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Is there an Addams Family AU with grindelnewt or gramander (haha cause he’s Graves 🤣)? Because I feel like there should be!

OMG I totally agree with you!!! I have no idea if there’s a fic like that though, but can you imagine the possibilities?

Like I can perfectly picture Graves/Grindelwald constantly looking at Newt in awe, kissing his hands and face, always talking about how beautiful he looks.

Grindelwald saying he’d die or kill for Newt; he doesn’t mention it, but he’s killed a couple of times for him (mostly poachers, anyone who has hurt a creature and made Newt cry).

Graves would be one that stares at Newt while he sleeps, marveling at the way his skin seems to shine under the moonlight.

They both would dance with Newt at night, whispering in his ear about how happy they were when they met him and how much they’d want to stay like that forever.

Credence would be their adopted son, along with Newt’s creatures, because let’s be honest, they would treat them like their children.

And Newt would be so very happy with his lovely, weird family.

thoughts about black panther, which i watched last Thursday and im still crying about because it’s too beautiful

  • despite the black panther suit(s) being, well, black, the other outfits were loud and colourful and not in the slightest bit apologetic about having African cultural influence. the cloak shields! the dora milaje’s bitchin warrior outfits! every scrap of fabric they put on angela bassett! bless
  • the shot at the waterfall of the cliff face with the tribes dancing and Wakanda’ing
  • Okoye
  • Nakia
  • Shuri
  • I liked that both Okoye and Nakia, a general and a spy, were in romantic relationships in their lives that had real emotional weight, not just flashy flirting or hate/love dynamics. I love hate-love relationships as much as the next fanfic writer, but it was great to see that these women, in traditionally male-dominated positions, really did have somebody to come home and be soft to without losing their strength of character.
  • ‘Nakia…………………………hi………………………….’
  • that ‘hi’ is the 3-syllable monstrosity that happens when you see your crush and you then rise beyond the ancestral plane to the Shame plane so you can scream ‘what the FUCK’ to yourself. you did your best t’challa
  • shuri yelling WHAT ARE THOSE like the 16 yr old genius she is, and t’challa bantering with her about it added a thousand years onto my life. t’challa’s total big brother act of ‘yeah ok you can be back up on my super secret mission’ and *ominous thunk of a hit-and-run* ‘don’t worry about it you’re doing gREAT’ is too reminiscent of my own relationship with my younger siblings and i am Weak for it
  • the Roasting that was T’Challa’s life
  • the even stronger Roasting that was EVERETT ROSS’ LIFE godddd i love how unapologetic it was; he should have to learn their culture, he should have to learn how to be respectful and they don’t always have to be nice about it. they weren’t cruel, but they didn’t hold his hand about it either
  • nakia as the response to Black Widow is such a fucking power move. a spy who’s main motivation is to help less fortunate countries? square up natasha
  • klaue (no clue how to spell his name, don’t particularly care) framed as a Primary Antagonist that dies with no fanfare and no real fight?? another Power Move. this movie is full of those
  • the lip tattoo. idk but i can’t stop thinking about how cool that is
  • M’Baku as the next level of Tsundere ‘no i won’t fight for you but here’s your king back, fished him out of a river’ ‘i won’t fight for you until its time to be Dramatic and then imma fight the shit out of everyone for you’
  • every single Lion King vibe. don’t hate it, embrace it
  • ‘you are a good man, with a good heart, and it’s hard for a good man to be king’ thanks dad but i guess you don’t have a problem with that huh
  • t’challa crying while telling his entire line of royal blood, fathers and grandfathers before him, that what they did was wrong
  • erik killmonger gets a Whole Section because I’ve been Crying for Days
    • the level of Extra of this man is overpowering. i would expect nothing less from someone who dresses like goku and has god and anime on his side
    • *asks museum director about african artefacts* *corrects her*
    • *helps klaue escape* *kills him and brings him to wakanda himself*
    • ‘ASK ME WHO I AM’
    • ‘heyyyy auntie’
    • ‘IS THIS YOUR KING???’ *yeets him off the waterfall*
    • *says he’s not crying for his dad because in Oakland ‘people die here all the time’* *wipes tear away*
    • has his tiddy out just whenever
    • ‘bury me in the ocean, with my ancestors that jumped from ships, because they knew death was better than bondage’ AKA the most bitchin line ever uttered in the history of film
    • *immediately dies to have the last word*

*whispers* both of you are pretty

platonic allura/keith headcanons because i’m in a Mood

  • they’re the two most impulsive members of the team and get into all kinds of shit together
    • keith: i have a very stupid and dangerous idea
    • allura, resting her chin on her hands with a glint in her eye: go on
  • seriously never let them do anything alone because they will fuck shit up
  • a disaster gay and disaster lesbian, respectively
    • keith: you know in order to date girls you actually have to talk to them, right?
    • allura: i have to what
  • together they are chaotic neutral
  • for real tho if allura had been on the back of keith’s bike in episode 1 she would be the one laughing as keith launches them off a cliff
  • lance is forced to become the Mom Friend when he’s with them
    • allura: keith i dare you to drink this whole carton of milk
    • keith, fully aware of his own lactose intolerance: i’m gonna fuckin do it
    • lance, holding the carton out of reach: you absolutely will not
  • they like to practice hand-to-hand combat, allura basically wipes the floor with him every time
  • keith, noticing allura glaring at some planet’s king for being a sexist piece of shit: (whispers) do you want me to stab him
  • they’re both terrible at romance
    • allura: oh quiznak shay is visiting the castle again what do i do
    • keith: stare at her until she notices you and hope she’ll make the first move
    • allura: keith you’re a genius
  • anyway their friendship would be fantastic that is all
I thought I was the kind of girl who knew what she wanted. I thought I had it all figured out, that I could outsmart anyone and that I‘d never settle for less than I wanted and certainly not for less than I deserved. And here I am now, nothing more than a feeble flicker of what I used to feel simmering in the pit of my stomach. I‘m a fleeting kiss on the cheek and the girl who meets you frequently - but never the one who stays, only the one that comes and goes. The one with her car standing in your driveway, gone the next morning. Always leaving, always running. I‘m both heartfelt conversations at midnight and a whispered hello and a court nod in the streets. I’m unanswered texts and silent understandings. I’m left on read, tangled limbs, skin on skin and crying on the bathroom floor. I’m an hourglass running out of sand to spill. I’m shy smiles and empty gazes all at once and my confusion borders on madness. I don’t know who I am around you anymore and I forgot who I used to be when I was on my own. Once, I think, I wanted to be more than this. I wanted us to be more. I wanted to be the one you thought of with a smile and the girl who woke up next to you. I wanted to be the one you called at night, the one you told your mother about and the one to pick up the pieces for you whenever you were too broken to do it by yourself. I wish I could say I knew what I want now. But you made me lose sight of it. There‘s only one thing I know for sure: I‘m the girl I swore I‘d never become. Turning into a stranger in front of her own eyes for somebody who can’t make up his mind.
—  crossroads / n.j.

honestly i went into shock the first time i listened to a mountain goats song and discovered that you were all listening to a dude managing to both sing and whisper at the same time while his mate clinks together some empty cans in the background. what the fuck


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L’Amato (Il Ritorno II)

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hello gorgeous ppl!!! i am BACK with PART 2 of il ritorno! the first part was so well-loved and i honestly wanted to cry bc of how amazing u all were :’) i hope u love part 2 just as much, if not more! if u do, here’s where u can leave me some feedback, and here’s my masterlist :-) enjoy!!!!

il ritorno (part 1) / il devoto (part 3) 

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So not too long ago I used to talk to this bum ass dude that goes to my university. I thought he was cute at the time but then he showed his true colors. I’m a light skinned- caramel complexion and one of my good friends( we will call her Tay) is a beautiful, and I mean beautiful dark skin girl. If I can be honest, there was a point of time I low-key used to
envy her, not in a hateful way…I guess you can call it admiring, but I honestly thought she was so perfect and I couldn’t fathom why any guy would ever dare to pass her up. Well one day she and I went out to a party, the fuck boy I used to talk to was there and he and I had planned to go eat at IHOP after the party. Turns out he was with a friend of his as well, this ugly ass stank face, ashy, crispy, fool whose hairline looked like missing puzzle pieces and he thought he was the shit. I’m not sure who lied to him tho. We will call him Cam.

For reasons that are beyond me, Tay had a huge crush on this fool, but she was super shy. So after the party Tay goes to talk to one her friends for a bit and then I go and find my guy and we start to talk. I kind of figured I could try to set up a sort of double date like thing for IHOP and I let him know that Tay was feeling Cam and that we should try to get them together. I guess he wasn’t paying any type of attention because he didn’t know who Tay was and hadn’t seen her that night, so i pointed her out to him and by this time Cam had came over near us. My guy whispers something to Cam and they both burst out laughing. I’m real confused at that point and I just see Cam being mad extra talking about “Leave me out of it Bruh” and “don’t play me like that” and blah blah blah. So I ask them what’s up and Cam’s ol ugly ass says “Ima have to pass on the offer” so I ask him why and I was telling that my friend was a baddie and I wanted to know what he had against her. This ashy ass ninja is going to have the audacity to open his mouth and say “I can’t do dark skins”. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. The stupid ass ninja I was with starts laughing and he’s like “man I didn’t wanna say it, sorry”. Mind you, Cam is a very dark skin dude of Ghanaian descent, he has a beautiful dark skin sister who also goes to our school yet he had the audacity to open his mouth and say some shit like that. I’m not going to lie I was a bit speechless at first because even though I’m aware colorism exists full and well, that was the first time I had ever seen it happen so blatantly against someone that I was close to.

I stood their for a good 10 minutes debating with his ignorant ass on why he was ignorant as hell and questioning how he as a dark skin person himself could disregard women who bare the same features as him. Both them fools kept going back and forth about how “it’s just a preference and how they didn’t like when dark skin girls wore weave.” I got so fed up I told both of them they weren’t worth shit, got Tay and we bounced and went off to Denny’s by ourselves instead of IHOP. I was really afraid to tell her what happened because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but she insisted and i figured she deserved to know the truth so she wouldn’t still have her hopes up for that dumbass little boy. She kind of played it off but I could tell. She was hurt. I sent her long heartfelt text message later on about how she was beautiful and a lot of uplifting stuff. That’s basically how me and the other ninja stopped talking tho, because I’m sorry but I have no patience to entertain ignorance and coon-like behavior.

Though I am lighter and do not share the same experiences as darker skinned women, I feel that still as a black woman nonetheless, it is my job to uplift and look out for other black women as much as I can because in the end it seems like all we have is each other. Ladies please don’t let the comments from these trash ass men get to you, your melanin is beautiful and you are what lights up the universe. Your black will always be great. ☺️😊✨✨✨


Person a-“hey babe, we’re soulmates right?”

Person b shrugs-“no, I love you more than anything but I don’t believe in that. The whole idea of a soulmate is bullshit, like you’re only with somebody because the universe wants you too. I’m with you because we love each other, fuck soul mates, we’re more than that.”

Person a smiles big-“that was beautiful, I just asked because I found this card with a shoe and foot that said “solemates” and I thought it was cute.“

Person b laughs and kisses them-"please tell me you didn’t buy it. ”

Person a smirks and whispers “We both know I did!”

The two just start laughing and lay back down on the couch in each other’s arms.

No offense to anyone who likes the idea of soulmate mate au or soulmate in general, this is just my headcanon for person b to dislike the idea.