{ Musings }

Sometimes, I write about my own life. And sometimes, I write about situations I see my friends going through. Sometimes, I write about a scene I saw in a movie. I take inspiration from all different places. It’s hard to say what different topics inspire me the most. I think people inspire me the most. If I meet a person who is incredibly complex and all of a sudden, I start thinking in rhymes, that person could be a muse.


I don’t write often but when I do nothing and no one is present but my emotions. I write mostly when I am sad. I am so lost in my pain that nothing exist until the darkness disappears. In these moments, my hand only pens the voice in my heart. I will not let anyone discredit the thoughts that come out of these dark, very painful times I’ve had to endure.

“I AM MY OWN MUSE. THE SUBJECT I KNOW BEST. THE SUBJECT I WANT TO BETTER” Are my words through and through. A thought born out of severe depression and great pain. I love Frida Kahlo very much but any true Frida fan know her exact words were: “ I PAINT SELF- PORTRAITS BECAUSE I AM SO OFTEN ALONE. AND BECAUSE I AM THE PERSON I KNOW BEST” Reliable sources: Wikipedia and FridaKahlo.org

However similar the meaning in our words, both structure, delivery and context is unique to the both of us.

Is it simply difficult to stomach the idea that I could pen a brilliant thought?

Since stepping into the scene in 2008 with my magazine and notes via oromastherapy.com, have you ever known me to be disingenuous?
Do you know me to be a follower? or a copycat?
Have you so quickly forgotten when Vogue Italia published my works but credited another photographer?

What is so difficult to understand about not wanting to be discredited or plagued with misinformation?

Oroma Elewa


Muse live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2015 (Full Set)

My Muse happens by while Your Muse is doing something like reading, studying, or important work, Send “Mhh..Not Now...I’m busy..” And My Muse will attempt to distract Your Muse for some Special Attention..

Or Send “Oooh I am Sorry..is that Distracting?” For My Muse’s reaction to Your’s being the Attention Whore…