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anonymous asked:

If you google "James Franco Nicki Manaj," article after active come up that say it's a fake. Promotion for his upcoming movie, "The Interview." He was in character

Ah yes I found it

Here’s a link to at least part of it

But you know what? After watching the whole video I realize that it actively doesn’t matter if he’s playing a parody character, it’s still treating Nicki Minaj like shit.

So in the interview, he interviews first Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj. He acts that way to both of them, but here’s the difference: Iggy’s rude questions are all etiquette questions. The joke is that she’s got a song called “Fancy” so how fancy is she actually, and then she doesn’t know the answer to etiquette things.

For Nicki, he immediately begins to talk about her butt in a way that is not funny or appropriate. Then she says “can you ask me something else” and he asks her about her butt again. Eventually he says “it’s your fault because your wrote a song called ‘Superb Ass’” and she says “No it’s called 'Super Bass’” and he argues with her about it.

So it doesn’t matter that it was a sketch. It’s still horrendous behavior and it’s not acceptable. It’s not funny, it’s not good comedy to fetishize a black woman to her face.

So fuck this. And fuck James Franco for treating Nicki Minaj that way.

Few things to discuss:
Ok seriously Yess Iggy is successful for Fancy. But its rly overrated now and just like how Macklemore got Grammys ‘just like that’, Iggy’s gonna get before Nicki. They gunna do that just to spite Nicki. I don’t get it, she was the only relevant female rapper holding it down, dropping verses, freestyles and songs but soon as a new female rapper comes out with a number 1 song, y'all gon nominate her for everything and award show… Jus to spite Nicki Minaj and show her that she ’s not the only one and the best. Lets be real.
And don’t let me start off with fancy’s success, cus if it wasn’t for Charli XCX and Clueless it wouldn’t be.
Also Nicki didn’t get nominated for Vma’s cus she aint do no video except Pills N Potions, n lets be real… She looked rly nice in the video but it was not good… didn’t really make sense, no excitement(yes i know its a slow song) but u feel me !?