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yo magic peeps. question.

where in the color pie, were a card like this were to be printed, would the ability “Target player skips his or her next turn,” sit?

First instinct says blue because temporal effects sit predominantly in blue, but could it fit anywhere else? it feels like it could possibly be a a high-costed but aggressive move for red, but also a modification on black’s Worst Fears/Mindslaver effects?

I’d summon the flavorum or something but I don’t have that power so @flavoracle ?

mirthalia asked:

Ladrien, silver.

part 10

THANK YOU @mirthalia FOR THE BETA!!!

It’s wonderfully, horribly, terrifyingly easy to see her after getting her number: all he really has to do is ask.

You, me. Ultimate Mecha Strike. Rematch?

If I remember correctly, i’m in the lead. Why would I give you a chance to steal my throne? ;)

Because there is mercy in your soul, and you’ll let poor mortals attempt to overthrow you


I’ll be there in 10

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Your eyes flared
as the long match
sparked incense
on the windowsill -
for the gods embracing
on the wall
engulfed by shadow,
the way the flame
was the afterimage
of your pupil,
joined quietly
where we joined,
trading places
with heartless divinity.

like a moth; stung by the very same light it was entranced by, i’m a gothic novel, slipping in black sludge, cutting myself on all the red strings they left behind, a sacrifice of my own making, a test of faith for everything that doesn’t exist but could have.

we think of ourselves as kids/ car crashes /gods, you only visit your mother on church days, we shovel every heart we ever let touch us away with the snow, i write poetry so i have something to sink my teeth into, we are caught in a rat trap but we set it ourselves.

growing up, i was never passionate about anything, my psychology teacher taught me locke’s tabula rasa theory and i figured maybe i’m still a blank slate; i was raised by a cardboard box and a butter knife: no sharp ridges, no bed of wings to fall back on.

we spent our summers making ourselves pirates and astronauts and pioneers, turned our backyard into anything we wanted it to be, you settled into me like a sunset, and i held on to you like a grasshopper in the rain.

someday we’re going to forget each other, our memories will become dusty boxes shoved under beds and hazy photographs and melted puddles of ice cream.

but the backyard will still remember; all the knees we bruised in the time it took us to find ourselves.

—  someday i pray we find our way back.

darrylheartzhenya asked:

Sith Hux. Thoughts?

Hold onto your pants.

I’m going to assume this leans more toward the Knight Hux version? Because the sith and the knights of Ren from my understanding are two different (although quite similar) groups of dark side force users.

But I suppose you can take my muses both ways. I’m also going to assume this is purely fictional musing, and not that I believe Hux to turn out a force user (as appealing as it sounds, it’s unlikely, but you never know these days)
I apologise in advance, I am not a writer (-distant sobbing-)

But anyway! For me, Hux’s personality as a force user (Knight in this case) wouldn’t hugely differ from his on screen role in TFA. Just as ruthless and controlled if not more so. And I think those characteristics play well into the idea of him being an excellent forcer user . With the control and patience he seems to wield so well, he would create a very stark contrast to that of Kylo Ren and his emotionally fuelled outbursts and drive. (Thus why I believe he’d make the perfect sleeper)

In Hux’s case, I don’t believe the desire for power (in the force area that is) is his drive. His goal is the same, as General or Knight.  He wants people to know that what he achieves, He achieves through nothing more than his own ability, and even though that would now entail the force, I would imagine he sees it too much of an advantage or a crutch in some cases. He wants to beat people at what they all can do themselves, their own abilities, not with the help of some mystical force power that already gives him the upper hand, by simply being born with it.. (Which Is another reason why he makes a perfect sleeper force user, it’s easier to hide something you rarely use.) However, he is not above using it when the situation calls, in subtle measures. If he just needs that final push to get what he wants, then by all means, he’d gladly use it.

Presenting General Hux, one of the few who grumble about their own force sensitivity.

Because of this distain toward the force and what it entails, I originally had him purely weapons based, however, even though Hux appears to be a pretty well-built individual, I highly doubt he would stand a decent chance at a lightsaber duel with Kylo ren for instance. Kylo Ren’s emotion fuelled attacks and lack of tact contrasts too much with what I’d imagine Hux’s orderly ,  planned combat. He wouldn’t be that well equipped for (for lack of a better term)  Kylo’s ‘Dirty’ fighting.  Not to mention, Kylo’s a big guy, maybe only a few inches taller but in terms of his build, he could hack away at poor hux for a time and significantly tire the man out.

So, in this case, Hux would probably gladly use the force. (Because living is significantly superior than his force based morals, so really, any dire situation) Here, I would imagine Hux rarely ever choosing to physically engage another at all, much like his position as General. Don’t get me wrong, he probably is one very skilled combatant, because no one gets into that position without SOME field knowledge, Knight OR General.

Opting for taunting, goading and probably a significant amount of force mind playing and a couple of force based techniques, he keeps his distance. Preferring to lead an opponent into their own destruction, before delivering a final physical OR mental blow.

As for lightsabers. He owns one yes, and probably uses it, and uses it very well, However if he has the chance, he’d most likely use something common to finish off an opponent, blaster or even a knife is preferred.

In conclusion, as A Knight (or sith) Hux is significantly crueller than Kylo and one of the few who really aren’t too concerned with their abilities in the ways of the force (despite his obvious skill however). He has very few redeeming factors, or ties that would waver any decisions. He cut those long ago while working his way up to General. He is used to this playing field and does what needs to be done. (He blew up a planetary system for goodness sake)

The patient and the smart outlast, and so he keeps his cards close.

Some of these muses are subject to change however, these are but a few thoughts that may or may not have been thoroughly mentally examined. Also….sorry for the long post….hahah….