{and it gave me ideas xd}

Idea credit to: @tenshixkyuketsuki / @madisnorm thanks boo ;)

Ayano: “Master loves me more~ All you do is destroy her things!” >u<

Subaru: “Tch! Shut up! I was with her way before you came along, she loves me more!” >.>

Me: TuT “Ahhh I have cats that call me master~ But I love you both<3”

Mun: Lol I told myself this was just a doodle and not to get carried away… I’m literally so extra tbh xD I spent a fuckin week  working on this xD Meh. Not my best work but I hope you all like Subano as kittens~ :3 Can you imagine adopting these 2 like Subaru would probably bite her ear and stuff xP Ah anyways, Since I’m fresh out of ideas for Subano drawings fml I can’t think of anything atm x_x I’m gonna be drawing more of Ayano since I wanna draw her in more Ariana grande clothes~ and do some NSFW drawings and stuff bc it was requested by an anon~ Sooo yeah! I don’t know what else to say other than Enjoy!<3

Please do not repost! REBLOG ONLY~ Do not edit, deface, claim as your own etc. Thank you!<3


Don’t have ideas or energy to draw something,

So I wanted to clean my brushes, what gave me the idea for that “nebula galaxy- bruise” -Thingy. Then I couldn’t stop :D

 (1. pic: the bruise nebula thingy, 2. pic: drawing of a flesh wound, @therealjacksepticeye ‘s septiceye sam, and my undertale tattoo idea, 3. pic: close up of the undertale napstablook)

supermate7  asked:

Hey , me again ! The guy who just keeps askin' questions you can't answer and giving life to your reaaaally weird ideas popping up randomly! Well I recently had a really big question mark over your comic... This is sans's travel in time that is the center of this comic right ? However , sans actually has these powers. So , is your comic intending to develop this idea by giving your interpretation of how he got his powers , or am I completely out of place ?

Yes, sort of. XD At least not as spoilerish as others. lol (▰˘◡˘▰)

I already gave only a few hints so far away, but more hints aren’t too away from the last update either. ^_^ Hopefully everything becomes more interesting as I continue and so dying about power thing. XD Sans still needs to reveal that somewhat but won’t tell ya if he’s already aware or not of it.

I feel like cheating xD yesterday I went to an event for kids because my aunt asked me to go with my 4years old cousin to take care of him and they was giving packs of M&Ms with other stuff of the company, and I lied saying I’m 13 years old to receive some too HAHAHHAHAA I’m the worst. But now I have a lot of candies uvu e_e

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 23- Bonnie & Clyde
: A Shot in the Heart
Summary: Western AU- Sasuke was robbing a bank and gets caught by the Sheriff. It’s up to his wife save him from the future that awaits him.
A/N: This theme gave me a lot of headache at first. I liked the idea of criminals in love and Bonnie & Clyde are exactly that… But the end of their story didn’t make me happy at all. I mean… Killing Sasuke and Sakura during the SasuSaku Month didn’t seem right XD Well, thanks to a movie I was watching the other day, I had this idea and I really loved to think of them like that. I hope you guys enjoy the fic, and don’t forget to send me messages!
The town had never been that lively before. Men were drinking extra doses of whiskey at the bar, while women were gathering around the main plaza. They were dressed in the most extravagant dresses, as they waited under the scalding sun, while the crowd patiently waited for the main attraction of the month.

A hanging was about to happen.

And no one wanted to miss the opportunity to see the last moments of a condemned man.

“ That idiot-shannarou.”

According to the latest gossip that had been spread around that land forgotten by the rain, the most wanted criminal of the Fire Country had been captured by the Sheriff, and the court didn’t take long to condemn him to death by hanging. The criminal had disobeyed all the laws of the town, robbed banks and even killed people in order to gain his reputation as the best gunslinger of the west. Town’s folk feared him, bandits respected him and the law wanted to put an end to his life of crime. And once he was finally captured, law decided to make Uchiha Sasuke pay for his crimes with his own life.

The uproar caused by his sentence had left the entire town anxious to hear the sound of his neck breaking. His death would be quite the event, and not even the rumors of his possible crime partner scared the sordid people away. There was no way a sidekick could enter the town and save his boss in the middle of so many people, right?


Those rumors were not true, after all, the girl was anything but a sidekick.

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Who is that Pokémon?
So…story time! Remember that “which pokémon type I am” ask thing? Well, I told @elementz124 that she would be a fairy type, and she answered me “…you would be a Grass/Dark type…”, And that, gave me the idea for this hellspawn of a pokémon xD

•Pokédex Entry:
“Scientists have no clue where it came from, some say it came from another universe, others say that it came from the depths of the Distorted Realm…”

Special: If you are an excellent Pokémon Trainer with it, it will gain more points in HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense or Special Attack once it levels up!

sentimental-cynic  asked:

Noticed you call him Syx. Whered ya get that?

(( Oh XD well I read it once in a fanfiction as his name ages ago and it stuck in my head. I’ve read a lot of the different ideas of given names for Megamind but never liked any besides Blue. Syx was sort of catchy to me though. Also spelling it that way gave me the idea that it wasn’t a normal name but could be an alien one.

So I went with the idea that he had an unpronounceable alien name that he and Minion remembered. When he could talk and asked about names he offered them his real name. As certain sounds are difficult to hear and say if you aren’t native to a language and I assume even more so if that language is alien, the only part of his name they could pronounce was the middle syllable

Thus they were really trying their best to honor him and call him correctly… but they often defaulted to Blue… and in the end, he still ended up with an embarrassing name that sounds like he was named a number and a color. Thus all the more reason for teenage rebellion and yelling at Warden that his name is Megamind now and he won’t answer to anything else. Over the years he came to terms with it. Only his close friends and uncles know his real name though. ))

deadxxxmoon  asked:

I scrunched my face at the new maid uniform he gave me. I glared at his relaxed sitting position on the master's arm chair. "And why does this contract require me to serve you as your maid?" I demanded. (Just something I thought of after reading the manga 'Shirley' xD)

“We have to maintain our image don’t we?” Sebastian replied, resting his elbows upon the desk belonging to his former Master, “An image of a pristine Manor with servants of course. Do you have a better idea?”

(Lol fun!!!)

Eiri and Kaname~

Okay, first of-
//H E A V Y   S O B B I N G

Second of-
//D E A D

Third of-
… Nah, that’s pretty much it xD;;

Preview of the line art for the picture I’d shown sketches of~
In the end I merged the two ideas for the base, ending up with this xD;;

It’s hard to tell like this, but Kaname is wearing a royal cape (just without the fur, I took pity on him and gave him a classy one) while Eiri is wearing a corset dress. He has a crown (I dumped some Kuran crests on there) and she has a scepter.

The both look pretty content though~

pale-sweet-suga  asked:

Hello~ Can I just say, props to you and other writers who do anything to get through writers block for us readers 😊 I love writing but i find it hard enough battling writers block while writing a story for just myself and my friend, nevermind 2000 people 😂 If i wasn't so stumped for ideas i would definitely be putting some of my writing on here but I'm scared lmao 😂

Hi! Ty, I mean with 2000 people following you, you kinda feel the need to write? I mean writer’s block is honestly my worst nightmare with most of my time occupied by writing XD You should post here! I almost gave up on writing completely but after seeing so many scenario blogs on here I decided to give it a try, and now I end up with more ideas than ever. Don’t be scared, you can only get better anyway ^-^ If you ever do post your work, you must tell me ; )))


anonymous asked:

I'm really loving your Servamp fics they are so cute!! I was wondering if you could perhaps write something other than a romantic pairing and so some brotherly fluff with Kuro getting tickled by one of his brothers or maybe two ;) Idk if this is a good prompt or not but maybe they are tired of him being so lazy and not being very elder brother like so they tickle him until he promises to be more responsible and act more like a big brother? Idk if that's any good sorry!! XD

Anon, you just gave me the best idea I have ever heard of. I thought it would be about time that I do a brotherly fic, but I had no idea how to start it! Thanks so much for sending me this request, and when I read it, I literally squealed so hard because it was the one thought I was looking for! You have no reason to be sorry because your idea is so cute and great, and UGH! I am going to work on this so hard and try to get it done before my night shift tonight!

anonymous asked:

(I got this hc from Shane Dawson cuz he's BAWS) Headcannon: Ben Reilly has a soft spot for Corgis. More times than he'd like to admit, he would go on vine and search "dogs twerking" and just sit there for hours watching dogs shaking their butts and songs like "Wiggle" would play in the background lmao

Awwww~~!!!!! That is too cute! I can imagine him watching one video and then Flash nearly walks in on him and just stares at the screen like 0_0.

You just gave me a drawing idea!!! XD

anonymous asked:

one of the conditions for Minos to see Pasiphae again should be take he beats up either Lune or one of his brothers XD

❄┇ 𝔤𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔰𝔱 𝔢𝔠𝔩𝔦𝔭𝔰𝔢

❝ We will see if that is the case. 


Other stuff I drew

- Wanted to give Waria a new look so I used elements from both Wario designs happy with the outcome

- ESP Kirby is awesome and so OP XD

- I tried out the Runbow demo, GOOD STUFF so I drew Val in her ninja outfit I was gonna do the other colors but nah blue is my main color after all this took 5 hours and it was worth it!

- A simple Luigi I drew in MediBang nothing more or less

- Amy cosplaying as Blaze it was fun to do but MediBang gave me some trouble while drawing it…

- A random idea of Luigi using a cloud like a airplane XD

I admit I’m kinda dealing with idea block when it comes to drawing so I might start requests sooner maybe even take suggestions