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I don’t like to make giveaways just for a few people to win something, so here’s quite big pack of wallpapers for all of you to enjoy :D

You will find wallpapers in different sizes (for PC and mobile phones) from AC Unity, AC Rogue, AC Syndicate, AC modern storyline (ohh, you all know that it’s with Desmond) and The Witcher 3 [preview]

Or a pack with 1920x1080 edits with all Dragon Age Inquisition companions and advisors [preview]

You can download the full pack [here] or just the DAI pack [there]

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Dinner with a friend, a rare occurrence that I wish was less so!

Walking along Ditmars (I was very early because I seriously overestimated how long it takes me to walk there, and it was a lovely temperature), I suddenly realized that *that* is what’s happened to 30th Av, it’s gotten more like what Ditmars has been since I moved to the area. Ditmars was yuppified a while back; 30th Av is still being de-Europeanized, and it’s less homogenous and younger to begin with (being more Greek and somewhat pan-Mediterranean rather than just Italian, there was an especially enormous tide of immigrants dating from the Balkan wars). But yeah, they look soooo similar now.

Also walking along Ditmars, a big gust came right down the street I was crossing, direct from the Sound, and oh, I smelled salt and it made everything in my brain so much better. I’m a 20-minute walk from salt water, why don’t I go more often??

Final cap to a delightful evening: a grocery store on Ditmars has Kosher (actually halal, close enough) marshmallows!! They are in my freezer now, I am very* excited.

Oh, and I finally got my birth control, five days late :/

I’ve been posting in fits and starts about house hunting on my salt blog. I’m pretty sure it’s the least petty series on that blog, and I questioned myself in the last few days about why I’m putting it there.

I’m still going to be poor.

I’m deeply aware that owning property in this country is a privileged position, and I talk a lot about income inequality and economic theory on this blog, largely from my perspective as a person with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies (political science & diplomacy) whose average income hovers around 14k a year.

I’m only going to be able to afford my own small property because my dad is paying for it, and that makes me uncomfortable. My dad buying me expensive things does not make me uncomfortable. Explaining our arrangements to the general tumblr populace does.

I have my mental health status in my bio because I post about it constantly. I’m comfortable being approached about it.

I’m not comfortable being approached about why my dad does things for me. He does because he can. I take them because I need them.

Even after he buys me a house, I’m likely to remain in the category of the Working Poor.

That I feel I have to explain that at all is another one of those Problems with the Discourse.