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so, to summarize...

colin farrell’s upcoming roles are

  • a horny union soldier kept captive by confederate women
  • a brilliant surgeon who takes in a troubled teen boy
  • a disgraced Reagan employee
  • a money-obsessed conservative lawyer
  • a father whose children adopt an elephant in a tim burton production

Things I love. Period Pieces. Colin Farrell. Eva Green.

A live action adaptation of Dumbo directed by Tim Burton starring Colin Farrell and Eva Green.


I just screamed my head off with excitement. Penny Dreadful btw is amazing for anyone who hasn’t checked that out and needs something beautiful to watch.

Colin Farrell slated to play a widowed single father.

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livtheperson  asked:

What do you think of the movie Sweeney Todd? Also, what is your favorite movie in general?

I assume you mean the Tim Burton movie? I wish more of the cast had been better singers, but I love the look of it. In terms of the overall Tim Burton Aesthetic, it’s probably my favorite example. I want all of Mrs. Lovett’s wardrobe. ALL OF IT.

My favorite movie in general? It’s so difficult to narrow it down to just one! So I’ll name three:

  • The Addams Family
  • Interview with the Vampire
  • Crimson Peak

(No one is surprised by these choices, I know that.)

Colin Farrell in Talks to Star in Live-Action 'Dumbo'

Colin Farrell is in talks to star in Disney’s live-action take on Dumbo, being directed by Tim Burton.

Ehren Kruger penned the script for the project, which is based on Disney’s classic animated 1941 movie about a baby circus elephant who is made fun of for his large ears and is separated from his mother. Eva Green and Danny DeVito are already signed on to the project.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but sources say that one thing the new version does is expand and deepen the circus aspect of the story.

Farrell was most recently seen in Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and A24’s indie film The Lobster. He’s previously worked with Disney, starring in Saving Mr. Banks. His upcoming projects include Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled and Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Farrell is repped by CAA and LBI Entertainment.

The new take on Dumbo is one of several live-action adaptations in the works at Disney, based on the studio’s classic animated films. Its most recent, Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson, had a record-breaking box-office debut last weekend and has crossed $500 million at the worldwide box office.

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witchnocturne replied to your post: What do you think of the movie Sweeney Todd? …

You should find one of the Broadway versions of Sweeney Todd, my personal favorite cast is George Hearn as Todd and Angela Lansbury as Lovett. Then again, I HATED the Burton version, he mangled it. :(

Oh, I LOVE the version with Angela Lansbury! It is so superior, musically, to the Tim Burton version. But the Tim Burton version hit all of my vaguely-historical-goth-flavored-fashion buttons, so I prefer it for eye candy.

Movie Tag

I was tagged by @thatsadbreakfastclub and @mrsjugheadjonesthethird (honoured tbh, bc I love them both so much (check them out dudes))

List ten favourite movies (damn this is hard)
1. Sound Of Music
2. Hairspray
3. Alice In Wonderland (cartoon or Tim Burton, love all my Alice)
4. Labyrinth
5. LotR (all of them but if I had to pick one, Return of the King (luv me that ghost army))
6. Hobbit (again all but if I had to pick one Desolation of Smaug (bc Mirkwood and elf daddy)
7. Grease
8. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (B O T H)
9. Romeo and Juliet (the Leo DiCaprio version)
10. Stardust

Yes I said elf daddy and I will never forgive myself but he IS literally elf daddy

Anyway thank you so much for tagging me, I love u all and I don’t really know who to tag except maybe @full-dark-no-starsxx , @cherylsvixens , @the-winter-imagines, and @allipotterhead1 AND THATS ALL I GOT BUT IF U WANNA DO IT GO FOR IT MY LOVELYS