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Wailmer + Wailord Variations

Found throughout the oceans of the pokemon world the Wail family comes in many shapes and sizes. The most commonly seen being used by trainers are either the Blue Whale or the Humpback variation, these variations are easier to find and catch due to their massive size. 

Narhwails are found in the colder regions, they are illusive and swim in small pods compared to the larger variations. They are friendly when trained but generally quite shy

Orca Wails are the most aggressive breed and are often found fighting with Sealos and Walreins for food, they are also the smallest breed and hardest to catch due to their personalities. 

Orphan (A Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) - 3. Staying

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I snap my head up and rub my eyes. My circadian rhythm wakes me up at the crack of dawn. The sun hasn’t come up yet. I move my hands around me and feel the warmth from my body radiating off the cotton sheets. I see Jamie curled up into a ball and sleeping soundlessly next to me. He looks so peaceful.

I stretch my legs and wiggle my toes under the soft comforter. I’m going to miss this.

I sigh as I heave myself off the bed, causing the springs to creak slightly. I walk to the bathroom and examine my face in the clean mirror. The bags under my eyes are hardly noticeable. Sleeping on an actual mattress horizontally can do wonders.

I hastily splash my face with warm water before patting it dry with a towel. I inhale deeply as I walk out of the bathroom and down the stairs. Entering the kitchen, I wash the glasses Jamie and I used the previous night and lay them upside down over a towel to dry. I fold all the loose blankets in the living room and place them neatly in a pile on the couches, ready to be used by the next guest.

I continue cleaning the house for the next hour; sweeping, wiping the countertops, cleaning the windows, etc. I walk to the front door and turn around, surveying my masterpiece. The house is spotless. It’s the least I can do to thank the Gilinsky’s for all they’ve done to help Jamie and me.

I open the front door and step outside, breathing in the fresh air. The atmosphere is humid and cool. I walk on my tippy toes to the front door of the Gilinsky’s house and knock twice. 

I wait for several minutes with no response. I bite my lip as I pick my hand up to knock again, but I stop myself when I hear light footsteps coming down the stairs on the other side. I put my hands to my sides and wait patiently, watching the doorknob turn and the door swing open inward.

Mrs. Finnegan smiles upon seeing me and wipes her hands on her kitchen apron, “Good morning, darling. You’re up early.”

“Yeah, I uh, I always wake up early.” I stutter awkwardly as I look at my feet.

“Did you sleep well?”

I pick my head up and look at her sincerely, “Yes. It was honestly the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.”

She smiles sweetly. “I’m glad. Why don’t you come inside for some breakfast?” She opens the door wider and motions for me to come in. “I just finished making blueberry pancakes.”

The scent of freshly cooked pancake batter fills my lungs. I salivate at the mere thought of sinking my teeth into a bite of the fluffy, warm goodness. I gulp hard and hold my hand up, shaking it slightly. “No, thank you. They smell wonderful, but I really need to pick up my car from the lot.” I scratch the back of my neck nervously. “Is there, um, anyway you could take me?” I look up at her hopefully and quickly add, “I’ll pay you back for the fee. I get my paycheck at the end of the month. I promise.” 

Her smile slowly vanishes as concern spreads across her face. She looks at me and says in a quiet voice, “Of course I’ll take you, Kathryn.” She begins untying her kitchen apron. “And I told you I would cover the fee. I don’t want your money. I mean it. I won’t accept it.”

I feel like crying again. As much as I desperately need the money, I hate being treated like some fucking charity case. I simply look at her, afraid to speak due to the encroaching tears.

She yanks the kitchen apron above her head and tosses it aimlessly onto a couch. She looks at me again and asks, “Are you sure you don’t want breakfast before we go?”

I nod my head, “You’ve done enough for me.” I look at her once before turning around and making my way back to the guest house.

Opening the door, I put a strand of hair behind my ear and walk up the stairs into the bedroom. I see Jamie stir in his sleep and I bite my lip hesitantly. I lightly shake his shoulder until I see his eyes slowly flutter open.

He looks at me drowsily and says in a cracky voice, “Kat?”

I smile at him softly. “Good morning, J. I’m sorry to wake you, but we have to go.”

He rubs his eyes and asks in a small voice, “Where?”

“We’re gonna pick up our car from the lot.”

“Are we coming back?” He looks at me with worried eyes.

I blink hard and exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding, “No.”

He immediately furrows his eyebrows and raises his voice, “Why? I like it here, Kat. I wanna stay.”

“It’s not our home, Jamie. We don’t belong here.”

He sits up violently and throws his hands in the air, “We don’t belong anywhere, Kathryn!” His eyes fill with tears and I know what’s coming. Within seconds, Jamie is rolling around in the bed and crying uncontrollably. He wails his arms around aggressively and says through sobs, “I hate my life!”

I bite my lip and shut my eyes. I feel the tears piling up at the corners of my eyelids and my throat begin to tighten. I can’t breathe. My chest heaves up and down rapidly as I attempt to grasp control of myself. It’s no use. I feel the tears stream down my face as Jamie continues to cry obnoxiously.

I open my eyes and wrap my arms around Jamie as he proceeds with his anger fit. He fights back and attempts to push me away, but I ignore it. I hug onto him tightly and begin to sob into his floppy hair. I struggle to say through gasps, “I’m sorry, Jamie. I’m so sorry we have to live like this. I-I want to give you everything you deserve. But I—I’m sorry, Jamie. I’m so sorry.” I shake my head at myself and begin to sob harder, releasing all of my bottled up emotions from the past six months. Out of energy, Jamie stops squirming and simply cries into my chest.

I hear a sniffle coming from the doorway. I snap my head around to see Mrs. Finnegan clutching onto her purse, tears flooding down her face. I say nothing. I simply stare at her as the unyielding tears continue to fall endlessly out of my eyes.

She looks back at me and gasps out, “I came looking for you to see if you were ready.” She walks over to the bed and sits down next to me, her legs dangling over the edge. She looks me in the eyes as I clutch harder onto Jamie. She nods her head slowly, “You’re staying.”

I open my mouth to object, but all that comes out is more tears. Mrs. Finnegan wipes away her tears and continues, “There’s no way in hell I’m going to let you and your brother continue living in that car. You’re staying.”

I close my eyes and shake my head. I feel Mrs. Finnegan caress my face in her hands and stroke my cheek lightly, “No one deserves to go through what you and your brother had to go through, Kathryn. You are so strong.” She pauses. “Jamie is lucky to have you.”

I keep my eyes shut as I let her words pour into my ears. The sound of Jamie’s sobs disappears. I feel his small hands wrap themselves around me. His head snuggles into my chest and I hold onto him tightly, letting the tears fall down my face and neck.

I follow Mrs. Finnegan and pull into the long driveway. I park my car and look over at Jamie sitting in the passenger’s seat. He’s staring straight ahead and his face is unreadable.

I bite my lip as I unbuckle my seatbelt and step out of the car onto the rocky pavement. I hear the door slam on the other side and see the top of Jamie’s head appear.

Mrs. Finnegan walks towards us and smiles slightly, “Do you two need help getting unpacked?”

I look at her and shake my head, “No, I think we can handle it.” I glance at Jamie before looking back at Mrs. Finnegan, “Thank you, Mrs. Finnegan. For everything. I-I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

“I don’t want you to.” She smiles sadly before turning around and walking away.

I watch her as she opens the front door to her enormous home and gracefully walks inside. I pull a piece of loose hair behind my ear and open the trunk. I eye all of Jamie and mine’s possessions cramped into the small storage space.

I grunt quietly as I grab a large cardboard box filled with clothes and toiletries. The large box blocks my front view, leaving me to rely on my peripheral vision.

As I turn around and make my way towards the guest house, I feel a pair of hands lift the box off my arms. I furrow my eyebrows as I hear a deep voice say, “Lemme help you with that.”

Jack turns to his side to look at me. He smiles at me before turning around and walking into the guest house. Grabbing Jamie’s hand, I follow behind him hesitantly.

Jack sets down the cardboard box on the coffee table with a grunt. He turns to me and raises his eyebrows, “That’s a pretty heavy box for just clothing.”

I look at him blankly, “Yeah.”

His lips curve into a half-smile, “Yeah.”

There’s a moment of silence as we stare back at each other. Eventually, he breaks our eye contact and looks around the house with his eyebrows raised, “Did our maid come today?”

I scoff internally. This kid has a fucking maid and I don’t even own a broom.

“No.” He looks at me. “I cleaned it.”

He smiles at me with a confused expression, his eyebrows furrowed. “Well feel free to come clean my room anytime.”

I say nothing. I turn around and exit the house, clutching onto Jamie’s hand and walking towards our car to retrieve the rest of our items.

I hear Jack’s footsteps following behind us. He picks up his pace to walk side by side with us and turns to look at me, “So I hear you’ll be staying with us?”

I look straight ahead. I really wish he would stop talking to me. I grab a small box in my free hand and reply, “Temporarily.”

He reaches into my trunk and grunts as he lifts another box onto his arms. He looks me in the eyes and says, ”That’s too bad.”

He walks away without another word. I stare at his back as he walks through the doors of the guest house.

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