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The Garde’s known Legacies

All of the Garde’s known Legacies, taken from this post

Telekinesis- The ability to move objects with one’s mind. This is the first Legacy every Garde develops when they come of age. Some pick it up quite easily, while others take time to hone their skills with it.

Accelix- A garde with this legacy can move incredibly fast. With enough training it’s possible to even reach supersonic speeds.

Aeternus- A rare Legacy that allows Garde to move seamlessly between the ages that they have already live. With it, a Garde can extend his or her lifespan dramatically.

Dreynen- With this incredibly rare ability, a Garde can temporarily cancle out the Legacies of other Grade.

Externa- this Legacy allows a Garde to emulate materials with a single touch. One could use it to become as indestructible as metal, as elastic as rubber, and so on.

Liberum- With this Legacy, the laws of gravity no longer apply. A Garde can run up a wall or even tranverse the ceiling.

Lumen- This Legacy enables a Garde to produce light and fire. This ability can also give a Garde invulnerability to heat and flames.

Anima- The ability to communicate with animals using only one’s mind.

Avex- The ability to fly through the air. Garde will get better at maneuvering and will be able to increase their speed the more they hone with Legacy.

Fortem- This legacy will drastically increase a Grade’s strength as well as their muscle capacity so they can continually push themselves to get even stronger.

Glacen- The ability to freeze water into any shape. With training, a Garde can even create ice seemingly out of nowhere by freezing the water molecules in the air.

Miras- The ability to transfer one’s own Legacies to another Garde- or even a human. It is, however, only a temporary gift.

Morfen- A rare Legacy that allows a Garde to transform his or her appearance. The full extent of it is unknown, but Garde have been docummented changing into animals from both Earth and Lorien. 

Novis- A Legacy that allows Garde to shift their body- as well as anything or anyone they’re touching- out of the visible light spectrum.

Noxen- A Legacy that allows a Garde to see in complete darkness.

Sturma- With this Legacy, a Garde can mater the elements. They will have the ability to upend the forces of nature and create powerful storms. 

Submari- This Legacy enables a Garde’s lungs to convert water into oxygen and breathe underwater.

Petras- This Legacy enables Garde to turn into stone anything- or anyone- they focus their gaze upon. It must be used with great caution.

Telepathy- The ability to communicate with others using only one’s mind. A Garde with this Legacy can speak to and hear from the person he or she has contacted.

Pondus- This Legacy enables Garde to alter their density enough so that they can walk on water.

Teleportation- This Legacy allows a Garde- as well as anything he or she is touching- to move from one location to another instantaneously.

Precognition- This Legacy allows a Grade to know about events that have not yet occurred. Be warned, thought, that the future is constantly in flux and never set in stone.

Recupero- A Legacy that allows a Garde to heal the injuries and aliments of others. When fully developed, one could even use it on him- or herself.

Terric- With this Legacy, a Garde can emit seismic vibrations, allowing him or her to create hightly controlled earthquakes

Ximic- The rares and most powerful of Legacies. With it, one can duplicate the Legacy of another Garde simply from having previously experienced the ability.

i’ve said it lots of times before, but the dreamcast really did open up a wide world of weebery for me in my early teens

not only did it give internet access so i could find out about stuff and procure vhs and vcd fansubs from people, but there was also an unofficial vcd player disc you could get so i could use the console itself for watching anime~!

and it had a snes emulator so i could play a bunch of anime licensed games and fan-translated rpgs for the first time too