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Reddit gets hold of original xbox development kit that could have been useful for further development of original xbox emulation…wipe it and turn it into personal computer

Reddit gets hold of source code for Star Craft…returns it to Blizzard

Reddit gets hold of debugged Nintendo Switch…returns it

Reddit responsible for a band not releasing unreleased album

Reddit…why you gotta be like this?

hey if you like weird web series:

check out CatGhost

this is a relatively new series (the first upload was 3 months ago) but there are already 4 installments and what we’ve got so far looks really promising. CatGhost is a cartoon about a cat, a ghost, and a hedgehog; the animation is cute, fluid, and looks like it could be from a kid’s show, which makes the occasional departures from that style and the moments of horror/surreality/fourth-wall-breaking even more jarringly odd. 

in some ways, the trio have a very classic YouTube animation setup, harking back to classics like Charlie the Unicorn (two cute but off-putting characters tormenting a grumpy everyman), but there’s clearly a lot more going on here than meets the eye, and it’s likely none of the characters are what they seem.

some episodes have a download link in the description containing a video game (in .exe format; Mac users could probably use an emulator?), which gives more information and story.

here’s the Night Mind video that introduced me to CatGhost

check it out!

The Garde’s known Legacies

All of the Garde’s known Legacies, taken from this post

Telekinesis- The ability to move objects with one’s mind. This is the first Legacy every Garde develops when they come of age. Some pick it up quite easily, while others take time to hone their skills with it.

Accelix- A garde with this legacy can move incredibly fast. With enough training it’s possible to even reach supersonic speeds.

Aeternus- A rare Legacy that allows Garde to move seamlessly between the ages that they have already live. With it, a Garde can extend his or her lifespan dramatically.

Dreynen- With this incredibly rare ability, a Garde can temporarily cancle out the Legacies of other Grade.

Externa- this Legacy allows a Garde to emulate materials with a single touch. One could use it to become as indestructible as metal, as elastic as rubber, and so on.

Liberum- With this Legacy, the laws of gravity no longer apply. A Garde can run up a wall or even tranverse the ceiling.

Lumen- This Legacy enables a Garde to produce light and fire. This ability can also give a Garde invulnerability to heat and flames.

Anima- The ability to communicate with animals using only one’s mind.

Avex- The ability to fly through the air. Garde will get better at maneuvering and will be able to increase their speed the more they hone with Legacy.

Fortem- This legacy will drastically increase a Grade’s strength as well as their muscle capacity so they can continually push themselves to get even stronger.

Glacen- The ability to freeze water into any shape. With training, a Garde can even create ice seemingly out of nowhere by freezing the water molecules in the air.

Miras- The ability to transfer one’s own Legacies to another Garde- or even a human. It is, however, only a temporary gift.

Morfen- A rare Legacy that allows a Garde to transform his or her appearance. The full extent of it is unknown, but Garde have been docummented changing into animals from both Earth and Lorien. 

Novis- A Legacy that allows Garde to shift their body- as well as anything or anyone they’re touching- out of the visible light spectrum.

Noxen- A Legacy that allows a Garde to see in complete darkness.

Sturma- With this Legacy, a Garde can mater the elements. They will have the ability to upend the forces of nature and create powerful storms. 

Submari- This Legacy enables a Garde’s lungs to convert water into oxygen and breathe underwater.

Petras- This Legacy enables Garde to turn into stone anything- or anyone- they focus their gaze upon. It must be used with great caution.

Telepathy- The ability to communicate with others using only one’s mind. A Garde with this Legacy can speak to and hear from the person he or she has contacted.

Pondus- This Legacy enables Garde to alter their density enough so that they can walk on water.

Teleportation- This Legacy allows a Garde- as well as anything he or she is touching- to move from one location to another instantaneously.

Precognition- This Legacy allows a Grade to know about events that have not yet occurred. Be warned, thought, that the future is constantly in flux and never set in stone.

Recupero- A Legacy that allows a Garde to heal the injuries and aliments of others. When fully developed, one could even use it on him- or herself.

Terric- With this Legacy, a Garde can emit seismic vibrations, allowing him or her to create hightly controlled earthquakes

Ximic- The rares and most powerful of Legacies. With it, one can duplicate the Legacy of another Garde simply from having previously experienced the ability.


if you only live once,
i want to live
with you.

愛 (side b): a fanmix dedicated to viktor nikiforov
10 tracks // LISTEN // SIDE A


 The fate of the universe rests not on mighty heroes or storied weapons, but on the shoulders of each and every one of us.

Inside each and every human being lies the capacity for greatness, the ability to perform heroic deeds beyond even that of the Legiones Astartes, the kind of acts that ensure their name lives on in legend and withstands the ravages of time.

Even the Primarchs, those of us genetically crafted to be demigods of war, cannot hope to measure ourselves against these heroes.

For which of us could hope to emulate Ollianus Pius, and stand unarmoured before a raging Primarch to save the Emperor?

Which of us could hope to measure ourselves against Malcador, who gave his own life holding a warp breach closed using only his mind, withering away as he sat on the Golden Throne?

None of us Astartes could do such things.

But you can. You have the potential for greatness.

I believe.

haven’t contributed to the ffxv fandom lately because lack of motivation, so let me talk about some of my favorite artists and the things i like best about their art c: in no order, i just went down my timeline.

Jo_ncpr: draws hair so well hot diggity dang. just very good, sharp linework in general.
Ginmu1027: fantastic coloring that you can see improve with each picture, lots of creative ideas.
mgmg_ff: a style that stands out, very good at comics, monochrome master.
johnpetta: such a nice clean style/linework, hands down draws the best ignis i will FIGHT YOU
yamopp15: amazing linework, love how they draw faces in particular. ……….also draws the best ignis.
Kawells00: a great sketchy style that i wish i could emulate, fantastic use of color.
emomim: draws the best gladio. their faces are definitely my favorite thing, but i also like their coloring.
angle00_ff15: i want to have sketches this good.
HI_ff_RA: is one of like three artists i know that draws cor+prompto so a+ already. has great lines and sketches that look so abundant when it’s mostly monochrome flats teach me this sorcery.
Rayaaa_05: a recent find, another artist i want to sketch like, and i love how they draw hair and profiles.
mako10_5: a master of drawing such dynamic pieces, you can really see the movement in their linework.
9maR29: lines lines lines lines lines lines
pe_tep115: great at expressing movement and always has dynamic poses/linework, i’m super envious.
homogorilla: great lines, faces, eyes, b&w coloring….just everything.
pomiko: seems to have disappeared ): but their coloring is my favorite thing about their art, so soft and cute
mightier: has always been one of my favorite artists in general, so happy she got into ffxv <3 has fantastic coloring, even better linework, and her group shots are legendary.

anothrwintr  asked:

do you know a site where I can see hi-def character select art for KOF 2000? i can't seem to find those and i really like those portraits.


Way back then, sprites were often “Upscaled” using video filters.

There are, of course, ways to upscale sprites in image editors, but it depends on the method, and sometimes you’re better off redrawing the whole thing.


Alternatively, you could try using a more Native means of upscaling using a NeoGeo emulator (WinKawaks is pretty advanced though it was for older Windows versions)


I wouldn’t know where to find roms/bios anymore, as some websites are pretty shady about that (viruses and the like).

All the same, best of luck.

It’s a shame that Lil Peep died. But what’s really messed up is that there are rappers who are promoting drug use to their fans. Who could possibly emulate what they saw and end up dead. But when the rapper who told the world they were abusing drugs dies everyone wants to get on their soap box and advocate how drugs are bad and could kill. As I said Lil Peep dying is sad but I’m not going to act like the man didn’t know what he was doing at the same time

Ahoy, guys! I’m finally back and going to start posting my drawings again!))) All this time I didn’t stop drawing, but had no time or emotional strenght to edit and post. Yeah, it’s been… heavy, really heavy and difficult time, but now the air has finally changed and I’m ready to be back. I’m back bearing a lot of interesting and various stuff, so stay tuned! =3
I’d like to start with this sexy Kuzunoha Raidou, plus his demons: Jack Frost, Mokoi and Makami during the events of King Abaddon. Actually, I’ve been the biggest fan of SMT series for a while, but could finish both Raidou games only last year, using PS2 emulator (don’t hate me for that!).
Still love his diology. Might actually draw some yaoi stuff later, I guess. X`D

Clear White final image

I decided on this image as the final submission for the brief. It in my mind is as close to the original as I could get while keeping a sense of emulation.

Optimisation was use to bring out the following:

Contrast- popping the shadow and skin definition and bringing a depth to the image.

Dodge and burn layers on the hands to give them depths around the face and popping the details of her skin lines.

Multiply layers to bring depth of shadow and give the image a feeling of truth depth and brining the shirt into the image more.

The point of the first Fitzsimmons scene, 03x08

(horrible screencap, but here’s a visual memory of the standoff in the scene I’m about to talk about.) Okay, maybe all of what I’m about to say was obvious to literally everyone else, but this first scene has been bugging me. You have Jemma gazing at her selfie with Will interrupted by Fitz displaying one of his slightly more regrettable personality quirks, that legendary Scot irritability. It establishes that Fitz has been bringing in research materials (but we, the viewers, already knew that and would easily have supposed he would continue doing so without this scene) and you have a likable character calling an innocent but bumbling man an idiot to his face. The whole thing seemed completely unnecessary, and I couldn’t figure why it was there.

Not that I mind having extra Fitzsimmons scenes that aren’t just the two of them moving the plot of the episode forward with science, but why this? Why a scene that makes Fitz out to be the dude who insults a co-worker in the hallway over nothing when the show generally portrays him positively and he is in an especially sympathetic position (to most of us) right now? Is it just to make him seem more human around all this “I’m not blaming the girl for liking someone else, sometimes that’s how life goes even though I am personally really sad at the outcome” reaction that, frankly, we could use more people in our culture emulating in real life? And why have Jemma witness it? She didn’t need to be there if the central purpose was to find out the books were coming in and to set up where the Hydra revelation would come from, and the writers are not nice enough to give us an extra FS scene just to make us giddy.

Think of the many, many times Jemma has seen him low-grade cranky like he is here. We’ve seen it too, Fitz arguing with the uncooperative doors at The Hub, his explosive and physical reaction to finding out Ward was a traitor, the irritability we can assume is his half of the ‘fault’ in the situation that drove them apart when he first woke from his coma, and probably a million times when they were at the academy. So this is nothing new for Jemma, this is just Fitz Fitzing (and hopefully apologizing to that poor dude with the books later).

Still, why show us?

She’s just laid two huge bombs on the man. “I thought about you, wanting a future together, I dreamed about us settling down in your home country of all places, my head was clear and this is as close as I’ll come to saying ‘I love you’ without saying those actual words” (which is huge) but there’s also “I gave up hope and gave my heart to another man, a man you strongly suspect I am still in love with” (which the opening of the scene reminds us, the viewers, of by having her gazing at that hogface selfie.)

The Fitz who insults people in corridors over nothing? He’s not angry with her. He doesn’t snap at her (and he’s not above it, he apparently snapped at her so many times after the coma when she tried to help him that she had to go to fecking Hydra to feel like she wasn’t holding his progress back). He pours every waking moment that S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t need him trying to help her rescue the man who he fears has replaced him in her heart. The face he shows her is selfless and down to business. He hasn’t told her (yet) that he’s looked for dirt on Will, he hasn’t even asked her (yet) about her feelings for Will. She gives him the world’s most obvious opening for a kiss (”What do you think we should do about it?”) and he is content to stand with her and give her time and space to figure things out. 

She doesn’t see him knock the container off the desk when he first sees the selfie (and I contend he wouldn’t have done it if she’d been there, look at the restraint he shows in every other scene when she’s there) and she doesn’t hear him agree that Will has a hog face. We see that. The show is careful to show the viewers he’s wearing his cranky pants, but is equally careful to remind us that he’s not showing that to Jemma.

Imagine you’re Jemma (in a scene other than the kiss scene, ya pervs) and you have an easily-irritated friend who you delivered the world’s worst “do you want the good news or the bad news first” truth bomb to only to have him work diligently by your side and do nothing but support you, clearly and honestly putting in his best effort to utterly supplant himself in your life and in your heart. Calm, rational, understanding, gentle, not even a snarky remark. If it were me, I’d wonder what the fuck was going on. I’d do exactly what she does, and blow up at him. Why are you helping me? Why are you being so nice about this? Don’t you care? WHY AREN’T YOU UPSET WITH ME? Maybe you are having the world’s most even-tempered reaction to losing your chance with the girl you have made it clear you were in love with, but not even an odd snarky remark? Do you just hate me, hate me for what I did and what I’ve asked you to do? Are you so mad that you’ve gone silent? Did this kill your feelings for me so completely that you don’t have to be angry?

She can’t believe what she’s seeing, how he’s reacting, so she puts a stick through the bars of the cage and pokes the bear. She has to know, and it’s not just academic. It’s personal. She needs to know where Fitz’s heart is, and given the fact that neither of them can just spit out “I love you” even if they’re about to die, this is how she has to take his temperature. It’s all brought to a head when the opening scene reminds us (reminds her) that Fitz has a temper that he hasn’t channeled in any way toward Jemma. The man will literally hate the universe and all its mysteries (the life blood of a scientist) for what’s happened before he will say a single unkind word to her about it. Simmons knows how deeply this has cut him, now, with no room in the back of her mind to ascribe some other motivation to it.

Streetpass STRIFE!

AbsoLUTELY.  We can’t think of a single title that would benefit more from Streetpass functionality.

Heck, once upon a time we speculated on an entire Smash Bros CHANNEL for your 3ds!  We still really like that idea, and we have a hunch that Nintendo may do just that.  A Smash channel would likely be a fun way to incorporate trading of a sort into the games, allowing players to have a good time picking and choosing trophies and stickers from their friend’s collections with every streetpass they rack up.  Sounds like it’d make for a good collection after a convention run!  (Seriously, have you ever taken your 3ds to a gaming or anime convention?  It’s NUTS.)

But that’s just the obvious.  How ELSE could Streetpass be used?

Well, friends….let’s chat.

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mothbeam  asked:

So how do you go about syling up your wig, such as your John or Rufioh wigs? I'm wanting to improve my male Kanaya cosplay and I could use some pointers on how to emulate her hairstyle.

Homestuck is a great place to learn how to do reasonably challenging first wigs. And wig styling is a great skill to learn because even the pros still just use hair clips, got2bglued freeze spray and tacky glue.

One of the first things you have to consider is how you are going to turn the 2d image into a 3d head of hair. Use cosplay pics, and some of the “hair canon” guides to get an idea on how you want it to look. I like this Kanaya because it’s a nice mix between cartoony and realistic.

Some people give her a bun shape in front and others just make it wavey. Either way it will give you a good idea on where to part the hair.

When it comes to parting and spiking its honestly not that bad and arda has a wonderful tutorial video on the subject. More or less all you are doing is separating the hair with clips until the wig is layered how you want it and just freeze spraying small areas at a time. It can be daunting to cut a wig if you need areas to be shorter but you will learn that you have to mess up pretty hard for a single cut to really matter. Just cut almost parallel to the hair a little at a time until its the length you need. 

If yo have any more specific questions the feel free to ask but this should get you started. To recap you will need:

  • Medium length black wig (if you are already thinking arda, this one is good)
  • Male foam wig head (you can get them at hobby lobby)
  • Pins (to hold the wig in place)
  • Hair clips
  • Combs and brushes
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Got2BGlued freeze spray
  • (Optional) Latex gloves

Just plan it out, take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment. Worst case scenario you can always soak the wig overnight in a mixture of water and fabric softener and try styling it again.

rcbscorner  asked:

So, you explained your problems with the 3rd Gen of Pokemon games (my favorite gen btw, but I fully understand your opinions). What I would like to know is: What makes 2nd Gen your favorite? It's my least favorite gen for a few reasons, and so I would like to know what the other side of the argument looks like.

Part of it, I freely admit, is nostalgia glasses.

The internet was both similar and different in the late-90s. These days, a rumor or false information or the like can be cleared up FAIRLY quickly and disinformation stopped if it’s done fast enough. Back then? Hell no. You see enough rumors and speculation and you’ve got yourself a seat to some of the most fascinating speculation and rumor-mongering EVER. This isn’t really old man speak, but back then, we had one Pokémon game and an anime - that’s it. And we didn’t have access to Japanese sites or people fluent in Japanese who could translate the websites that did have what little information there was about future episodes of the show and information about Pokémon Gold/Silver.

So all we had to go on was rumors and hype. We knew there were new Pokémon coming and we speculated like Hell. Ho-Oh was a certainty (and let me tell you we had like five or six different names for that awesome bird) and everyone figured that THAT one was #152. I mean, it had to be, right? But then you get stuff in-game that makes you tilt your head. We already knew MissingNo. was a thing. It was a fact. And then there was Mew - rumors abounded that it could be gained in the Japanese version after completing the pokedex, or if you followed some complicated procedures to get him from under that mysterious truck that was there for no good reason (I absolutely LOVE my “I Believe” shirt with a Mew silhouette and the truck). But we knew from screenshots and a few things that we DID have access to in Japan that other Pokémon were coming. Donphan was one - it was in Mewtwo Strikes Back! But then there was Snubbull, the egg that Misty had gotten (and soon hatched into Togepi [or Topegi as many websites called it]), and her little baby could friggin’ metronome a lighthouse into exploding. THAT’S how you make a first impression for people about how epic these things are.

But oh-me-oh-my nothing got us wondering more than PIKABLU. Look at that little round bastard. It was SO clearly an evolution of Raichu! Even in the game it said Raichu had evolved after being traded, so it MUST be another evolution, but water-based! Maybe a water stone on top of a thunder stone? Who knows! But wait, then we had other early screenshots to fuel our imaginations - a red Pikachu that looked like it was flaming?! PIKAFLARE. A new region, with new gyms and another 100 new Pokémon?!

The point I’m trying to make is that Generation 2 is when my love for Pokémon was at its absolute peak.

I was getting into more anime at the time, but Pokémon was really my first one and I belonged to Pokémon forums and newsgroups. When it hit Japan, everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of emulator versions even though none of us could understand it. A friend of my brother’s was able to import a Japanese copy for us and you’d better believe I played it, even though I had no idea what the hell was happening half the time. And then when the English version arrived I bought that and played it just the same. Hell, during my playthrough of the Japanese version I decided to try to translate some of it as best as I could, manually figuring out what the hiragana and katakana meant simply by knowing what the names of the Pokemon were and guessing at what letters meant what. I was THAT into this. 

Admittedly, the story in Gold/Silver is pretty weak. Some of that was improved in HeartGold/SoulSilver, but the resurrection of Team Rocket never really went as far as it should have, though it WAS aided later by the Celebi event that let you actually fight Giovanni and learn he’s been hiding in a cave for three years. There are other issues here and there, like Faulkner and Bugsy having laughable teams to be gym leaders, Kanto being only really half-finished, and there being NO good places to grind before the Elite 4 or Red… but then there was stuff LIKE being able to go back to Kanto and finding out what had happened over the course of three years, seeing Blue become the new Viridian Gym Leader… and of course being able to fight Red at the top of Mt. Silver. That’s the kind of thing they should have more of in this. I’d love to fight the old protagonists more in other games or even doing a memory link where you can battle your old game’s team or something. 

But let’s move onto the Pokemon themselves. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I REALLY love the Gen 2 Pokemon. Going by the starters, while I wasn’t too fond of Chikorita or Totodile at a young age, I LOVED Cyndaquil and I’ve been using it in other games ever since. There’s something both adorable and badass about this little anteater-looking thing with flames on its back. More recently, for my SoulSilver playthrough, I finally decided to play with all three starters and hot damn do I love ‘em all, just as much as the original trio. The only evolution that left me kinda put-off was Croconaw (thing looks like it’s wearing a diaper), but then it evolves into Feraligatr and will chomp your face off. Just awesome all-around. 

And then there’s Sentret and Furret – the first new wild Pokemon I ever encountered in the game. The thing was never in any of the promotion materials or the like, it was just this squirrel standing on its tail and it was adorable and it was a sentry and looked awesome, then evolved into a ferret that could use Surf. It stayed with me through my first playthroughs of the game. Just loved it. But then we start moving into other Pokemon I loved – Donphan, the elephant who curled into a ball and super-sped into you! The Mareep line, going from electric sheep to dragon (and thank God its Mega finally gave it dragon-typing – should’ve had that from the start), and is a powerful, greatly-balanced Pokemon. Misdreavus, one of the first pure Ghost types, looks just adorable and would later get an evolution that made it look more witch-like, which is just fantastic. The Unown, so mysterious and weird when I first encountered them, confused why they looked different, yet were so simple and creepy. Spinarak – a bug type based on a spider and spiders are awesome! It hadn’t been done before in the first game! The games showed just how many other possibilities there were for Pokemon. New types, new eeveelutions, new legendaries! I’m not as into the legendary dogs as others, but Ho-Oh and Lugia? They’re special to me, Ho-Oh in particular. I was so hyped for Ho-Oh after all the rumors and PokeGod stuff and its appearance at the end of the first episode of the anime… that thing became part of my team so dang fast. There was the powerhouse of Miltank, shown off at Whitney’s gym, new pre-evolutions for some Pokemon while still others got their own new evolutions like Onix into Steelix. 

Basically, what I’m trying to get across here is that Generation 2, for me, was just a very magical time to be a part of the fandom and I LOVE the designs they had. Just absolutely adored everything about it.

“Even Disney Princesses Need HPV Shots, Cervical Cancer Screenings And STD Testing”

I read the above titled article this morning and wondered how feminists would react to the concept of using the Disney Princesses they loathe to promote important health initiatives to girls? Chances are they would have nothing good to say about it.

Disney Princesses must die, whether they get vaccinated for HPV or not. The same goes for any girl who would choose to use them as role models, when they could be emulating a real role model like, uhm, Lena Dunham.