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Backstage at the final episode of @midnight with my childhood friends, Brian Posehn & Mary Lynn Rajskub. At the very VERY end of the show, we were all crammed on the stage. I was standing next to Mary Lynn. An ancient memory popped into my head out of nowhere & I turned to her and referenced something insanely obscure from when we were both hanging out on the Mr. Show set, 20 years ago. Not even something from the show– just something from HANGING OUT. She was so flabbergasted she started tearing up. It’s nice to know people for a long time. Comedy has been very good to me.

The Signs as Bob Odenkirk's Characters on Mr. Show
  • Aries: Don Pratt
  • Taurus: Wolfgang Amadeus Thelonius Van Funkenmeister The 19th and 3 Quarters
  • Gemini: Peppermint
  • Cancer: Droopy
  • Leo: Philouza
  • Virgo: Terry Twillstein
  • Libra: The Hated Milk Machine
  • Scorpio: F.F. Woodycooks
  • Sagittarius: Van Hammersly
  • Capricorn: Dickey Crickets
  • Aquarius: Senator Howell Tankerbell
  • Pisces: Jack Webber