Bruce were done pretty decently. But he really didn’t know how to write/direct Jason. Which I guess is fair since Jason had just come back as Hood when Morrison took over but the point in Jason is incredibly inconsistent during his run and it’s made it hard now because no one really knows how Jason’s supposed to be. It’s why I really haven’t had any interest in reading Jay stuff just because a lot of times the versions of Hood vary drastically between titles. DC needs to sit down and decide who and what Jason Todd is.

What I’ve done, what I think most people have done, is waded through the mess of characterizations and continuity and picked apart various traits and ideas for our own Jason. Mine is a bitter angry young man who is able to justify killing criminals, he’s still incredibly peeved at the batfam but as time has gone on his anger has lessened slightly and he’s able to work with them in battle and minor personal interactions but that’s it. He’s still a hero at heart, has other people’s best interests in mind but he’s been twisted by the pit and is violent and not as kind as he once was.

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am i the only one who doesn't completely trust amon? i doubt he'd hurt akira...

I guess I kind of get. We don’t really know how the past 5 years have effected him, has he become more ruthless? Lost part of his sanity?

It’s hard to tell what his goals are at the moment. But I don’t think he’d do anything to hurt his friends unless he truly thought it was the right thing to do. But what is the right thing to Amon anymore?

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I was at a party with five other friends when one of them said: it's so hard dating people for me. And the other asked why was that when they said: I'm ace At the same time said friend and I said: me too and there was that moment of surprise and utmost happiness, I never imagined some of my friends were ace too and I never planes to leave the closet

(The party anon here) sorry I didn’t finish the ask!! >^< I always thought I was the only ace in my group and had planed never to actually tell anyone, family or friends. But now I’m so glad i found other people like me irl! Guess this came to taught me, you never know when or were you can find a fellow ace, sometimes they have been in front of you this whole time and you never knew

That’s such a wonderful surprise, Anon!  I’m so happy that you found a fellow ace in your friend group!  Thank you for sharing this!

~Mod Elise

Random comment about a scene in Earthlings that I particularly enjoyed.

The part where Jasper is becoming corrupted and mentions how Rose Steven took everything from Peridot (her limb enhancers, her status, her dignity; to which she humorously replies “I still have one of those things” lol love that). In some shows when a character (reformed or not) hears what they lost they start to second guess the choices they made.

Not Peridot.  She explains to Jasper with genuine happiness about all the life on earth and how she was able to be yet another life living there and learning knew things about herself.  That Earth is what helped her truly be free. There was no ”Oh shit, maybe I fucked up I have no power or status here everything sucks” moment. They could have easily gone that way for the sake of being edgy but they didn’t.  Kudos.

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Send me a character: CORDELIA!

Sorry for the delay. Thanks, Anon for the question! :) From Send me a Character:


First impression: Well, I guess every teen drama has to have a mean, popular, cheerleader to bully its female protagonist.

Impression now: Tragic, heroic, self-sacrificing firecracker. All hail Queen C!

Favorite moment: In “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”, that first glance at Cordelia’s layers: “I can be surrounded by people and be completely alone. It’s not like any of them really know me. I don’t even know if they like me half the time. People just want to be in a popular zone. Sometimes when I talk, everyone’s so busy agreeing with me, they don’t hear a word I say.” Remarkable self-awareness, there. I love it that knowledge of the supernatural and being saved by the Scoobies doesn’t cause her to lose her edge, nor does it render her a victim from here on out. She’s as assertive and acerbic as always (and apparently also alliterative). ;)

Idea for a story: By intervention from the Powers That Be, Doyle eventually recovers from injuries received from the Beacon, and his relationship with Cordelia deepens. Cordelia takes up combat training during Doyle’s recovery while Doyle continues on as the vision-receiver. Basically, I want to see Cordy learn and grow and become an indispensable part of Team Angel without being used as vision girl which is only the beginning of a long series of mind and body invasions (WTF, Whedon?) I want to see her in a relationship with a (half) demon who can actually reciprocate her feelings without becoming evil (sorry, Angel).

Unpopular opinion: That Cordelia doesn’t get to choose to inherit Doyle’s visions is a wasted opportunity. Like Buffy, she becomes another girl chosen to save the world in the Buffyverse, while given zero say in the matter. I think Cordy of all people would’ve chosen to help save the world in any capacity she could (and indeed, will, later on in the show, when given a choice). After BtVS, I just want to see heroic women given a freaking choice for once and not be presented as screwed over by the Universe.

Favorite relationship: Bearing in mind that Angel will still expect Buffy to be his girl at the end of BtVS and into the comics (another WTF), I don’t think he deserves Cordy. Hmm, I’ll go with Cordy/Doyle because I love the contrast between the two and they’re so cute together.

Favorite headcanon: Cordelia is the one to convince Harmony to leave Spike, because he’s so on a rebound from Drusilla and Harmony should have someone dedicated to loving her 100%.

Send me a character! :)

Random details about your Shepard.

I found the questions from @shepard-headcanons very interesting, so here we go. I will start for my Keira Shepard this time, since I’m replaying her. :)

(tried to find pics of her that she looks more colder.)

ME Alignment: Renegade;

ME Class: Vanguard;

Love Interest: Thane Krios;

Morality Alignment (Neutral Good, Chaotic good etc): Lies between Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral. More Chaotic Neutral, I guess. She is more evil when she doesn’t have a support and people to believe in her, most of those times she just wanted to get things done. But when she had Thane besides her, she really tried hard to change and do things better. 

MBTI Type: I did this test right now and it was ESTP. According to the test,  “ESTP personality types always have an impact on their immediate surroundings, ESTPs are the likeliest personality type to make a lifestyle of risky behavior. They live in the moment and dive into the action.” - it does sounds like Keira. 

Sexuality: Bisexual

Zodiac Sign: Cancer. In my headcanon, she was born in 23 June and she is 2 years younger than the default Shepard. 

Hogwarts House: I guess it is Gryffindor. She is brave as hell. 

Season (spring,summer, autumn, winter): Summer

Weather: She likes sunny days because it reminds her of her childhood on Mindoir. During the mornings when her father and she used to walk together. 

Cocktail/drink: Vodka and probably everything that has alcohol

Dessert: She loves brownie and chocolate cakes. Her mother used to cook them to her when she was a child. 

Music genre: She likes old punk and metal. She loves how those genre can be energic and how she feels alive when she listen to them.

Movie/TV show genre: She doesn’t watch much tv, but she does like to what sports in general. When she was a child/teenager, she wanted to be an athlete to overcome her own physical limits.

Sport: She likes and used to practice many sports, especially marathon, boxe and fights in general. 

Sun or Moon: Sun. She likes its energy.  

Morning or Evening: Morning, when everything is so clear. The evening reminds her of what she lost. 

Coffee or Tea: Tea. For some strange reason, it calms her down. 

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate. 

Lake or Sea: Sea. She never really cared much, but then Thane told her about Kalahira and she started to see the sea in other angle and admire it. 

Mountains or Beach: She likes mountain, especially for an adventure. 


By the time their dinner comes to an end, both got over the weather and have enjoyed the evening. They are happily recounting anecdotes from personal history, work, just life in general…

Bernardo: So, there was totally a time when my sister tried to sue someone for being rude to her dog. Luckily, that went nowhere, because the judges already know her for being really easily offended.

Hina: Oh wow, do we share a sister? Because mine once tried to call the police because her local supermarket was out of her preferred brand of yogurt. 

Bernardo: We both have some interesting relatives. 

It’s now quite dark and they realize that the restaurant will close soon. 

Hina: So… it’s been quite a day! I guess we should be heading back home now?

Bernardo: I suppose so.

He realizes there is something he has wanted to do since the moment they’ve met and probably should have done much, much sooner.

As Hina begins to walk toward the car, he stops her.

Bernardo: Wait.

He pulls her into a passionate kiss, to which she eagerly responds. 

Finally, everything feels right. They don’t know how long their kiss lasts, only that when they finally pull away, both are gasping for air.

Hina: How long have you been thinking about this?

Bernardo: For way too long. 

Hina: Me too. Me too.

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22, 24, 30, 32, 32 :)!!

22. Favorite Friendship?

Omg how to chooooose people know how I’m crazy about all EXO interactions haha hmm I guess I have to say.. SuLay! There’s something about both of them that gives strength for each other when times are hard. I feel like their connections and understandings for each other are deeper since I think those two bear the heaviest burden when EXO had their downfall back then.. even now we can see how much they just adore and so supportive of each other.

23. Favorite China-line member?


30. Favorite OT12 moment?

First daesang :)

32. Favorite EXODUS song?

Asfksjdfslkfj that’s my favorite album oh my god uhm… El Dorado! I think El Dorado is my favorite EXO song in general.


Overwatch Nip Headcanons

Soldier76: hairy white and wrinkled just like pops 

Reaper: tiny, shameful dime nips 

Junkrat: not since the accident 

Roadhog: tattooed to look like pigs like his bellybutton, but these ones are sitting in teacups. they’re a secret

Zenyatta:the   true   nipple   lies   within

Reinhardt: nicknamed them Broomhilda and Siegfried 

McCree: this one’s complicated. Let’s just say there’s a detailed tattoo of a southwestern vista and two tumbleweeds. He’s very proud of it 

Hanzo: just the visible one. Genji took the other one with him 

Genji: surprisingly they made it but now they light up 

Lucio: I guess you’ve read this far. I guess this is where we’re at in our lives. Oh the beautiful things you could have read. The beautiful things I could have written. But this is how we’re spending the fleeting moment given to us on earth. I guess Lucio’s nips look like tiny records or smth. Are you happy now. I used to be happy

  • Morgan:[sees Reid putting too much sugar on his mug] Easy there, tough guy. Have some coffee with your sugar.
  • Reid:I need something to wake me up.
  • Morgan:Oooohhh... late night?
  • Reid:Very
  • Morgan:[grins] My man!
  • Reid:[shakes head] Not that kind of late night.
  • Morgan:[laughs] Okay, so tell me, what does keep young Dr. Reid awake at night? Wait, let me guess, memorizing some script textbook. No, no, no. Working on cold fusion. No, I got it, I got it. Watching Star Trek, and laughing at the physics mistakes.
  • Reid:[silent for a moment] Actually, there aren't that many scientific errors in Star Trek, especially considering how long ago it was made. There are certain improbabilities but, not that many outright errors.
  • Morgan:
  • Morgan:...right.

i think “thank you girl” wins The Most Concerning Singalong Oh My God award

we start with ringo in the hospital and it only gets worse because

guess whos the doctor!!

they take ringo in for some kind of surgery or something i guess

dear god he has a knife

and the nurse emerges with….drumsticks… wait does that mean

paul leaves moments later with this look on his face and thankfully we’re never shown what he might have done to poor ringo

ill let you all come to your own conclusions of what may have occurred behind that curtain or the events leading up to this

The Marauders Giving You The Sex Talk Would Include

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masterlist // request here

  • it would happen because they found you and your significant other in a, rather,  compromising position
  • “Y/N? Guess what James did- oh BLOODY HELL.”
  • “S-Sirius! *hops down* Get out!”
  • they would drag you into their dorm and make you sit there
  • lots and lots of pacing 
  • Sirius: “Y/N, you don’t just- no. No.”
  • James: “Did he force you into.. that?”
  • Remus: “Be safe, okay? Safety first.”
  • it would be a lot of whispering and such on their part
  • “I have to go meet (your significant other), you dimwits.”
  • James: “You sit down right this moment young lady!”
  • you laughing at this 
  • until you notice all the blood draining from Remus’ face
  • Sirius: I told you! She’s- she can’t bloody stop!” 
  • “Okay, spit it out. What is it?”
  • Sirius puffing his chest, crossing his arms, “Y/N, you’re a big girl now. And quite obviously you’re… in love with this bloke.”
  • you looking at Peter like what the actual hell
  • him squeaking and shrugging at you
  • “What?”
  • them all getting frustrated
  • lots of hair pulling on their part
  • you just staring
  • until James just blurts it out “YOU HAVE TO HAVE SAFE SEX”
  • you turning bright red and glaring at Sirius
  • “Don’t give me that look! You need to hear this!”
  • “No, no I don’t.” *jumps to leave*
  • Remus grabbing you in a bear hug to stop you
  • “Remus! Let go! I’m not doing this!”
  • them proceeding to yell random tidbits of info at you
  • James: “Don’t let him pressure you, or- we’ll kill him.”
  • Sirius: “I kind already want to kill him. Bloke is pushing his bloody luck.”
  • you just staring in horror
  • Remus *clears throat* “We just want you safe, Y/N. Okay?” 
  • them looking at each other
  • you smiling, “Aw, were you boys worried about me?”
  • them scoffing and shaking their heads
  • “Don’t worry, I’m smart. You 3 should know that.”
  • Remus nodding
  • James: “Boys, they aren’t smart, Y/N.”
  • Sirius:  “You’re still a child, you aren’t ready to have one.”
  • “I’m well aware, thanks dad.”
  • Sirius’ eyes widening and he lunges across the room to tickle you
  • you all leaving the room
  • “Good sex ed talk guys, seriously, you’re shouting and mumbling was a very effective form of contraceptive, I’m not horny at all.”
  • them all groaning and shouting 
  • they love you
  • you love them

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Hey Mads, how to you think Tsunade reacted when Sakura went traveling with Sasuke and when she saw Sarada for the first time? *-*

Well I’m guessing Tsunade figured out how Sakura felt about Sasuke from the moment she saw the two of them. She was able to decipher that Sakura had been visiting everyday due to the freshness of the flowers:

This was made all the more apparent when she acknowledged how sensitive Naruto was to the situation by giving them their time alone:

So I’m guessing that when Tsunade saw Sakura go on her way to catching up with Sasuke on his travels, she must have thought something along the lines of “Ganbatte, Sakura!”. She was her student after all, and Tsunade would obviously want her pupil to succeed in any endeavour, whether it be as a kunoichi, or in her pursuit of romance with Sasuke.

So when she’d see Sarada for the first time, I can imagine Tsunade giving Sakura a cheeky thumbs up :D