Back in January of 2016, I sent some fanmail to some guy in a band. A few months later, he ended up closing that address and I soon lost hope in ever getting my album covers back, aha. 

 But today, I woke up to a very unexpected surprise. The angsty 15 year old in me is currently bursting with pure joy. Holy fuck.


P.S. Look at the date on which he sent the letter. Aw. Thank you tremendously, Krist. You’re a sweet man and the world adores you for everything you continue to do for us. I love you.


I am opening up commissions again! Strictly for character portraits this time.

Quick set of rules/info: 

  • I take Paypal only.
  • It is a requirement that you pay half upfront -I’ve seen too many people skip out on paying artists they’ve commissioned-.
  • No refunds.
  • You can contact me through the Tumblr messaging system -which seems to be far more reliable than asks or fanmail-.
  • I will give progress reports and show the WIPs to you, make sure you’re okay with it from sketch to flat color to the final product. If you have anything you wish me to change, let me know prior to the final WIP I show you.
  • If you want me to draw characters, please give me visual references of them.
  • I will accept fanart commissions!

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I saw your post about how much Ghost means to you. I'm a new fan (discovered them 3 weeks ago) but i agree with everything you said. It breaks my heart that there is a possibility that TF might not be able to keep the band together :( i never really got to truly experience anything. I wonder if they are aware their music has this type of impact. Are people able to send fanmail?

I’m very hopeful that Ghost will not have to break up. I’m genuinely concerned, I won’t deny that, but I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be ok. 

I think Tobias and the Ghouls (former and current) have an idea that their music has created such a huge impact, but I still would like to tell Tobias at least, myself. I think, especially right now with this lawsuit and angry “fans” accosting him, he needs to hear it. And I feel like I need to say it. It would give me some peace if he knew that his music meant so much to at least one person, like me. 

I wish I had an answer over fanmail. In fact it would make me so happy if I could say one way or another if you could, but I don’t think it’s possible. I’ve never seen a mailing address or anything like that on their site, as the secretive nature of the band has been so important for so long. I could be wrong, I haven’t gone through their entire website, but so far as I know you unfortunately cannot send fanmail. I know some people will write him a letter and actually hand it to him after the show, but that requires being in his presence, which is a pretty nerve wracking experience, honestly. The man has a PRESENCE.

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but would u ever let v take #scandalous pics of u? y'know. for person use?

He’s taken some nude photos before, but they’re always really artsy and tasteful. And they’re private.

Alright, my dudes, I have decided to open mod applications. Both Rho and I are afab and we don’t want to speak over trans women, so if you’re trans feminine then hit us up.

Of course, there are some restrictions. No MAP/paedophile, incest supporters or other gross shit, no ace exclusionists, no truscum. It’d be preferred if you weren’t straight but it’s not necessary.

Just send us an ask or fanmail and we’ll check your blog, but also please include some info about yourself. ~🐱


The skinny on sending Lin fanmail as of December 2016, according to his dad. To summarize:

The address is

4768 Broadway Unit 743
New York NY 10034

You will get a reply (somehow, eventually, I have no idea how he has time for this) even if you don’t include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). Do include an appropriate SASE if you are sending pictures or programs for him to sign. Gifts that are meaningful to you are okay, just nothing expensive.

He was dictating answers to interns when he was in New York, closing with his signature. (His handwriting is… super messy. Plus, that’s a lot of volume, when he does sit down to do it.) (eta: He does still handwrite some of the replies himself.) Here are some examples of replies people have posted on twitter. I’m not sure if he’s sent any from London yet, I think maybe one batch?

My advice is to feel free to send what you really want to say and then be very patient.



Literally no less than TWO YEARS AGO I sent an autograph request to Andy Samberg via the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

I also sent one to a bunch of other people, some of which never came back (Melissa, Andre, Terry, Chelsea) and others which came back incredibly quickly (Stephanie, Joe).


And it’s got a picture of Andy, signed and made out to me. So cool!




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Would you ever give up your art if the person you loved told you to? I'm a bit at odds because I love my fiancee so much but it would be so sad to stop. - Nina

If a person loved me, they would know my art is a part of me. They will either love me with my art, or they won’t really love me at all.

anonymous asked:

! zen! sorry for english! i go bye for two week and you are engaged! congratulations! how did you ask v? did he yes right away? how long you ask?

Thank you. ^^ It was pretty spur of the moment. I propose to him in our living room. He was so surprised lolol but he said yes, so I guess that’s what is important.

Domande fuori dagli schemi. Inviatemi un numero💜

Iniziamo dalle domande generali:

1. Età
2. Hai fratelli o sorelle?
3. Hai già tinto i capelli?
4. Capelli lunghi o corti?
5. Altezza
6. Fumi?
7. Colore degli occhi?
8. Porti gli occhiali?
9. Come stai?
10. Ti sentì bella/o o brutta/o?
11. Hai tatuaggi?
12. Hai piercing?
13. Che fai nella vita?
14. Ti piace la tua calligrafia
15. Se tu fossi un'altra persona saresti amica di te stessa?
16. Qual è il tuo colore preferito?
17. Cosa ti manca di più?
18. Cos'è che ti piace di meno di te?
19. Un posto dove non vorresti mai andare?
20. Hai un talento speciale?
21. I tuoi suoni preferiti?

Hai mai:

22. Incontrato il tuo idolo
23. Fumato erba
24. Bevuto alcolici
25. Perso il telefono
26. Rubato
27. Detto una bugia per far star meglio qualcuno
28. Tradito
29. Avuto esperienze paranormali
30. Pianto tantissimo
31. Fatto uso di droghe pesanti
32. Fatto il bagno nudo/a
33. Detto “ti amo” credendoci
34. Fatto bunjee jumping
35. Passato la notte sveglio/a fino a vedere l'alba
36. Scritto un libro
37. Mangiato sushi

Questo o quello?

38. Facebook o Twitter
39. Treno o aereo
40. Pioggia o sole
41. Dolce o salato
42. Festa in discoteca o festa in casa privata
43. Cuore o cervello
44. Baciare o essere baciati
45. Piangere o fingere di stare bene
46. Mare o montagna
47. Harry potter o Twilight

Domande random:

48. 4 cose che ti disgustano
49. Miglior primo appuntamento
48. Cosa ti manca?
49. Cibo preferito
50. Luogo preferito
51. Hai una cotta per qualcuno?
52. Prima cosa che noti in una persona
53. Citazione preferita
54. Film preferito
55. Come ti senti in questo momento?
56. Canzone preferita
57. Cantante preferito
58. Rapporto con i tuoi genitori
59. Perché ti sei iscritto a Tumblr?
60. Ultimo libro letto
61. L'ultima volta che hai tenuto per mano qualcuno
62. Preferisci la musica a tutto volume o a un volume ragionevole?
63. Qualcosa della giornata di oggi che non ti è piaciuto?
64. L'ultima bigia che hai detto?
65. Peggior infortunio mai avuto
66. Animale preferito
67. Risparmi soldi o li spendi subito
68. La canzone che ti rende felice ogni volta che la ascolti
69. I tuoi 5 blog preferiti su Tumblr
70. Parola preferita
71. Sei determinata/o?
72. Credi che la vendetta sia necessaria?
73. Come definiresti il tuo carattere?
74. Serie TV preferita
75. Di una definizione di vita
76. Cosa pensi del razzismo?
77. Sei mai stato/a rifiutati/a?
78. Che posti vorresti visitare?
79. Paura dei rapporti?
80. Ti fidi facilmente?
82. Sei felice?
83. Un tuo sogno?
84. Cosa vorresti cambiare di te?
85. È difficile per te ammettere di aver sbagliato?
86. La cosa più strana che ti è successa?
87. L'arte che più ti piace
88. Sai disegnare?
89. La tua paura più grande?


90. In Te stesso?
91. Nei fantasmi?
82. Nei miracoli?
93. Negli alieni?
94. Nell'amore a distanza?

E infine, vorrei:

95. Il luogo che più ti piacerebbe visitare
96. La camera dei tuoi sogni
97. L'incontro con la star che vorresti
98. La cosa che vorresti comprare
99. Il messaggio che vorresti inviare

100. Questa domanda inventatela voi💜