Dear Abby

Here are a few things that are worst than sleeping with your long-term boyfriend before you get married. 

1) bring up this fact and using it to insult a mum in front of her child on national tv with the Kids friends in ear shot.

2) Stripping down to just your bra infront of a camera crew then walking into a room full of young kids and then storm off still without a shirt on.

3) Bragging on multiple occasions that you can make a child cry in under ten seconds (Do you really think that takes talent? Any adult could do that by screaming at them. Plus making a kid cry is not something to brag about.)

4) Calling a kid, who in the past year in a half to two years had been in three very successful music videos, danced on the Ellen Degeneres show twice!, performed multiple dances on Jimmy Kimmel, Danced on SNL, and performed on the Grammy’s, has had roles in two popular t.V shows plus stars in a reality TV show where she learns/performs new dances weekly usually as the lead Lazy.

5) Telling three kids who not only respect you but look up to you to walk away from you and refuse to hug them and the proceed to smirk while hugging the above mentioned kid (in point 4) as the rejected kids are left out and feeling sad.

(* I only did things that happened this episode but feel free to add more)

My name is Sydney and Im 16 years old! I’ll be 17 in october💁 I live in California about an hour away from San Francisco. My passion is theater! (Musicals/film/stage ANYTHING!)I plan to be a stand up comedian/film actor and my dream job is to be on SNL. I am very determined to act and in past I have worked with MC Hammer and I have even been to a party at his house😂 (it was in the second grade so I’m not sure it counts but it helps to go to school with his kid) Most recently I auditioned for Americas got talent! And made it to round 2 with my stand up comedy. Next year I will be attending college in Los Angeles for acting where I hopefully can live my dream. Besides theater I love movies and BOOKS😍 HARRY POTTER🙌🙌 SUPERNATURAL #destiel 🙌 MAZE RUNNER OMG I’m my favorite movie of all time is The Truman Show and jimmy Fallon is my favorite actor 😊. I play water polo and am currently varsity captain. I really want to meet people haha I don’t even know what to say. I have a desire to travel the world with good company. I would love anyone as a penpal BUT if you live in England and want to be my penpal. I will be traveling to England the summer of 2016 so I could actually meet you😍! I am very outgoing and will talk to anyone about anything. I ALSO ACCEPT EVERYONE. LOVE 🌈 I want to skype too so I can talk to people face to face 
If u want to contact me u can on…

Email- Sydney.mccarthy@rocketmail.com
Lots of love,


im just gonna rant about this video because i love it so dam much it is my favourite thing in the entire world, look at the SNL family being a little family they are all such friends and cute and man o man bill hader and kristen wiig i love them so so OSoSO SOOOOO much and there’s amy and seth and rachel and fred and they all love each other so much i am cryING i just wanna hug them all with tears streaming down my face


SNL Documentary directed by James Franco