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Yay! This will be my first raffle! I was thinking that I was long over-due with a gift for you (other than that day of requests, with I’ll do again sometime), but I’ve always wanted to try this! So I have some rules that I’d like y'all to know

1.) like this post to enter


3.) you get 24 hours (maybe 48 depending if I’m really busy at the time-) to claim your prize

4.) when you do, please message me privately for your request

((It would be really nice if you could also reblog this to spread the word :) ))

I will randomly select 3 people and the prizes are listed

> First place gets a full body (their choice of digital or traditional (but I cannot mail you the traditional due to privacy concerns and all that jazz,sorry) and in full color)

> Second place gets a bust shot or a chibithat’s colored (same applies with traditional or digital)

> Third place gets a sketch (same as above ^^^)

What I WILL do:

-Light Nsfw 


-Characters (must be from either Hamilton, Hetalia, or Heathers and everyone is limited to only one character!!)

-Half animal hybrids (idfk what they’re called, but yeah no full fukcin furries-)

-light gore

What I will NOT do:



-full blown gore

-full blown nsfw/porn

And I can and do have the right to turn down your request if I feel uncomfortable with it as well as (if something bad happens or whatever between negotiating) I can take you from your place and pick someone new.


Pkmn Ultra Sun and moon theory:

Okay, so first off, to prevent possible spoilers, here’s the Japanese trailer. Watch it before reading:


I just thought of a possible theory about all the pokemon villain teams that’s gonna show up in the game. Remember in the game (if I’m correct that is) that after you beat the team’s boss, like Giovanni for example, they disappeared for a while? What if, and just hear me out, sometime during the game they were first featured in, they found the ultra worm hole? To me, if it’s true, it would make sense because of the worm hole behind the Aether Paradise. Remember in Heart Gold and Soul Silver when the player had to get Celebi (I hoped I spelled that right) and it took the player back in time to see Giovanni and Silver, and also to battle Gio? Remember when he walked out after getting defeated and we heard a splash? Now, that could’ve been him just using surf, or probably it could’ve been him discovering the worm hole? Same for Lysander, maybe before the building collapsed (if you played pkmn X & Y), what if he went through the ultra worm hole before he could “die”? Maybe the games leaders are based off of a different dimension? Because the creators didn’t use the remakes of maxie and Archie for the game, they used the old version, so it could possibly be true?

I dunno, I could be wrong, but it just sounded like it made the most sense after seeing the trailer….

music tag!

I was tagged by the wonderful @risaakutabi​! Thank you!

Rules: put your music on shuffle and answer these questions, then tag followers

The first song describes how you die: Uma Thurman//Fall Out Boy (WOW)

The second describes your love life: Decided To Break It//Marianas Trench

Third song will be played at your wedding: Dreamers Ball//Queen ; u ;

Add “in my pants” to the title of the fourth: Ten Tonne Skeleton In My Pants//Royal Blood

Fifth song will be played at your funeral: Wait//The Dear Hunter (very appropriate)

Sixth song is your theme song: The Poison Woman//The Dear Hunter (I can accept that)

Seventh song will be played when you are thinking about someone you love: The Adrenalin Room//IAMX

Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth: American Idiot With A Shovel And A Screwdriver//Green Day

Ninth song will describe your week: Pretty Girl//Hayley Kiyoko

Tenth song will play when you miss someone: Empathy//Sneaker Pimps

I tag @astoria-ramsay @mlentertainment and @april-aflame, but no pressure ofc!