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Ok so a really long time ago my brother met Harry on a tampon run for me (Robin stylesforstiles can be my witness) and so today I was telling him about baby conchobar and I told him it was Louis' he goes "you're talking about the one with blue eyes and cheekbones that can cut glass right ?" and I said yaa so he said no way cos apparently when they were at the cashiers paying he saw a photo in h's wallet it was of them gazing at each other and he says he thought the guy was a player but (1/2)

(2/2) that photo convinced him that those two are in love cos “baby girl no one looks at someone that way is if they’re gone gone gone for them” he just plain refuses to believe it is Louis’ baby



I saw my crush/the guy I think is really cute today. It’s been a while since school was out. I have never meet him, but I do kinda know some of his friends. I wouldn’t say they are my friends, but I’ve chilled with them before. When I saw him I was really happy. I think he’s extremely good looking. I want to get to know him…even if it’s as a friend. I just want him in my life. I convinced myself I need to know him some how since the first time I saw him.

Some of his friends know I think he’s cute and I just feel like maybe because they are guys they don’t get it from my perspective, but they all act reckless. They’ve talked about him really loudly in public and I’m just annoyed because I don’t want the world to know. I especially don’t want him to know…but he probably does at this point. I honestly don’t think they get it. One even told me to just tell him I think he’s cute, but I literally can’t. And I’m pretty blunt and can be bold sometimes…if the moment was right I really could tell him, but I know it won’t get me anywhere. Maybe they don’t see it, but I do and I’m not on his level.

When I say he looks good, I’m not exaggerating. It’s to the point where I’m sure he can get way prettier girls on campus and has many girls who want him. There is no way he would talk to me. He probably wouldn’t even be my friend to be honest if he already knows I find him attractive and finds that awkward. I feel like maybe if he knew I liked him already he’d think he can treat me any way he wants and use me or take advantage of me or my lack of experience. I’ve never met him, but I have heard he is super nice, but again I’ve heard that from guys who are friends with him. I feel like he could treat girls way different. My friends say he looks like a player and there is no way he can look that good and not play with people’s emotions. I don’t want to believe that.

hey guys its carlito. i got my ears pierced today because i saw this pic of a really cute girl w hoop earrings and i decided that was gonna be my 2016 #look so i went to claires and listen. i only cried for 16 ½ minutes!! when my sister got hers done she cried for 20 and yeah she was 8 at the time but the fact still stands that im better than her

I ate lunch at Five Guys today, and this was one of the pictures they had tacked on their cork board of customer drawings.

Random story time:
I was wearing this dress today (only with a really cute dark burgundy scarf) and I was at the bookstore just being a cool guy and having a chill day when I saw my friends mom. I was like “oh hey there, haven’t seen you in a while” and she replied “are those lizards on your dress?” To which I humbly replied yes and she says with a sour face “you’re so fricken weird” and walks away. Like wtf? That’s not just something you say to your daughters friend??? And I’m usually not this way but fashion commentary shouldn’t have been coming from someone wearing a bleach stained t-shirt, baggy shorts, and r2d2 slippers.

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i saw you responded to a ? like this so ima take a shot: theres this guy and hes really cute and funny and i like him a lot. but today in consumer science this girl at my table was talking about how he should ask out this girl he apparently likes and he was blushing and saying stop but then he flipped shit and told her no and idk what to do... DO I TAKE ACTION IN PROFESSING MY LOVE (how would i even do this?!) OR PRETEND IM DOING NOTHING AND GAZE FROM AFAR?!

hmmm well!! honestly you could always go for it, just don’t get your hopes up too high!!!! the worst he can do is say no :-)

Entry #9: 2/5/16

Hello hello hello,

Today was pretty uneventful. I woke up early, saw that it was snowing, went to the bathroom, and since i had nothing to do i went back to sleep with my cat at my feet. Then I woke up super late and the snow had mostly melted. I went out to late lunch/early dinner to a diner with my dad. We had a really nice waiter from Uruguay who hit it off with my dad. My dad makes a lot of friends easily because he’s really friendly and sweet. He’s like the type of guy where he could be making cute faces at strangers’ babies and they wouldn’t even feel threatened because he’s clearly harmless. After that I did my makeup, really well, i might add, which is sort of a bummer because the camera on my phone isn’t working for some reason but i look damn good today. I always do my face really nice before my Marijuana Anonymous meetings because of my giant crush on Lily. Even if she has a boyfriend, I still want her to think I’m cute in case anything ever happens with them. So I went to the meeting, it was good, I shared a little about how I’m 5 days clean and got a lot of congratulations. I just really wish that there was a meeting I could attend that Lily doesn’t go to, because I get so distracted by her, and seeing her and her boyfriend smile at each other from across the room bums me out. And then I feel guilty for being a bitter envious bitch. But I guess part of recovery is coming face to face with one’s flaws. God forbid I be anything but perfect, and I have always had a big problem managing my envy, which was definitely a big part of why I smoked so much. But I’m just trying to embrace and forgive and feel OK with things that don’t go in my favor. They just seem like such a weird couple, like she’s this cute little artsy weird chick and he’s this totally boring bro. They met when she first started going to MA meetings so it makes me wonder if she just liked him because he was there to help her when she first started recovering. And then I wonder if I’m doing the same with her. Try as I might I can’t shake the feeling that I just want to be with her, but I’m focusing on my recovery and reminding myself to support her in her relationship. But every time i think about them, I just pray to god that he treats her as amazingly as she deserves to be treated, and tells her every day how out of this world marvelous she is because it’s the truth. But I don’t trust any guys to do that shit so, ya know, whatever works for her. Anyway, now I’m back home, gonna do this crazy thing called a baby foot peel, which is like a face peel for your feet haha. You put your feet in these little plastic booties filled with gel, and then after an hour you wash off your feet. Then over the course of two weeks, allll this dead skin starts falling off until you have skin as soft as a baby’s. I’m really excited to have soft feet, but weirdly i’m more excited for my feet to start peeling, because I have a weird fascination with peeling anything. Don’t google image search baby foot peel unless you wanna see some seriously crazy feet peeling. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine. Speaking of tea I left a cup sitting out and I’m writing this from the toilet, so I’m gonna wrap up and get to the foot peel! peace out and happy weekend!

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4, 13, and 31 😘

4: how do you take your coffee/tea?
Okay my tea I can drink black, but sometimes I put lemon in it if I don’t put cream and sugar ^^
My coffee however has like 14 sugars and 19 creams and lots of French vanilla and it’s always iced coffee (I can stomach the taste of tea much more than coffee, it’s just too damn bitter)

13: what’s something that made you smile today?
I saw this really fluffy dog come through the drive thru at work and got to feed him munchkins and I was like ‘omg this big floof is so cute I can’t I wanna hug him’ and the guy who was with him laughed

31: what is your opinion of socks? do you like wearing weird socks? do you sleep with socks? do you confine yourself to white sock hell? really, just talk about socks.
SOCKS ARE WONDERFUL, I LOVE SOCKS. THEYRE LIKE SUPER FUCKING CUTE SWEATERS FOR YOUR FEET. All socks are great but I love the crazy print ones and thigh highs and stockings and everything just give me all the socks.
Oh god no, white socks are so boring. Most of mine are actually black and at least knee highs :’)

Thanks for asking ^^ and I’ll be waiting to hear that pun you come up with for the numbers I sent you :p

Great things that happened today:

- managed to get to my economy seminar on time even tho i woke up an hour late
- made a genuinely useful contribution to said seminar (even tho the topic is v difficult) to fill in the awkward silence
- saw my fam for the first time in 3 weeks n had a lovely day explorin the city w them
- somehow got asked out on a coffee date w a cute guy from photosoc
- went to a really chill open mic night @ the bar
- got free leftover stew n nutella/banana cupcakes from my bud

okay i saw a really cute guy on the bus today he was so cute wth?? he had a picture book in russian(? i think?) and he was reading it and smiling with his teeth real cute like and i just


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I - Earlier today I saw this cute guy wearing a white t-shirt, and I was really jealous of his shirt for getting to be up on him like that.

M - I’m never one to hold grudges. I forgive almost instantly, but it really depends on the betrayal.

W - I try not to feel shame or regret. The past stays in the past. Live unapologetically.


So there is this one cute guy that my eyes locked on when he opened the door for me. I thought I would never see him again, but as I was waiting for my class two days ago, I saw him pass by me as he left the building. I realized that he leaves the building as I am about to go in. So I set up a plan today to wait at the same spot so that we would cross paths and I would be able to see his beautiful face again.
Things didn’t really work the way as I have planned. My previous class ended later than usual, and the other building was on the other side of the campus, so I knew my chances were growing dim. I walked briskly in a calm manner, so that I didn’t look suspicious, looked left and right hoping I could at least find him. As I was half way to the building, a traffic of people were coming from that direction, and I knew that he was from that group of people. I tried to stay calm as I was frantically looking for him, because now it would be a lot harder to find him because he could have went to a different direction.
As I was getting closer and closer, the number of people started to dwindle down, and my chances were getting lower. The building was just a few meters away, and I took my last look on the parking lot on my left, and the road on my right. In that second a jumble of thoughts were just mushing together to conclude how hopeless I was. A burst of disappoint ran down my system. This was it, I lost, and it’s over.
Just as I stopped my search, I looked straight ahead and lo’ and behold I found that same beautiful boy walking my direction. It was one of those moments when time seems to slow down and that everything just got blurry except him, and he was glowing. This moment all happened in seconds. He was actually looking at me, with the same lovely smile he showed when I first saw him. Oh he was so beautiful! This time though, his eyes were different; they looked at me with a hint of worry. Then we passed by each other.
In all those efforts to stay calm as I was frantic in the inside must have not really worked that well… I bet I looked pitiful… but it’s okay! I have accomplished my goal and our eyes met! Oh what a beautiful day.

Things that happened at work today

- I was yelled at a lot by annoying customers
- I saw this really pretty girl in a wheelchair and got really upset about how a lot of guys wouldn’t go out with her because of it

Last semester I saw this really handsome guy with tattoos and a really cool beard. He dressed nice too, but I only saw him like three times and that was it. Today he walked into my class late and said he was in the wrong class last week. God has blessed me. He has a bad boy vibe to him, so that can be really good or really bad. He’s either a cute dork or a douchebag. I don’t know him so too soon to tell. He is so cute though!

Dear you

It’s been FOREVER since i’ve written a letter to well…anyone. But I don’t really know whom i’m really trying to make out this letter to. We’ll just see at the end. How’s life? Mines has been well. We’re getting more asian kids today at 5 pm. The last time I saw you…well I didn’t see you but I saw your silhouette last December. I made eye contact with that cute boy from my school on Thursday while I wore a cute outfit.  He’s really cute… I havent liked someone in forever man I can’t wait for college to find myself a college bae LOL jk. maybe lawls. This guy from my church has already tried to talk to me twice, hopefully he’s just trying to be friendly. I thought he was a freshman in high school cause of the way he acts, but then i found out he’s a freshman in college I was like…what??? Lol but nobody really catches my attention. it’s all good though Im a queen anyways LOL how about you? Are you still with that girl? How’s your schooling? Are you still your derpy self? Are you doing anything new? I got an IOC coming up, I’ve been studying and practicing, I’m really nervous though. I haven’t thought about you for a loooooooong time, you just so happen to cross my mind lately cause I accidentally found our old messages. You shouldn’t read them unless you want to vomit LOL we talk SO LAME. It’s embarrassing asf. Sigh, we were such children huh? It’s bittersweet and weird aha. I just paid for my senior stuff on friday. WE’RE SENIORS NOW WTH. Are you ready for college? what college are you going to? Have you gotten any acceptance letters? I’ve already gotten 2, but i might go to mt sac because of money, but honestly Im ok with it :) I am happy for everything i have accomplished these last 4 years. You should’ve seen how much I’ve grown… I’m still an extreme introvert and awkward and shy but I’ve really made so much progress. I’m actually pretty proud and at the same time know i still got a loooooong way to go. Continuously working to make a better version of myself everyday…slowly…but still progressing. Do you still remember my existence? Probably not, it’s okay though. I hope you’re doing well kid. Ok I got to go clean now. I guess in the end I always ended up writing to you.