{{i really miss roleplaying with her }}

taken from the book  ‘ coraline ’  by neil gaiman.

‘ they used to send flowers to my dressing room. ’
‘ you’d have to be an explorer to find your way around in this fog. ’
‘ the mice do not like the mist. ’
‘ you are in terrible danger. ’
‘ what am i in danger from? ’
‘ i’m your other mother. ’
‘ we’ve been waiting for you for a long time. ’
‘ it wasn’t the same here without you. ’
‘ we were here before you fell. you will be here when we rise. ’
‘ i’m going outside to explore. ’
‘ we’ll just wait here for you to come back. ’
‘ i am not the other anything. i am me. ’
‘ we could be friends, you know. ’
‘ that’s because you don’t know who you are. ’
‘ we know who we are, so we don’t need names. ’
‘ it was sensible of you to bring protection. ’
‘ it won’t hurt. ’
‘ we only want what’s best for you. ’
‘ if that’s what you want. ’
‘ i think i’ve probably become a single child family. ’
‘ she’s vanished under mysterious circumstances. ’
‘ they aren’t going to come back, are they? ’
‘ then i suppose there is only one thing left to do. ’
‘ when you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave. ’
‘ you know you’re talking again? ’
‘ how fortunate i am in having a traveling companion of such wisdom and intelligence. ’
‘ you don’t frighten me. ’
‘ you will always be safe here with me. ’
‘ calling cats tends to be a rather overrated activity. ’
‘ no need for names. ’
‘ she wants something to love, i think. ’
‘ i’d go inside if i were you. ’
‘ and what do you think you’re doing? ’
‘ nothing to find here. ’
‘ maybe i just got turned around in the mist. ’
‘ but how can you walk away from something and still come back to it? ’
‘ spiders’ webs only have to be large enough to catch flies. ’
‘ still, the proudest spirit can be broken with love. ’
‘ i have no plans to love you. ’
‘ you can’t make me love you. ’
‘ how long have you been here? ’
‘ i’m not running away. ’
‘ we temper our justice with mercy here. ’
‘ everyone knows that a soul is the same size as a beach ball. ’
‘ i’m not afraid. ’
‘ you know that i love you. ’
‘ well at least you didn’t jump out at me. ’
‘ i don’t want whatever i want. nobody does. not really. ’
‘ what kind of fun would it be if i just got everything i ever wanted? ’
‘ i hope you don’t mind my getting involved. ’
‘ we are going to go home. ’
‘ this is not a good place to be in. ’
‘ i’m sorry i threw you at her. ’
‘ i fell asleep. ’
‘ i just miss you sometimes. ’
‘ i’m just pleased it’s all over. ’
‘ go away or you’ll be sorry. ’

Lady Cerridwen.

Lucidia goddess oc!!! :D I think she’s the first ever goddess oc created… As far as I know, at least… and I love her…. I’m not sure on too much of her personality yet, since I haven’t really roleplayed her at all?? But her design is defs complete!

Concept details:
-Prefers just being called ‘Cerridwen’
-Likes writing (poetry mainly)
-Her own poetry is kinda…. dark.
-“The stars shine down upon thee- Til’ you’re killed by a fALLING TREE-”
-She’s pretty sadistic, especially when she decides she doesn’t like someone
-Often misses tiny details in favour of the bigger picture
-Really likes weird mugs?
-Cocky, to a fault. Kind of a diva, very spoilt.
-Will cause a scene if she doesn’t get her way.

ANYWAYS I may draw more of her later…!!

[Lucidia belongs to @loverofpiggies!!]



     Made it home today after spending the weekend with this beautiful ass girl @indyatellez and had to go straight into work 😩. Let me tell yall about S.M Indya tho🙄. She made me miss my flight that was on Monday morning, she starved me the whole weekend and she left me to wonder Miami alone.

     But other than that I was proud to see her walk across that stage👌🏾, and when you come to visit me I will feed you, not abandon you and get you to your flight on time because unlike you I’ma great host😏. Take some notes 📝

300+ followers to celebrate! I never have been one to care for keeping track but there are just too many of you that I appreciate for any of you to go unnoticed. I thank you all so much for sticking with me and my muse for Tamaki as we venture through Tumblr together. Now let us celebrate with a few notable shoutouts to my baes! 

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Take my fate in your hands
We’ve got a lot that hasn’t even began
Something is calling us, we’re breaking free
I’m curious, I need to see

// i created this blog on a 12th April, and a little bit more than a month later i got to this number. i’m … speechless if i had to tell the truth. this fandom is one of the most chill ones i’ve been in, and even though, like any other fandom, it has its flaws, i got to admit i’ve been in way worse fandoms. in fact, the reason i came to this one was to escape the pressure and stress from my other fandom, and also because i found in black and white 2 a breath of fresh air. however, as always, there were people involved in the process, and also others who helped my stay … what would a follow forever be without a ‘thank you’ list of sorts ?

(below the cut as to not extend it too much; in no particular order)

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Special Delivery

I just left my Makeup Studio to go to the post office. I’m sending my brother’s game beta to @shindeweilewis. I know he loves video games and is a pro gamer. I think he would really enjoy testing it out for him. My brother would really appreciate the feed back. I also put Korean snacks in the package for @shantesecross. DO NOT EAT IT Shin, they for only her (lol). I’m going home now. I miss my hubby.

10 Things I Can’t Get Over in OUAT 6A

  1. The Blue Fairy wielding an axe.
  2. The Blue Fairy being powerful enough to break into the Dark Castle (because you know Rumple warded the place against fairies because he hatesssss them, my precious) but then just unlocking a door for Belle: “Go forth and conquer, smol cinnamon roll with no magic or martial arts training– I’m going to go hatch some dwarf slaves or something.”
  3. Pros to being in the Mirror World: Being able to bingewatch your favorite people. Cons: The Hook channel is mostly him applying his eyeliner. Open Question: What did Sidney do for food? You can’t bingewatch without snacks.
  4. If you had “Professor Kink” and “Master/Slave Roleplay” on your list of Regina Kink Bingo, come and claim your canon prize.
  5. Either Hook really likes candles and flowers, or Belle spent her one day on the Jolly Roger trying her hand at interior decorating.
    Hook: Are you sure I need so many candelabras, luv?
  6. Rumplestiltskin, voted Storybrooke’s Most Likely to Cry Before, During, and After Sex six years running, went to the Evil Queen and was all: “And your reward for killing your sister will be … DIS BOOTY!” And the Evil Queen’s response? “Sounds legit.” I feel like those scenes were missing an establishing shot of three empty tequila bottles or something.
  7. Gideon getting his mom to find him via a book called “Defeating the Dark One for Dummies.” That was the title, right?
  8. When Hook apologizes for keeping the shears against Emma’s wishes because it might save her, Emma goes: “I WOULD’VE done the same thing.” Girl, you DID do the same thing! It lead to a truly questionable Librarian Granny Does Bondage hairdo and a lot of shouting and Hook’s bangs getting bigger from the betrayal and also all the darkness. Did you guys do shots of Regina’s amnesia potion after 5B or something? If so, is there any leftover for the audience?
  9. The Dragon has been killed twice AND heart-ripped but keeps on ticking, and now gets to chill with Lancelot and Sidney in the “POCs Who Cheated Death Club.” (It’s a small club.)
  10. Rumple shouting to the Black Fairy: “NO ONE KNOWS MY PAIN!” Dude. The show could be called “Once Upon a Child Abandonment.” Trust me– EVERYONE knows that pain.

Bonus: Henry is now taller than half the cast except for Gideon, who is the only newborn who can do a slam dunk. What is this show?


hi friends i don’t think i’m ever as indecisive as i am as when it comes to leaving a roleplay, so i am going to give suji one last shot. being away has really helped put some perspective on how i feel about her and while i didn’t really miss the muse necessarily, i did miss being in a group and so i want to see if i can revive some life into her. 

with that said, i am going to do a major purge of all her connections / threads because i’m still trying to figure out exactly what it was that caused me to lose muse in the first place. ( this is the part that might suck because getting plots is hard enough for me as it is and i do apologize to those who have recently replied to me ). if your muse did have a relationship of some sort with suji, i will reach out to you shortly to discuss what to do / if their connection will still be applicable ! there are also a few things that i had developed character-wise that i have decided to change, so please read below the cut for some updated information on suji. thank you for putting up with me and my muse and i hope we can come up with some fun plots together ! also, if it’s easier to plot elsewhere, you can find me here.

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⊱send me a fandom and i’ll tell you…⊰

  • am i familiar with it? Definitely! I bought the game when it released, and have played it off-and-on since then.
  • do i like the fandom itself? Not sure. It attracts a lot of salty people like any big multiplayer game, but I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of love from other demographics like the LGBT+ community! So, it’s kinda hit or miss?
  • who’s my favorite character? Tracer, even though I suck playing as her. She was already my fav before being confirmed as canonically lesbian, so that was just a fantastic bonus!
  • if i had to choose, who would i roleplay? Well, I did have a somewhat successful blog for Winston for a time, and I started up a blog for Tracer (but never really did anything with it.) It’d probably be one of those two!

Debating returning to Tumblr RP… If I do, though, it won’t be with Naia. I’ve had enough of people seeing my cute, little sassmaster as nothing but a piece of ass for their characters to diddle with for their personal satisfaction, and the toxic people. I might bring her back at some point, but it won’t be any time soon. Still not quite over all the bullshit that went down, really. :/ But I do miss roleplaying and miss a lot of people in the community. Idk.

We’ll see. Maybe after work quiets down some; I still have six commissions in my queue and three more on the waitlist, then I have prints to finish, and I still have my Patreon coloring packs to get to, so it’ll be a few weeks.


Kim Dongwan’s 1010 Club
Guest: Eric, Hyesung (in the studio) & Junjin (on the phone)
2002.10.20 last day on 1010 Club

(pardon my English and translation inaccuracies, if any)

KDW : Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : How is it now, are you doing well in the corner of your room?
JJ : Oh…you know what I’m doing now, right? I’m into games.
SHS : Ah that’s right
KDW : Ah~ now, are you playing a game now?
JJ : What?
KDW : Ah nowadays that, Park Choong Jae is, Junjin is, into roleplaying games
SHS : That’s right
JJ : Yes
KDW : “Final” something…
JJ : Ah I’m busy right now you know?
KDW : Ai ai wait!
SHS : Is the game important? This radio show should be more important
ER : Junjin
JJ : Ah are we recording now?
ER : Junjin
JJ : Yes yes
ER : We are told that a fax has reached you. Please read one (of the stories sent through fax) (tn: Eric is bluffing)
JJ : What?
ER : I was told you have received a fax
SHS : Didn’t you receive a story from the fax in the dorm right now?
JJ : Ah, our, right now…oh…
SHS : Please read it
JJ : From Seoul, Yeongdeungpo city, Yeouidong area
ALL : Yes heh
JJ : Oh… Miss Kim Mi Ja
JJ : Has sent as fax to the dorm
KDW : Ah what has she sent?
JJ : What?
KDW : What has she sent?
SHS : Please read her story.
JJ : Oh…roleplaying…about that game, she has an enquiry
ALL : Yes~
JJ : Games has a lot of genres. But I don’t really know either (tn: he gave up creating a story)
KDW : What is that. Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : Are you at home now?
JJ : What?
KDW : Are you at home?
JJ : Ai yes I’m busy now
ALL : Hahahaha
JJ : I need to defeat the second game now
SHS : I get it Junjin
JJ : Yes
SHS : I’ll only ask you this one question
JJ : Ah of course I like Hyesung hyung (tn: he guessed correctly that hyesung will ask him to pick his favourite among the three in the studio)
KDW : Ah one more time, I will give you another chance (to answer) if that’s the case
SHS : Yes…oh uh
KDW : Junjin
JJ : Yes yes
KDW : Do you like Eric or do you like me or do you hate Hye Sung?
JJ : I hate you all, I hate I really hate…
SHS : Hahaha
KDW : Ah if that’s the case, Junjin
JJ : But today is Dongwan hyung’s last day (as dj) so I like Dongwan hyung the most
KDW : Ah then Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : If you go to an uninhabited land, who…will you take with you?
JJ : Oh……….Andy
ALL : Hahahahaha
ER : Ah I don’t care about other people, I just need to win over Hyesung you know?
SHS : I understand
ER : If I fell into the water with Hyesung who is the one you will save first?
JJ : I can’t swim so I don’t think I can save anyone
KDW : Hahahaha. Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : You can continue with your game
SHS : Yes
JJ : Ah don’t call me
KDW : Yes I won’t call you anymore
JJ : I have one word to say on 1010
KDW : Yes
JJ : Oh… Now Kim Dongwan will leave 1010 Club right?
KDW : No, it’s okay. I don’t think you need to say anything
JJ : Oh… very, up till now he did a very good job
KDW : Yes~
JJ : Yes… I hope he becomes a cool actor
SHS : Hahahaha
KDW : Junjin
JJ : Yes yes
KDW : Please have a good rest. I’ll see you later at home okay~?
JJ : Yes I got it
KDW : Yes thank you
JJ : Yes please take care~
KDW : Ah… it was… Junjin on the phone
SHS : So fun, it was so fun
ER : Since we’ve talked to Junjin on the phone, Eric has became sad
SHS : No, just now he was confident his name will be called
KDW : Oh~
SHS : But since (Junjin) said Andy (instead)
KDW : Please don’t sulk Eric
SHS : His expression~
KDW : A young kid that has been hurt, you look like a deer
SHS : Yes
KDW : I pity him. Now, haha
ER : I have to starve him for a few days
KDW/SHS : ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
ER : (To Junjin) Bastard
KDW/SHS : Haha

Many sentences. Such wow.

”You shouldn’t have.“
“You’re gonna have to do some quick thinking to keep ahead.”
“She’s been missing since Friday and you’re not worried?”
“It’s a story about corruption.”
“Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?”
“It’s a story about terror.”
“I knew you wouldn’t be able to see it through.”
”He said he was hurting.”
”It’s hard enough looking at my parents in the eye.”
”I really wanted the picket fence, the big family. You know?”
”I’m proud of you. Even if this is hard, I regret nothing.”
”Hey, down here.”
”I was human once.”
“Where does a child hide in a small town like this?”
“I’m not really surprised that you murdered him.”
“No! I’m tired of doing what you say.”
”I give up, there’s nothing left.”
“She’s old and it’s about time she died.”
”That brute knocked me on the ground!”
“It’s about unwarranted emotions.”
”I’m telling you, get your eyes checked.”
“For some reason, I’m attracted to you.”
“Oh my God. You’re in love with her.”
“Hurry up, tell me you’re sorry.”
“Have you figured out what’s going on yet?”
“I was hoping you’d have some answers.”
“I blacked out. Can’t remember how I got here.”
“He won’t let me down.”
“Was I happy?”
“I’ll try to remember the good things.”
“It hurts, so much.”
“I know, I know. I’m going.”
“I’m a good girl, I mean a really good girl.”
“Heartache’s been my middle name.”
“Did you hear? A child missing for years is seen running through the woods late one night.“

intro post !!

hi lovelies =) for those who don’t already know, this is the same  muse that plays raya here - for awhile I wanted to bring in a second character (specifically eva marie bc i adore her and miss roleplaying as her bc its been awhiiiiiile). finally, i gave in and decided to ask/make a second character and im actually super excited. <3 

hopefully, i’ll make a good eva and not fail aha. it really has been awhile, but when you’re a big fan of someone i feel like playing them eventually comes like …. second nature?

but anyway, just wanted to make this ooc post to let you all know who i am and also for plot calls. this goes for eva and my other bb, raya. i don’t have much going on for either of them, so im all ears for any ideas =)

Looking at ancient roleplay - like, August of 2011 roleplay - for my current RP babe.

Might be tearing up a little. So glad I saved those logs.

I feel a little dumb, but … really makes me miss that RP partner. He was a good egg. A real good egg. Both characters were super flawed, but they helped each other limp along. And the roleplay was really - touching? Like, comparing all that she went through then, to that moment when he gave her his hand… 

And then comparing it to where she is now. Oh jeez.

Fel’s right. He would totally regret it.

Too bad the player hasn’t played WoW in like, two expansions. :( I still have him on facebook, but … he’s moved on with his life, and that’s healthy. I’m not gonna be weird about it.

Still. Miss the hell out of him! Good writer, good character, good friend.

xletmebeamonster  asked:

✖ How has Tumblr RP changed since you started?

I want everyone to know that I’m 27. A lot of things have changed since I joined the roleplay community back in 2010 with my first blog as Amora the Enchantress (and if you don’t know her doom on you)

I kinda miss the lines when reblogging because you could choose what to keep and what to lose, and it was so helpful being able to read your previous response to their response without having to hunt that particular thread down.

I really do miss the gifs and the challenge of hunting down the perfect action gif for what you were doing with your character.

In a previous life I was a mod for a Marvel group and after I disbanded that group and left tumblr and got back on, suddenly everyone was formatting texts, the blogs have become more elaborate, photoshop seemed to be the answer to everything and it seemed like if you lack those skills you will lack in traffic and popularity (>.> I’m not seeing the lack of popularity, but hey, I like new friends always)

Hey guys, did I mention how excited I am for next quest? Well if you missed it, I’m really excited for next quest. So here is a *new* picture of me from last quest. Or should I say, here is a picture of Melodia Esperto, high Bard of the Colegium il Scholitaori Di Magi, with her trusty halberd, Jacopo, as she walks with members of her expeditionary party from the Siconze Dominion into the final battle in Althea. :) Pretty serious stuff

Photo by the brilliant @theprohobby. I can’t wait to see all of the magnificent photos you take next quest!

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if you don't mind me asking, do you know where it's mentioned that dave roleplayed with nepeta? i don't remember them having any pesterlogs together, so i'm guessing it's a thing that's mentioned but not shown. it's a neat tidbit, anyhow!

It’s implied, and pretty subtle and easy to miss, but if you catch it it’s a really cute little detail. 

Remember that silly fursona that Dave babbled at Jade about? In [S] Past Karkat: Wake up, if you talk to Nepeta as Terezi, she refers to him by that fursona name:

Given Dave’s tendency to ramble on to anyone who will listen to him, and that Nepeta says to Karkat she has been roleplaying with the human kids (but says to Terezi that her favorite, Jade, won’t talk to her), I think this implies that they roleplayed together.