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Would you ever consider doing a lineart tutorial? Or muscle tutorial? You art is drop dead beautiful. So sharp. I just love it a lot ugh

SCREECHES LOUDLY FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH oh gosh,,that’s super kind of you! ;u; TO BE HONEST i’m not really sure how to go about a lineart tutorial, but i can certainly share my brush!!

if it helps, i try to work up close and use long but fast strokes, usually on a 1200x1200 canvas and resizing as i go along (it mostly gets smaller)!

as for muscles, i’m still no expert but i can give a few tips on how to make them look a bit more realistic! FEAT. ALL MIGHT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.

i found that, more than anything, it’s helped me to just learn about real muscle groups and how they interact with each other. SOUNDS LIKE A CHORE but i think if you know you’re gonna be drawing muscular characters often, it’s 100% worth it!

Tainted Love (part 1)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: probably swearing

A/N: Don’t hate me but I deleted ‘Long Way To Go’. I’m sosososososososososososososososo sorry BUT here’s this new Lance AU. I really hope you guys like it :) Also, I know I say this every time but if there are any mistakes, I shall fix it when I wake up (I really need to stop staying up late lol).

Growing up, you always wondered who your soulmate was and when you’d meet him. You wondered if he was brunette or blonde; a red head maybe? If he had blue eyes or brown eyes; maybe gray or hazel?

Was he tall or short? Did he have the most perfect smile ever? Was he nice?

So many questions ran through your head as a kid. Either way, you couldn’t wait until the day you got to meet your soulmate. Your parents always wondered when you‘d meet him. Your older sister already had, they’re married now. Your friend since college, Hope, had recently (finally) got together with her soulmate, Ben. Even your youngest sister had already met her soulmate. Now they were waiting on you and at age 28, you still held onto the little hope that you’d meet him.

It was a long 28 years of your life and your soulmate had put you through hell and back. From bruises and scrapes here and there to breaking your arm and leg.

And let’s not forget the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced because of him; that god forsaken tattoo just above your lady parts.

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. Everyone was off doing their own thing which left you at home by yourself. You were just watching some movie, relaxing on your couch when you felt a horrible sensation on your lower abdomen and it was getting worse by the second. It felt like someone was stabbing you, more like carving you and you wondered if your soulmate was alright.

Going into the bathroom, you pull down your sweatpants and remove your shirt, leaving you in only your bra and underwear. You hold onto the wall for support, the pain increasing as it got closer to your womanhood. You look into the mirror and see what seems to be a drawing?

Then it dawned on you; that motherfucker is getting a tattoo.

It was the worst 3 to 4 hours of your life.

The idiot tattooed fucking gold medal on him. Why the fuck would he get a tattoo of a gold medal? And somewhere so painful? Needless to say you hated getting undressed. Sex too. And forget about bikini’s.

God, how you wished you knew who your soulmate was so that you could properly kick his ass.

You tried contacting him a couple of times when you were 17. You wrote on your hand with pen, knowing it would also appear on his hand as well. You wrote a simple ‘hello, this is your soulmate.’ followed by a little smiley face. He responded with a ‘fuck off’.

You also knew that he was very sexually active. You loathed the mornings you’d wake up and find several hickeys on your neck. Oh, how you wanted to pummel him to the ground.

Even though you wanted to give him a piece of your mind, you always found yourself caring a bit too much for your soulmate, despite all the shit he’s put you through.

“Get your cock sucking ass in the car, you’re coming with me.” Hope placed her hands on her hips as she glared at you.

“No thank you, I’m fine staying home.” you respond, leaning against the doorframe.

Hope groans. “Can you stop being an asshole for two seconds and come with me to the gym? The new team coordinator is coming by and you’re really fucking nice so you’ll make me look good.”

You let out a sigh. “Fine. But only because you’re shit on your own.”

Hope smiles and you quickly put on your shoes, slipping your phone into your back pocket. The two of you retreat back to her car and you slide into the backseat, being met with some teen.

He smirks at you. “Hey.”

You turn to Hope. “Who’s this asshole?”

“Oh that’s just Maggie’s fling for the week. ” she brushes it aside and you roll your eyes.

“I really like him.” Maggie turns to you with a sweet smile from the passenger seat.

“He’s got to go.” you say, looking at the guy.


“Go, get out.” you nod your head but he doesn’t move. “Don’t make me get out of this car and drag you out.”

The teen’s eyes widen and he grabs his backpack before getting out of the car at which time, Hope starts driving.

“What the fuck was that for?” she glanced at you through the rearview mirror.

“She needs to be on her A game and that little shit would’ve distracted her.”

Hope pursed her lips but didn’t say anything more on the matter.

“Oh shit, I almost forgot.” she spoke, grabbing a cup from the cup holder. “I want that down the hatch before we get to the gym.”

You watch Maggie take the cup from her, noticing it held a greenish liquid and snatched it from her.

“Y/N, what the fuck.” Hope let out a frustrated sigh.

“What’s in here Hope?” you shake the cup around.

“Healthy shit.”

“Like what?”

“Like orange juice and bananas and.. Weed.” her voice got lower towards the end, hoping you wouldn’t hear her.

“Weed?! Are you fucking kidding me Hope? The new team coordinator is coming over and you want Maggie stoned?” you scoff.

“She needs to live a little.” Hope waves her hand at you.

You roll your eyes and roll down the window, throwing the cup.

“What’s wrong with you!” Hope nearly screeched.

“She’s not going to that gym stoned, Hope.”

Hope groans loudly. “Ugh, you’re no fun.”

The three of you walk into the gym upon Ben telling you that the new team coordinator was already there and once Hope sees him, she becomes tense.

The tall man rips his earphone out of his ear and turn around, a smirk playing at his lips. “Well, well, well. Hope Ann Greggory. You’re an hour and three minutes late.”

“What the fuck are you doing here, Lance Tucker?” she barely looked him in the eyes but it was clear that she was annoyed to see him.

Lance Tucker? Hope told you about Lance, mostly about how much of an asshole he was and how much she hated him. Lance was a gymnast as well but you didn’t care for gymnastics much so when Hope would rant about him or gymnastics, you wouldn’t pay attention. You didn’t know a thing about Lance Tucker, only that he was, as Hope says, an asshat.

“Team coordinator.” he responds, holding out what looked to be an I.D.

Hope scoffs. “They offered me that job. I said fuck no.”

Lance lets out a laugh. “That’s bullshit.”

“Your face is bullshit.”

“Something looks different about you. Oh,” he then chuckles. “I know, you got old.”

“Your limp dick disease must be affecting your eye vision.” she snapped but before their insults could go any further, Ben stopped it, asking what Maggie’s first set was to which Hope said bars, still glaring at Lance.

Lance on the other hand took this time to glance around the room before his eyes landed on you. “Oh hi, I’m Lance Tucker.” and suddenly he wasn’t the asshole from ten seconds ago.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” you respond. Lance stretches his hand out to you and you shake it, the both of you immediately pulling away when you feel a shock.

“Don’t fall for his nice guy image he’s putting on Y/N. The guys’ still a dick brain.” Hope rolled her eyes at Lance but he was too busy staring at the hand you had touched.

It was as if time had stopped and all Lance could do was look at you. Why had he felt a shock when the two of you shook hands? Did you feel it too? All too soon, Lance was snapped out of his trance.

“Asshole, you gonna watch Maggie or are you gonna keep staring at my friend with your hand in your pants?” Hope questioned, still slightly annoyed.

“Uh, yeah.” he cleared his throat, looking at you once more before turning to Maggie.

A/N: Just go with the flow, alright? I’m so excited for this one. I’ve been writing this for 3 hours, tell me what ya think!


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Same Time Tomorrow? - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @heavenlytheshield - hope you enjoy it!

Summary:- You are in NXT and have been training extra hard. One night, you accidentally let ‘daddy’ slip while Seth is playfully tickling you. You get up and run away, going into the showers - but Seth follows you in there. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count- 1,304

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Cursed Child was dumb and here are some reasons why

(warning: spoilers. this probably won’t make sense unless you’ve read the script. far be it from me to recommend this kneazle-vomit of a play, though, so if you haven’t read it, good)

  • the plot is messy, strange, and childish. there’s only one time-turner left!! how will the characters cope when said time-turner is lost? oh lol they’ll just use this other convenient time-turner. for convenient plot points, see also: harry can suddenly speak parseltongue again, because well he just kind of needs to be able to do that
  • Harry cursing “oh dumbledore” without a hint of irony. like really? really
  • the characterisation was a pile of dragon dung and we all freaking know it. let’s break it down into individual characters here because fuck if I can stop at one bullet point for this
  • Hermione: the brightest witch of her age, the constant crusader for the unloved and the unrepresented, whose successful career and capacity for kindness apparently rest in the hands of her romance with Ron Weasley. oh… but wait. it sounds a little familiar, this story. hear me out. let’s see now, a highly intelligent person who falls in love but doesn’t have that love reciprocated, and who then becomes a really fucking mean teacher at Hogwarts through bitterness. sound like anyone we know? fam, they tried to parallel Hermione and Snape. Hermione and Snape. this being the same Snape who sneered in Hermione’s face when she’d been visibly hexed, and made her cry; the same Snape who bullied Neville Longbottom for years, while Hermione muttered instructions under her breath to help him. if you want to tell me that Hermione would ever allow herself to become a Snape parallel then I will kindly invite you to shove a dirigible plum where there’s no lumos solem
  • Harry: when Harry was at his angriest in OOTP, and he’s yelling at Ron and Hermione, there’s one thing we notice. everything he yells is true. he means it. he’s bitter about it and he’s loud and furious, but he doesn’t have the kind of anger that just says anything to cause hurt, that speaks without thinking, not even at this crisis point in his life. are you really going to tell me that the boy who knows down to his bones what it’s like to feel rejected, and misunderstood, and alone, would ever say - even in anger - that he wishes Albus wasn’t his son? I am going to snap wands over this
  • Cedric. and this one burns. because Cedric was brave and he was true, and he had a sense of justice that led him to telling Harry about the way the golden egg worked, and led him to sharing the winning of the triwizard tournament with Harry. he died, he was murdered at the age of seventeen, embodying a sense of justice so strong, an innocence, a goodness. Cedric Diggory - the boy who believed in fairness with an integrity that is astounding - becoming party to the indiscriminate killing and casual torture of the Death Eaters just because he had his head engorged one time… is about as likely as Hagrid stomping on a dragon egg. it’s an insult to who he was and I am going to engorge the entire bodies of the writers of this fucking play so that hopefully they’ll just float away too, with all the grace and likeability of Aunt Marge
  • Voldemort: can we all agree now that Voldemort would not father a child. the idea of him experiencing lust seems out of character; the idea of him giving into a base urge seems more so. it’s too human, too vulgar, too physical; it would associate him with the common and the mainstream in a way that I contend he would find repulsive. Tom Riddle Sr. was trapped by Merope into sex and romance; to have sex would be to bring himself closer to his parents, down to the level of a Muggle and a witch who lacked power and craved love, two things Voldemort could never, ever stand. no. he wouldn’t have sex just because he wanted to; he’d be repelled by the idea. what other reason could there be for him to do the nasty with Bellatrix? to ensure the continuation of his line? that makes even less sense. achieving immortality for Voldemort was always a question of magic, a personal quest. he wouldn’t go for a messy, physical back-up plan. he always thought that he would win. if anything, he would see a child as a future threat, not a security. another being in the world with the promise of his power? he wouldn’t risk it.
  • what the fuck was that trolley witch scene though
  • “for voldemort and valour” are you serious. is there a Gryffindor spy in the Voldemort camp laughing their ass off because they actually managed to get that one through. and are they ten years old
  • overall, the message of the play infuriated me. Delphi was the child of Voldemort, so she was evil. Albus was the child of Harry, so he was good. Scorpius was the son of Draco, so he should have been evil, but Draco’s actually kind of good now and his mother was nice, so he can be good too. where is the complexity? was five hours of drama not enough to find some shades of morality? where is the hope, where is the resonance, in a story that says that good begets good and evil begets evil, and nothing can really change? the Harry Potter book series was about a boy who grew up with something inside him that was utterly evil, and who rejected it, fought against it, changed the path that fate seemed to wish him to walk. not slytherin, not slytherin. we had Regulus Black and Sirius Black, who rejected their pasts, whose heritage and whose House stood for nothing against their principles, their eventual and separate forms of bravery. we had Remus Lupin, who transformed into a monster but never became one, not even after years of rejection and pain. we had the word mudblood, and we watched Hermione fight it, we knew it was ridiculous to label someone based on their blood. and now… we have the Cursed Child. a play which is flat, and stupid, and tells us that your parentage inevitably dictates your character - and that how you’re treated is how you’ll treat others. dear writers, in the words of Albus Dumbledore, you fail to recognise that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. you fucks.
Slut (Evan Hansen X Kleinman!Reader)

TW; Swearing, heavy bullying, a lot of crying, KIND OF FAT SHAMING I FEEL HORRIBLE, mentions suicide :<

AN; Slight Connor x Reader at end, dolls. This was really hard to write because it says some really mean things. I almost cried. aaaaand sorry this took so long, I’ve had a less than okay but not bad week. xoxo

WC; i dunno anymore lmao

You held Evan’s hand as you walked through the hallway, your small group of friends behind you guys. People didn’t dare mess with you when they were around. Everyone knew they would make a scene and probably start a fight. So people made fun of you when they weren’t around.

“Guys, do you have any plans this weekend?” Jared said, looking between you all.

“Not really,” Evan smiled, squeezing your hand.

“Nope.” Connor mumbled, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“Well Zoe and I were going to have a sleepover and do our homework, but you guys can totally join if you’d like!” Alana cheered, Zoe nodding at her words.

“Sure, as long as it doesn’t turn into some weird orgy.” Connor added, pointing at you and Evan.

“Awe, c’mon Connor!” Jared yelled, “You’d tap this!” Jared hit his own ass and ran ahead a few steps. Connor shook his head with a chuckle.

“I-I’m up for it!” Evan added, smiling.

“Eww! Evan’s up for an orgy!” Zoe cried, laughing.

Everyone laughed except for Evan, who was embarrassed mess.

“We could have the sleepover at our house.” You said, glancing at Jared.

“Hell yeah!” Jared cried, already thinking of Just Dance and junk food.

“Hey pricks, this is where we all split up.” Connor added, waving goodbye.

“Love you, (Y/N).” Evan whispered when he kissed your cheek and turned into his classroom with Jared and Connor behind him.

“Bye tree lady!” Jared yelled with a laugh as he stepped into the class.

Alana and Zoe waved goodbye as they turned a corner, heading towards their class as well. Your attitude completely changed as soon as you were all alone. You wrung your hands and looked down, heading to your class on the other side of the building. People were whispering as you quietly shuffled down the hallway. You could tell they were talking about you because everyone craned their necks to watch you go by. Some people even pointed and laughed. Your chest felt heavy as you sped up and suddenly tripped in the middle of the hallway, landing in front of a group of bullies.

You stared at the ground with wide eyes, refusing to look up. You hair was shielding your face, but everyone could tell you were scared. You knew who was in front of you, and you didn’t want to deal with this on a Friday. This was the one girl who knew not only how to break you, but shatter you.

Your hair was pulled up aggressively, making you look up at the girl in front of you. Anxiety swelled in your chest, and it was hard to breathe suddenly.

“So, the little slut likes to sleep with my boyfriend?” The girl grinned like the Cheshire cat, leaning down slightly.

“N-No, I would never-” You stuttered, earning a tug on your hair. The girl pulled you by your hair, making you stand up to your feet slowly.

“Oh yeah? Then why does he know everything about your body and the way you moan?” The girl growled, getting really close to you. The girl let go of you, but the circle that had formed around you three blocked you from leaving. A boy stepped up next to her and took one menacing glance at you.

“This slut? Oh yeah!” The boy laughed, his eyes dark. “She had no dignity, and she practically rode me until I broke! She had stretch marks and fat rolls all over! She screamed for me, and she was so fucking loud!”

Tears had started to streamed down your face as you stared at this boy you had never even seen before. Why were people so cruel?

“That’s i-impossible, I was w-with my boyfriend l-last night.” You whispered, holding back a sob as people whispered, called you names, and even spat on you. You were with Evan last night, and all of your friends new that too.

“Boyfriend? We all know that your ‘boyfriend’ is only dating you because he would be forever alone otherwise. Don’t even get me started on your dumb fucking friends.” The girl spat, shoving you backwards. You landed at the feet of the girl’s best friend, and she dumped a huge bottle of red koolaid on your head. Your white shirt turned see through and stained. Your bra was visible, and people were screeching with laughter. A sob erupted through your mouth as you stood up and shoved past through the circle around you.

You sprinted through the hallways, dripping red koolaid and tears. You stumbled a few times, but kept going. You ran past a group of familiar people, and they all called your name as you ran by. You didn’t stop running until you reached your house, slamming the door open and wheezing for air.

You ran up the stairs to your room, slamming the door shut and locking it. You threw your backpack against the wall and flung yourself into your bed. You sobbed so hard that your whole body hurt. You felt horrible and embarrassed. Your phone buzzed and you looked up slightly, hoping it was Evan or Jared texting you.

No, someone had just tagged you in a video of the whole incident on Facebook. You let out a yell and threw the phone against the wall, pulling on your hair and letting your body shake with sobs. Your phone shattered as you heard a car screech into the driveway. You rocked yourself and shook for what seemed like forever. You hadn’t noticed your door handle jingling or the people calling your name.You didn’t even look up as Jared and Evan bursted into the room.

Your eyes were still squeezed shut when Evan held you in his arms, and Jared was trying to talk to you. You opened your eyes in time to see Connor dragging Jared out of the room, trying to show him the video.

Everyone was extremely worried, and they had every right to be. You had refused to tell anyone why you had tried to take your life only a year ago, before they all knew you. Jared was there, but you didn’t get along well that year, for some reason. So now they all took it as their responsibility to protect you, and make sure that never happened again.

Evan ran his fingers through your hair, his other hand gently holding your face.

“How long has this been happening? How long have they been– been..” Evan whispered, not wanting to hear the answer.

“S-Since Freshman y-year.” You hiccuped, watching Evan’s eyes scan you with realization.

“Is-is that why you would always come home with bruises? Is that why you–?” Evans eyes watered and his voice broke, he didn’t understand how people could do this to someone like you. You nodded, silent tears dripping off your face.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” Evan cried, pulling you into his arms. Evan cried into your hair, wishing he could go back and help you. He wished you told him, but he wasn’t going to say that. He knew if he said that he’d be putting the blame on you. You heard someone yelling angrily downstairs, and you slowly pulled yourself out of Evans embrace.

Your door was busted open and a fuming Jared stormed it. He angrily hugged you, holding you tightly. “I swear I will kill them, (y/n).” Jared growled.

“Nobody messes with the Kleinman twins.” You heard Connor say, earning a concerned laugh from Zoe and Alana.

“Are you okay, (y/n/n)?” You heard Alana ask, stepping forward. You nodded and laughed, wiping a tear from your eyes.

“M-Much better, now that you’re all here.” You whispered, earning a hug from Evan. Jared backed away and paced angrily, his hands angrily pulling his hair.

“I can’t believe I didn’t know, they’re so– so- ugh!” Jared yelled loudly, sitting down with tears in his eyes.

Connor stepped forward and sat next to you, setting his hand on yours.

“Hey, I- We won’t let anybody touch you anymore.” Connor said softly, his face pink. “Don’t worry about those pricks anymore, okay?”

Connor smiled, which was rare. Your eyes were wide and you smiled, nodding.

“Thanks, guys. You’re all awesome.” You whispered, pulling your hand away from Connor’s to wipe your tears. Evan pulled you closer to him, and you noticed Jared was crying angrily. He had realized that this had been going on for a long time, and that this was why you probably tried to take your own life.

“I am seriously beating the shit out of everyone who has ever laughed at you, (Y/N).” Jared mumbled, wiping a tear from his eye.

i work in a small shop that also holds art classes in the back and i was explaining to this 60+ year old woman that the best way for her to find out about future classes was to sign up for the stores e-newsletter since we send out an email each time a class is coming up
and she says to me very rudely and loudly
“ugh i don’t have email! i don’t use that crap, i refuse to own a computer, the internet is a fad and computers will be gone in a few years anyway”

what? the fuck?

i just stared at her, i honestly could not find any words to reply to that so i just handed her her receipt and said “have a nice day ma'am” to which she responds
“hmph well you stupid young'ns will realize i’m right once we all go back to pens and paper”

two weeks later and i’m still baffled

Got7 reaction to you being grumpy and not wanting to wake up


He was awake for like forever now and you were still sleeping. He got bored so decided to wake you up. He jumped on top of you and started yelling “Yah! Babe wake up! You’ve been asleep for so long!” He would say while shaking you. “Jackson let me sleep im so freaking tired” you mumbled and went back to sleep. “But babeeeeeeeeee” he would say loudly. “ugh fine im up” you would say and he would give you a warm hug.

Jaebum (Jb):

“Babe im home” Jb yelled but no one answered. “I said im home!” He would say but still nothing. So he went upstairs to see you sleeping peacefully. “She is so cute” he would mumble quietly. He was going to wake you up but then he saw the pile of books all around the room and realised that you were doing homework and fell asleep. “Ill let her sleep she seems tired, even if i wake her up she will be grumpy” he said and walked to the living room.


He wanted to go on andate with you so he texted you but when he saw no reply he pouted. He figured he should come to your apartment and check up on you. He kept pressing the door bell until you opened the door with a look that could kill anyone in one shot. “What the hell is wrong with you? Its 7 in the morning let me sleep for crying out loud!” You said and laid down on the couch. “But babe i really want to go on a date” he said while pouting at you. “So? And i want to sleep” you said and closed your eyes. Not long after he laid down next to you.


He woke up before you did so all he did was stare at you until you felt some one stare and it made you feel really weird. “Could you please not stare? Im trying to sleep nicely for once!” You said and turned away. “Whoa someone is grumpy today” Youngjae said and wrapped his arms around you. “Sweet dreams princess” he said and hugged you so you could sleep with the feeling of warmth and love from him.


He had a whole day planed from where you are going to go to what you are going to eat. When he came over all he saw was you sleeping on the sofa in a very uncomfortable position. He picked you up to bring you to bed when you mumbled “Yah Mark let me sleep im so freaking tired from everything” you said and layed your head on his shoulder. “Okay honey, ill bring you to bed so you can rest” he said and laid you on the bed covering you with a soft blanket. “Goodnight beautiful” he kissed your forehead and left.


You were sleeping when Jinyoung dropped his mug on the floor and cursed loudly which made you wake up from a very comfortable sleep “Park Jinyoung cant you for once be quiet? Im trying to sleep!” you said and laid back down. “Im sorry your majesty for waking you up because i broke MY FAVORITE mug!” He yelled and left the room stomping his feet as loud as he could just to irritate you even more.


He was so excited that his favourite movie finally came out that out of excitement he forgot that you were sleeping and jumped on top of you yelling loudly “Omo babe wake up! My favorite movie just came out and you NEED to watch it with me!!!” He said shaking you violently. “I swear to god Kim Yugyeom if you don’t leave me alone right now, you wont be able to see tomorrow” you said in a warning voice “You are no fun!” he said and ran out of the room.

Thank you to the person who requested this! Hope you enjoy! ❤ (Still taking all types of requests)

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A/N: Okay, I think I done fucked up here and wrote something different to what you intended because I’m dumb! I knew I’d changed the scenario a bit but after re-reading the ask, I think I completely misinterpreted it lmao! I’m sorry but I’m not starting again! The general almost gist is there right?

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Warnings: Implied smut, language, fluff? crack?

Word Count: 1259

My Masterlist!

~ Sam and forever tags are open! ~

Tags at the bottom and mostly taken from @spnfanficpond Sam list. Get in touch if you wanna be added or removed!

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Requested: No

Summary: In which Draco helps the reader get rid of persistent hiccups.

Word Count: 990

Warnings: None :)

For what must have been the fiftieth time, a loud hiccup escaped you as you sat on the grass near the Black Lake, trying to study. Unfortunately, your chest constantly being overcome with loud spasms and then the loud hiccup that followed was getting very distracting.

And apparently, it wasn’t just you it was distracting.

“Would you get those under control?” your friend, Draco Malfoy, snapped at you. He looked up from the Herbology book he was pouring over for the Final Exams that were coming in two weeks.

“I can’t help it,” you protested, hiccuping again, loudly. “Ugh! This is so irritating!”

“I’ll say,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. “Do you know the spell to get rid of those?”

“No,” you whined. “Do you?”

“No.” He bent back over his book and you tried very hard to concentrate on not hiccuping for a few minutes. Of course, that only seemed to make it worse.




“Merlin, will this ever end?” Draco finally cried out, throwing his quill down on to the parchment and giving you another exasperated look.

“It’s not like I’m doing this on purpose, Draco,” you hissed, after another hiccup. Suddenly, you had an idea. You flourished your wand and a glass of water came flying toward you, which you proceeded to chug as quickly as you could.

He arched an eyebrow at you. “What are you doing?”

“One way to cure hiccups is supposed to be chugging water very quickly.”

He grinned. “All of those things that people say never work, you know.”

“Yes, they do!” you said defensively. “People always say to hold your breath, but that never worked for me. But this did! See, I haven’t – hiccup!”

“Told you,” he said smugly, and then flashed you his most dazzling smile.

“Shut up,” you said in a surly voice. “Okay, I have another idea.” You closed your eyes and began to concentrate. It was difficult, knowing that Draco was probably staring at you.

You heard him start to laugh. “What are you doing?”

“I’m picturing three bald men,” you told him matter of factually, opening your eyes. “That’s another one I’ve been told in the past.”

“Uh huh, that’ll work,” he said sarcastically.


“Bloody hell!” you shouted, knocking over the now empty glass out of frustration. Draco was now bent over from laughing at you. “Oh, you think this is funny now, do you?”

“It keeps getting funnier and funnier,” he said cheekily. “Besides, I know how to cure your hiccups without magic. And it’s not all these weird things you’ve heard from obviously very idiotic sources.”

You swatted him on the shoulder and he chuckled. “What?” you asked.

“You need to be surprised,” he told you, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. His gray eyes were scanning over you now, schoolwork apparently forgotten. “Completely shocked.”

“Well, lovely,” you said, looking around the grounds. The nearest students were far away, and it was a very peaceful day; you couldn’t see yourself getting a shock from anything out here. “Well then, I guess I’ll just have to suffer until the Giant Squid decides to pop out, or something. Hiccup.”

“I don’t think so,” said Draco with a throaty chuckle, though you noticed something in his voice had changed. When you looked over at him, you thought he looked momentarily rather nervous. That was strange. Then again, Draco was a tough one to read, and now that you were watching him it seemed that he was merely sitting next to you and looking at you with a neutral expression.

You frowned. “What do you-”

But your words were cut off because your mouth was suddenly very busy. Draco had leaned over very, placed his hands on either side of your face, and crashed your lips to his.

Oh my god, he’s kissing me! your brain shouted as fireworks exploded in your mind. And you liked it.

His lips were warm, and the way his fingers were lightly brushing against the skin of your cheeks, drawing patterns along your jaw as he kissed you deeper, was making you crazy. And he didn’t stop after kissing you once: over and over he kissed you, tilting his head to deepen the kiss into a soft and tentative pattern, with just a hint of forcefulness. Oh, he was good at this…

After a minute that seemed to have lasted for an eternity, his lips were gone and he had pulled away.

You kept your eyes closed for a second, because you were still slightly dazed and you were already missing his lips. You could feel his breath across your face, and you knew he was breathing slightly harder and that he was still close. Very slowly, you opened your eyes to gaze into his.

There was a boyish, almost shy look in them that momentarily made your breath catch in your throat, and a burning intensity in his gray eyes that you had never seen before.

“Did it work?” he breathed. Breathlessly, you nodded, and he chuckled, his eyes still carefully watching your face as he grinned triumphantly. “See? Told you.”

You just nodded, still unsure of what else to say. You really wanted to ask why he had kissed you for so long if it had only been the element of surprise he was going for, but you thought you knew the answer. You thought you could see it in the way he was looking at you now, with a look that was making butterflies erupt in your stomach and your heart skip beats.

“Was it a good surprise or a bad surprise?” He tried to sound casual and failed completely. His eyes were also smoldering at you, and you felt your cheeks warm up.

“Good surprise,” you told him, with a very shy smile. “Definitely.”

It was quiet for a moment. And then he whispered, “Can we do it again?”

A/N: Hi there, HP fandom! This is my first posted imagine, so I hope it wasn’t total garbage. I just felt like writing something short and fluffy with my boy Draco. Comments/thoughts/etc are much appreciated, as is pointing out any errors you may see. Come on over to the new blog and request something, if you like! Right now I write for Draco Malfoy and Newt Scamander :)

Bad Hair Day

Requested by:  @deepestfirefun  :  Hi! Love your writing sooo much that I just have to ask you a request if you are willing to accept and write it? Fili x human reader (little smaller than average human) after ordeal with the goblins, readers very long hair is quite a mess and she struggles to untangle it. Fili notices that and offers to help but because she isn’t too keen to let anybody and I mean anybody to touch her, specially the hair, she refuse at first but after failing to do it herself, she agrees to let Fili to help. He has to really take his time with her hair and while doing it, moment starts to get really sweet and tender? :) thank you!

Hope you like it and thanks for requesting!! Requests are always open!  And sorry about the wait. I hit a bit of a slump while writing this. And then I had some other issues but its all good now. :-)


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Originally posted by chuckxavier

You had been sleeping oh so peacefully when all of a sudden, the ground disappeared from beneath you. The landing was pretty harsh, before you were all abruptly pulled to your feet. And you felt a hand in your hair. They had it knotted and bunched up. That was going to be a pain later to untangle, You thought to yourself. You were all taken in front of the Goblin king, and he had just said to kill them all, when Gandalf appeared, thank god, and saved the day. Sorta. You killed many of them as you made your way to an exit, but he was there once more. Gandalf easily took care of him, and he was dead, and you all had fallen on the bridge-like thing. You and Gandalf had easily gotten up and off, but what do you know, it got worse. The dead Goblin king, landed right where the two of you had been, and all of them groaned out in pain. You laughed lightly, before you all got up and out of there. The whole eagle and Azog situation went by so fast, that it hardly registered. You remember getting on one of the eagles, and Gandalf was on the one in front of you. It was beautiful. Thorin had been injured, but Gandalf was quick to revive him. You were all relieved that he wasn’t gone yet. You all had just made camp when you sat down by the fire and grabbed your brush from your bag. Sitting on the ground, you slowly began to try and work through the knots, but it was proving to be a futile effort.

“UGH!!” You sighed loudly in annoyance.

“Hey, would you like some help with that?” You heard Fili ask, before you quickly shook your head. You had had enough of other people messing with your hair.

“No, I’ll be fine. Thanks for the offer though.” You reply, adamant that you could do it yourself. You mumbled an ‘Alright’ before making himself comfortable in his spot once more. After a good 10 minutes of a second attempt, you threw the hairbrush on the ground,, and flopped backwards.

Sighing, you picked the brush back up and went over to Fili.

“Hey. Fili. Uh, do-would you mind?” You asked, smiling and shrugging. He laughed before patting the spot in front of him.

“Come here.” He said, and you were sat in between his legs. He grabbed the brush and started at the end of you hair and slowly worked his way through all the knots and tangles. It was quite relaxing, he was being very gentle, and when he was finished getting all the knots out, he kept running his fingers through your hair and then he braided it. Finishing the braid, you handed him your hair tie that was on your wrist, and he secured it in place. You leaned back into him, and he wrapped his arms around you, resting around and on your torso and stomach. In this position, he was able to rest his head on your shoulder. You smiled to yourself, before you let yourself feel safe and fall asleep, with Fili not long behind you.

What Happens in Vegas - Chapter 7: Husband, Part II

Summary: In Las Vegas for your best friend’s bachelorette weekend, you wake up in a strange bed with no recollection of what happened the night before.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 4602

Warnings: Swearing. I think, like, one instance of sexual undertones? Mention of alcohol? I have no idea, you guys…

Chapter 1  •  Chapter 2  •  Chapter 3  •  Chapter 4  •  Chapter 5  •  Chapter 6  •  Chapter 7  •  Epilogue

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Flying Pages

by crossroadswrite (AO3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 1.7k

Rating: General Audiences

Summary: Derek’s stuck on a plane with another guy reading his book and making faces.

The worst part is he doesn’t even know what those faces mean. He honestly has no idea if the guy’s liking it or hating it and just waiting to get home and ritual burn it.

Derek keeps trying to read under his shoulder to see what part he’s at and trying to gauge his reaction to what’s happening. He hasn’t been very successful so far.

“Ugh!” the guy says loudly smushing the book against his face and sliding down his seat.

Derek is a grownass werewolf. He’s done squirming.


The one based on this prompt: author of book gets seated next to someone reading their book and making entertaining faces at each scene au

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The Manager’s Daughter - Cesaro x Reader

Summary:- You are the daughter of Mick Foley, and you spend a lot of time backstage at Raw. You grow close to Cesaro, developing strong feelings for him. A week after he protects you backstage, you think out loud what you should of said to him thinking nobody is listening - but he hears you. 

Warnings:- Mentions of violence (Sorry Lukey, i love you really)

Word Count:- 1,091

Request by @fabulousninjagirl


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Talk Dirty To Me [6/?]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language? Angst // Fluff //Sassy //witty Banter // it gets ugly guys, sorry!!

A/N: Just let me know if you want to be tagged. This is the sequel to That Connection. Hope you enjoy!!

Rewind, start over

Life as Tech Analysis for the Avengers is perfection, dating Steve Rogers is a 24/7 high. But when you’re in a foreign place, what’s a girl to do when you’re cornered with no chance of defending yourself? Repairing the rift in your life, accepting you are no longer the same person, it changes things, can your life be normal or is everything going to change for you?

Startled by the door opening of your hospital room, the light coming from behind the figure in your open door. Your heart rate picks up on the monitor, your breathing hitched in your chest as fear spikes through you.

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WARNING:explicit sex scenes
-Dan and Phil are at their house when all of a sudden the power turns off (dan is afraid of the dark) what will dan do? And how will phil help him? One must truly wonder.-

It was late at night, dan looked at the clock on the laptop it read 9:14 PM. He already knew he was in for another night of the deep Tumblr; which basically was all the fanfics and edits people did with their OTPs. He was scrolling when all of a sudden he noticed that phil walked into the living room with a bowl of cereal HIS CEREAL…. “Really phil again with taking my cereal.” Dan said dramatically
“What…. I ran out of mine and you always have my favorites ready.” Phil said trying to seem innocent “Phil how many times have I told you get your own cereal.” Dan replied sarcastically In reality though dan loved it when phil took his cereal it meant they had the same taste in things, and phil may not know but Dan always got phils favorite on purpose just so he could have something to bicker about with him.
“I try but the store is soooooo far and I’m to lazy to go outside….plus it’s OUTSIDE THE OUTSIDE KILLS.” Phil said dramatically again with a sort of exaggerated voice
"Whatever next time at least ask.” Dan said to Phil rolling his eyes
"Ok….” phil said lightly, he slowly saw phils face lift into a smile Dan now wondered if phil purposefully took his cereal so he could be noticed or something. Dan felt his face lift into a small smile and went back into his laptop, he felt phils gaze upon him as he went to turn on the tv. Phil put a tv show him and dan liked and immediately sat next to dans feet curling up into a little ball, he then started eating his cereal. Dan was reading some Johnlock and decided he rather watch this tv show with phil then read the fanfic, so he shut the laptop off and placed it on the coffee table then he laid up straight and put his elbow on the arm rest. Dan felt phils toes curl up as the tv show got more dramatic and it sent a wave of pleasure and happiness towards dans heart. Dan shuddered a little and couldn’t help but blush, he slowly felt his face heat up and could tell that his cheeks were probably red. Phil looked at dan and noticed
"Hey are you ok? Your face is kinda red.” Phil asked worried
“Yeah I’ll be fine I’m gonna get some water though, do you want any?” Dans said trying to hide the crack rising in his voice Dan knew it was a stupid question to ask since phil had a bowl of cereal with milk but he was trying to be polite.
"Um no I’m good I got cereal,” phil shook his bowl lightly in his lap “oh but if you don’t mind can you put this in the sink for me.” Phil said with his light blue eyes that always struck dans heart. Dan never could deny phils requests even if they were stupid because dan would always get happy when he saw phil happy. That smile that could stop anyone in their tracks the hair that looked like a lions mane and the pale skin that always looked bright against his dark black hair. “Yeah I got you.” Dan said with a big smile he felt his face calm down as he walked toward the kitchen he banged against the glass door and felt a wave of pain and shock,
"Ugh!” Dan said loudly He always forgot about that dumb door. He opened it with his free hand and placed the bowl into the sink and walked to the fridge to get a bottle of water. He started thinking that he since he loved phil so much wouldn’t it be ok to already tell him since they already acted like a married couple. However what if phil was homophobic or what if he starts to hate dan for thinking that way towards his roommate and bestfriend, or worse what if phil rejects his feeling completely and leaves him the next day. As all these thoughts rush through dans head as he started walking back to the living room he noticed the lights flicker. UGH THATS WEIRD I BETTER TELL THE MAINTENANCE GUY TO CHECK THE LIGHTS TOMORROW dan thought a little bit scared. He continued his thoughts of him and Phil together and how nice it would be to finally snuggle with phil in his bed and playing with each others feet under the blue and green covers of phils bed. He also thought of how nice it would be to sleep with phil and finally smell him all night long. He sat down on the sofa that had taken his unique shape and slowly felt his body sink in the cushion, phil was still in the same position he last saw him in and he thought of how cute he looked…. he looks like some sort of bunny huddled in that corner. Dan saw the lights flicker again and got stiff he always hated the dark because for some reason when he saw the darkness all he saw was his own loneliness staring back at him. PHSSSSSSS the lights turned off with a little light wave, OH NO NOT THIS dan thought as the water bottle fell onto the ground. THUMP! The water bottle fell and phil yelped “AH! Omg dan what was that?” Phil asked concerned Mghm dan cleared his threat and tried not to show the shakiness in his voice
“Um that was the water bottle sorry…. I’m phil….” dan said Phil already knew dan was scared of the dark because he always watched his videos so he knew dan probably wanted someone right now. Phil went and crawled towards dan quickly and caught him in a bear like hug he was shorter than dan so it was weird. OMG PHIL IS HUGGING ME RIGHT NOW! Dan thought screaming inside his head.
"Um Phil I was gonna say if you could contact the maintenance guy.” Dan chuckled a little trying to hide his embarrassment
"oh of course but I’m not letting you go. Dan I know your scared I watch your videos for crying out loud so don’t worry I’m here for you.” Phil said confidently, he squeezed dan a little tighter feeling dans skin a against his, it was soft and amazing. Phil blushed because he was always close to dan but this felt a little intimate. Dan squeezed his eyes shut scared because he knew that it would be awhile till the lights turned back on. THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP BDUMP BUDUMP Dan felt his own heart beating hard and loud he was sure phil could hear it to. Dan squeezed phils arm tight scared that if he let go he would be stuck in an never ending hole in the dark. Phil felt his arm being squeezed and grabbed his phone which was in his pocket he immediately called the maintenance guy 
“Hey Um…. me and my friend are in our apartment and the lights have gone out it might be a black out. Can you please fix the lights……thank you.” Phil said and hung up the phone once the maintenance guy said ok.
The guy had said in a gruff voice that it would take 1-3 hours fixing the light. OH NO dan thought, it could take hours and it would just be him and phil cuddling in the dark. Phil felt dan shudder again and dan couldn’t help if he was scared so all phil could do was hold him harder. Dan felt phils chest and could hear his heart beating it was nice and for a while he felt so calm and at ease he thought he could live like this, in a world where only him and Phil existed. Dan blushed harder than ever when he felt phils impressive dick nudging him….. it was actually asleep but he could feel it on his stomach. 
“Oh I got it!” Phil exclaimed happily 
“Got what?” Dan sat up confused but still holding onto phils arm
Phil turned on his flash from his phone and the room filled with a bright white light. Dan felt calm and sad, on one hand he was happy there was some light back on the other he wished he could’ve cuddled with phil more. 
“Oh you mean that, I accidentally left my phone in my room while it was charging.” Dan explained quickly, he let phil go and went back to the position he was in earlier before the lights turned off. 
“That’s explains why you didn’t think of this, and why you didn’t just take out your phone.” Phil said smiling a little, there was something else…. there was some pink in his cheeks and dan knew he was blushing from the cuddling. In the dark dan thought and seemed like he was the only one nervous but he guessed wrong. Once he saw phil smiling at him he felt at ease and knew he had to tell him….tell him everything he was holding back. This seemed like a good time as any it was already kinda romantic the pitched lighting the sweet cuddling before hand and they were both blushing. Dan felt his heart tighten as he tried to get the words out, 
“Phil……I….. um….I…..i have something I need to tell you I’ve felt this way for a while now and I knew it was only a matter of time before it came out.” Dan said stuttering trying to stop his fast pacing heart.
Phil immediately covered dans mouth and looked serious….seriously sexy, his blue eyes turned a sexy ocean misty blue and his lips looked delicious as he licked them to speak.
“No dan.” He said and dans heart started falling apart he felt himself freeze over, did phil really not want to know what he had to say or did he know already and just didn’t want to talk about it. Dan fell silent and felt tears prick his eyes and his warm heart that was lit with hope felt cold and frosty. 
“Let me speak first, you always beat me to the punch line well now it’s my turn. Look I’VE been wanting to tell you this for a while now and I just didn’t know how.” Phil choked back and felt himself getting emotional once he saw dans dark brown eyes filling with water and his cheeks turn bright red.
“Dan…..I love you always have and always will. I love the way you get hobbit hair in the mornings, I love the way when you see your favorite characters interact you light up and get jumpy, I love the way your brown eyes never cease to stop watering when something magical happens, I love the way that no matter what you always have my back.” He touched dans cheek lightly with his hand “ but most of all I love the way your cheeks turn red when you either get excited about something or are embarrassed. I have always loved you since the very first time you walked through my door even though I never knew it back then my heart knew and now I know myself as well.” 
He grabbed dans hand and placed it over his heart it was beating so fast BUDUMP THUMP BUDUMP THUMP it was like a drum it felt like dans when he was cuddling with him. 
“My heart is always like this whenever I’m near you, whenever we touch I feel this….electricity surge through me and I’m overcome with happiness. I always try to play it cool and be the one guy with all the puns and ice breakers and all the innocence…. but if you knew what I thought about when I masturbate to you, hehehe I would probably scare you away.” Phil said choking up again, he grabbed dans face immediately and whispered lightly as if he was the only one meant to hear it
“I guess what I’m saying is…. will you be my boyfriend?” Phil was shaking a little and his pale cheeks turned even more bright pink. 
Dan started crying lightly and felt his voice break
“Yes….omg yes phil a million times yes!” Dan said excitedly and at that exact moment they kissed. 
The heat from both of them felt magical dan felt as if he was flying, flying high into the sky he felt his whole heart beating fast as the kissing got more intense by the second. Phil didn’t look like it but he was very…. assertive, dan couldn’t help but be mesmerized at the new found lion. He felt heat passion and love in the kiss phil was giving him….. it felt lustful and hungry. It was amazing dan felt phils tung skim over his lips and he granted phil access. He felt phils tung explore his mouth and dan whimpered a little under phil as he started feeling weak. Phil pulled away allowing both to breath, they were both breathing hard and the intensity could be felt between them. As phils mouth parted from dans there was a line of saliva that ran down dans chin and phil seductively licked from his chin back to his mouth where they began a non stop make out session. 
The lights had turned back on and when they did phil and dan jumped and started laughing
“Wow what amazing timing, I was about to take you to my room to make some sweet loving.” Phil said smiling at dan with the biggest smile.
“Stop with the corny jokes,” dan laughed
“Let’s go I can’t wait anymore…” dan begged he sounded needy but with phil he didn’t care he just wanted phil BADLY like how a bird wants to fly. 
Phil grabbed dans hand and guided him to his room he sat him down gently, dan wanted him to possess him to make him into a bitch… his bitch at least. He wanted it hard and rough he wanted to know that this was real that he wasn’t just dreaming. Phil stripped down to his lion printed boxers and went to his dresser, dan noticed what phil had taken out IT WAS LUBE! OMG WERE REALLY GONNA DO IT dan thought biting his bottom lip harshly. He felt his erection growing, he was 6.5 inches when erected so he felt confident. Phil got on the bed pushed dan down on the blue and green bedspread and got between his legs where his entrance was, phil put the lube down on the sheets and started stripping dan. Soon there was nothing but phils boxers between him and his hungry little dan. As phil kept looking at dans naked body he felt his penis twitch, he was 8.5 inches so going inside dan would be tough, he started licking dan all over from his pink swollen nipples to his erect penis. As soon as he got where his penis was he slowly looked at dan and gave him a hungry beastly look, a look only he would give dan. Dan felt his breathing hitch as phil took his member deep into his mouth and wrapped his one hand around his cock. 
“AH…” dan moaned
Phil nibbled a bit when he got to the tip and that made dan twitch 
“MHHHM….” dan moaned again
Phil erection was already hot and ready but he wanted to make dan feel good first since dan would be in the most pain soon. He kept licking dans penis until dan came 
“AH AH AH AH……MMMM MMM” dan started moaning louder and louder 
“Do it, feed me.” Phil said in a husky voice as he started stroking dan faster and faster
Those words were dans undoing and as soon as dan felt himself coming his whole body clenched up and came into phils warm tight mouth. Dan looked at phil as he swallowed all of his come and growled low and deep
“That was delicious.” Phil said while lining up his fingers
Dan felt a finger breach his entrance and it felt weird at first but after 5 minutes he started moaning 
“Ah phil…” he said low 
“Hold on don’t tempt me I’m trying to be nice.” Phil said lowly his eyes focusing on dans asshole
Phil just kept stroking his finger in and out dan he was sooooo tight. It felt like he was trying to suck in his fingers, he was so greedy. He felt his cock twitch and dan just kept moaning softly he couldn’t handle it wanted so much to just stick it in but he couldn’t bear it if he hurt his baby. He suddenly felt a little bump inside dan and stroked it 
“AH!” Dan helped shaking a little his cock grew a little 
Phil looked at dan smirking, he found his weak spot
From then on phil kept stroking that spot hard and faster and harder each time.
“AH AH AH MMMMM MMMM AH MMMM AH MMMMM!” Dan moaned loudly and he grabbed phil before he came and whispered into his ear
“Just fuck me already I want you bad.” Dan said growling a little and turned over with his butt in the air. 
Phil took off his boxers immediately and positioned himself over dans entrance, before he went in he whispered 
“Don’t blame me when you can’t walk tomorrow” phil slowly licked dans ear and bit it a little 
Dan felt that in his whole body and it sent a shiver down his spine. The all of a sudden he felt phils wet member slide into his entrance and push deep into him
“ah…..” dan gave a low Moan 
“Mmmm” phil moaned as he entered dan
“Holy shit dan….. you don’t know how….amazing you feel right now. I can feel you twitching your amazingly hot inside.” Phil said while thrusting a little 
“Mmmmm….ahhhh…..mmmmm….ahh” dan couldn’t speak he felt so full and amazing he felt like he was about to collapse. 
Soon phil started picking up the pace and he was getting harder and rougher 
“AHHHH MHMMMMM AHHHHH” dan started yelping and moaning loudly 
“That’s right baby I know all your weak spots now, especially since I’ve read your porn history. Bdsm, rough gay sex, rough dildo in men’s ass; I know everything baby.” Phil growled into dans ear 
All dan could do was blush hard and moan. He and Phil came at the same time and it was heavenly, they spent the last 4 hours just having non stop sex. They both fell asleep into each others arms and the next morning when dan woke up he was so sore but he didn’t care the pain he felt was nothing compared to the pleasure and happiness he felt. His whole world was glowing bright and his heart clenched and felt heavy as he laid next to a “just fucked” hair phil. He smiled and held his hand as he fell asleep again knowing that him and phil will be just ok, hopefully forever if phil accepts dans proposal on his 30th birthday(which is 3 weeks away.) 


Originally posted by br1ankang

pairing: reader x younghyun/young k/brian 

words: 2.5k

genre: fluff & angst, fantasy!au kinda - idk how to explain it

warning: swearing 

description: he was right; one day you would want someone who you couldn’t have.

parts: I ;; II

It had become a strange occurrence for you, something that you must have picked up when you were younger. Every time something went wrong, or every time you needed everything out of your head, you would go to the water. 

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#SanversWeek Day5: Domesticity

Loving reading everyone’s work so far! As always @queercapwriting, thank you for putting this on! You da best :)

It was Saturday night.

Alex and Maggie had been dating for a couple of months and whilst they’d spent time with Alex’s friends on a handful of occasions since they had made the whole girlfriends thing official, tonight was Maggie’s first night with the gang at Kara’s.

She had been slightly apprehensive about it. Hanging out at the bar was different as it was familiar ground for her. Kara’s apartment was not. However, her girlfriend’s sister could not have been any more welcoming, taking her leather jacket and ushering them to the couch the second that they arrived.

Instinctively, Alex had sensed her nerves and placed a hand at the small of her back, to pull her from her rigid, upright sitting position into her arms. ‘Cuddle me.’

‘Is that okay?’ Maggie whispered. ‘I mean, I know Kara likes me but I don’t want to just walk in her apartment and be one of those couples.’

‘Totally okay. And, besides, I want to be one of those couples. I wanna cuddle. As long as we don’t start tearing each other’s clothes off, she won’t even bat an eyelid.’

And Kara didn’t. Instead, it was Winn that complained, and constantly.

‘My butt’s numb,’ he grumbled as the credits of Ghostbusters rolled.

‘Stop acting like a baby,’ Alex remarked. ‘Nobody told you to sit on the floor. There’s room on this couch.’

‘And awkwardly third wheel you two?’ Winn scoffed. ‘No thank you.’

‘Here,’ Maggie grinned, tossing a cushion at Winn’s head. ‘For your butt.’

‘Considerate, thanks,’ he muttered, smoothing down his hair that had been ruffled by the hit before slipping the cushion under his ass. It took him all of thirty seconds to whine again, this time at the purposely loud PDA that Alex had initiated. ‘Ugh, get a room, already.’

‘We’re kissing, we’re not having sex,’ Alex grinned, loving how easy it was to tease the guy she always thought of as her little brother. ‘Although, I’m totally down for that if Maggie–.’

Kara cut her off as she returned from the kitchen with full bowl of chips. ‘Not on my furniture, thank you very much.’ She placed the bowl down on the coffee table and reached for the remote. ‘Who wants to pick the next film? Or we could switch to board games? I don’t mind either way.’

James shrugged. ‘Same, I’m cool with either too.’

‘Board games please,’ Winn said. He turned around to shoot Alex and Maggie daggers. ‘Since I could barely hear the last film over the sound of them whispering sweet nothings to each other. We get it. You like each other. No need to rub it in everyone’s faces.’

‘Is he always this dramatic?’ Maggie asked, although he wasn’t technically wrong. There had been a few occasions during the past two hours in which her girlfriend had looked especially beautiful and Maggie had just had to tell her and kiss her and then tell her again. It wasn’t her fault that Alex was absolutely gorgeous.

‘Always,’ James confirmed. ‘More so when one of us starts dating someone new.’

Alex reached out to ruffle Winn’s hair. ‘Don’t worry. You have our permission to be as obnoxious as you so please when you start dating someone.’

‘So you’re admitting that you’re doing this on purpose?’

Alex and Maggie exchanged grins, prompting Winn to pout again.

‘I knew it.’

                                                   ~ ~ ~

Winn got his revenge later that evening as he picked up a rare Monopoly win. It was a closely contested game, with only twenty-three dollars between him and Maggie but he made it seem like it was twenty-three thousand dollars. ‘Putting the Winn in winner, baby!’

‘Makes a change from me constantly smoking your ass at pool, I guess,’ Maggie remarked with a grin, a grin that quickly faded at Alex’s words that followed.

‘Yeah, which is saying something because she is terrible at pool.’

‘Really, babe?’

Winn laughed. ‘Oh yeah, I remember you saying that ages ago that she was terrible at pool. Like ages ago. Like before you had even started dating.’

Maggie arched a brow. ‘Really?’

Winn nodded. ‘Yeah. Come to think of it, she talked about you a lot and kept smiling at her phone whenever you text or called her. Honestly, I’m ashamed at how none of us realized ourselves.’

‘‘Cause that’s the way our society works. It programmes people into thinking straight is humanity’s default setting,’ Maggie mused, taking a sip of her beer. ‘But, again, really Alex? This, and how you told me your mom suspected because you kept mentioning me? Did you ever shut up about me?’

The colour rushed to Alex’s cheeks. ‘I couldn’t help it, okay? Have you ever looked in a mirror? Or heard yourself laugh? Or, you know…’ She trailed off, so flustered she couldn’t continue.

Maggie took Alex’s hand in hers. ‘Hey. You ain’t so bad yourself, Danvers.’

‘Ugh,’ Winn sighed, loudly. ‘I’ve started them off again, haven’t I?’

James laughed. ‘You have only got yourself to blame there. You should’ve milked your victory longer, especially since you got lucky.’

‘He didn’t get lucky,’ Maggie said. ‘I let him win.’

‘No you didn’t,’ Winn muttered.

‘Uh, yeah I did. It’s my first night hanging out with you guys here. I had to let someone win, in case you didn’t invite me back. So, when you landed on my property a few minutes before the game ended, I let you off with fifty bucks.’

Winn’s eyes flicked from Maggie to the board then back to Maggie.

Then to Kara who spoke up as she fiddled with her glasses. ‘I hate to say it but I think she’s right. I did think she was undercharging you.’

Maggie smirked. ‘See?’

Winn shrugged. ‘Whatever, I’m still taking that as a victory.’

‘And I congratulate you on it,’ she smiled, running a thumb over the back of Alex’s hand. ‘But hey, have you seen my girlfriend? I’m the real winner here in more than one way.’

‘Ugh,’ Winn groaned, standing to go get another beer. ‘You guys are too freaking much. Just get married already.’

Kara beamed. ‘And when you do, I’m available for Maid of Honour duties. And cake sampling. And seating plans. And basically anything, I will literally plan it all for you–.’ She stopped herself, her eyes wide. ‘You two have only started dating, I’m sorry, I’m going crazy, I’m just…happy for you. Truly. I’ve never seen Alex so happy.’

Again, Alex blushed, avoiding eye contact and, instead, looking down at the table.

Maggie leaned in to kiss her cheek. ‘She deserves to be happy. And I,’ she said, looking over at Winn. ‘Deserve a rematch. Next Saturday at my apartment? Does that work for you, Winslow?’

‘That works for me…uh, Margaret?’

‘Good guess. And you’re on.’

ball of anger // myg

RQ:  Hello. Could I please request a scenario where Yoongi’s younger sister (16) is staying with the boys for a while and the boys are out. When the walk in they see her making out with a boy and yoongi is really pissed. And they have a big fight because he says she’s too young for a relationship. Thank you have a great day

Genre: I made it fluff because I’m not really good at writing make out scenes and I didn’t want to make angst out of it :’D

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[ RQ’s are open!! ]

A/N: sorry for the long wait~ (I had to google which city is bts’ dorm in and I felt like a stalker lmao) Also sorry if you don’t like the boy’s name, I tried to find an appealing korean name, heh.

Word Count: 791

Because you just started studying in Seoul and you were underage, you didn’t have enough money to have a place on your own. Luckily, your older brother Yoongi, who is working as an idol under BigHit, offered you to stay in their dorm for as long as you need to.

The first week was kind of akward, but since Taehyung was trying to talk to you all the time, you quickly became friends with the boys and enjoyed bowling games with Jungkook and movie marathons with Jimin and Hoseok.

You slowly got used to them and your brother was happy that you all get along. 

However, even when you two were extremely close, there were things you just couldn’t tell him - for an example - you couldn’t tell him that you found a boyfriend and that he’s a year older than you.

For you it wasn’t really a big deal. Your boyfriend - Woojin, was just a year older than you and you met a couple months ago in school during lunch break. You accidentally bumped into him and he spilled some coffee on your favorite hoodie, so he offered you his shirt and then you just kind of started talking. You two had a similar music taste, liked the same tv shows and both of you were just weird (in a good way, of course).

Yoongi, being the overprotective older brother, would probably find a way to get away with murder if he found out, that his sister has an older boy in her life. You were planning to tell him when you turn seventeen (sAYTHENAME) so he would think you are old enough for a relationship.

It was friday, and the boys had a dance practice, which meant you were going to be alone in the dorm for a couple of hours. You usually just kind of hang around, borrow some books Namjoon has, or watch movies Hoseok told you about, but today you wanted to see your boyfriend. You two couldn’t see each other due to his busy schedule and you living with BTS.

You texted him the location of the dorm, and in couple of minutes you prepared some popcorn and movies.

You two spent the whole day laughing at dramas, screaming at horrors and sobbing your eyes out on movies like Train To Busan. It was slowly getting late, and you decided to walk down the street with him, before you part your ways.

You both put on your coats and were ready to leave the dorm.

“Thanks for the company.” you giggled and fixed his scarf.

“No problem.” He gave you one of his cute grins.

You two slowly leaned closer, and gave each other a quick kiss as a goodbye. 

Of course, you didn’t realize, that a certain group of boys was standing in the hallway.


Both of you quickly jumped away from each other and stared at the mint haired ball of anger called Min Yoongi. The rest of Bangtan was quietly snickering at how protective he was, and Jin held him back by his hoodie, afraid that he might start a fight.

“Uh, hi, brother. This is my um… my boyfriend, Woojin.” you quickly explained, trying to sound as calm as possible.

Woojin slightly bowed to them and tried to save the situation with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, don’t worry, your younger sister and I were just watching some movies, because we didn’t see each other in a while.” he politely explained, still bowing.

“Did you watch Train To Busan?” asked Taehyung from somewhere behind Yoongi and Jin.

“Do not change the topic!” Yoongi quietly scolded him, earning more quiet giggles from the others.

“Come on, calm down. Y/N is old enough to have a boyfriend. Besides, Woojin here looks like a nice guy, why don’t we invite him over some day and calmly talk about it?” suggested your saviour, Namjoon.

Pretty much everyone except Yoongi slowly nodded.

Everyone turned to the mint haired boy.

Yoongi continued glaring at you two, before exhaling loudly.

“Ugh, fine, I’m tired. Let’s talk about it tommorow.” he said, visibly less angry.

Jin slowly released the sleeves of Yoongi’s hoodie, allowing him to enter the dorm.

“You don’t look like an idiot, but I warn you, if you hurt my little sister, I’ll hunt you down.” he growled before giving your boyfriend a gummy smile, like he just didn’t threaten him.

Woojin nervously scratched the back of his head, before adjusting his scarf.

“So um.. I’ll go home and I’ll call you later?” he asked quietly.

You just smiled and nodded, hugging him tightly.

“I’ll invite you over someday again. And don’t worry, Yoongi might look terrifying, but he’s a sweetheart.” you explained before closing the door behind him.

“No I’m not!” was the last thing you two heard, followed by a windshield laugh.

“This was the weirdest and funniest evening ever.”