[whispers] stop ruining my life please


A/N: This just sort of came to me and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, but here it is.  Any comments, questions, and constructive criticisms are welcome!

Summary:  Bucky finds out about your little crush on his best friend and resolves to get you together.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Probably language, as usual

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the2psaremydrug  asked:

How would the 2ps react if they crash into a car, and just as they got out a girl (around their age) comes out apologizing and crying their eyes out?

Oh shit waddup fam

The way I interpreted this ask, it wasn’t a very serious accident

Please tell me if I’m wrong

2P Italy: *sighs and reaches out for her hand* sweetheart, shhhh, it’s alright, stop your crying now…..*pulls her into a hug that is way too intimate for two strangers who just crashed their cars*

2P Germany: *starts to grin* awH BABE YOU SO CUTE COME HERE LET ME LOVE YOU *picks her up off the ground and hugs them* IT’S OKAY TOOTSIE ROLL, I’M NOT HURT….are you? OH JESUS CHRIST EATING A PINEAPPLE ARE YOU OKAY!??!?!?!? DO I NEED TO GET YOU TO THE HARSPITARL? *acts really weird and melodramatic until she starts laughing*

“harspitarl” omfg what am I doing with my life

It’s a fucking hospital I mean seriously

2P Japan: *thrusts a tissue in her direction* you’re in public, stop crying. *inner Kuro: OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS BITCH—– I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD—– MY BRAND NEW FUCKING TOYOTA—- *

2P Romano: awhhhhh are you kidding me bish this is my brand new Ferarri…. Stop crying, you’re gonna ruin your pretty little face….. awh girl you’re lucky you’re so cute or I would call my baby bro and he would make your life hell…. Pfffft come here sweetie, shhhh, shhhhhh….. *hugs them and whispers a mix of comforting and mildly threatening phrases*

2P Prussia: I-It’s okay?!??! Stop crying p-please…..I’m not hurt or anything….Y-you’re okay too, right? *stands there awkwardly patting her shoulder until she stops crying*

2P France: *gives her a tissue* stop crying, it wasn’t that bad. Both of our cars are only dented a little. Calm down. *gets back in his car and nyooms away*

2P America: awh dollface stop crying! Come on, it’s okay *walks her over to a nearby bench and sits down with her, holding her hand* shhh, it’s fine, really….I’m not hurt, and, uh, my car was getting pretty old anyway….shhhh, come on, let me see you smile! I bet you look amazing when you smile!

2P Canada: *stares at her, occasionally mumbles “would you please just calm down,” eventually goes back in his car and comes back out with a tissue to give her, basically he just stays as quiet as possible*

2P England: GOSH DIDDLY DARN POPPET ARE YOU HURT OH MY GOODNESS OH DEAR OH LORD MERCY ME IT’S ALRIGHT I HAVE A FIRST AID KIT IN MY CAR JUST HOLD ON FOR ONE MOMENT *she soon stops crying because tbh it’s pretty funny to watch a guy with pink hair and purple short-shorts blushing and blinking really hard while he tries to figure out how to get a band-aid out of the package*

2P China: awhhhhhhhh kittennnn come on don’t cry *throws his arms around her and starts planting kisses all over her face* it’s okay babe, everything’s alright….. you’re not hurt, are you? awh sweetie shhhh it’s okay

2P Russia: Please stop your crying. Here, I think I have a tissue in here somewhere…. You don’t appear to be very hurt….. I promise my insurance company can take care of all of this. *goes on for like 26 minutes about the amazing car insurance plan he got and how he’s certain everything will turn out alright*

“KIM NAMJOON WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Oh my God I think I’m gonna be sick” you screech as you walk into see your best friend straddling your boyfriend and his hands around he shoulders. Tears slowly start to rise up in your eyes, you clench your jaw refusing to let these tears spill. “Y/N! This isn’t what it seems like baby” he says quickly shoving off the traitorous swine off his lap “Not another word I do not want to hear a single word from you.” You spat at him with tears stinging your eyes threatening to fall.

You walk over and squat in front of the girl sprawled on the floor from being shoved down. “WHO the hell do you think you are? I trusted you. You are truely aweful. You are nothing to me at this point. Seeing as much I should probably let you know a few things. You are an AWEFUL person. You are ugly inside and out. None of your many boyfriends liked you in all honestly you were just easy. A toy to them to get a load off. “What the fuck do I know?” You must be thinking to yourself. Alot more than you think you pathetic wench. They told me everything. You are disgusting, to think I ever trusted you. You are trash. Get the fuck out” you spill out all the things you’ve bottled up. She looks at you with a smirk. “Whatever y/n. Your boyfriend wanted me he didn’t push me off right away. He was dozing off waiting for your ugly ass to get out of the shower. I just so happened to come in. You’re boyfriend is hot you know? So of course I wanted him I just went over sat on his lap and started kissing up his neck. He obviously wole up because he pulled me up to kiss him instead and up he went. You think he only wants you? Then how can he get his dick up so easy over me? Hm?” SHE gets up and brushes the dust over her butt before strutting out stopping at the door turning back to look at Namjoon “text later if you want some fun” she winks and walks out.

You turn your head over to where namjoon was sitting his face in his hands. You finally let the tears fall streaming down your still damn cheeks “why? What did I do wrong? Tell me please… why would you do that.after 5 years why the hell are you doing this. Are you bored of me” You fall onto your knees putting your face in your hands your wet hair falling around you as you begin to sob. “Y/N I thought she was you.. you’re the only one I want you know? I don’t want anyone else. You’re my baby girl. I’m sorry please baby girl” he says sliding off the couch to sit in front of you wrapping his strong arms around you. You push him off and stare at him your eyes filled with heartbreak as a tears stain your cheeks. “Why?” You whisper as a new set of tears start falling.

Namjoon gets up and screams “FUCK! I AM SO SORRY. JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO! ANYTHING PLEASE TELL ME I’M DESPERATE” He walks over to your couch and slams himself down putting his hands in his hands. It is quiet no sound in the room except for your quiet sobbing you look over to see Namjoons strong frame shaking. You crawl over and put a hand on his knee and he raises his face from his hands and you see his eyes filled with tears. “Y/n this just ruined everything…” he sobs gently throwing his arms around your shoulders. He falls forward until his head is resting in your neck. You rest your arms around his chest kissing his head. Despite how aweful you feel the site of him crying hurts even more. “Stop crying please my love” you whisper quietly he looks up at you and says softly “just please listen to me for even just one minute.” You sigh deeply and shake your head in agreement. He pulls away taking your small hands in his large warm hands. “You are the love of my life. You have been since I first layed eyes on you. I never would do anything to purposely ruin this. You are the best thing to have ever happened to me. This has been the best 5 years of me life. Meeting the boys could not have even brought me this much joy. Y/n you are like an angel the world sent down just for me. I have never wanted anything more.” You look at him and say bluntly “then what the heck did I walk in and see?” His eyes widen “I didn’t want any of that. I thought she was you. I was dreaming of you and feeling that suddenly made me think it was you. I never wanted your friend. She ruined everything today. I wanted to make today special..” he says to you. You sigh and sat there in silence until you see namjoon sitting up rummaging around in his pocket pulling out a set of rings “Today I was going to ask you if one day you promise to marry me. I was gonna say we can even still pretend were married until then. I got us these promise rings because I wanted to tell you I swear to love no one else but you for as long as I live. And until I can get you the best ring to finally propose with I was hoping you’d settle with a promise ring for now..” he says softly with his deep voice cracking. New tears fill your eyes and your head drops onto his chest you begin shaking your head “what is it? Do you actually agree?” He says wrapping his arms around you. “Yes” you reply in a small voice.

You feel him lift you up and scream happily. “I WAS SO AFRAID YOU’D SAY NO NOW Y/N.” He screams triumphantly. You laugh and replied quickly “but another fuck up like that and I’m gonna smack the dimples off your cheeks. So hurry up and put the ring on me before I change my mind. He sets you down on the couch and puts the ring on your small finger. You lace your fingers through his as you put the other ring on his finger.

–low key slutty stuff so stop reading if you a baby child–

He leans forward and kisses you deeply you kiss him back happily. He takes one of his hands and puts it on the small of your back sliding it down your body. You moans softly opening your mouth. He slides is warm tongue in your mouth greeting your tongue with his. Your tongues wrestle for dominance as you slide yourself into his lap curling your fingers in his hair. You feel a slight buldge jump beneath your clothed body. You bite his lip making a hungry growl come from deep within his chest causing him to fully harden under you. “Baby girl I love you so much” he states as he begins to kiss and nip at your neck slowly laying you down on the couch. His warm body on top of yours making sure there is no space between you. You start to his his adams apple licking and biting softly on the spot as you start trailing love bite all down his neck and exposed collarbone. He lets out a soft moan “Im the only one who makes you feel like this right?” You pur into his ear sliding your hand down his waist. He grunts letting you know your answer. He starts grinding against you when you hear a small gasp.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. YOURE DISGUSTING!” You pull away and look around to see his cellphone screen with your best friends video chat open and her lookong disgusted. Little to your knowing during that moment Namjoon pulled out his phone a starts a video chat with your best friend just to let her know that he is yours and showcasing the ring that’s on clearly on your finger in the screen. Namjoon chuckles “Well obviously I’m sharing a passionate moment with Y/N, my fiancée to be as you can tell by the ring and these marks all over my neck” showing your hands and turning his head so she can clearly see the marks you had left him. “Fine whatever I get it. You don’t want me. Jesus no need to show me that” she begins to say as namjoon brings your face up to his enveloping you in a loving kiss as your best friend hangs up. “Y/N I’m sorry about that I just had to set the record strait to her” “it’s ok good now she knows your mine” you say smiling pulling him back down to the kiss taking his phone and throwing it on the floor so you guys can finish what you started.

Facing the Beast

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Characters: Kim Jongin x Reader

Warning/s: Bad people ;( jk traumatic flashbacks, verbal bullying. If it triggers you, please do not read

Summary: As you see your old friends, Jongin stays by your side and helps you face your fears.

A/N: This has been in my drafts for a while, so I apologize for being inconsistent with posting!

I’m sorry as well if this is a little shitty bc I’m lacking inspiration nowadays! This totally came out of nowhere, haha okay enjoy!

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Why you wanna give me a run-a-round? Part 4

It was actually nicer than I expected spending time with Archie and I’d never admit this out loud but I didn’t even mind doing all the stupid wedding stuff, it was worth it to get to spend time with him. I had almost forgotten how much I missed him and how big the role was he use to play in my life, it was really nice having him fill that role again. I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed being called an asshole, I get it for other reasons these days. Maybe this is why I had decided to keep everyone at arm’s length in the first place, even having this one little piece of home was making me nostalgic for the other pieces.

I had just finished my Thursday night shift and was pretty much dead on my feet, wanting nothing more than to go home and collapse into bed. I had managed to get out of working Friday night so I could pretend to get some sleep before the wedding. I was in exactly no way ready for what was waiting on me at the steps of my apartment building. In any other time I would have recognized her, I was still having a hard time from 30 feet away convincing myself that Izzy was waiting for me and even more aware of very obvious pregnancy. After rubbing my eyes, shaking my head and blinking for several seconds I decided I was not actually hallucinating and it was real.

“Hey Izzy” I tried to make myself smile, I don’t know how it translated

“Hey Izzy, 5 years Finn and all you can muster is Hey Izzy” she slapped my shoulder and shook her head at me “I’m very pregnant and its hot outside, so take me in and offer me something to drink”. The must have all coordinated how they were planning on giving me shit in the exact same way. This I thought I’d be able to handle a little better, she was the nice one, she was the one who didn’t make you talk about things if you didn’t want to, she was the ‘I’m here if you need me friend’ but I didn’t know if any of these people even still considered me a friend.

“Do you know he’s making me work on Saturday, can you even believe that? He’s making me do the guestbook.”

“Don’t you just have to sit at the table and ask people to sign that huge picture of them? You’ll be able to direct them to his forehead or something, that’ll be fun”

“I am pregnant and miserable, I am in the last actual month they will allow pregnant women to fly in. I had to get a doctor’s note for the airline just to get on the plane Finn, I should not have to work. I should be allowed to sit in some room with air-conditioning and let people tell me how I look like I’m glowing and have strangers rub my belly”

“Where’s Chop?”

“I don’t know, it’s officially not my time to keep up with him today, I think he’s playing golf with Todd, which is sad really because he cannot play golf and he’s just going to embarrass himself and probably Archie too. But Todd’s a good guy, so I’m hoping he’ll take one for the team and not decide to bail just because Archie has annoying friends.”

“You sound like you guys are definitely still in the honeymoon phase”                          

“Oh shut up” she huffed “where is my drink? Jeez are you always this poor a host?”

“My apologies” I replied laughing, I filled a tall glass with lemonade and her level of annoyance seemed to drop at least 15 points. She settled into the sofa and propped her feet up on the table

“I’m sorry okay” she looked at her feet and then back up at me “it’s just my feet are swollen, I feel like I’m suffocating and it’s just so miserably hot here, I don’t know how you do it.”

“You get used to it” I sat down next to her “and you can keep your feet on the table, it does not offend me”

“Good because I wasn’t moving them, in fact I had decided to cry a little if you tried making me” I only responded with a laugh “so” she said glancing around the room “have you seen her yet?”

“She’s here already?”

“Well that answers my question”

“I…I didn’t know she was here…and” great what an amazing time to develop a stutter “and I’m not sure she’d want to see me either way”

“Why wouldn’t she?” the look on her face was complete confusion and for a few seconds there we just stared back and forth at each other looking quite similar. “Do you remember the night at Rae’s party, when you two fell asleep in her bed?”

I smiled without really meaning to thinking back about that night, it had gone from really bad to, extremely shitty and ended up being as okay as it could possibly have been, all thanks to Rae.

“Yeah I remember”

“Do you also recall that I was asleep at the foot of that bed?”

“How could I forget I spent half the night thinking I’d end up kicking you off the end at some point?”

“That’s beside the point” she laughed “you two always had this weird connection, it drove Chloe mad for years. She was so jealous that Rae had made this connection with some other person and I think she was even a little jealous you liked Rae more than her.” 

“It was never like that with Chloe”

“I know it wasn’t, because it was always like that with Rae”

“Izzy I don’t want to talk about this”

“I know you don’t want to talk, which is why you need to listen” she was firm and in no way taking no for an answer and I was feeling the tight squeeze of being backed up into the same corner again. I panicked again shaking my head no.

“I don’t want to know”

“I wish at some point you’d figure out how to get over yourself” she huffed

“I wish everyone would stop huffing at me all the time”

“Well you’re infuriating so you may as well accept that it’ll be a running theme for the rest of your life”

“Good to know”

“Look at me” she said sitting up, taking my hands and folding them up in her warm palms “I want you to look at me and really listen to what I’m going to say to you”

“Izzy please stop” I couldn’t meet her eyes, I knew it was going to be bad

“Finn” it was only a whisper and she let me take my own time lifting my head to finally look up at her “that girl loves you and she has loved you her entire life, I know that scares you and I know you think you ruined things but at the very least please just talk to her this weekend. Try and remember how you felt just being around her.” I jerked my hands away from her and stood up, across the room before I had even registered I was doing it

“She doesn’t love me Izzy, she loves him and I won’t ruin that for her.”

“Finn you’re wrong and you don’t even know how wrong you are”

“I think you should go, it was nice seeing you but I have things to do and” I searched for the words, something I had to do to just make her leave “and I just, I just want you to leave now”. She rolled off the sofa and walked over to me, she smiled that same happy-go-lucky smile that was contagious and pushed my hair back off my forehead

“Okay, I’ll go” she leaned over and kissed my cheek “I’ll see you Saturday, I’m sorry if I upset you”

“Yeah” I stammered “I’ll see you Saturday”

          Saturday didn’t really start off that bad, I had woken up, in the floor, across from a drooling Archie laying across the middle of the hotel bed. I had kept my head down the entire morning and hadn’t even seen so much as a glimpse of her raven hair. I was doing this, I was keeping it together and was going to deliver my best man speech without a stutter, sweating, swearing or staining my own cheeks bright red. I was saving the last one for Archie. Everything was fine, I had my champagne flute in one hand, microphone in the other and everything went all to hell as soon as I looked up and to the left. God, had she always been this beautiful? I had no words left in my mind and every guest’s attention directly on me, only one stood out. She was looking right at me, smiling, just like I had always wanted her to. As if on cue she winked and mouthed ‘you’ll be great’. Always what I wanted, needed and could never have.

Jean's Treasure, Eren's Slave [Part 4/7]

Pairing: Jean/Eren

Rating: M (?)

A/N: Off hiatus! Okay we have ONE chapter of angst here. ONE. It’s all rainbows and butterflies and dancing forest friends and cuddling and kinky ass shit after this. Because you guys are the best.

For jaegerbait (previously pocketsizedtitan) <3

Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 or read it on AO3

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