{ today i saw a really cute guy

oh my god so today i went to the apple store bc i needed a new ipod and the guy who helped me out was??? really cute??? and he saw that junkrat was my phone bg so we ended up talking about overwatch and it was overall a very pleasant experience and i know ur not supposed to flirt with customer service people so obvs i didnt but i walked outta the store like damn!! he was so cute!!! 


Listening to really sad music and drawing.

I made 50 bucks today from selling some of my junk went to the gym and saw some increase in my glutes :3 didnt go my heaviest tho cus i felt like was gunna throw up but it was a whopping 320lbs so im proud

Now im drawing and listening to freakin Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate. If you like that band pls tell me cus not alot of peeps do.
Oh and im drawing a bunch of characters
Lil cute guys and ladies and monsters and robots.

Also i think its fair to say that im kind of in a depression. Im a little sad about the world abd how stupid everyone is. Everyone puts someone else ideology in front of them instead of thinking for themselves and im sad i even took part in things like that. All i know right now is i pretty much gotta diminish every part of that and start from the ground up again. I think im happy about that tho. Like i hit the reset button on my gamecube. Yeah i guess thats what i did. A little bit.

So well I don’t even try but I know the names of all of the actors who do productions at liberty

Like I really dont try but most of the productions are extremely fantastic so I go to all of them and see the same people over and over and I’m facebook friends with like 3 theatre people so I KNOW that they have this cute little community and get to create art together and it’s beautiful whatever not envious but yes

So I saw the guy who played Gaston at chipotle today AGAIN and last time I only mentioned how I saw him in the play, he was like cool!, and it was normal

But this time I could just NOT SHUT UP about how also he’s my banker (he is) and remember that time you had to give me my debit card back? (of course not emily derr) and I saw him in that filmed sketch comedy thing downtown and let me introduce myself! and wow girl I might be 10% in love with all the actor people there but some lines do not need to be crossed


2016.05.23 - Gui Gui Talks About Her Own Fashion Style for Cosmo Fashion

Q: I see a lot of your own clothes on the table. Can you tell us a bit about why you brought them with you today?
A: I actually brought my battle trophies. I’ll introduce this hat first. Why did I buy this hat? Because there are a lot of tangyuan on it. Hahaha~
Q: It’s really cute.
A: I think normal straw hats are really plain, but when I saw this one… There were two hats to choose from then. One with big tangyuan and another with small ones. I don’t see a hat with small ones that often, but it…
Q: I don’t think the main focus of this hat is the tangyuan… I think it’s how to match this hat with an outfit because it seems difficult to not look weird with it…
A: Since this hat has tangyuan on it, I would match it with this kind of outfit. It’s very trendy to dress like this this year. What’s trendy is to wear an undershirt on the outside with a shirt on the inside. But shirts are kinda boring now, but I chose a shirt like this. Without a collar, but it can… The sides have slits, so you can… You can match this top with jeans and this hat and wear some leather shoes, and you’ve got yourself an outfit. What’s interesting about it is that there is a unique design of a circle on it. I have a habit when wearing clothes, and it’s that I don’t like wearing clothes in the way people would usually wear them. People usually wouldn’t match this outfit with this kind of hat. Normally, people would choose to match it with a plain straw hat with black accents. But I think the tangyuan is what makes this outfit stand out. It makes this outfit more special.

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I don’t usually curse IRL, but when I saw that today had TWO taste tests, my first reaction was, ffs why…

I never thought of BBQ as a noun until they mentioned it. In the northeast, BBQ is a verb as far as I know. They seemed kinda mortified at how terrible they were at guessing, which cracked me up. It’s okay, guys. XD

Seeing the 3 Ginger Sisters in the wheel intro was really cute. They’re all super adorable. :)

I like seeing the crew just roaming around and reaching in to grab pork.

oh hai Eddie’s new haircut! hai Daniela! :3