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{ For those of you who haven’t played it yet, Episode 4 has extremely
  triggering content. We all knew dark shit was coming eventually. This
  play through took me four hours to get through, so please take care of

  To those that have played it please take care of yourselves, take a break,
  have a breather, eat something nice. My askbox is always open and my
  skype is available on request.

  I love you all, see you on the other side.


Heeeyeyyyy kiddos!! I think I’ve been having a really good time here so far as well as having tons of fun getting back into sprite editing and all { plus y’all have cute ocs orz } So I decided that I’mma host a sprite giveaway because why the hell not- 

Anyways, uh, the prizes are literally sprites and sprite packs done in my way of sprite editing. There shall be about three winners or maybe two but it’s most likely going to be three because I have a tablet now rather than using linetool to make sprites so yeah uvu. { Also yeah, there’s not a lot of sprite examples I have but okay  }

Anyways; Prizes. 

| 1st Place Winner | 

The person who ends up in 1st place will receive 30 or so sprites with two misc ones { either winking or crying–your choice }  They won’t have any change of pose but instead a change in expression. There’ll be about 5 of each expression. May sound confusing but here’s my example– { I think I did do about 30ish sprites for Sam so – idk im crazy when it comes to expressions } }

| 2nd Place Winner | 

I really didn’t plan this out beforehand but w/e. Anyways, 2nd place winner, I’m offerin’ about let’s say 20ish sprites once again with 5 of each expression. { see example above if you’re confused }. Again, the pose won’t change in any of the sprites so yeah. 

| 3rd Place Winner | 

Uhhhhh let’s go with 15 sprites. I don’t know, these 5s are going well. You should get the idea by now– 5 of each expression and whatnot with the pose being the same. 

Well eh, I might forget the amount of expressions so you might just receive a shitton of sprites overall so yeah- -

If you end up a winner– you also have the choice of wanting an overlay on your sprites like I usually do: 

1: No overlay added.

2: Overlay added.

Uh let’s see. Rules!: 

>In order to take part /enter the giveaway. You must be following me prior to this being posted. Meaning, if you aren’t following me than well– it’ll probably be a bit awkward and I’ll probably take it in a wrong way. { Meaning, all you want is the sprites, nothing else – not even an rp }

>If a winner, you have to provide some sort of visual reference. May it be a drawing or a ref made on an avatar maker. I won’t take it if you simply just tell me your muse looks exactly like an anime character– it happened before so yeah.

>Sorry to say this but– if the OC you want sprited already has a  sprite set made by another person, than I won’t take it. I kinda don’t want you to be that one person who has a bunch of sprites made by different people already so yeah– buuut, if you have sprites that you, yourself made and honestly don’t like, than I’ll do it. 

>If you requested sprites from me prior to the giveaway, I’ll still be doing them so yeah. This only  works if you requested though– not if I offered to do them for you and you never took the offer.

>I honestly don’t care how much times you like/reblog this post but please– please don’t flood people’s dashes with this over and over. I mean, it’s kind of a really long post sooo..

Uhhh yeah, that’s it for now. 

The due date shall be. Next Sunday– the 13th. It might be extended in the future. 

So uh. Have fun! :o