[things that make me hmmm]

“I wasn’t the first one he made, I was only the first one he kept.”

[Well I had intended to draw more stupid stuff anyway.
I’m pretty sure it was a glitch, it certainly looked like one, but Grunt’s head just snapped up when Miranda said that during her loyalty mission. It’s just super relevant so, glitch or not, it’s one of those moments that’s really stuck with me.]

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Hey! When you get this pls respond with 5 things that make you happy, then pass it on to the last 10 people in your activity 😊 And happy new year!! Hope you have a great 2017 🎉💕

Hmmm five things that make me happy? I can try! 

1) The smell of vanilla
2) ranting about my ocs and people being interested in what I’m saying
3) those peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses in them
4) Hearing my friends call me their friend
5) Getting into deep conversations about cartoons or books or movies

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idk if u want me to do all drs so im just. gonan 

Favourite Female: Sakura Oogami hands down
Favourite Male: I would literally take a bullet for Kiyotaka Ishimaru 
3 Other Favourite Characters: Nanami, Juzo, Asahina 
3 OTPs: Ishimondo, Sakuaoi uh….. Hinanami is p good too. also shout out to my Munasaka kinda bc I want Juzo to be happy but i really dont care about munakata 
Notp: Ishimaru x any girl but especially Celestia and the fact that that was a thing ever makes me Angery 
Funniest character: hmmm probably Hagakure actually? Also Souda and Gundam are both p funny 
Prettiest character: All of the girls are so beautiful dont make my gay ass choose.
Most Annoying Character: Teruteru 
Most badass character: Juzo probably? Kirigiri is up there too tho  
Character I’d like as my BFF: Ishimaru 
Female Character I’d Marry: Nanami probably?? I could see myself being with Asahina too 
Male Character I’d Marry: See as much as i love ishimaru im like 900% sure he’s really gay. I dunno i like a lot of dr guys but idk if i’d wanna marry any of em u feel 
Character I hate/dislike/least like: Celestia is the Worst but shoutout goes to Teruteru who is awful and also 90% of the new characters in dr3 i like maybe 3 new characters and thats it 

one thing that really makes me ??!!!??? is why d&p suddenly decided to do joint live shows and appear in each other’s almost every time?? what are their motives

  • Anyone who says onions are good is lying to themselves and Jesus.
  • Also... I have a beef with the first person to eat an onion and thereby unleash this plague upon us all.
  • I mean... think about this guy. Dude's just living his life trying real hard to avoid all the POISONOUS SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE 'cause he didn't have google to figure out what's safe. I mean he's gotta put some real effort into not dying. So first he takes the time to dig this random thing out of the ground, then he starts tearing it up and examining it to figure out what it is, and he thinks hmmm... this thing emits vapors that MAKE ME CRY and the juices BURN and the smell is HORRIBLE and should be setting off every primal "this thing is bad and might kill me" warning bell. So he's sitting there breathing through his mouth, peering through swollen, burning eyes, and he thinks... "I'm gonna eat this."
  • And then there are tomatoes... I mean, half the time people can't even make up their mind as to whether they are a fruit or vegetable. In their raw form, they are just slimy and gross tasting. Also, when you ask for no tomato on something, half the time you still end up with tomato. You might say, "Well just pick them off then." But no... Not so easy. If they're diced, then good luck getting them all, because each bite is riddled with anxious anticipation of a nasty tomato surprise. They also have a tendency to leave their foul little tomato jelly fragments behind even after you remove them and now your food is ruined. Seriously, they are not this magical God food that everyone makes them out to be.
  • Please stop putting tomato and onion in and on everything!