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“I was a fool addicted to your sweetness.

I didn’t want to let go of the devil’s hand…

Too bad but it’s too sweet, It’s too evil.“ x 

Partner in Time

For @hiniparlousblog! <3

“Your boyfriend went to the corner store.”
He gave Seven the slowest, most irritated eyebrow lift he could. Just when he thought he had heard the worst nonsense from his friend’s mouth, Seven managed to think of something worse. And he had literally arrived a minute ago. “Pardon?”
“Your boyfriend! My baby brother! Don’t tell me it’s over already!” Seven mock-pouted.
“Why would you think that? He avoids me constantly.”
“You guys were so cute two days ago!”
Ah, he was referring to the sleeping on the couch incident. Vanderwood rolled his eyes.  “He was sick. I only warmed him up.” Really, it didn’t mean anything. But the memory still made his cheeks turn pink.
Seven nearly fell out of his computer chair to grin at him. “As the adult, it’s your responsibility to make sure he’s well taken care of!”
“What?! We’re both adults! I’m only a few years older than both of you! And we’re NOT dating!!” Seven could give painkillers a headache, he swore to God. The ex-hacker ignored him and kept saying things to push him out of the house towards his brother, making him more flustered.
Whatever. Forget about Seven, the chaos in the house is more important-
“Also, we’re out of detergent.”
Bloody typical.
Saeran made sure to fill his shopping basket full of sweets. How his brother could eat those gross chips, he would never know. Maybe he should get something healthy to avoid becoming sick again. Waking up like that was the most embarrassing thing ever. Stupid Vanderwood, who stayed calm and collected while he freaked out. Stupid brother for making fun of him. He was not in love, damn it!
An older woman in the next aisle kept staring at him, making him nervous. When he wanted to head to the cash register, she suddenly blocked his path.
“Hey cutie! You look so much like someone I know, are you perhaps-“
“I don’t think so.” Saeran quickly mumbled, holding the plastic basket closer to him. He tried to sidestep her, but she got closer, her gaze predatory.
“Hey now, I’m just making sure! Be a good boy and hold still.”
Something about those words made him freeze. She touched his right arm and it was as if she knew he was hiding something there under his sweater. Thoughts rushed into his head before he could stop them. All at once her eyes turned green and he was small and helpless. Images of a dark room flashed before him, remembering with the scent of iron, the touch of unwanted hands on his skin, the pain oh God make it stop please-
“Please stop.” He tried to yell but it barely came out a whisper. The woman didn’t notice his panic and his vision was going dark.
A warm arm draped around his shoulders, much broader and heavier than she could possibly be, slowly pulling him back to reality. A familiar comfortable warmth chased away the wooziness and feelings of pain. He looked to his side and saw Vanderwood who held him close, hugging him to his side.
“Stop hitting on my boyfriend.” He glared at her, causing the woman to let go of Saeran.
The invisible bubble the older man created around them made him feel safe. It was tempting to cling to his jacket, but Saeran kept his hands around the handle of the basket.
“Your- Ah. Erm… Sorry.” Sheepishly, the woman backed away. Another stern glare from the former agent made her run off and leave the store in a hurry. Saeran took a deep breath as his muscles relaxed.
“Are you alright?” Those gentle brown eyes looked at him in concern once again. Brain registering what had just happened, he jumped away from the older man, nearly dropping his basket. The temperature suddenly went up a degree or two, his face turning redder than his hair.
“Y-You’re NOT my boyfriend!” He screamed, causing several shoppers to stare at them.
Vanderwood crossed his arms and gave him a confused frown. “I know. It was the quickest thing I could think of to get her to stop. You looked like you were going to pass out.”
Oh. Right. That made sense. He pushed down the sad twinge he felt in his stomach.
“Yeah, well, I didn’t need you to help me!” He marched to the cash register in a huff, hearing Vanderwood sigh.
While he paid for his candy, he couldn’t help glance behind him at the taller man, who grabbed a bottle of detergent. He didn’t feel guilty. He didn’t.
Vanderwood did not expect to find Saeran standing next to the door when he left the store. “You waited for me?”
“We’re going the same way, idiot! It would be rude to let you walk alone.” The redhead snarkily replied and started walking. He blinked in confusion a few times before following suit.
The trek to the bunker was filled with awkward silence. Vanderwood attempted to give the young man his space by staying behind him, but to his surprise, the moment he slowed down, Saeran did as well. At some point they walked next to each other, Saeran hugging his bag close to his chest.
“Thanks.” It was so soft he almost thought he imagined it.
“You’re welcome.”
Saeran’s face lit up like a lighthouse. “I didn’t say anything!” He yelled, running off. Vanderwood sighed again. The redhead was moodier than anyone he had ever met.
But, he realized, he kind of liked it. The thought made him blush, glad no one could see it.

When they got back, Seven faced them with the biggest smile. “And? How was your date?”

And just like that, Saeran vanished from sight, running into his room and locking the door.



Dae’s special high notes compilation from One Shot

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PS: you may heard little “crack”… it was my heart breaking because few of those vids are from the end of 2014 and you can see and hear frustration and tiredness T_T

Credits to the owners of the video

Guys chill, it's just 37 cents;;;
  • MC: *runs into the room outta breathe*
  • MC: I'm so sorry to bother you all, but can someone please lend me 37 cents, I was short at the cas-
  • Jumin: Not to worry MC, I just transferred $10,000 to your bank account.
  • MC: I don't even have a bank account;;
  • Jaehee: I opened one for you as soon as I got word.
  • MC: I just mentioned it-
  • Zen: I have cash, lets go.
  • Saeyoung: lolol too late guys, I already knew so I ran down there and paid for it.
  • MC: All I needed was 37 cents guys..

A quick Tracer I did for the boyfriend of a dear friend of mine :) (I got a freaking amazing wizard cat in exchange :D)

She asked me months ago…but I didn’t have anytime so I just made it now…I’m so lame xD

I changed the haircut a little because I like pixie haircut so much <3

Got off my ass from being lazy and scanned the clear file >w< had to carefully take it out of its plastic because lol it’s that precious. I don’t really see this clear file from proxy anymore x_x bleh, luckily I bought extra *sobsob*. But who knows, if I might see another one around and I get lucky, I might get another one (not to give away again, incase you were wondering). 

SO! Bless your wall with a Soukoku/Souko-choco-ku/Chocosoukoku/I AM SO LAME LOL FORGIVE ME if you want to print this out to hang or something XD like….I do AHAHAHA;; Chuya look so effin’ sweet I can’t even can I not have Dars choco but just lick him– NO I DID NOT SAY THAT SHOO SHOO PLS NO >//>

Still got time for mai Soukoku/BSD giveaway so while I can only hope for any of you to be the three winners, you can still have a Soukoku. Uh. Something. XD Lord, forgive me lol I’m a bit brain dead and tired today after my first Japanese lesson since I haven’t studied in so long so I’m at like my 3rd cup of coffee right now to stay awake. 

Also! If any of you happen to use this image from the clear file I scanned for anything, most likely edits if I may be assumptive, credits isn’t necessary but it is much appreciated. 

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Keep my heart

Pairing: Jikook
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1 186
Summary: Harry Potter AU where Jeongguk has the day of his life.
Author’s Note: The title is very cheesy, I know but Jeongguk is a Keeper and I suck at giving titles so… yeah. ^^ Also, this is for @jiminie-minime because you are the best, sweetheart. (๑>◡<๑)◞❤ (I hope that you like HP!AUs… :3 )

Jeongguk lands in the snow with an elegant movement, his new broomstick gleams in the weak winter sunlight.

“Well done, brat!” Yoongi, one of the Chasers and also Slytherin’s Captain, flies next to him, pats his broad shoulder and flashes at him a proud gummy smile.

Jeongguk grins back, eyes sparkling at the compliment. This is his first year in the team as their Keeper but since he joined, Slytherin wins every match.
The other members are jumping off their broomsticks next to the two of them, the Snitch glowing in the Seeker’s hand. The audience in green cheers as the winner team forms a circle and makes a group hug. Hands are ruffling Jeongguk’s hair, everyone is laughing and punching the chest of the team’s youngest member playfully.

“You are our lucky mascot, Kookie!” One of the Beaters shouts loudly. “You stopped every single attack in this match, how awesome is that?! We won because of you!”

Jeongguk smiles widely with flushed cheeks, there is a light bubble of happiness in his chest. He has always had a thing for praises and winning – but winning in a team and being the team’s proudness is definitely the best.

“Nice game!” The other team’s Captain, Jung Hoseok walks to them with an appreciative smile. His hair is disheveled and messy, and his yellow robe is creased everywhere but he doesn’t seem to be upset or sad because of the loss – but to be honest, Jeongguk has never seen Hoseok without his signature heart-shaped, bright smile, no matter what.
Hoseok offers his right hand and Yoongi squeezes it.

“Thanks. I enjoyed it, too,” Yoongi smirks at the other Captain and then starts making his way to the direction of the locker rooms. The Slytherins are following him, throwing victorious glances at the defeated Hufflepuffs.

Jeongguk changes his clothes slowly, his muscles are prickling and his skin is burning because of the cold.

“After you done changing, come to the common room, Kookie! Jackson smuggled some butterbeer in, we will celebrate all night!” One of the Chasers says excitedly before leaving the locker room.

Jeongguk sighs, he doesn’t really like crowded parties but this was a great day and an even greater victory so their team surely deserves to be celebrated.

He grabs his broomstick and leaves the room but as soon as he enters Hogwarts, encounters with Park Jimin.

Park Jimin, one of Hufflepuff’s Beaters (with his best friend, Kim Taehyung they make the most dangerous Beaters duo since the famous Weasley twins), a fifth year, and a friendly and popular upperclassman with unbearably pretty eyes and sweet smile. Also may or may not the object of Jeongguk’s recent and very embarrassing dreams.

“Hey, Jeonggukie,” Jimin greets the younger, his voice is smooth as always. It makes Jeongguk’s spine tingle and heart race, and Jeongguk really tries to hate him for that. “I was waiting for you.”

He really, really tries to hate him, to be mean with him, but he can’t. Jimin is just too nice and cute, so Jeongguk switches tactics.

“And what do you want, Jimin?” He looks at him with a teasing grin. “You want to take revenge because of today’s match? Instead of revenge, you should just practice more~”

“No, I wasn’t planning to attack you,” Jimin giggles and Jeongguk swears to Merlin that it’s the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. “I wanted to ask whether your parents allowed you to go down to Hogsmeade? The first trip will be this weekend.”

Jimin suddenly looks serious and a bit nervous and this is weird, because why the hell would Park-always-overflowing-with-confidence-Jimin be nervous? Jeongguk lifts one eyebrow and tries to act cool.

“Yeah, I’m allowed to go.”

“And do you have someone to go with?” Jimin asks immediately with something in his voice – something Jeongguk can’t recognize. Maybe… hope?

What is with this question, anyway? Of course he has people to go with! Jeongguk has no real friends because of his shy and introverted nature but he can count on the Quidditch te—

“Just because, if not, then I thought we could go together,” Jimin studies him from under his long eyelashes, his cheeks seem a little pink and his fingers are playing with the hem of his robe. Jeongguk blinks at him silently for minutes while his brain tries to comprehend the situation.

“T-together? You mean, me, with you?” He stutters finally, completely dumbfounded.

“Yeah,” Jimin now clearly looks nervous. Park Jimin officially looks nervous. While talking to him. Jeongguk is still waiting for Taehyung or Peeves to pop-up and tell him that this is all just a joke. “Well, Tae wants to go with Hobi and, uh, I thought we could go to a tea shop and drink some hot chocolate and, uhm, talk about, uh, Quidditch or whatever, if you wanna,” Jimin rambles and the tips of his ears are redder with each second.

“O-okay,” Jeongguk nods, his head is spinning because of the bubbling happiness inside his chest.

“Great!” Jimin exclaims enthusiastically, the color of his face resembles to the Quaffle. There is some awkward silence between the two before the older continues, “Well then, uh… See you tomorrow, Jeonggukie! Oh and, it’s hard to admit but you were really cool today,” Jimin winks at him and hurries away towards the kitchen.

Jeongguk stands still in the hallway for minutes, internally screaming and squealing because hot damn is this a date?!

“I was worrying that you were lost,” Yoongi laughs and wraps his arm around the younger when Jeongguk enters the common room. “What happened, brat?”

“Uhm, nothing special. I just met with Park Jimin,” Jeongguk replies in a dry tone.

“And? What did he want from you?“

“He asked me if we could go together to Hogsmeade this weekend,” Jeongguk tries to answer with a poker face while looking everywhere but at Yoongi. 

“Together? To Hogsmeade?” Yoongi stares at him and there is that annoyingly knowing look in his eyes.

“Uh, y-yeah,” Jeongguk can feel as his face heats up. Damn it, why can Yoongi always read him like an open book?!

“So this will be a date?”

“No!” He snaps because he would rather have spent an entire day locked up with twenty hungry Blast-Ended Skrewt than listening to the Captain’s endless teasing about his giant crush on Jimin. “We will just go to a tea shop and talk about Quidditch, that’s all! Jimin wants to go with me only because his friends are busy that day and he doesn’t want to go alone!”

Yoongi blinks a few times before a smirk spreads across his face. “You said, ‘tea shop’?

“Yeah, Jimin told me that he wants to go there.”

“Hmmmm…” Yoongi humms while thinking ‘Not-a-date, my ass!’. “You do realize that the only ’tea shop’ in Hogsmeade is Madam Puddifoot’s, right?”

“Huh? I’ve never heard about Madam Puddifoot’s before,” Jeongguk admits it confusedly. This will be his first time ever to go to Hogsmeade, and he knows almost nothing about the village. “What’s with that?”

Yoongi just continues to smirk, eyes glimmering with amusement.

“You’ll see, brat. You’ll see.”

Thank you really much for reading this ficlet, I hope you liked it at least a little bit haha~ 💕💕💕
Also, I want to try out something new so I opened my request box. Please give me requests, prompts, starter lines, or whatever else you want. I’ll try my best to fulfill them!! ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ )

Drew this tonight dedicated to my most fave MakoHaru fic: Losing Makoto by Tinni. If you haven’t read it, go read it now, son. (n˘v˘•)¬

I hardly get hook to fanfiction but this one really got to me. Made me smile and laugh. And what makes this great is that it’s greatly written and the author has done research. :) I was obviously rooting for MakoHaru, right? But then Rin (I adore Rin here so funny this lad), this precious boy his feelings for Makoto are genuine and I ended up cheering for him because MakoRin is also my OTP. And now I swear, I’m so torn I don’t know what to do?? (so I ended up drawing the boy they both want haha) Ok I am babbling too much but I just really wanna thank the author for writing this. :’D Truly, truly a beautiful story with no smut. <3 And I apologize for such a random fanart of your fanfiction OTL Please don’t kill me. Ah yes, this art btw kinda shows Makoto being a model, which in fact the whole story is all about! ( ´ ◡ ` )