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If you’re looking for real people making real progress ….

Check out these blogs. They motivate me. Every. Single. Day.






When I’m trying to come up with an excuse not to work out …. I go specifically to these blogs and they get me moving.

This is my true reason for being on this website. Not for the fitness models (even though they look great), not for the NIKE posts (yawn), NOT for the smoothie bowls (WTH), but for real people doing great things while still living a normal life.

Thanks all you amazing badasses!

anonymous asked:

what are ur favorite blogs?

ahhhh asks like these kind of scare me bc ALL of my mutuals r my fav!!!! but recently ive been rbing a lot from @na-rum @sixthchild @tayuya @blvckmilk @guncores @kozumek @tuofu @vicar-amelia @skyglowing @cyberjazz @mothcub @okumvras @ovrkill & a lot of other cool ppl !! & also i would take a million bullets for @eyespystye @pal-kia @rosiesakura