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top 5 haikyuu asses? #babygotback

Top 5 best asses in haikyuu???

Look at that booty. Show me the booty. Gimme the booty. I want the booty. Back up tha booty. I need tha booty. I like the booty. Oh, what a booty!

1. Bokuto. I HAVE DIED EVERY DAY WAITING FOR THE MOMENT I COULD USE THIS GIF!!! I mean, this is not just me being blinded by love, this actually the best haikyuu booty @whoever did this animation: THANK YOU  

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3. Oikawa. Again, I feel like thanking the animators for this. (Iwa-chan got booty too tho)  

4. Daichi. #confirmed by Suga

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5. Yaku. Our favorite kitty libero put the ass in sass 

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- Bonus: our favorite russian lion got A+ booty too and with this it’s safe to say that Nekoma wins the “Team with the best asses” award and if you think about it it’s such a Nekoma thing to do they don’t have the very best™ but still together they could steal the prize away from the team that’s on the top (look at me managing to say something serious here at the very end). 

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- Bonus #2: Makki must have a pretty fine piece of ass too apparently 

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Hi hi! Top 5 anime male characters!

hi love!!

5. guts (from berserk)

his trauma is everything to me

pls continue to be angsty forever 

4. himura kenshin

GAHHHH i love this guy a lot tbh


my love for kakashi knows no fucking bounds, honestly. 

2. inuyasha MY LOOOOOVEEEEE.

1. i dont think anyone is surprised by number 1 lmao

chiba mamoru, naturally

i mean

look at this fucking dork

yeah, no question who my #1 fave is

no question at all


For the bittersamgirlclubTop 5 Challenge: Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Sam Moments. Well, thanks to the BSGC for this cruel and unusual prompt. If you’re interested in my thoughts on these five horrible moments then by all means, read on…

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Anime Top 5 Asks:

Top 5 favorite daddies (you know, those sexy characters or actual dads lmao)

Top 5 favorite female characters

Top 5 favorite male characters

Top 5 favorite non human characters

Top 5 favorite ships

Top 5 favorite anime powers

Top 5 cutest characters

Top 5 ships

Top 5 brotps

Top 5 notps

Top 5 characters that have the best hair (provide pictures if possible!)

Top 5 favorite animes

Top 5 least favorite characters

Feel free to add more, I just felt like making fun asks lol
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Top 5: Top 5 HQ characters you would like to teach you volleyball?

Let’s start with saying I can’t play volleyball to save my life so…

1. Ukai Ikkei. He’s a very strict and brutal teacher, exactly the one I would need. We saw his methods paid off both in the past, when he led Karasuno to the Nationals, and in the present, when he helped Hinata and Kageyama improve tremendously. He has a great heart and he’s very good with children too. I think he would be the best teacher of them all. 

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2. Sugawara. He was the very first in charge of Hinata’s training and he’s in charge of the B team as well. He’s gentle, patient but very firm at the same time. He’s the kind of person you want to improve for and I can actually see him becoming a coach in the future!

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3. Bokuto. He’s the life coach we all need and the one I would like to have as a mentor if my skills were already sharp enough. He’s the most inspiring character of the series to me, one that always goes out of his way to help other people improve. Being his disciple would be nothing but an honor :’)

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4. Iwaizumi. I think that he, as a coach, would be a hybrid between Suga and Bokuto. The only challenge would be to not be constantly distracted by his arms during the training tbh. Another very strong candidate to be a coach in the future! 

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5. Oikawa. One might say he hasn’t the best historical record when it comes to teaching other people, but if I have to learn, might as well learn from the very best. 

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- bonus: Nishinoya. Because which of us has not dreamed of learning how to do the rolling thunder???? 

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Do u have a top 5 Sailor Moon monsters? (Like any ones that are particularly memorable for one reason or another: bonus points if u give a reason☆)


5. violin monster from episode 93

this one cracks me the fuck up, honestly.  just look at her, whats not to love about the violin monster? theres really no reason i like this one, i just do lmao 

4. boxing angel



3. pegasus monster

i honestly dont even remember what episode this is from but this was the second one i thought of. he’s either a monster in a pegasus suit or he’s a pegasus monster with a monster’s face in his throat- still not sure which option is worse. plus, look at those abs. 

2. elephant vacuum monster 

do i have to really explain this one???? IT’S AN ELEPHANT VACUUM MONSTER. of course this is one of my faves. i cry thinking about this stupid thing, its so fucking funny. LOOK AT THAT POSE. the daimons always were the best, so w e i r d


this is my favorite one for so many reasons

mainly, she provided some quality usamamo/usagi moments and you already know i live for that. BUT ALSO. her whole character is just really adorable. her voice is cute, the way she blows herself up when tiger eye first calls on her, I JUST LIKE HER A LOT. 

Taye’s Top 5s: KDrama OSTs

While most KDrama OSTs contain at least one or two songs I like, this list is reserved for those soundtracks that not only perfectly complement their dramas, but I enjoy enough to listen to, in full, on repeat.

5. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

[Listen Part 1] | [Listen Part 2]

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the soundtrack to this hot mess of a drama is one of the most iconic in KDrama history. If don’t sing-scream “almost paaaaaraaaadiiiiiiiiiiiiiise” every time you hear it are you really even a KDrama fan?

4. Age Of Youth (2016)


Certainly one of the more English-heavy OSTs I’ve heard, although I think that matches well to a drama that is very Western in a lot of ways. Soft, bright and feather-light, this soundtrack almost sounds like it could belong in Life Is Strange.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)


Like the drama itself, this OST is soft, sweet, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

2. Cheese In The Trap (2016)


Say what you will about the drama itself, there is little fault to find in its choice of music. Perfectly matched to the tone of the drama, with an indie-ness (or maybe just the presence of Tearliner) that is reminiscent of the Coffee Prince soundtrack of years before. Which brings me to #1….

1. Coffee Prince (2007)


The Best Drama should have The Best Soundtrack, right? Luckily for Coffee Prince, it’s OST is able to stand on own legs as a masterpiece. Equal parts uplifting and poignant, every track is perfectly complements the raw emotion of this masterfully made drama.

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Top 5 Favorite Sailor Moon Episodes??

oh MAAAAN oh man you put me in a bind here

this is probably not even accurate 

its ever changing i feel lik

but ok here im gonna try

5. episode 111-  the holy grails mystical power, moon’s double transformation

4. episode 125- the shining shooting star, saturn and the messiah

3. episode 172 - moon power of love! end of the nightmare 

2. episode 59 - t rue love awakens: the makai tree’s secret


episode 45 (death of the sailor guardians: the tragic final battle) because i love to suffer. 

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Can you please do kagehina's 5 favourite moments Thank you~~

Do you mean…the whole first, second and third season of Haikyuu?

*sighs* oh my my, I have a gigantic soft spot for Kagehina, they literally exhaust me but at the same time they gave me probably the most iconic otp moments and development of the series. As always it’s gonna be a hell of a ride, so let’s go!

1. As long as I’m here you are invincible. Original version and reboot. This is hands down the best declaration of love, blind faith and unconditional support a person could ever come up with. Good job with making my heart burst, Kags.

Ok but chill mates, we know you love each other. 

2. The fight, aka the moment we knew Kagehina is pretty much canon. (p.s. I’m so weak for how effortlessly Kageyama picks up Hinata with just one hand every fucking time)

The fight was a pretty intense moment on its own, but the best thing was the outcome: Hinata finally realizing his feeling for Kags. (fun fact: the Italian translation of this bit is way different from the english one, and it said “for the first time I’ve got the feeling that we weren’t just friends, but something more”. What’s the right translation? I guess we’ll never know). I would honestly pay good money to see Kags thoughts after the fight too. 

3. The moment Hinata and Kageyama fell in love with each other…again. 

*wipes tear away* @summer training camp: thank you

4. Every time they do a quick and the have this little mirroring moment. If you notice this happens really often (even in the openings) and it always leaves me with the dumbest smile on my face. 

5. “We’re going to win tomorrow”. 

*…and I will go down with this ship…*

- Bonus: Oikawa and Iwaizumi confirmed as Kagehina trash 

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top 5 lyrics??

these are all subject to change and are heavily influenced by the songs i’ve been overplaying lately, buuuuut:

  1. “i will avenge my ghost / with every breath i take” this line is just a time machine right back to gerard circa 2004/2005 and it hurts and it’s ugly but it’s just so completely raw that it can’t help but resonate with you on a primal level. this is about the anger that comes after the fear, this is about the desire for revenge that comes after you pick yourself up and watch the dust settle. it’s not a fashion statement is probably my favorite revenge song because it carries a lot of the weight of the concept album but it doesn’t fuck around at all. this is revenge summed up in two lines to me.
  2. “you keep eternity / give us the radio” i love this line because on one level it’s totally literal and in keeping with the high concept of danger days — all the killjoys have in the BLI wasteland is the radio — but of course it’s also more generally about mcr (because 90% of mcr songs are about…mcr) and how nothing matters without music. this is, of course, extra painful in light of the breakup but what ISN’T
  3. “do or die / you’ll never make me / because the world / will never take my heart” i know that welcome to the black parade turned into a proto-meme literally right after it was released but i don’t CARE, this song still means a lot to me and i can genuinely still get emotional over it, especially this part. one of my favorite things about mcr is their sincerity — i never understood the criticism that they were pretentious, because if anything, they were overearnest, probably never so much as in this song. don’t you dare call them naive — the world will never take their heart. they’ll keep fighting the good fight until there’s no one left.
  4. “and there’s no room in this hell / there’s no room in the next” for the most part i think bullets largely functions as a pressure valve for all of the conflict in the band’s lives at the specific time it was recorded — the frustration, the aimlessness, the fear of the unknown, the injustice of an uncaring world, etc. they worked out a lot of those demons in the recording of the album and moved onto angrier music for revenge, but i think this part in early sunsets over monroeville could have been written at any time during the band’s career. it’s the weary/angry/solemn call to carry on because the world doesn’t want you (which they were always about — they loved to be a band that people hated) and because moving forward is all you have left. you even hear echoes of it in planetary (go!) — hell is full, heaven has no vacancies, so what’s next? you keep going.
  5. always and forever my eternal favorite is “i’d rather go to hell / than be in purgatory” because it is THE ULTIMATE mcr mission statement, the most succinct fuck-you-slash-call-to-arms, the bottom line of every song they’ve ever written. that sentiment is at the core of every album they’ve ever made and it could have easily cheapened the message to have them spell it out so explicitly but i think insetad it strengthens and reaffirms it. it’s so fucking taunting and scorched earth about it — just like, hit me with your best shot — i’d rather be dead than waiting. this fucking band

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Omg I love love looking at your top 5s! 😍 Can I ask for your top 5 Kuroo's troll faces? I find them so hilarious and cute so I want to see what your favourites are! (From the manga probs because the manga ones are funnier 😂) thank you!

Of course you can my bean, it’s always nice to have a look at this huge troll cat! Also, this is a summer training camp special, since this arc truly got us the most iconic moments  

1. “I’m always this kind”

2. “Oya, oya, oya”

3. “Must be tough still being in diapers”

4. The “I’ve just blocked Japan’s #4 ace” face

5. The “Bokuto’s been yelled at and I’m enjoying this very much” face (same Kenma, same)

- bonus: someone save my child from this man

- bonus #2: ??????


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since the collective ~older fandom (aka us twentysomethings who are in this hell) tend to concentrate on gerard's horrible aesthetic choices, let's switch it up: top five times when gerard looked good.

haHA i am cackling, this is definitely mixing it up a little

most of these will be tied to different hairstyles since he is a man of many iconic colors & cuts, some good and many bad

1) i am actually a huge fan of close-cropped, platinum blonde, dead looking, early-black-parade era gerard — it’s like the culmination of everything that shouldn’t work aesthetically with him as a person but i think he pulls it off bizarrely well. he looks like a High Fashion Couture ghost in a marching band uniform and the contrast of the white hair makes his eyebrows look INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL and SOMETHING TO BE FEARED.

2) this one might be a nostalgic nod to my locker in 8th grade but 2005 MTV VMA’s gerard, probably because i think someone else styled him?? like that smokey eye is SO GOOD and that hair is just swishy and flippy enough to break tiny emo hearts but good looking enough that someone (not him) must have actually brushed and then artfully disheveled it. PLUS the ridiculous velvet suit jacket?? 10/10, would swoon at age 14 again.

also, fun behind-the-scenes fact: did you know he is actually VERY SWEATY HERE?? you would never know just looking at the picture here but i saved a super hq image of this and had to resize it in photoshop and decided to zoom in all the way and WOW, i guess leather and velvet are not the best choice for a summer red carpet. i want to travel back in time and throw him a washcloth or a moist towelette or something. anyway.

3) it’s VERY HARD to pick a favorite out of the danger days era because think that’s when he really hit his stride in terms of his newly-minted niche of “trashy pop art comic book character who hasn’t showered in two days, and yet” but i have to go with any look involving the party poison jacket + slightly shitty looking red hair. bonus points for fingerless gloves, extra credit for inexplicable red paint/dye/?? hastily smeared on his neck. party poison mask optional.

4) this is a TOTAL LEFT FIELD wildcard, but gerard in the kevin smith interview? i don’t know how gerard with his natural brown hair and some weird faded hand-me-down cowl neck hoodie cracked the top five list but it did? maybe it’s the dissonance of him without shitty fucked up hair and makeup and costumes made out of heavy velvet and dollar store pleather but he just looks a nice fellow, just like a nice chap you’d see on the streets. this is like the absolute opposite of party poison gerard and he just looks very calm and comfortable and full of ((dad vibes)) like. you do you, small comfy dad.

5) this was a tough one and i ALMOST picked gerard with yellow hair because shitty terrible bleach jobs and choppy cuts actually look good on him (???? i don’t understand what suits his strange alien body), but projekt revolution gerard. the rat’s nest of hair, the inscrutable neck writing, the poor fucked up black parade jacket and his totally shredded jeans. ICONIC, THE KIDS WILL BE TALKING ABOUT IT FOR YEARS, ETC. ya did good.

runners up include: gerard with yellow hair, 2005 warped tour bulletproof vest gerard, the ghost of you gerard, hesitant alien orange haired gerard in black suits, gerard with red hair and an undercut. 


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How about top 5 cutest characters you want to hug so tightly

Ah, if only I could, I would hug the hell out of ALL of them!!! BUT if I was only blessed with 5 hugs, I would choose:

1. Bokuto. Of course. I would squish his cute owl face and hug him so tight and never let him go. I bet he gives the best, longest and warmest hugs. That kind of hug that makes you feel so safe, like nothing in the wold could ever harm you till you’re there.

Originally posted by mintsky-a

2. Nishinoya. HE’S SO TINYYYYYYY and fierce and so affectionate we would probably end up jumping around and screaming in each other’s ears but still  

Originally posted by honeynutobios

3. Hinata. My sunshine son, if I was to hug him, chances are that I would instantly bust into tears because I’m so so so proud of him. Literally, no one makes my heart explode with pride and happiness like Hinata does. Plus I bet he’s such a soft, cuddly little baby. But since I know Kags would give me the death stare, I’ll let him go as fast as I could

Originally posted by kuronekof1000

(actual picture of what would happen)

4. Tendou. This boy…went through…so much…and still…look at him…hiding his scars behind that cheerful smile…my tender son…my most precious swan…I would probably cry even more with him, because his pain spoke to me on a soul level and but when I try to console someone I always end up sobbing way more than them but still I want to protect him from the whole fucking world but he’s just that kind of person who will end up protecting me instead (ಥ﹏ಥ) 

Originally posted by sportsanimedaily

 5. Sugawara. Because sometimes you just need to go back into your mother’s arms even if he would probably hit me in the ribs telling me it’s time to log off tumblr 

Originally posted by s-indria

- bonus: every time I see Yaku I have this urge to hug him but I bet he would probably fight me to death if I dared to touch him so there’s that

Originally posted by passionario

- p.s. I know, I know. There are two people who are always in my top 5s but they’re missing on here. When it comes to Oikawa, I have a strong feeling of reverence towards him. He’s a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like…he has this royal aura that makes him untouchable to me. On the other hand, when it comes to Kuroo I just want to stay as far as I can from him, literally, is for the best. Don’t even get him on my eyesight, I’ll probably never recover from that. 

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Mini McGuinness - Top 5

Top 5 Favorite Quotes: 
1. Uh, rudeness!
2. Fuck off to Valhalla, weirdo.
3. You smell like muff plus.
4. Well that’s what happens but you learn to adapt. You look at what’s changed and you find a way to own it.
5. I haven’t told myself yet.  

Top 5 Favorite Moments: 
1. (5x1) The first conversation she has with Franky in the first episode. She is so sassy and bold. Immediately I knew I was either going to love her or love to hate her. 

2. (5x3 Mini) She is at the club talking with Franky who is trying to get Mini to come have some fun. In that moment Mini is so vulnerable and she decides to go to the dance floor with Franky before finding out about Nick/Liv. It’s a slight moment yet powerful. 

3. (6x5) Mini in that closet talking to Franky about her pregnancy. How she breaks down and tells her that she hasn’t told herself yet. That was an amazing Mini moment. 

4. (6x9) When Mini tells Franky she can’t fix herself by fixing her. That was a great Mini moment. 

5. (6x10) Liv and Mini are friends yet again. She tells Liv that she doesn’t do what she’s told. 

Five Words to Describe Mini: 
1. Sassy

2. Vulnerable 

3. Protective 

4. Fun 

5. Controlling