[whines quietly]

Whining For "No Reason"
  • Little: *whines quietly*
  • Caregiver: yes baby?
  • Little: *whines louder*
  • Caregiver: What is it?
  • Little: *whines even louder*
  • Caregiver: Yesss?
  • Little: oh nothing, I just wanted your attention

A/N: Woo, first Taehyung imagine. I hope it’s okay. I guess I’ll start writing imagines for the members, so if you want to send in requests, feel free to do so! also, i know tae would never act like this, but for the sake of the story, that’s how his characterization is.

genre: angst

member: taehyung (v)


“God, it’s just so exhausting being your friend.”

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You pursed your lips as you watched Taehyung type away on his phone. You were laying down on the couch, your head resting on Taehyung’s shoulder. He paid you no mind and didn’t even bother to pretend to be interested in the movie that was playing.

“Taetae,” you whined. He hummed quietly, not really focusing. “What are you doing?”

“Hm,” he answered, shifting to rest his elbow on the arm of the couch and effectively dislodging your head from his shoulder. Your chest felt tight and you bit your tongue to keep yourself from commenting on anything. “Hyung texted me. He says they’re stopping to get ice cream on the way back. I’m gonna go, so I’ll see you later.” He barely even looked at you as he stood from the couch.

You bit your lip and sat up. “Oh, ice cream? I’ve kinda been craving it, could I—”

“Um, this is really just a members-only type of thing,” he replied quickly. You slumped on the couch as you watched him put his shoes on by the door.

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  • me: ah, finally I have picked my bias
  • brain: why don't you stan this member right here
  • brain: and this one as well
  • brain: also look at this cinnamon roll
  • brain: just bias like all of the members
  • me: why
  • brain: u gotta
Chapter 4~ A Detonating Catastrophe

  Ffionn shivered in his arms whining quietly getting a sticky mucus from his nose into the bunny’s golden fur. Stephan walked back upstairs placing the fox onto his bed surrounding him with a makeshift wall of his stuffed ragdolls. He picked one up and made it nuzzle his nose attempting to at least make his best friend smile. It was the fox’s favorite teddy bear. It had two large, black button eyes, with a black bow smooth as silk. He always seemed to look somber however..

  As the fox sat crying quietly to himself, he remembered the grand ship his parents promised to take him on after his birthday, mostly for his childhood fantasy of being a pirate. The “RMS Titanic” it was called was set to sail in April, and it was already November of the year 1911. He had waited over a whole year to sit in the fancy embroidered chairs looking at the gold chandeliers of first class. Happy march tunes would be playing as he ate divine meals and smelled the salt water air of the ocean.

  But all of that was now gone.

  Stephan looked away hastily before inhaling deeply saying:


   The fox looked up at the older bunny. “whatever happens in the future is unknown; but we’ll always be together as friends. I promise you that, okay my darling?” He pulled the young fox close into a hug. Foxy dropped his stuffed bear to the old, creaky wood floor of the dollhouse not expecting Stephan’s sudden movements. He nuzzled his tiny nose into his soft fur purring calmly. The bunny didn’t want to get too close- So he quickly pushed the fox away before getting too comfy. He stood his tall, lengthy figure up before the fox brushing himself off and straightening his bow and kneeled down to hand Foxy his teddy bear.

   “How about we help ourselves to a nice cup of tea?” Offered Stephan. Before Foxy could reply the bunny had already left the room. As his ears fell to the sides of his head, he turned to slide his small body off of the bed and hurriedly stumbled down the stairs to catch up with the bunny. By the time he reached the kitchen, he heard the loud squeals of a tea kettle as steam evaporated into the air becoming lost forever. The curious fox wondered what it was like to be that puff of steam. It was almost like running away but being lost and destroyed by the outside world..or evaporating in the steam’s case.

 Foxy broke out of his trance as Stephan suddenly pulled the kettle off of the stove. He took two hand painted mugs from the cupboard and poured the boiling water ever so carefully into each. The kettle sighed and relaxed as the water spilled into each mug. The bunny then reached into a small wooden box grabbing herbs and leaves tossing them into the mugs.

  “Sugar?“ Asked the bunny. Foxy nodded as he watched Stephan add two spoonfuls of sugar into the mug mixing it.

  "Be careful now not to burn yourself,” Stated the bunny. “We don’t want any nasty scalds or burns on our tongues now do we?” He carefully pushed the mug towards the fox. Foxy took the cup blowing at it in order to cool it down faster. He watched the steam pirouette and glissade up, up, up into the air. Stephan sat next to the fox calmly sipping at his tea.

  "Why did mother have to die..“ Whispered Foxy. Stephan jumped at his words and choked on his tea mid swallow. Sighing loudly, he said;

  "Do not speak or even think of her. She’s gone.” The fox slammed his fist upon the table with tears beginning to well in his eyes.

  "n O-“ he exclaimed. "Why?” He questioned. “W H Y?”

  “Sit down you’re beginning to cause a ruckus.” Stated Stephan rolling his eyes. Before the flustered fox could get too out of hand, he picked him up placing him in his bed.

 “It’s half past the first hour, you need your rest.” He said as he dressed Foxy into his nightwear. After several minutes of kicking and screaming, his eyes sunk and became droopy as the older bunny tucked him in gently and handed him the teddy bear.

 “Now how about a story?” Exclaimed Stephan. The young fox tiredly looked over at Stephan wanting to just simply sleep.

 “Once upon a time,” started Stephan. The young fox’s eyes widened. “there was a bunny.” Foxy shot an annoyed look at the older bunny as he resumed. “He liked adventuring. One day he was happily exploring about among the rose petals and bushes when suddenly right before his eye-” Stephan stood up taller and taller making the scene more dramatic.

 “Drops of demon ink hugged the bushes. The bunny walked towards not believing his eyes.” Foxy looked up in awe as Stephan continued on with his story. “Want to know the best part of the story?” Questioned Stephan as the fox looked up with wide eyes.

  "It’s real.“

  Foxy jumped back as he heard the words spill from the bunny’s mouth.

 "R-real?” He exclaimed excitedly but also slightly nervously as well.

  "Ah but of course!“ Beamed Stephan. He revealed a jar full of sticky, black ink that seemed to curdle from within. Foxy cowered down under the sheets.

  "No no, it’s alright. It can’t hurt you. For it’s simply in this here jar of mine. As long as it’s safely secured, nothing can happen to you.” The fox cautiously crawled back from the sheets and made his way to the jar.

  "How did you manage to get it?“ Asked Foxy.

  "Well I uh- heh..” Spat out Stephan nervously. “I had to brush it off the branches into the jar of course, some dripped down to my arm b-but I’m fine- do not question me you imp” Foxy looked at the bunny’s left arm, which was wrapped in gauze bandaging. He noticed he has been covered more lately. Specifically in his torso region. The bunny had been seeming to act in strange manners as well being quite more stern and short tempered than his usual quirky, charming self.

  "Steph..“ Started the fox. Stephan’s ear twitched as he seemed to cringe grinding his teeth together clenching his fists.

 "What” he choked out.

 “Are you feeling alright? You’ve been acting rather strange latel-” the fox was cut off to the bunny suddenly pushing him down in the sheets covering him. He tucked him in tightly as if it would keep him from getting up to annoy him any further.

  "I must be on my way now-“ he started. "I’m very…busy.” He said slightly whispering.

  As Stephan sauntered off back to his room where the prototypes were, he almost ran face first into the last person he wanted contact with.

  "M-marinella-“ squeaked Stephan. He clutched the jar close hiding it behind his back as she slightly scowled at him.

 "Where are you off to so quickly-” she said impatiently tapping her foot at the ground.

  "What do you mean my darling?“ Questioned the bunny slightly sweating. The keen fox narrowed her eyes inspecting the bunny. She leaned to the side getting a quick glimpse of the jar hiding behind Stephan’s back and growled unapprovingly.

 "You better be careful with that-” she snapped “before someone gets dreadfully hurt.” She was a beautiful sight. Elegant white fur with the most delicate dress and embroidery with a cunning personality

  "Oh but of course my darling,“ said the bunny quickly pecking her on the cheek. "I assure you, it’s in good hands.”

 When he finally reached his room, He opened the toy chest taking the artificial dolls out gently. As he placed them on the table, they fell limp, lying still. He picked up the doll staring deep into it’s black, button eyes.

  “A true hellfire and damnation this is!” Cursed the bunny to himself as he threw the dead doll on the ground forcefully.

 Angrily dragging up a chair and slumping down in it, he sat thinking of a new way to approach his experiment. Gears spun as clocks ticked while Stephan stared into space thinking. Blood seeped out of the stuffing from the dead doll on the ground sinking deep into the floorboards. The bunny’s ear twitched as he rubbed his arms which ached from being pricked so many times

  “Hooking the prototype to an electric generator would create a surge of power throughout it’s body.” Thought the bunny. But he didn’t have to appropriate tools, or safety wear. He pulled out a dusty generator from underneath the desk and plugged the cord into an old socket in the wall. He leaned down once more to grab a tin box full of multiple items the bunny had invented just for his own needs. He pulled out strange, bandage-like squares attached to thin wires placing them down before him.

 As he began to unbutton his delicate pinstriped flannel, he took each square and began placing them to various parts of his torso region, and face. His undernourished looking chest had multiple rashes and tiny scars, almost as if he was attacked by some sort of plant or beast.

 But surely that’d be nonsense,


 As he hooked himself up to the generator, a spark jumped on his hand causing him to flinch. Shaking slightly, he tried to focus. But to no avail as another jumped in his eye, blinding him. Letting out a troubled cry, the bunny began to panic falling back in his chair  With his right eye now scarred and blind, his clumsiness and stumbling made him catch his ear into the flame of a small fire that had started. Seeing the fire quickly spread he stumbled up with all his energy ignoring the flames to warn the others. He called everyone telling them to exit the building. Using all of his force to push them out.

 Suddenly the sound dribbled out of the young bunny’s ears he breathed rapidly and hard. His vision grew blurry and the world began to fall dark. Growing weaker by the second, Stephan continued to use all his energy to help evacuate each and every last doll from the building.

 Finally being able to bear no more, he fell to the hard floor in pain clutching his eye.

“Get up you fool!” his mind yelled at him.

 “Haven’t you forgotten about something?”

  Those were the last words Stephan S. Bunny heard.

 Before the world went dark.

Steve Rogers Imagine #2 -Studying

Imagine Steve interrupting you while you’re studying

A/N: Sorry not my best work. The ending was bad but I hope you liked the rest :) Also, remember that I take requests so just ask if you want anything!

You heard the faint creak of your bedroom door opening and then closing again. Soft taps of sockless feet on hardwood followed that. All of a sudden, a pair of strong arms wrapped loosely around your neck and around your chest from behind your desk chair. You tilted your head down slightly and gently kissed the muscular forearm under your chin.

“(Y/N)…” Steve whined quietly as he tilted his head into your neck and slowly kissed from your collarbone to just below your ear.

“Steve, I have exams tomorrow. I can’t do this right now.” You replied softly, but firmly; this time turning your head to the side to place a kiss on his cheek.

“(Y/N) please?” He whined, “It’s almost midnight and you’ve been studying and doing work since you got home. It’s late and I need to cuddle.” He placed a light kiss on the top of your head and rolled your chair away from your desk so you were facing him. He squatted down so your faces were across from each other’s.

You stared into each other’s eyes for about a minute until you gave into his big, pleading, puppy dog eyes. You delicately took his face in your hands and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He stood up a little bit so he was standing over you and pulled away from the kiss.

“I thought you had to keep doing work.” Steve said in a low voice and flashed a sly smile at you.

“That can wait.” You replied.

He carried you out of your desk chair and into the living room. He set you down on the couch and went back into your shared bedroom to get blankets and pillows. He brought them back and playfully threw himself on top of you along with the pillows and blankets he got for you guys.

His head was rested just under your chin and he was laying on top of you with his arms half around your waist and his hands on your upper back. He turned his head so his face was against your neck. He gave you a few kisses in different places on your neck. Your fingers were slowly twirling through his hair.

“I love you.” He said against your skin, so it was slightly muffled.

“I love you too.” You said back. You felt his soft lips curl into a smile against your skin as he shifted to get into a more comfortable position.

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alone time

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word count: 804 


character(s): nakamoto yuta, nct 127

three years ago you met your best friend, yuta. he’s been your rock and safety blanket the whole time. you just happened to be shy and clingy, you clung onto the people you were close with. most of your friends found this annoying, they thought you were too clingy. they also wanted you to grow out of your shell, but it’s a challenge. yuta understood this which quickly made him your best friend. he always protected you, and for that you’ll be eternally grateful.

“aww y/n” he cooed, you clung onto his arm as he approached the dorm

“what if they don’t like me” you whined quietly, he stopped in front of the door and captured your face in his hands

“they will love you just as much as i do” he said before opening the door and greeting his members

“guys this is y/n. y/n that’s johnny. mark, taeil, taeyong, hae chan, do young, winwin, and jae hyun” he said as i tried to remember all of their faces and names

“she’s kind of shy” he said, smiling a bit before sitting with you on the couch and talking with his members

*time skip*

now that interaction was roughly six months ago. within that short period of time you’ve become close with all of them. since their comeback is coming up there hasn’t been much time to hang out. yuta though, yuta will always make time. if it’s taking a nap together, getting coffee, or getting lunch

recently he’s been under a lot of stress, with each day their comeback becomes that much closer. they were all stressed and worried about what their fans would think of their new concept and sound. you’ve tried your best to assure them that no matter what, their true fans will love it and maybe it’ll attract more fans.

“y/n” winwin called, you had the official, unofficial job of being their caretaker

“coming” you said back, rushing to his dorm

“why are you in yuta’s dorm? where is he?” you asked, looking around the room and under the covers until you found him

“he’s been in here all afternoon” he said quietly before leaving

“you alright?” you asked, turning to see he moved to sit in the corner of the room, he stayed silent

“yuta?” you said, approaching him as he looked up at you

“what?” he said angrily as you flinched

“are you ok?” you asked, he rolled his eyes and stood up

“why are you always in my business?” he asked harshly as you looked at the floor

“it was just a question” you explained as he scoffed

“you’re so clingy! it’s so irritating, but i pretend to like it because i don’t want to hurt your feelings. you need to learn to come out of your shell. god you’re so dependent and it gets on my nerves. sometimes i wish you never came into my life, so i don’t have to worry about leaving you alone for more than five minutes. stop getting in all of my business and leave me alone” he yelled as you felt tears prick your eyes

“the truth comes out” you said before turning on your heels and walking out, you finally let the tears fall

“y/n” jae hyun called, catching the attention of all the members as they comforted you

“he’s just talking a bunch of shit” johnny yelled, getting angry at yuta for hurting you, he was like your older brother

“jonhnny, stop” do young said, making him sit down

“we’ll go talk to him” do young said, johnny and jae hyun leaving with him

you sat there, his words repeated themselves through your head. winwin and mark were the only ones left in the dorm so they sat there and comforted you. you placed your head in your hands and tried to shut out the thoughts.

“y/n?” mark asked, you lifted your head up and saw yuta, you cowered into the two boys a little more and hurt flashed through his eyes

“y/n…i-i’m sorry. i can’t put into words how sorry i am. i was just stressed, and i took it out on you. you didn’t deserve it and i’m so sorry. please forgive me. i didn’t mean any of the words i said, it just came out and it was just bullshit. i’m sorry” he said as i looked up

“please i don’t want to lose you over this, please” he begged, starting to get on his knees

“i forgive you” you said, lifting him up

“have i ever told you how much i love you?” he sighed, bringing you in his arms

“no, you better start telling me everyday” you retorted, he looked down at you and kissed the top of your head

“i’ll start tomorrow”

The Gym

Hercules Mulligan x Reader
Words: 259
Request: could you please write me something cute and fluffy with mulligan? like maybe sneaking kisses or something along those lines? aAAA i just want him to be cute and blushy?? pls,,,! =) 

this was super short but i hope you enjoy! i just wanna keep writing requests tbh… but i really do need to sleep now so goodnight all! 


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“I don’t understand why it was necessary for me to come to the gym with you. I have work to do,” You whined, trailing after your boyfriend, Hercules.

“Well, I need some kind of motivation, don’t I?” Hercules replied, scanning his card by the gym door and going inside. He placed his bag in one of the lockers, grabbing your arm. “Hurry up (Y/N)!” He whined.

You laughed quietly. “This better not take too long,” You stated, letting Hercules drag you towards a mat in the corner of the gym.

“Okay, so lay down there,” Hercules said, pointing to the mat. You pouted. “If I wanted to take a nap, I would’ve done it at home,” You stated.

“No, you’re not taking a nap. Get your ass on the floor,” He said, poking your side gently. You squeaked, laying down on the floor.

“What now?” You asked, looking up at your boyfriend who stood in front of you.

“Now, the motivation happens,” Hercules stated, getting into a push up position over you.

“Shouldn’t we be doing this somewhere a bit more private?” You asked.

Hercules chuckled, starting to do pushups. He kissed your lips gently as he came back down, smiling.

You put a finger to his lips after he had done twenty. “That’s enough for today Mulligan. Let’s go home and kiss somewhere a little more… romantic.”

Hercules stood up, pouting. “But babe, you’re motivating me to get fit.”

“We can get fit other ways too…” You stated, standing and grabbing his hands. “Home?”

“Lead the way, baby.”


I am in incredible awe and humble receipt of this absolutely AMAZING drawing by striving-artist for my fic “To Die a Hero (and Live Much Longer)”. I am currently in love, and so if you could all please let her know what a fabulous job she’s done, I would be forever in your debt; my words are not enough to describe it.

Bath Time- Boombox Fic

 Since a lot of peeps wanted the bath time story, i finally got to the prompt and wrote it, yEEE


 Summary: Jamison Fawkes has always hated water

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Sort Of Approved

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Prompt; You’re Nate’s little sister and you live out in L.A. near him, you’re secretly dating Sammy, all of your friends and family know except Nate.

Word Count: 843

Warnings: Cute Sammy and protective Nate

Sam Wilkinson X Reader 

Your P.O.V

“Nate! Get up your friends are here!” I shouted upstairs, I turned and laughed along with the group of guys consisting of, Jack G, Jack J, Hayes, Nash and Sammy. Sometimes I don’t understand how I hang around so many guys, “Babe.” Sammy whined quietly as he hugged me, “I went to your place first but you weren’t there.” He mumbled into my neck. I smiled as the rest of the guys walked into the house. “Sorry, I ended up crashing here, I forgot to text you.” I told him as I enjoyed just being in his arms. 

I separated myself from him as I heard Nate coming down the stairs, Sammy sighed, “You have to tell him eventually.” He said before going into the living room with everyone else. That is the only thing that has ever started to put strain on our relationship. We’ve been together for three months already, It has been the best and hardest three months of my life. He’s so sweet and caring, he looks at me like I’m the best thing to ever live, but its been so hard keeping it from my brother. I shook myself out of my thoughts as everyone started getting up, “Where are you going?” I asked them.

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Bokuto dating a sporty girl who cheers the loudest for him when he is in his gloomy moment. When he wins the game. She rushes down to meet him to only glomp him and pepper kisses all over his face.

I’m on my phone at work so the format is different ;)

His third spike blocked.

Anybody could tell that Bokuto was getting frustrated now, especially Akaashi and you. Sitting up at the bleachers, you played with the hem of your shirt as you stared down at the intense match that was happening, it was getting close to Bokuto’s dejected stage.

“Send it here Akaashi!” Bokuto yelled as Akaashi nodded, sending his ace a set. It was a perfect set, although Bokuto’s frustrations and anger bottled up and he had spiked the ball straight into his side of the net. “Noo, Bokuto..” you whined quietly as you watched him stand still, head down. It was happening.

“Akaashi, no more passes!” Akaashi turns to look up at you from the bleachers and you mouth give him a sympathetic apology. You watched nervously as Bokuto continued his dejected mode, the other team slowly catching up in points. Biting your lip, you tried to figure out a way to get Bokuto out of his frustrated mood, if he continued like this, it would cost them the match.

“Koutarou!” You screamed up from the bleachers, everyone turning to stare at you. Your ears turned a red color and you clenched into the railings tightly. “You can do this!! You’re the ace, I believe in you!” Bokuto looked up at you, his face expression slowly changing into a bright happy one as he threw his fist in the air shouting cheerfully.

Akaashi bowed at you, thanking you as you smiled and bowed back. It must have cheered Bokuto up because he scored 5 straight points which won the game for them. Excitedly running down, you looked around for Bokuto in the large gymnasium and as the two of you found eachother, you ran straight into his arms as he spun you around.

“You did so good Koutarou! Ah, in so proud!” You cried through each kiss you placed on his face. He laughed as he blushed with all the kisses you put on his face and he couldn’t help but kiss you back. “It’s all because of my good luck charm, you.”


Requested anonymously :) xxx

Gif Credit: Unknown, message me if this is yours!

He really wasn’t the best at picking up on people’s emotions, but even the Doctor had to get the hint when you simply stormed past him instead of greeting him after he had picked you up with the Tardis.

He looked after you for a moment, unsure wether or not to follow. Did you want to be comforted, distracted? Asked what was going on, at least? Or did you just want to be left alone? Only one way to find out, really, and the Doctor wasn’t above complaining and whining quietly in front of your locked door when you refused to let him inside.

You didn’t reply to him at first. Just listened as he talked on and on about how he just wanted to help and about all the studies he had seen, proving that talking tended to help people - especially humans. It wasn’t until he heard a tiny sob from the other end of the door that he realised you weren’t just upset. You were really broken down!

He called your name again, but a lot softer this time. “Please, tell me what happened”, he said quietly, and this time you talked. Through your tears and your little sobs, you told him everything that had happened - not just today, but in all those years of bullying and name calling and unfair treatment. The Doctor listened the whole time without interrupting you, but once you had stopped for a few moments to collect yourself, he spoke up again.

“Open the door, {Y/N}. All those things they did to you, you didn’t deserve them. And you’re so much more than what cruel names they came up with to hurt you with. You are so much more than them. Please, let me in. I’ll help you throught this…”


Magnus probably should have known this would happen — he’d started feeling off days ago but he’d ignored it. Which was stupid, he knew better than anyone that he had a terrible immune system for a warlock. The fact that he almost never slept or ate regularly definitely wasn’t happening.

Maybe the fact that Magnus willingly went to bed at a reasonable hour should have tipped him off that something was wrong, if nothing else had. He was exhausted. When he woke up his body felt too cold but his hair was matted with sweat and everything hurt. The most he could do was whine quietly and pull the blankets up to his shoulders.

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8 with Yugyeom?

#8: “Yeah, well it wasn’t funny.”

“Remember the time Yugyeom pushed you down the stairs, Y/N?” Jackson said, throwing his head back and laughing. You looked over at Yugyeom, a sheepish grin on his handsome face and gave him your best “I swear I still have bruises” look. “Aww, you know I’m sorry! I love you!” Your boyfriend said, standing up and attacking you in kisses and hugs while you bashed against his grip. “Yeah, well it wasn’t funny.” You said grumpily, but grabbed Yugyeom’s wrist anyway when he tried to go back and sit down in his own spot. “I want another hug.” You whined quietly, making your boyfriend’s smile grow wider.

a good girl ; jeon jungkook


genre - angst // fluff

cast - BTS (( Jeon Jungkook )) X Reader

mentions of bullying, swearing, and mature contents. 

only Jeon Jungkook can control you; but how come?!

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“Hyung, you guys do not need to send me off to class!” Jungkook whined, sighing quietly as he looked down. But his hyungs couldn’t care less. Some of the girls squealed when they passed by the seven idols; Hoseok couldn’t help but grin as he waved at them kindly. “The girls here are pretty,” Jimin smirked softly. Jungkook rolled his eyes. 

A huge slam on the locker made Jungkook and the other six members jumped, as they snapped their direction to the sound, Jungkook couldn’t help but his heart was beating faster than usual. Who would it be if it isn’t the school’s baddest girl, Y/N? “Stupid shit,” you spat to the nerd, who flinched when you cursed her out. “How dare you talk back to me?!”

Everyone watched, as if it was their normal drama series. The six BTS members looked at Jungkook, who watched without blinking, too. “Yah, yah, Jungkook! You- or we- should stop her!” Hoseok yelled quietly, trying to step forward to them, but Jungkook held Hoseok’s arm back, “No!” his eyes were full of fear, he doesn’t want you to hate him. 

“But that’s bullying!” Yoongi defended Hoseok. “I know,” Jungkook sighed. “But, let her be, okay? It’s everyday like this, she’s the bad girl of the school. She bullies, she skips classes, always got into punishments and detentions, but she’s really pretty and sometimes, she’s nice.” he watched as you pulled the nerd’s hair. “Pretty? Okay. Nice?!” Jimin yelled quietly. 

“What’s her name anyway?” Taehyung asked, all suddenly curious. Jungkook gulped. Jungkook once told his hyungs he likes you, but he never told them that you were bad. “It’s Y/N.” he sighed, what’s the point of lying anyway? “Y/N?!” they all screamed at the same time. You, who was kicking the nerd, stopped and turned to them. 

Their eyes—especially Jungkook’s, widened. Everyone else’s too, how could you not? It’s BTS. Somehow Jungkook saw how you stared into his eyes, your eyes filled with shame. You quickly let go of the nerd’s hair as you pushed her to the group, glaring at her. “See you again, loser.” you spat, walking away– passing by BTS. 

Most of the students were quiet, because they wanted to know how BTS reacted. “D-Did we just got you into trouble?” Namjoon whispered. “Why don’t you guys leave, and I’ll answer your question later?” Jungkook hissed, walking away to class. “Jungkook,” Jin called out. “What?!” Jungkook snapped, turning around. Jin sighed, “Tell us if she does anything to you.” 

Jungkook’s eyes softened, as he sighed slightly, “Sure.” before he went to his class, trying to ignore his nervous heartbeating because you were in the same class as him. When he got back to class, you were chewing your bubblegum as you listened to your friends talk. But when he was in front of the class, your eyes met his. You squinted your eyes in anger before looking away. 

Jungkook tried to focus on the textbook he’s reading–but, he can’t, as he saw a bunch of boys talking among each other in the library, it’s about you. “You know, to be honest, I’ve been liking Y/N since forever. She’s so feisty, I like it.” one of the boys confessed. “I heard that she’s the reason why Kwangsun, the nerd boy, turned into a bad boy.” another guy gossiped. 

“Haha, I bet if she’s with me, I can make her even badder, if that’s a word.” Jungkook gripped the textbook’s page as he bit his lip to prevent getting mad. “Good one, but if she’s with me, she’s gonna be good. She’s gonna follow all my rules-” with that, he slammed the textbook closed as he stood up and walked out of the library angrily. 

The next morning, he went to school really early, since he didn’t like to be late. Jungkook looked down as he walked through the corridor to his class. To his surprise, he bumped into someone who was holding her water bottle open. Of course, the water spilled onto the girl’s uniform, making her all wet. “Yah!” she snapped, both Jungkook and her looking up. 

Both eyes’ widened. It was you. “Y/N?!” Jungkook yelled, almost not believing his eyes. Oh no, he thought as he saw you looking away from him to your wet shirt. “Oh, Jeon Jungkook, just what did you do to me?!” you hissed, obviously annoyed. Jungkook gulped nervously, trying to think ways to help you. Finally, he took out his extra shirt from his bag and handed it to you. 

“What?!” you snapped as you gave him a dirty look. “What what? Change your wet clothes using mine. And, cover your bottle, you don’t want to spill water to anyone else too.” You glared at him before snatching his folded shirt and threw your bottle away, spilling the water to the floor - it somehow made Jungkook laughed, why did he expect you to cover the bottle?

“What are you laughing at, dumbass?” you angrily asked, tidying your hair. Jungkook suddenly looked at his watch, then looked at you again, “why’re you so early today?” Jungkook noticed you looked down slightly, like you’re ashamed of something as you replied him with nothing. “I got to go,” you ignored his question as you gripped onto his shirt. 

Weird. he thought as he watched you walking towards the girls’ toilet. “Y/N!” he called out, making you stop in front of the toilet door and turned around. “Umm, I have a question; do you hate me?” You rolled your eyes, “and why should I?” Jungkook rubbed his nape, “Well.. yesterday, the boys accidentally yelled out your name and you looked angry–” 

“About that,” you interrupted. “I also have a question to ask you. But let me change my shirt and we’ll talk, okay?” Jungkook nodded, slightly nervous. “Don’t worry, scary cat. I’m not gonna hurt you.” you assured, smirking as you walked in the toilet. Jungkook sighed in relief quietly, waiting for you to change and planning to walk with you to class together. 

“You look good in my shirt,” Jungkook teased, fake coughing. Again, you rolled your eyes, “I look good in anything, okay?” Jungkook chuckled. He blushed as he realized he’s walking with his crush - how long did he waited for this to happen? “So um, about your question–no, I don’t hate you,” you started, smiling shyly. 

Jungkook said nothing as he looked down, but he couldn’t help the small smile that captured your heart. “And, for my question, it’s the same as yours. Do you and the other BTS members hate me?” Jungkook’s lips performed a small smile, looking at you, “Of course I don’t, but about the others- just forget it.” You nodded, looking down, though.

“I guess they warned you not to hang out with me, is it?” though you were laughing, Jungkook noticed the bitterness in your laugh; as if you wanted to hang out with Jungkook more but you were scared he wouldn’t want that. “Jungkook-ah, even if you like her, try to stay away. She can hurt you.” Last night, Taehyung warned him.

Jungkook chuckled, “No, they didn’t. We can hang out all the time if you want to.” Jungkook saw people glancing at them, even the boys in the library yesterday – their eyes showed jealousy. “Are they dating?” you heard one of the girls whispered. “Jeon Jungkook, the handsome, talented idol, dating Y/N, the pretty, yet mean bully?! Oooh, intense!”

Somehow, or immediately, your eyes softened as if your heart began to change somehow, weirdly. What does this mean? You thought. Oh, there’s only one reason, alright. You glanced at Jungkook, he turned to you, feeling your glance, “anything wrong?” you shook your head, looking away, not noticing someone ran into you.

Fortunately, Jungkook saw it, a nerd was running towards you, probably didn’t you due to how many books he needed to carry. Saving both you and the nerd’s life, Jungkook acted quickly; he pulled you to his side, hugging you tightly, thankfully, the nerd didn’t bump at you. Your heartbeat beat faster as you looked up at Jungkook, who was also staring at you.

Jungkook swore to himself he saw an innocent girl behind those eyes, a lost, innocent girl. Upon seeing this, Jungkook looked away and blushed; you did the same – but your mind couldn’t help it. You knew the meaning of this. You wanted to deny, but you just couldn’t; Jeon Jungkook made you act like a good girl. “so, um, anyway, y/n, why’re you early today?” Jungkook whispered, both starting walking together again. 

“That,” you sighed, trying to ignore that feeling. “M-My mom just decided to send me off early.” you lied, gulping. “Yah, you’re so bad at lying and acting,” Jungkook teased, laughing slightly. You slapped his arm playfully, laughing too. “Don’t make fun of me even if you caught me lying, dumbass!” Jungkook, with courage, wrapped his arm around your shoulders. 

“Arraseo.” Jungkook replied, clicking his tongue. You clenched your fists; you never liked boys touching you like this, you never liked it when they replied you like that, it makes you feel like you weren’t strong enough anymore. Usually, you would sway the person’s arm away, pushing them to the floor or to the wall, warn them to not do it again. but with Jungkook, it’s different-

as if you only wanted to snuggle your face in his neck. You didn’t like how he was now wrapping his arm around your shoulders as if you guys were close already, you didn’t like it he replied you like that as if you guys are best friends and not scared of each other. you wanted him to fear you, so that he wouldn’t hurt your feelings. but, no. 

all suddenly, you became weak, you became obedient. all suddenly, the nickname ‘The School’s One & Only Baddest Girl’ was false. and its’ all because of an idol, an idol you promised yourself not to fall for, an idol who you admire from the corridor, an idol you want to bully too. “Yah, Y/N, are you okay?” Jeon Jungkook, what have you done to me? 

finally, it’s done! :) I know this is crap, and it doesn’t make any sense, but this is all i can write, sadly :’)) Though this is crap, please do support me by liking and re-blogging, if possible! ily <3

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Popplio whines quietly. Her injuries were burning... (m!astarter from teal-seal-popplio)

*Nightmare could hear the small wines and tries to find the source. When he sees Popplio, he immediately runs to her side.*

Nightmare : W-what happened to you?! Are you alright?! Please, speak to me.

*He was tearing up slightly. He couldn’t lose the one friend he had.*

The Art of Slay. (Prologue here)
Slaying Wanda

A/N: Happy Belated Birthday @twilighost123!! I’m sorry this is a bit late. I dedicate this slay to you. I wish you all the best things in life! Thank you so for your ongoing support. Your messages always make me smile. :) <33

As soon as you realised that it was Wanda you had pressed into the wall, you removed your hand and motioned for her to stay quiet. She would be sensible enough to understand why it was imperative for the two of you to be as small and as silent as possible.

That being said, Wanda wasn’t quite sure how to actually take in the situation. Her feelings for you might have been confusing before, but oh goodness, to have you pressed up against her like this wasn’t helping things.  Not to mention you were dressed in lingerie that made Wanda both blush and want to explore. “W-where did your clothes go?!” She whined as quietly as possible.

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Ruby couldn’t help the heavy sigh that left her lips, her shoulders drooping as she stared down at the paper before her. Somehow it seemed like these problems were even harder than they’d been back in Vale. Maybe that was just her being two years younger than the rest of the students at Beacon, but still. 

When it came to the normal subjects, she did pretty well in just about everything…except for mathematics. It was like the numbers just swam around in her head, jumbling themselves up and making no sense. 

“Why do we need this?” she whined as quietly as possible, hoping the teacher wouldn’t hear her. “Fighting is so much more interesting..”