You don’t have to do this on your own

Like there’s no one that cares about you

You don’t have to act like you’re alone

Like the walls are closing in around you

You don’t have to pretend no one knows

Like there’s no one that understands you

I’m not just some face you used to know

I know all about you




ALRIGHT! Roski'd. I had an idea.

Oh Loki hush. ANYWAYS! After the shenanigans that went down in the Roski chat room the other night that I’ve just taken up semi-permanent residence in btw, I’ve been toying with the idea of some kind of serious Roski RP, since while I can write fairly well, for some reason these two just won’t come to me in the form of pre-planned fanfiction. But then I thought to myself, “But that’d just be me and like, one other person, that’s no fun for the rest of the fandom.”

Then thanks to some amazing Avengers/Marvel ask blogs I’ve come up with the idea of a Roski ask blog. That way, it’s kind of like an RP, but the rest of you guys get a hand in participation and I feel like I’m contributing something to this fandom

It wouldn’t just be me running this blog though, I’d just be the Rose end of things, so that means I’d be looking for a Loki! :D Though if we do this thing, I’d like some contact info outside tumblr asks, like skype or something so the two of us can keep our stories straight. So drop me an ask if you’re interested in that.

Speaking of stories! This would be our own story to compose, not set in an pre-existing Roski-fic universe, but where exactly we’d be in our Roski-ask-blog-tale is yet to be determined. This is all just planning-stages after all, I just wanna see if you guys would be interested in that sort of thing! So, are you?