[tiptoes away]


Secret Agent AU: Secret Agent Mike Lawson has been tasked with infiltrating a drug cartel/mob to gather intel on the organisation and their diabolical leader.

It was supposed to be simple: infiltrate their ranks, earn their trust, find as much information on their illegal activities as possible, take them down.

One thing he didn’t count on: The leader’s gorgeous fiancée that manages to take his breath and sleep away.

They tiptoe around each other for months.She teases him and he tries, really tries to resist her because he knows what her ruthless fiancé is capable of. She is too innocent, too good for this world of bloodshed. Mike wants to protect her. Only, maybe she’s not as innocent as she appears and maybe he’s the one needing protection.

Sweet Interruptions

Given by loonyloopy: Cullen and the Inquisitor spend some alone time in the bath together—though not as long as they’d like. 


Elysse smiled as the steam from the bath curled the edges of Cullen’s hair. His head rested on the edge of the deep tub, eyes blissfully closed. Perhaps ‘tub’ wasn’t the best word for it. The monstrosity—a gift from a group of Orlesian nobles—was larger than their bed.

She came up behind him and kissed his temple. He was humming something familiar though she couldn’t name the tune.

“Room for one more?” she asked.

He looked at her with a lazy grin. “You might be able to squeeze in but I’m not sure if that robe of yours will fit.”

She laughed, the silk already fluttering to the floor. Cullen’s hand steadied her as she slipped into the water. Her feet were barely inside when his arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her against his chest.

“You’re in a good mood.” She nuzzled under his chin, enjoying the circles his fingers drew along her back.

“No attacks on the keep, no missing scouts, a hot bath after a long day, and a beautiful woman in my arms—why wouldn’t I be in a good mood?”

Elysse smirked, unable to hold back the teasing, “So you’ve stopped fretting over the grey hairs?”

The speed in which his grin turned into a pout made her snort with laughter.

“You had to bring that up, didn’t you?”

“Yep!” She beamed, looping her arms around his neck. She brushed her lips against his own, paying special attention to the scar she loved. “Will you ever forgive me, my darling?”



“No,” he repeated.

“Not ever?”

His eyes narrowed as he considered her. “Well… there are a few things that might change my mind…”

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Mari stretched, body pleasantly sore from the preceding night. Her partner in bed was still asleep, so she carefully eased away, tiptoeing to the bathroom. Early meetings sucked.

Starting up her shower, she took a quick inventory of her body. Plenty of bruises and hickies, spreading from her ankles to her neck. She giggled lightly, Dia’s bite was definitely equal to her bark. A quick glance in the mirror showed one dark hickie on her neck, strategically placed so it would be hidden by her hair, for the most part. Just enough to make people wonder.

Mari hummed and stepped into the shower. She never would have guessed that Dia was so possessive, but considering her protective streak, it probably should have been obvious. A lot of things about Dia should have been obvious back when they were younger. But her eyes had been elsewhere…

Arms snaked around her waist and a cold body pressed against her back. “Good morning.”

Mari leaned back into the embrace. “Hey there, sleepyhead.”

Dia mumbled into her neck, voice still thick with sleep. Her hands, however, drifted over Mari’s curves, nails catching over sore spots to make her squirm.

“Are you going to make me late?” Mari wiggled in Dia’s grasp, tossing a flirty wink over her shoulder.

“Do you want me to?” Fingers traced down her thighs, teasingly close.

Mari spread her legs and let out a breathy hiss. “Yes…”


// After a year of living on the Rampion and traveling the world, Cress and Thorne are even more in love than ever before. / A series of one-shots full of fluff and kisses between my OTP. //

Fanfic by @regolithheart

Cress gathered her things and quietly tip-toed towards the bathroom. She stopped for a moment just outside the captain’s quarters and pressed her ear against the door. The cool metal kissed the shell of her ear and sent a shiver down her spine. She bit her lip to keep from yelping and tried again, this time more careful to avoid pressing her skin against the cold metal.

On the other side of the door, she could hear the faint sound of snoring and she smiled to herself as she pictured Thorne sprawled out, hair ruffled, his blanket bunched up at his feet and threatening to fall off the bed completely. She placed a soft kiss onto her index finger and then pressed it against the metal door between them before tiptoeing away.

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Imagine catching Cas singing a lullaby to your baby to get her to stop crying.

Cas’ soft voice woke you up from your light sleep. You had been trying to catch a few z’s before your daughter woke you up for her next feeding time. Your ears perked up as you heard her softly cooing, followed by more of Cas singing. 

You recognized a soft lullaby and got out of bed, walking over to her nursery. Sure enough, there was Cas gently rocking her and smiling thankfully at her as she seemed to have quieted down. He leaned his head down and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Don’t want to wake mommy up yet, princess,” he whispered.

You smiled and quietly tiptoed away from the room and back to yours, knowing your baby was okay in her father’s arms.

He pierces her heart with his words, softly spoken.
And love slips away, across the floor, out the door.
She crumples inside, but pretends she’s not broken.
Love tiptoes away, steps lightly, leaves quietly.
She paints a seascape, he sees an ocean.
And love seeps away, creeps away, out the window.
She is the story, of love’s big emotion.
And love is depleted, worn-out, defeated.
Summer Prompts

Michonne steps out onto the porch with a plate full of freshly cut watermelon. She eyes him immediately, kneeling in his garden, picking away weeds and dead leaves. She takes the steps carefully and trots over to him, her toes digging into the grass as her sundress sways against her bare legs with the wind. She nudges his arm with her foot and smiles when he glances at her over his shoulder. He stands, turning toward her, a sloppy smirk on his face as she presents literally the fruits of his labor. She holds a piece to his lips and he bites down gently, never taking his eyes from hers. She smirks back at him as a trail of juice escapes down his chin. She stands on her tiptoes and kisses it away; moaning as she acquires the taste of Rick mixed with watermelon. 

Rick and Daryl watch from the grass as Michonne wades quietly in the water. Daryl surveys the area for any unwanted visitors but returns his eyes toward the brown skinned Goddess in the water before him. He glances at Rick, he too enamored with her as she stares up into the sky as she floats. That little yellow bikini really does look great on her. Rick had proclaimed as much when he found it for her a few weeks back. 

“I told you,” Rick offers, smiling to himself as he keeps his eyes on her. 

Daryl scoffs, throwing a blade of grass in his direction, “Get outta my head fucker.”

Rick leans back on his elbow, crossing his legs at the ankle as he chuckles. They both fall silent as they return their lazy gazes back on their beautiful girl. She sinks underneath the water, disappearing for a few seconds before she emerges again and runs her hands over her dripping dreads. 

“You two are really gonna make me swim alone?” She calls after a second, keeping herself afloat as she moves deeper into the lake.

Rick and Daryl stand without a second thought, shedding their clothing and traipsing toward the water, obeying her request.

Rick and Michonne lay in the hammock as Carl chases Judy throughout the yard. Rick sucks on the homemade strawberry popsicle as his free hand drags lazily along her bare leg. She shifts a little, resting her head against his chest as her hooded eyes try to keep up with the screaming kids. Rick offers her the popsicle, rubbing it against her bottom lip, coaxing a smile from her. He watches as she accepts it, shooting her eyes to his as she takes the treat into her mouth and slowly sucks on it. She moans deeply, closing her eyes softly as she licks her plumps lips seductively. Rick rolls them off the hammock swiftly at her antics, causing her to laugh wildly as he carries her toward the house. 

“Mommy, where you goin?” Judy calls, giggling as Carl catches her and hoists her in the air. 

“To make another popsicle.” Rick calls back before slamming the back door with his foot, Michonne’s laughter filling the house once more.

“So gross.” Carl shivers with a smile on his face, before throwing his sister in the air again.

we swim in the shallow parts of the pool now, like nothing’s changed from the time we dived in the seas, hoping for the sky to fall and be ours; a color of many shades faded // fades like we have, in a colder spring this time- in all the yesterdays spent tiptoeing away from the grains of sand caught in our pores, we pretend once more- like there was no skin between us. like our nakedness was a fluke. like our words were lost then; you don’t believe in reality, you said.

we talk about love still, and in another yesterday, you said that you could never feel it. i said i could never feel it. you said that you could never have it. i said i could never have it. in all the yesterdays before, i have tangled my veins for you. i have hollowed out my chest and made place for a burning you. i have prayed with folded hands, pressed open palms on alters, licked the floors // licked the doors of a god i don’t believe in. i have given you pieces of myself; all my vulnerabilities on display, when i wanted to be hidden, just because once, you called me beautiful.

we talk about love still, and in another yesterday, you said that you could never feel it. i said i could never feel it. you said that you could never have it. i said i could never have it. in all the yesterdays before, i have given you all that i have. all that could reach you. i have wished for it to be enough. i have wished for you, but love it never is. it isn’t enough. we weren’t enough and i lay loveless // and i lay full of love telling myself that love has many meanings.

Coming home from a long day at work to a house that’s far too quiet. Neither Michael nor your daughter answer when you call them, and you start to worry, until you run into the living room and find them both passed out on the couch, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles playing quietly on the TV in the corner. Michael would be flat on his back, your daughter lying curled against his chest, his arm looped around her so she wouldn’t fall, and a small smile would slip onto your face. You’d take in the small snores coming from both members of your little family, your daughter in her ‘My Daddy Rocks’ t-shirt and purple tutu, her long blond hair falling out of its braids, Michael in one of his innumerable flannels, and have to stifle a laugh when you catch sight of the hot pink clip in his blonde hair. You’d snap a picture and tiptoe away, changing into more comfortable clothes before joining them. Michael would blink one eye open and mumble something ridiculous about pizza before moving over to make room for you, winding his free arm around your waist and pressing a kiss to your forehead.