PSA: don’t flush tampons.

They are not designed to be flushed, and the vast majority of plumbing and sewage systems aren’t designed to process them. Even if they make it down your toilet, they can build up in your pipes or septic tank and cause expensive damage and disgusting, smelly backups. Waste products and toilet paper are all that should be flushed - in some places, even toilet paper is a no-go. Other products marketed as “flushable” are just trying to get you to buy them.

Menstrual products are expensive, but having your plumbing replaced because it’s become choked on tampons and is now overflowing through every drain in the building is way more expensive. Please dispose of them responsibly.


The only look that matters


Fic Rec

This is a fic rec for some of the fics I’ve read recently and enjoyed. I’ve put the authors where i could find them on tumblr. Show them some love. Thank you to all the amazing people who write for this fandom. You’re amazing and we love you!

What Happens Next by lululawrence : a fic where Harry has to pick up the pieces and ends up on the couples cruise that should have been his honeymoon…with his best friend Louis. (Short, cute and lovely fic for anyone needing to smile today) (author is @lululawrence​ on tumblr too)

a body wishes to be held & held by turnyourankle : Harry wants to return the favour after Louis helps him out with his heat. (<10K; pretty hot and amazing with emotions and really respectful take at ABO; no non-con or dub-con; you’re bound to get hot and bothered. Loved it) (author is @dearly​ on tumblr)

Kiss me (this feels like falling in love) by Ambros : Five times Louis wanted to kiss Harry (and one time he did). (short and sweet; will make you smile )

If I don’t have you (there’ll be nothing left) by SadaVeniren: Louis thought after meeting Harry at a party everything would fall into place. If only life worked out that nicely. (ABO with a twist + amazing cameos :) )

What’s Stopping You? by kikikryslee : the one where Harry wants to get over his crush on Louis, so he makes a Grindr account to find someone new. Of course, Louis messages him, not realizing H’s real identity. It only takes a few days for them to figure it out. (Cute, funny, Friends to Lovers with fluff and smut, a joy to read really) (The author is @flamboyantommo​ here)

Mark my word (we gon’ be alright) by harioandlouigi : an A/B/O AU featuring an oblivious Harry as the pack leader, a pining Louis as his second-in-command, and an entourage of friends and family who are a little too good at keeping their mouths shut. (ABO fic which is big on consent and respect, I loved every bit of it. You should definitely read this. )

Your Love Was Handmade by InkedwithLove: Harry and Louis are best friends who are also mutually pining, and when a work trip looms in to separate the two of them for three weeks, they finally get their shit together. (Friends to lovers ; fluff and smut ; filled with love and emotions, will make you feel really amazing. be happy, give it a read) (The author is @inked-withlove​ here)

With You I Found My Place by fairytalelights : the one where Harry and Louis are flatmates, Harry loves Christmas and Louis thinks the holidays are a great opportunity to finally tell your best friend that you’re in love with him (Fluff and pining ; This fic is so well written. Its festive and amazing.) (The author is @lookslikefairytale on tumblr)

mia’s extremely original follow forever - this is a mess of mm and alpha blogs so enjoy

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All of these people are amazing (and apparently my taste is mostly mm?) and their sims are beautiful! There are definitely people on this list I’d like to get to know more but I’m a boring person and a massive twat so you can decide if you message me :’) But I’m also lucky that there are people on here I know and we’re close! It’s awesome!