[whispers] first..

Korra discovers her sexuality and finds she has a burning love for Asami. 

Just saw all the episodes of Burning Love, in which Korra’s voice actress, Janet Varney, plays a “closeted” gay female on a bachelor dating show. All lines are from there!

The last scene was inspired from a gif set, but I can’t find it! Maybe I’ll source it later. 

Watch Part 2 here!

So here’s the thing.

I love the ‘Viktor lives an extravagant lifestyle and wants to shower Yuuri in rich things’ headcanon as much as the next person. I think it stems from my working class fantasies of someday marrying someone who wants to love and support me unconditionally both emotionally and financially. But who doesn’t.

That being said, I see a lot of people portraying Viktor as sitting down with Yuuri in the planning process for their wedding (And for the rest of their lives) and saying things like Ten-tier wedding cake celebrity chef catering Armani tuxes white doves all-rose centerpieces g o l d and all I can imagine–and, granted, this is just my personal view of Yuuri as a character; Yuuri who I over-identify with on a good day–is Yuuri sitting there and going HOLY! SHIT! and completely shutting down.

And maybe this is how Viktor starts off as. Viktor probably comes from money originally, and we as a fandom have discussed this to kingdom come. We’ve also concluded that even if your personal headcanon is Viktor achieving his own wealth, he’s…well, wealthy. This is more or less canon at this point. Viktor is, perhaps not necessarily The One Percent, but definitely high upper middle class, and definitely not afraid to show it.

And he’s good! So good! He’s genuine with it, he wants to spend all of his money on his fiance and his dog and their wedding and the life they’re going to build together! He wants to buy a big place to live, a house or a condo he doesn’t care, and fill it with family and love!

But Yuuri doesn’t come from wealth. He comes from a family that probably sometimes struggled to pay bills. Sometimes, he probably sat in his bedroom and listened to his parents decide whether they were going to get the car fixed, or replace the washing machine, because they couldn’t afford to do both at the same time. I have this idea that Toshiya probably got a second job to pay for Yuuri’s ballet and ice skating lessons, and that it’s probably something Yuuri felt very bad about–and still does to a certain extent.

And he’s paying them back, now. He’s winning, sometimes, and whatever he doesn’t need to feed himself goes straight back home. But then he gets engaged to literally the most successful figure skater in the history of forever.

And maybe sometimes he can’t deal?

I think that Viktor is the kind of person who would realize fairly quickly that Yuuri is uncomfortable with grant displays. Yuuri is the kind of person who doesn’t like PDA; he doesn’t hug his parents after five years away because it’s just not what’s done in his culture. Of course he would be uncomfortable with sitting next to his fiance with the wedding planner while the words filet mignon dinner come out of his mouth.

And I think it would come out to something like this: Viktor realizes that it isn’t the size or extravagance of the wedding that he wants to badly, but the symbolism. He wants something beautiful. Something lovely, and intricate, and full of meaning. Viktor has been confusing expense with significance his entire life, and I think that this is the moment where he realizes that that’s not the case.

And yes, some of those elements are expensive. Blue rose aren’t cheap, and neither is champagne. But Makkachin is well-trained and only has to be pointed in the right direction to bring them their rings–and he works for liver treats. And Phichit is a wonderful photographer for a man whose major played a background role to his skating career. And the day Viktor and Yuuri asked Hiroko and Toshiya Katsuki if they could have their wedding at the Onsen was the day that Viktor realized, truly realized, that he had gained not only a lover, a life partner, but a family. 

It’s not the wedding Viktor imagined–except, it was never going to be, because Viktor doesn’t think he ever quite imagined getting married to someone. 

Of course, the fact that Viktor spent well over their honeymoon budget is…something that Yuuri supposes he can tolerate.

note: spoilers for crooked kingdom!

do you ever think about what happened after matthias died? crooked kingdom might end on what is, essentially, a hopeful note, but i don’t think these kids recover that cleanly or that easily. kaz brekker and his court nurse their grudges. they don’t forgive and forget. matthias helvar haunts them for the rest of their lives. 

they don’t wage a war. they don’t hunt the young fjerdan drüskelle and cut out his heart. but nina, on her voyages in ravka, looks into the eyes of the fjerdan boys she wants to spare—the same as matthias’, but with none of the warmth—and remembers what his blood looked like on her hands. imagines that the blood of these boys would look the same against the snow. listens to the strange new power churning murkily at her fingertips and thinks, it would be so easy. in the darkest parts of the night she wraps herself in furs and imagines he breathes next to her. smiles through her tears and vows revenge not in the form of flesh and bone but in forgiveness —it’s painful, but she tries for him. there has been enough. 

wherever she is, she pretends the lights are for him.

inej remembers the boy who had been taught hate and remembers the kindness he learnt instead. the boy who treated her with respect from the beginning, who found she was a storm and admired her for it. inej thinks of his strength; his unwavering presence and calm in the face of peril. remembers him whenever the ocean breeze brings the scent of snow and ice to her, and when she nestles in the roots of the tree in the garden of the van eck mansion, wondering if he found his god. sees cherry blossoms and thinks of him. 

when the sun rises, and she is the only one on deck, she whispers a prayer. keep him safe. 

the sight of matthias’ corpse is burned into jesper’s memory, awkward and ungainly, lying too still in the barge. he holds wylan a little tighter at night. brushes hair away from inej’s face, tucks his arm against nina’s shoulders, teases kaz. tells his father he loves him with more seriousness than the situation probably deserves. is left feeling hollow and slightly off-balance. jesper thinks of the conversation that seems an age away. ‘my ghost won’t associate with your ghost,’ matthias whispers. first he laughs, but this time, he’s not surprised by the fierce, sudden ache of tears. jesper doesn’t sleep that night. finds solace in a gambling den.

later, he pushes away the cards and storms out. let’s the rain fall on his face. strangely, it tastes like salt. 

wylan finds his hands tremble at strange times. he sees a flash of blond hair and a long stride and whips around, blindly hoping that he defied everything just one more time—but every time it’s a member of the stadwatch, or the appleseller’s son. he knows how many times matthias saved his life, saved jesper’s. saved everyone. he holds it in to the point of breaking, before it rushes out in a flood—i wish i knew him better, he didn’t deserve to die, we were all supposed to make it jes, we were all supposed to make it— 

of everyone, wylan thinks matthias deserved to be happy a little longer. 

and kaz sits alone in his old office at the slat when everyone else is asleep or face-first in their cups. pours himself some whiskey and lets it burn down his throat. drinks a silent toast. an apology. because it’s his fault, isn’t it? they had believed they had won. he had believed. more fool you, he thinks bitterly. watches the birds veer and turn in the sky. knocks ink bottles over another forgery and finds himself standing amidst the wreckage of a broken room. thinks he should have fought a little harder. thinks he shouldn’t have let go so fast.

 no one dares to comment he looks too tired for someone so young. 

far away, on the shores on fjerda, the snow begins to fall heavier and thicker. the wind picks up. 

the wolves howl.