{ For those of you who haven’t played it yet, Episode 4 has extremely
  triggering content. We all knew dark shit was coming eventually. This
  play through took me four hours to get through, so please take care of

  To those that have played it please take care of yourselves, take a break,
  have a breather, eat something nice. My askbox is always open and my
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  I love you all, see you on the other side.

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So i just wanna say that literally over half you guys have come over and spammed my notifications in the past two weeks. I’ve had this blog for two months. What did I do? I’m not even that good .__.

Anyways self-pity aside, I thought I’d give a shoutout to all the lovely people I roleplay with!

So this is my first time ever having this many followers, and it’s pretty sick!

Ace Cards

In no particular order!
                    I actually wanna give a shout out to two people in particular: 

            The main bae. She’s super sweet and she’s just starting off her
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            My best friend since highschool, she has been with me through
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So here is my shoutout! These are all wonderful and lovely people! Some I’ve talked to and interacted to, some I haven’t, but I love them all!

I’m sorry if you’re not on here, I probably just forgot! It was a lot of people to go through! It’s nothing personal ;-; If you’re not on here I still love you!!! <3

Send me an emotion and I’ll describe how my Muse expresses it non-verbally. [ x ]

{ I technically just answered all of them in the previous post, but there was so many I couldn’t go into much detail so heck– }

As stated previously, a frightened Lion tends to back away from what it was that frightened him. But his next instinct is to try and intimidate whatever it was, so he floofs up to look bigger and, even though the object of fright may have just scared him out of his wits, he tends to growl a little at the perceived threat. The startled look on his face might give him away, though.

kaiinojoo asked:


i got this twice so i’ll only do it once because 10 things are too much.

  1. I draw my own icons and I think that’s pretty rad of me. I wasn’t that sure of it when I first did it aha.
  2. I’m funny. Like… not hilarious but I know for a fact that I’m usually the ‘embarrassing & weird, but amusing’ friend in a group so… that’s acceptable.
  3. I think I’ve learned to not care so much about what people think of my clothes ( i still care, but less than i used to ), and it honestly feels pretty good to wear clothes that feel pretty & cool & make you stand out a little. Aha
  4. The OCs I come up with are original u v u. My writing isn’t exceptional, but I’m always fond of the stories and such I come up with for my OCs. I wish I could maintain more than 1.5 blogs at a time lmao.
  5. Uhhhhh this is pretty hard wtf. Errrhhhh I… like my… tastE IN ANIMU my taste >> your taste losers ashgsdjf
;;Don’t Imagine


  • Victoria noticing that look of deadly intent on Chloe’s face as she enters from the back, she was practically staring at her when she walked out
  • Victoria noticing Mark leaving the party immediately in a rather rushed state
  • Victoria remembering Max’s warning and listening to her deciding to texting her to make sure but gets no response
  • That Victoria then tries to text Chloe but there’s still no response
  • Her noticing Nathan still hasn’t come back as the party winds down so she goes to ask Max’s friends about her
  • That she goes to Dana, Alyssa, Juliet, and Stella to see where she was gone, the warning seems so much more dire now. She finds Warren outside, wasted. He tells her about the “altercation” he and Nathan had and the gun.
  • That Victoria still can’t get a hold of either of them
  • Victoria wondering why Nathan hasn’t come back at all or isn’t responding to her texts and Jefferson left in such a hurry
  • That she starts to panic, sure they’re not friends but if shits going down at the school she has to know right?
  • Victoria gets a hold of Chloe’s address and goes. Joyce opens the door and Victoria is visibly distressed. “No I haven’t seen Chloe or Max all day.” She finds all of Chloe’s and Max’s finding posted up on the wall, the connections all visibly linked
  • Victoria reasoning with herself that Nathan is her friend and wouldn’t hurt her or anyone, he couldn’t. If he did it was his dad’s fault. She decides to go to the barn.
  • Her finding the entrance to the room and she can hear Max’s pleas as she approaches.
  • Her instincts kicking in and rushes in, she’s the Queen of Blackwell, a Chase, who would are hurt her?
  • Jefferson had already heard the car parking, the foot steps approaching
  • DON’T IMAGINE that the gunshot in junkyard wasn’t the last one to ring that night in Arcadia Bay

This is in no way a Theory


insxnixm asked:


Send me an emotion and I’ll describe how my Muse expresses it non-verbally. [ x ]

{ I fucking literally asked for this, hoo boy }


If Lion’s indifferent to something, he will flat-out ignore it. He will look the other way, keep his relaxed posture, and sometimes make a point of yawning loudly if this indifference is directed at a person (or Gem).


Pacing, lots of pacing. Lion will pace back and forth whenever he is restless or anxious. If it’s a person he’s anxious about, chances are he’ll keep his distance and show somewhat submissive behaviors such as keeping his head  and his tail low.


When frustrated, he starts getting somewhat vocal, prone to letting said frustration be known through grunts and slight growls. His tail begins to twitch in agitation, and he may show signs of aggression towards others if further irritated.


Lion doesn’t show excitement all too much; it tends to be subtle when he does. His eyes brighten, and he’ll appear to have just a little more energy than the apathetic feline usually does.


He exhibits restless behavior, such as pacing, similar to how he does when anxious. But there may be a touch of frustration in his expression as well, and if he actually gets impatient enough, he’ll start yowling and complaining, as if that’ll help summon whatever it is he’s waiting for.


He tends to sleep off his boredom, so more often than not he’ll just be lying down looking sleepy if he’s not slumbering already. Drooping eyes, relaxed expression, easy posture.


This is not something he expresses often. But if he ever does feel sorrowful, the feline will likely become more listless, more withdrawn, and try to avoid contact (whereas he usually loves or at least tolerates any sort of attention).


The most common gesture he utilizes to show confusion is tilting his head. Sometimes, his ears will twitch in curiosity as well.


…Wait, what. Is this even a thing that happens with Lion. Let’s just say, if it is, he’d probably try and show much more affection than normal, rubbing up against the object of his desires and otherwise being overly friendly.


He will more likely than not turn his head away and snort in disdain at whatever it is he is disgusted with. Not that this happens very often.


This is one feeling Lion will make obvious. When given the chance, he’ll flop to the ground and immediately try to rest. He may snap at anyone trying to interrupt his rest at this point, or at the least show irritation if disturbed.


Very, very restless behaviors. He will never cease moving, and will possibly claw at the walls if he is being kept within certain confines. He will be very vocal, yowling and crying in distress.


He will step back from whatever frightened him, and then attempt to intimidate the threat by instinct, by fluffing up his mane and making himself seem larger. His fur will bristle, and likely stay that way until he recovers from the fright.


Similarly to excitement, Lion is usually subtler with enthusiasm. But again, he may show it by appearing more energetic and exuberant than normal.


He just gets this look, a certain gleam, in his dark eyes. He secretly loves causing mischief by misbehaving, namely to certain Gems. If you look closely enough, he might even be smiling smugly.