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∞ Produce 101 [Lai Guanlin]


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- took him months to get the courage to ask you out, and he only did it bc seonho threatened to tell you guanlin liked you if he didn’t do it himself

- he seemed visibly nervous but he was pretty confident when he asked you on a date

- on your first date he would accidentally admit that he had a huge crush on you for months

- if he does something slightly embarrassing you just laugh it off and before he can get too embarrassed he’ll start grinning bc your laugh makes him happy

- he likes skinship but you’ll usually initiate it bc it’s not something he thinks about. his normal skinship is an arm around the shoulders while holding your hand or holding hands with your arm intertwined with his and your head on his shoulder

- you helping him learn languages however you can, even if you don’t know the language well, you just help him study

- (idk why but i imagined this and couldn’t stop smiling so i’m putting it in here) you would give each other cute stickers that reminded you of each other, he’d put his on his Cube locker and you would put yours on places you’d see often so you can think of him when you miss him

- you’ll be walking together and when you hear him gasp you turn to see him approaching a puppy, kneeling down beside them and petting them, his gummy smile beaming up at you as he tells you to join him in petting the pup

- when you’re on a date and you say that you’re hungry or thirsty, he’ll immediately dig into his pockets for any change he has and if he doesn’t have enough for a snack or a drink he’ll frown

- “sorry, ________, I only have fifty cents 😕”

- he’s not exactly the jealous type, like he doesn’t bat an eye at you and a guy being friendly, but if he noticed that a guy is being too touchy or making you uncomfortable then he will step in and take you away

- fangirls to you about wooseok at least once a day

- “________! I saw wooseok hyung in the hallway today and we talked for like five minutes, he’s so cool”

- “do you think i’ll ever be able to rap as good as wooseok hyung?”

- blushes when you compliment him (imagine his gummy ass smile when you tell him his pronunciation is improved or that he looks really cute in his glasses)

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Wut kind of things made you feel happy in the way that you actually get exited ( i need this in case of depression  :) ?

  • When people are nice to each other and compliment each other!
  • When I see people outside and they’re cute or do something cute (Like today I saw a group of guys and one was playing with the other’s ponytail absentmindedly and that was the cutest thing ever!) 
  • When I get compliments (I ain’t gonna lie about that)
  • Drawing a picture I like
  • Finding something I really really wanna eat that moment
  • Finishing an assignment on time
  • Creating something
  • Hearing about people’s day
  • Being asked about my opinion, because then I feel important
  • Seeing a cute animal outside
  • Wearing something I haven’t worn in a long time because the weather wasn’t fitting
  • Finding a real good song and realizing it fits my OTP or OC
  • Finishing a good video game
  • Online shopping lol
  • Cleaning my flat thoroughly and reorganizing my stuff again
  • Learning something new
  • Helping others
Sudden Attraction

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: can u do one where peter is ur classmate and a member of your decathlon team but then the next day (right after he was biy by the spider and got ripped) you get rlly attracted to him?? (anonymous)

Word count: 433

A/N: This is a bit short because I tried so hard not to make the reader sound too superficial. So, I don’t know if you were hoping for them to end up together but that’s kind of the reason why I made it this way. I just didn’t really know how to write them getting together in a way that it didn’t sound like the reader just wants to date him now that he’s muscular. But I hope that you’ll like this! :)

Peter Parker was on the decathlon team with you which meant that you spent a lot of time around him. You had known him for a year now but you weren’t really best of friends. You had always thought that Peter was pretty cute but today he came to the decathlon team meeting looking especially good. Your mind stopped working the minute you saw him. Has he always looked like that? “Hey guys, sorry I’m late” he apologized and you couldn’t take your eyes off him. He sat on the chair next to you and greeted you with a big smile. “Um, he-hey Peter” you said and blushed wildly when you noticed his muscular arms through his fairly tight shirt. Has he always been that muscular? All your concentration at the meeting went to stop yourself from staring at Peter. 

After the meeting, you rushed to PE. You were doing your sit-ups when you suddenly noticed Peter doing pull-ups at the other end of the room. When he hung from the pole his shirt went up and you could see a part of his stomach. Oh God. You completely forgot about the sit-ups that you were supposed to do and you just watched Peter doing his pull-ups. You watched as his muscles flexed when he pulled himself up, you noticed his ridiculously muscular legs… “Y/N? Hello?” Your friend waved her hand in front of your face waking you up from your thoughts. “What is it?” She asked laughing and you were trying to compose yourself. “Um, nothing. I just got tired, you know” you tried to explain and your friend gave you an unimpressed look. “Okay, right” she luckily dropped the subject. You did the rest of your sit ups while keeping your gaze tightly on your friend’s face. Seriously, what the hell is going on? Why were you suddenly feeling like this? I mean you had noticed before that he was quite cute but now you were sweating and shaking when you saw him. Just yesterday you were joking with him in a friendly manner. And now, even if you thought of him you lost all your concentration.

The final bell rang and you headed straight home. “Hey honey, how was your day?” your mother greeted you when you got home. “Fine. Just, it was a weird day” you said shaking your head still bewildered. “What do you mean?” she asked and you just shook your head at her. “Nothing” you muttered and walked to your room. “Such a weird day” you now muttered to yourself and sat on your bed.

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any pairing and "holy hell shit fucking jesus h christ fuck me" - up to you how you interpret

Takahiro groans loudly, his head in his hands, the very picture of despair. “Holy hell, fucking shit—Jesus Christ, fuck me!”

He definitely doesn’t expect the amused voice that answers him, “I’m not him, but at least let me buy you dinner first.”

Takahiro jerks, blinking up at the owner of the smooth deep voice that, if Takahiro’s being honest with himself, which he rarely is, goes straight down there. The boy looking down at him is tall, messy black curls framing his face, sporting a pair of thick-framed glasses, wearing ridiculously fashionable clothes that Oikawa would approve of (but the thing is, it actually looks good on this guy, whereas on Oikawa it would look like effort, breathtaking effort, but still), and holding a cup of coffee. 

“Uh,” Takahiro says intelligently. He clears his throat. “Thanks for the offer but I don’t think I’ll survive until then.”

“Why not?”

“Because!” Takahiro jabs a finger at his laptop. “I was supposed to print out my paper, which, to be honest, I completely bullshitted but it still took me three hours to bullshit eight pages, okay—but I just realized I didn’t bring enough money for eight pages because I’m a poor, poor college student, and oh, look, it’s due in less than an hour, I’m fucking dead.” He slumps back onto his seat, but then glances up at the stranger with a lopsided smile. “Well, if I’m to die today, at least I’ll go knowing the last face I saw was a cute boy.”

The guy laughs. If Takahiro wasn’t gay before, he sure is now. “How about this, cute boy pays for your paper, but in return, he gets your number?”


“I’m pretty serious about that dinner.”

A slow smile spreads across Takahiro’s face. “Okay, Cute-Not-Jesus-Boy. You got yourself a deal.”

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fun/sad idea I came up with today- since michael in the bathroom and the smartphone hour are next to each other in the soundtrack, i was thinkin maybe rich saw michael leaving the party, and he's thinking "aw man i should go talk to that guy" and it starts a fight w squip over richs bisexuality bc even though rich doesn't have a CRUSH on Michael he thinks he's cute in a less than straight way... and rich really loses it because he's tired of not even being able to LOOK at guys w/o punishment

thats so upsetting lmao just let rich be happy and bi………..

Harry looks like the type of guy to appreciate a girls pretty little feet. Like I think he has a mild foot fetish. I was thinking about this today bc I saw some exposing hollywood page on Instagram saying harry has a foot fetish (I don’t really believe this page that much but I thought that, that fact, wether it’s true or not, was kinda funny and a little hot/cute) and Harry has always seemed like he’d be the type of guy to love a girls shiny legs and her ass, he’d appreciate her whole body of course, but he’d be drawn to her legs that are attached to these pretty feet, with the toes painted a soft pink. I think it’s the icing on the cake for him. Like he’d probably rub a girls foot while they’re watching a movie, or if she’s stressed he’d give her a deep foot massage. Idk I think harry’s low-key into feet, maybe not a full on fetish but he def likes them!

Yes these were my thoughts of the day, yes this is what I spend my time thinking about.

ikon as things i've said
  • Yunhyeong, after waking up: Wow, what a long day, right?? Haha, I'm so tired, goodnight you guys!
  • Bobby: If you touch my food again .... I'll push you over yourself.
  • B.I, playing two notes on a xylophone: I'm a musical genius
  • Donghyuk: Yeah, I don't really think I'm indecisive about things .... or maybe I am .... well no, I guess I'm not ..... actually yes, probably. Wait- no, I actually am
  • Junhoe: I'm like in this perpetual state of judging everyone around me
  • Chanwoo: Listen, I know I look like a tall twelve year old but I'm practically an adult now, I go to bed at 11 now
When BTS Gets Jealous That Their Girlfriend is Close to Another Member

Jin: Jin wouldn’t mind you being close to the other guys, after all, he was the “father” to them and you their “mother”. However, Jin would get a little sad if you’d start to ignore him for long periods of time because of the other members. He was yours after all, and he needed attention from you too.

 “Jagiya, why are you spending so much Namjoon lately? Why can’t you spend more time with me? I am your boyfriend after all, and I am much prettier than he is. You should stay with me for a few days, so he doesn’t get the wrong idea. Let’s go cook something together, I’ll even let you lick the spoon.”

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Suga: Yoongi would get so upset and jealous. He doesn’t want to share you with anyone, especially his pervy bandmates. Even though he loves his members, he wouldn’t like you giving away all your smiles and laughs and attention to someone other than him. He’d get really sulky really quick.

*is giving the silent treatment because you left the warm comfort of his lap to go play video games with Jungkook*

“Yoongi, c’mon, I couldn’t let my high score get beaten by that maknae. You know I love only you right?”


“Baby, talk to me, please?”


“Fine, I’ll just go back to Kookie and play-”

*Yoongi pulls you back in his lap, burying his face in your hair*

“No. You’re supposed to be my baby Y/N. Ignore that stupid maknae and love me instead.”

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J-Hope: Hoseok wouldn’t mind you being close with the other members. You both were very similar and needed to be around other people to play, joke, and have fun with. However, Hoseok did value the alone time you two spent together, and when he’d notice it start to get thinner and thinner because you were spending more time with the other guys, he’d become a whining and attention seeking ball of fluff for you.

“Baby!!! Look! We’re wearing matching clothes today, aren’t we cute?”

“Jagi, can you spend time with me today? You’ve been hanging with Jimin a lot lately. You’re Hope needs to be rejuvenated by you!”

“Kisses? Please? Baby? Please love me? Hugs and cuddles too?”

“Yay!!! I’ve been noticed again!”

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Rap Monster: Namjoon is a pretty easy going guy, so I don’t think he would mind too much if you spent time with the other guys. But Namjoon would get really jealous easily when he saw you hugging or playfully shoving the other members around. He’d get possessive real quick, wanting reassurance that you were still the only one for him.

“Babe, why do you keep hugging and pinching Taehyung’s cheeks? Why can’t you be all cute like that with me? You do still only love me right? Because I love you with all my heart. Now, can’t you give your boyfriend some loving?”

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Jimin: Jimin would be like kind of like J-Hope, except he would be more pouty instead of needy. When he saw you being all touchy feely with another band member he would pout an ignore your further advances on him until he got an apology for you ignoring him.

“Jimin, c’mon, you’re being ridiculous, y’know I love you and only you, no matter how many times I may smack Yoongi. Do you want to get ice cream with me?”

*he nods, proceeding to wrap you in back hug with his floofy sweater surrounding you two as you waddle down to the ice cream shop since Jimin refuses to let you go*

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V: V wouldn’t mind you being close to the other members. He’d be happy that you got along so well with his second family. If you were overly touchy with them, I don’t think he would care since he is like that with them as well. He could get lonely though if you spend too much time away from this man puppy, so be careful with how much time you spend with each member and make sure to give him love and affection too!

“Jagi, could you cuddle with me today? I know you want to learn that new recipe from Jin, but maybe you could spend time with me today? Look, I’m so cute you can’t resist me, right jagi?”

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Jungkook: Jungkook is possessive, we all know this by now. If you got too close with his other members and spent too much time without him, Jungkook would get really possessive and a little insecure. Did you not love him as much as the other guys? You’d have to shower him with love for him to feel confident again, so please be careful when dealing with this jealous maknae.

“Baby, why do you keep spending time with hyung? Do you not like me anymore? I’m sorry I’m not as quirky or as fun as he is, but I do love you more than he does. Stay with me today and let me hold you, I don’t want to lose you to another man. Please, let me love you today? I’ll show you how much I love you and why I’m better than him.”

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I saw [this] hella cute Boku no Hero art on twitter, and I suddenly really wanted to write a little something about it.  It’s pre-slash BakuDeku (though I suppose it could be read as just friendship?), so I hope you guys enjoy it!  Maybe next time I write them, I’ll manage to get them to kiss, haha

Today was the day, Katsuki decided.  He clenched his fists at his side; his palms were dangerously sweaty. All he had to do was open the door and, as he was taking his seat, tell Deku good morning.  It was easy.  Everyone else did it all the time.

Of course, no one else bullied the everloving shit out of Deku growing up, but that didn’t matter now.  Deku was willing to forgive, and he was going to fucking try.

Resolved, he slid open the door.  His chest clenched.  Deku was grinning like he was trying to outshine the fucking sun, eyes closing as he laughed at something—probably something that half-and-half bastard said.  Like hell was the robot going to say something that funny.

Tomorrow, he decided, walking past them and averting his eyes.  He would say good morning to Deku tomorrow.  As he walked, Kirishima pulled him into some stupid argument he was having with Denki.  Neither of them were who he wanted to talk to.

He clenched his fists at his side.  He was tempted to take out his frustration on his other classmates, but his heart just wasn’t in it.  Tomorrow. Tomorrow for sure.

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Ok, so today for the first time in my life I actually saw a gay couple in real life. It wasn’t until I saw them that I realized that I haven’t ever actually seen one. Which is weird. I mean not really weird considering there are probably people that aren’t out, but I’d like to see more of them is what I mean. The couple was so cute too. They were walking and the taller guy had his arm around the shorter guy’s shoulder. He was nuzzling his nose and kissing his cheek. It was honestly so cute and I want to see more of this. People just being who they want to be with, without having the judgement of others get in the way.

Bus Rides- Chapter 4

The phandom is kinda having a bad time right now, so to make you all (just kidding nobody’s gonna read this) feel better, your favorite undiscovered (because I suck) writer is back with more of her first trashy Phan AU!! *whoop* As always, thanks for being one of the five people who actually read this and please give me feedback and prompt ideas if you have them. :)

Chapter 1- https://grammatically-correct-phan.tumblr.com/post/158379272181/bus-rides-chapter-1

Chapter 2- https://grammatically-correct-phan.tumblr.com/post/158405408586/bus-rides-chapter-2

Chapter 3- https://grammatically-correct-phan.tumblr.com/post/158438877216/bus-rides-chapter-3

Chapter 4 Word Count- 1085

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Today we’re watching Titanic at the mental hospital. Originally the vote was to watch House but I said nope, I have medical PTSD so if that’s what you’re watching I’m going to have to step outside.

Hades is doing well in this hectic environment.

We saw a code blue today and we just got the fuck out of the way (the guy is ok now).

The other patients are wonderful about leaving Hades alone. Occasionally someone will have a panic attack and Hades will offer a cuddle. But the staff (from other units) is always getting in his face doing the omg cute puppy baby voice thing.

At lunch I stole him some carrots, he really liked them.

I'm back in school and back in love!

Guys, literally the first day back when we took our school id photos I saw a boy who I really thought was quite attractive–today my first official day back at school I find out we have a class together! He’s just as cute as I remembered :) wish me luck!!

EXO Reacts To You Waking Up With A Bed Head

heyo, heyo! this was a really cute one to do and thank you for the compliment, anon! i kinda started this in a rush, but i hope you guys enjoy it!


Xiumin: He would usually wake up before you, and if he was nice, he would make breakfast for the two of you, but today was not one of those days. He had just walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and when he came back, he saw you sitting on the bed with tired eyes and the worst hair.

“Oh my god, Y/N”

Luhan: This boy already kicked you off the bed like, three times, but when he finally got used to you being in the bed, he would usually wrap you around and the two of you moved around a lot, so he didn’t get very surprised when he saw your hair.

“Oh, morning, baobei”

Kris: This guy, I swear to god…He would be so freaking judgemental of your hair and he would simply just stare at you with annoyed eyes and the judgemental frown would just get bigger and bigger as you ruffled your hair. 

“How am I dating you?”

Suho: He would usually wake up with hair as messy as yours, strands of hair sticking out everywhere and even though he’s used to see your hair, he would still burst into cute laughter and look at you with the biggest smile.

“Ah, you’re so cute…”

Lay: To be honest, I don’t think he would notice your hair at first, simply smiling at you when he woke up, but when he watched your hands go up to your head, he would give you a sleepy smile and hug you tighter. 

“Your hair looks so cute”

Baekhyun: This boy, I swear. He would wake up before you and dress up and when he finally came back in your room, he saw you rub your eyes and look at him with tired eyes. He suddenly broke out into a loud laughter, leaving you confused. 

“Aish, why are you like this?”

Chen: He would wake up with you missing from the bed and a loud, shocked gasp coming from the bathroom. He rolled out of the bed and walked to in the bathroom with tired eyes, but when he saw your hair, his eyes widen and bent over his knees, letting out insane fits of laughter.

“Jagi, your hair’s a mess!”

Chanyeol: He would wake up with your head buried in his chest and underneath the pile of blankets, and when you popped your head out to let out a yawn and stretch out, he moved back his head to look at your hair and let out a deep laugh, grinning at you cutely. 

“You’re too cute for me I swear”

Kyungsoo: He wouldn’t care to be honest. He had a habit of waking up before you and make a cup of tea for himself. So, when he walked back inside the room with a steaming cup of tea and saw your hair, he slightly choked on his drink and gave you an adorable smile. 

“Your hair looks great Y/N”

Tao: He’s very serious with his fashion and yours as well, so when he saw your messy hair, his eyes would widen and he would look at you with an agape mouth and instantly rushing to your side, silently fixing it while you simply smiled to yourself

“I’m not letting you walk anywhere like that”

Kai: He would stare at you in silence at first, the two of you not breaking contact, but when he saw a strand of your hair suddenly stand out because of the slight breeze, he lost it and started laughing like a crazy man, while you just yelled at him and refused to talk to him for the rest of the day. 

“Aw, come on Y/N. You just looked too cute”

Sehun: This kid would instantly start laughing at you when he saw your messy hair and your sleepy eyes, so he would instantly go over your legs and give you a tight hug, burying his face in your shoulder and smiling to himself. 

“Who gave you the right to be so cute?”

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Puppies with Minghao

“Minghao, I know you are probably not going to want to do this, but I’m going to ask you anyway because I want to.” You said, walking into the living room and plopping down on the couch next to your boyfriend. He paused the movie he was watching and turned his attention to you. 


“I want to get a puppy.” You said, beaming with excitement. Both of you sat there for a second looking at eachother. Suddenly, he stood up and grabbed the jacket that was sitting on the arm of the couch. 

“I was thinking about getting a dog the other day. Lets do it.” He said, flashing you a grin. You jumped up out of your seat and ran to the other room to get a coat. 

“What kind should we get?” You asked him, getting into the car.

“Well, we should see what is there first. I want to get a dog from the shelter, that way we can save a dog and have a life long companion.” He said, starting the car. 

“This is going to be awesome! We are going to be parents, Hao!!!” You said, squealing with excitement. You soon pulled up to the animal shelter. It was a tan building with a dark green roof and matching shades over the door. You walked into the building. The lady at the front desk greeted you as you approached.

“Hi, we were interested in getting a dog. May we look around?” You asked. She nodded her head and pointed in the direction of the dogs. After exchanging a brief thank you, you were on your way. 

You turned down the hallway, being greeted by some older dogs who enthusiastically barked from their kennels. Some of the dogs looked sad and tired, others happy and energetic. Even though you wanted to play with them all, you knew that you needed to keep walking to the puppy section.

“Hao, can we just adopt all of them?” You asked as you arrived at the puppy section. Before Minghao had a chance to respond, a worker came up to you to give the two of you some assistance.

“Hello, my name is Sandra, what can I help you guys with?” She asked with a big smile. 

“We would like to adopt a puppy today.” Minghao stated. 

“Alright, you guys can look around, I’ll be here if you need anything.” She said, walking back to her desk. None of the dogs really called to you, until you saw the one. She was a mix of colors, blonde, brown and red. Her fur was so slick and beautiful, little pattens were formed on her back with the different colored hair. She had white little paws that slowly faded into her brown fur. Her face was so cute, her little soft tongue was hanging out of her mouth. Her ears were an ombre from dark blonde to dark brown. Her eyes were the most beautiful color of amber that you had ever seen. She had the cutest little nose, and she had adorable little black moles on each of her cheeks. As soon as she saw the both of you, she ran up to the front of the kennel. 

“What about her?” You asked Sandra, who got up from her desk to help you.

“Oh, yeah. She is a mix of a Shiba Inu, Red Healer, and a Corgi. She is about 2 months old. She is very playful and wants a home really bad.” You looked at Minghao. He smiled back at you in approval. 

“Can we meet her?” You asked Sandra. 

“Sure! Just go wait in that Play Room over there.” She said, pointing to the room. You and Minghao walked into the room, ready to meet the pupper. Sandra walked back shortly with the dog and let her off the leash as soon as she got in the room. The dog instantly jumped into your lap and began licking your face. She then did the same to Minghao. 

“We will take her!” You said as soon as Sandra came back into the room. Sandra took the dog to the back of the pound to get her ready to leave. You went back to the front of the building to sign the adoption papers for your new pup. 

After all of the papers were signed, the chipper little doggo came strutting down the hallway on a leash all ready to go. Sandra handed the puppy to Minghao and explained care instructions. You two walked out the building shortly and helped the little dog into your car. On your way home, you stopped by PetSmart and had Minghao run in and get some essentials: Food, water bowls, food bowls, a collar, a leash, some treats and some PeePee Pads. 

“What are we going to name her?” Minghao asked as he got back in the car. 

“I was thinking Daisy.” You responded. 

“I like it. That is your name now, Daisy.” He said, talking to the young pup. She licked his face in response, making the both of you laugh. It would be interesting trying to raise the puppy, but you both were in for the journey.

A/N: To the person who requested this, sorry it took so long to get out. It was really hard to write for some reason! The dog in this fic is inspired by my doggo…her name is really Daisy and she is adorable af. I hope you enjoy~

really cute guy working next to me today and the spring curse briefly prompted me to consider talking to him but then i saw he was reading a bible-adjacent type book and i relocked my chastity belt. 

Maybe One Day

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Bokuaka

Summary:  Akaashi can hear the increasing giddiness in the man’s voice as he says each of those hey’s, the ey in a slightly rowdy manner but managing to stay unbearably endearing. He can picture his face, eyes lit with excitement, twinkling like the infinite galaxy up there in the sky. He can picture the tiny dimple in his cheek, the crinkles on the corner of his eyes, his chapped lips stretching over his mouth.

A/N: ANGST. Not saying any more because I don’t want to spoil it. For @nairuru –> (enabler extraordinaire) 

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Saw a really cute guy with an One Piece bag pack today, I felt the instant connection between us both even though he didn’t look my way. Dude at the subway today: they might still search for the one piece but you can have this piece right here whenever you want call me


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Genre: Angst

When your label announced that your comeback album will be produced by Jiho you weren’t really sure what to think. You prided yourself on keeping your careers separate, but on the other hand he was an amazingly talented producer and it wasn’t often that he produced for idol girl groups.

You two didn’t date publicly but your members and manager were aware of the relationship, so some of the pressure was lifted.

Walking into the Seven Seasons building, you led your members to Jiho’s studio. “Unnie, aren’t we lucky to work with Jiho-Oppa? What kind of producer is he?” Your makane chimed.

You nodded laughing “I guess we are pretty lucky.” Not many producers would be open to input, but since your members had a close relationship with your boyfriend you figured the atmosphere would be lighter. “I’m not sure how he is as a producer honestly. He’s never let me see him work before”

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I talked to this kinda cute Korean guy at the meetup last Sunday and I think we were kind of flirting a little bit? maybe? and I saw him again today and he remembered me and stuff. anyway we exchanged kakaotalk IDs (it’s a really common Korean chatting app) and I actually messaged him and I think I’m turning into a normal person who occasionally talks to guys without way overthinking it or panicking