[strangled screaming]

Bioware: hey bethesda check it out *weird facial animations*
Bethesda: pfft that’s nothing bioware, how about this? *npc swimming down staircase*
Bioware: oh it’s on now *character walking in midair*
Bethesda: don’t start a fight you can’t win *vertical inclines intensify*
Bioware: ?! *protagonist scuttles across the screen like some eldritch abomination*
Bethesda: *npc stuck inside the floor*
Bioware: *pixilates textures of major plot animations*
Bethesda: *skin texture error*
Bioware: *screaming in frustration, jumps on Bethesda and attempts to strangle*
Bethesda: *also screaming*
Me: *sighs fondly*

surround me (m)

◇ pairing: yoongi x reader
◇ genre: smut, fluff, comedy, best friends to lovers
◇ word count: 10k+
◇ summary: after a very unfair and unjust firing from his bartending job, yoongi just wants to soothe his sadness by spending some quality time with his best friend - who he is very much in love with.
warnings: surprise piercings. slightly drunken and unprotected sex. netflix and chill, so kind of but not really spoilers for stranger things and good morning call and OITNB. a lot of hand holding.

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anonymous asked:

Peter's girlfriend (another teen avenger) being really badly injured (like stabbed or shot) on a mission and she's dying, but Peter can't get to her to say goodbye and another avenger is with her and trying to save her but it's too late?

A strangled scream escaped your lips as a bullet ripped through your stomach. The electric current which had previously been flowing from your hands died as your knees buckled and your hands flew to your belly, and came away slick with blood.


You were dimly aware of Bucky’s yell, but there was a dull ringing in your ears as you slumped to the ground. You braced yourself for your head to hit the concrete ground, but two arms, one flesh and one metal, caught you and pulled you gently to lean against someone’s chest.

“It hurts, Bucky,” you whispered, squinting up at the soldier. He combed through your hair carefully, cradling you and trying to smile reassuringly.

“You’re gonna be okay, kiddo. I need to try staunch the bleeding, okay? It’s gonna hurt, you wanna hold onto my hand?”

You nodded, reaching shakily for his metal hand and gripping it until your knuckles turned white as he applied pressure to your wound, making you cry out in pain.

“You’re being so brave, sweetheart,” Bucky told you, trying not to let his voice shake as blood still poured from your belly despite his attempts to staunch the flow. “The quinjet’ll be here soon, you’re gonna be okay.”

“Where’s Peter?” you mumbled, your eyes filling with tears of pain. “I wanna talk to Peter.”

Bucky’s heart clenched; he’d heard over the comms that Peter had been injured not long ago and taken back to the quinjet for treatment.

Tapping a finger to his earpiece, Bucky spoke, “Does Parker have an earpiece? It’s urgent.”

As he waited for one of his teammates to reply, he looked sadly down at you struggling to keep your eyes open. Ordinarily, he would’ve asked for the team to hurry up and get to you so they could save your life, but Bucky knew a fatal wound when he saw one. There was nothing to be done but keep you comfortable and pray that it would be a peaceful ending.

“I’ll give him mine, hang on,” came Natasha’s voice at last. You reached up shakily to grab at Bucky’s front.

“Don’t…h-have an…an…”

He frowned in confusion, before noticing that there was no earpiece in your ear. He took his own earpiece out and placed it gently in your ear, and suddenly you could hear a familiar voice.

“Bucky? Bucky are you there?” Peter asked in confusion.

“Hey Pete,” you mumbled.

“(Nickname)? What’s wrong?”

“I love you,” you whispered, tears streaming down your cheeks. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” he replied instantly. “(Y/N) what’s going on? Why aren’t you and Bucky coming back to the quinjet?”

You screwed your face up in pain as you slipped from Bucky’s arms. He gathered you up again quickly, kissing the top of your head.

“You need to tell him,” the soldier whispered, his grey eyes shining with tears. Bucky had always had a soft spot for you, you were like a little sister to him, and it was tearing him apart to not be able to save you.

“Peter?” you murmured.

“I’m here,” he told you, his voice shaking.

“Peter, I’m hurt,” you told him, fear creeping in as the reality of what was going to happen to you sank in. “It’s bad.”

You could hear that he was crying too now.

“Please come back to the jet, we’ll get you fixed up, you’ll be-,”

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, as it became harder and harder for you to string a sentence together. “I’m so sorry, Pete.”

“Don’t say that,” he sobbed. “You’re going to be okay, you’re gonna be fine.”

When you didn’t reply, Peter began calling your name. As he was greeted with silence, his calls turned into screams.

Bucky’s tears splashed onto your expressionless face as he pressed a kiss to your forehead and carefully closed your eyes. He took the earpiece from your ear and returned it to his own ear.

Peter only stopped screaming when he heard the crackle of someone moving the earpiece. His heart leapt with hope.

“(Y/N) oh my god I thought you-,”

“She’s gone, Peter. I’m sorry.”

Best Friends Forever

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson

*Requested smut, read carefully ;)

Imagine: You are angry because you ex seems to be really hitting it off since you two broke up. In order to help you through it, Klaus Mikaelson, your best friend, shows up in your place. There, he decides to come clean about his own feelings. After that, things get a bit hot in your room.

Word Count: 3043 

A light rain was pouring outside, matching your horrible mood. Today you had the misfortune of bumping into your ex boyfriend, Matt Donovan, and, to make things even worse, he looked like he could not be any happier, babbling about his growing success. Like you wanted to actually know that! Urgh! And that son of a bitch still felt in the right to comment about your life and fucking laugh about it. So what you had been going out and drinking more? It was none of his business.

Taking a deep breath, you turned on the radio. Music helped a lot to discharge the anger and keep your emotions together. Right now, it was exactly what you needed. Luckily, your girl power song was on: Beyoncé’s hit Single Ladies. A smile fastly appeared, as you started to sing and dance along.

“Acting up, drink in my cup! I can’t care less what you think.” You swayed your hips to the tune and rolled your eyes, wishing you were telling him that. “I need no permission, did I mention?”

“I take you are in a good mood, Y/N.”

The singing stopped and strangled scream came out instead. It took a few seconds for you to realise who had barged into your room, invading your privacy. After the fear went off and Klaus was laughing out loud, you frowned, angry. 

“This is not funny. I could have had a heart attack.”

“You’re a banshee, I’m pretty sure you are able to predict your own death.” You narrowed your eyes. “I’m just kidding! I came back town yesterday and heard Matt was at Mystic Falls as well. Thought I’d come to see how you were doing.”

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Note: hi sweetie! i’m sorry this took a while! i hope you like it! i’m sorry it’s long. i love all feedback! feel free to leave a comment! ♥ .c

Request: Hiii :) I really enjoy your writing and I just wanted to ask if you could do a Bucky imagine where he doesn’t notice her and treats her badly, despite the fact that she does so much for him and he takes her for granted and he only realizes how much he needs her when she gets terribly hurt. Thank you so much 💖

It all started when the super soldier moved into the tower. You couldn’t help but want to get to know him better, though you’ve heard a lot from people in the city streets and the News. But you knew he was more than a Hydra experiment, a brainwashed man who had no choice in the matter, he needed help and you wanted to make his life all the more better.

You were always extremely nice and it took a lot for someone to bring your spirits down, you wanted to help everyone be happy and be okay. Though you knew people needed time and space, they would always come to you for a shoulder to cry on.

Which is why you ended up being there for Bucky; you knew he needed that. You always welcomed him in the mornings with breakfast and a small note containing an uplifting quote. He wouldn’t say anything, he would just give you a tight lipped smile and shut his door in your face. You would shrug it off and tell yourself he wasn’t a morning person.

You were in the kitchen, bright and early, getting Bucky’s breakfast ready. It was nearing 8am and he usually gets up at this time, so you were hoping to get everything done on time. You decided to go with bacon, eggs, grits, and toast. You heard footsteps approaching as you were flipping over the fried eggs, having finished with the grits and bacon already.

You turned with a smile to see Steve and Sam groggily walking in, their pajamas wrinkled and their hair all crazy. “You still make Barnes breakfast?” Sam asked through a rather long yawn. You giggled and nodded. “Yeah, of course!” You said with a chipper attitude. Steve shoved his muscular body onto a stool at the kitchen island, resting his head on his hand.

You turned back to the food and finally got everything ready on a plate and a tray. “Y/N, you’ve done this for like 5 months.” Steve commented as you started to write down an uplifting quote. You shrugged and set the corner of the note under his cup of black coffee. “So?” You asked with a small smile. Steve sighed and shook his head.

Without another word, you slipped off your apron and headed to the elevator, humming as you made your way to Bucky’s room. You walked down the hallway and suddenly Bucky’s door opened, his body leaning against the door frame. You smiled and wiggled your finger at Bucky as he met your eyes. “Hey, Bucky! How’d you sleep?” You asked, walking over to him.

Bucky looked at the tray and nodded. “Fine. This all?” Bucky asked, pointing at the tray. It was a good bit of food you thought. “Oh, did-did you need more?” You asked, your eyebrows raised. Bucky’s eyes lingered on your face before he took the tray from you. “No, this is fine. See ya!” Bucky said before walking back into his room, leaving his door slightly cracked.

You bit your lip as you tapped your fingers against your thighs, slightly peeking into his room. He sat down at his desk and picked up the note you left. “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. Ernest Hemingway.” Bucky mumbled. You smiled but it slightly faltered as you watched him scoff and crumble the note, throwing it away.

You sighed and walked away with a shrug, leaving Bucky to enjoy his meal.

You were in the laundry room now, having picked up Bucky’s basket of clean clothes. You picked up on doing his laundry after helping him clean up after a mission. He didn’t seem to mind, so you continued doing it. You tossed his clothes in the basket so you could fold them in his room.

With a smile, you skipped out of the room and bumped into the man himself. “Oof!” You huffed, stumbling back, thankfully having a good grip on the basket. Bucky caught your arm before you could fall and you giggled. “Sorry! I didn’t see you coming.” You said, a light blush dusting your cheeks. Bucky cleared his throat and looked down at the basket. “It’s all good. These done?” Bucky asked with a dull tone.

You nodded energetically. “Yep! I can fold them if you want.” You offered with a smile. Bucky shook his head. “I got it this time.” Bucky said as he took the basket from your hands. He turned and left, stalking off down the hallway. You watched after him, seeing his tense back muscles. Following after him, you rounded the corner just fast enough to run into the elevator.

Bucky moved a little away from you as if to give you more space. You smiled up at him. “I couldn’t help but notice you look a little tense.” You said softly, stepping towards Bucky. He looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “And?” He snapped, taking you aback. “Oh, um, well, I was just going to offer a back massage.” You said a little softer now.

And that’s how you ended up sitting butt on butt on top of Bucky, your hands digging into his back muscles. Groan after groan fell from his lips and you smiled. “Feeling better?” You asked, circling your thumbs into a tight knot just below his shoulder blade. Bucky made a grunting noise in response.

You continued for a few more minutes and rubbed in some soothing essential oils into his skin before climbing off of him. He sat up and stretched. “That was amazing, wow.” Bucky said, a small smile spreading on his lips. You capped your oils and smiled. “I’ll see you around.” Bucky said as he slipped his shirt back on.

You watched him leave his bedroom and you stood there awkwardly. Bucky never thanked you for things like this and it was starting to get to you. You do this to make him feel better and it clearly does that for him, but he never shows gratitude. Bucky just leaves and comes back for this special treatment.

A sigh fell from your lips and small hint of sadness started to hit you. You shook it off with a smile and left Bucky’s room to do some other things on your to-do list.

A few days had passed and you still do the same things for Bucky. You recently started to comfort him during the night when he has nightmares. It was hard to see him writhing around, screaming at the top of his lungs, begging for his life. You couldn’t help but…help him.

You rushed into Bucky’s room and saw his large body squirming around, broken screams and strangled cries coming from his mouth. It broke your heart to see him like this. You knelt on his bed and rested your hand on his shoulder. His skin was burning and sweaty as he thrashed around. “Bucky, it’s okay. Please, wake up!” You said softly, brushing his hair off of his sticky forehead.

It took a little coaxing but he shot up, almost knocking his head against yours. Bucky breathed heavily, his eyes searching for the danger he thought he was in. After seeing he was safe, he looked at you. Before you could ask if he was alright, he pulled you into his body. “Shh, you’re okay.” You whispered as he cried into your shoulder.

Bucky held onto you and you rubbed his head, your arms wrapped around him. “I promise you’re safe, Bucky.” You whispered soothingly. He hesitantly nodded and sighed into you. His arms held you closer as he continued to calm down. “That’s it.” You softly praised Bucky, his hands releasing their tight hold on your shirt.

You held him close and whispered soothing things in his ear, gently stroking his hair. Bucky clung to you, his breathing coming to a smooth rhythm. “Please, stay.” You barely heard Bucky mumble, his face nuzzled into your chest. “I will.” You whispered back, holding him tightly as you both fell asleep.

Bucky woke up with you draped across his chest, your breathing steady and soft, the little air coming from your nose tickling his skin. His heart fluttered as he stared at your face, peacefulness resting on your features. Bucky reached his hand to your face, outlining the curve of your jaw. The twitch of your lips made him feel something he’s never felt before. And boy did it scare him.

Bucky suddenly pulled out of your hold and stood out of his bed quickly, startling you out of your sleep. You groaned and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, sitting up in Bucky’s bed. “Bucky?” You asked, yawning into your hand. “Get out.” Bucky rasped, slipping on a clean shirt. His previous shirt was discarded on his floor from his body sweating him out.

You looked at him, concern all over your face. “What?” You questioned, moving his blankets off of you. Bucky was breathing heavily and he turned to you. “Why do you help me? Why do you do things for me?” Bucky asked, raking his hand through his hair. You smiled a little. “I just want you to-” “-to be happy? To get better?” Bucky finished your sentence. He scoffed and shook his head.

You stood to your feet and walked over to Bucky slowly. You reached out to hold his arm but he jerked it away, his eyes looking into yours. “Y/N, stop! Just go! I don’t need you!” Bucky yelled at your face, causing you to flinch. The wave of sadness hit you again, twice as much this time. You frowned and retracted your outreached hand, your fingers trembling.

Bucky turned his back to you and you backed away from him, leaving his room. What was wrong with him? What did you do? You thought helping him and showing kindness towards him would get him to open up to you. You didn’t know it was making things worse. He never thanked you for anything and you let it go, excusing his ungratefulness as just having a wall built up.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and went your room, locking yourself in there to get ready for the day. You sat on your balcony a little while later and looked out at the cloudy sky. The city below was busy as ever and you usually felt happy watching the people far below, but now, you didn’t feel it.

Your lip quivered the longer you thought about this morning. You just wanted to help him and make him look forward to something nice in the mornings and during the day. The quotes were to help him realize he’s not as weak and broken as he thinks.

A knock at your door pulled you from your thoughts and you sighed, walking into your bedroom. You opened your door and saw Steve standing there in his suit. “Hey-wait, what’s wrong?” Steve asked quickly, seeing your watery eyes. You’ve never cried in front of the team, and you never did at all, really. It took a lot for you to get like this and Bucky did it so easily.

Steve stuck his shield to his back and held your shoulders. “Y/N, talk to me.” Steve pleaded, his blue eyes searching yours. You took a deep breath and swallowed thickly. “Bucky, he-he just got angry this morning. I-I heard him having a nightmare last night so I did what I do best and helped him. He shot out of bed and yelled for me to get out.” You explained, holding in the sob  that wanted to desperately escape.

You sniffled and Steve bent to give you a tight hug. “You’ve done so much for him, Y/N. He still needs time.“ Steve said quietly. You nodded, your arms around his neck. “He’s never shown any gratitude. I figured he just needed that shell to break.” You said, your voice shaking. Steve sighed and pulled away from you. “I’ll talk to him.” Steve said as his frown deepened.

You shook your head quickly, “No, don’t worry about it.” You sniffled again. “Is there a mission?” You asked as your eyes fell to his suit again. Steve slapped his hand against his forehead. “Shoot! Yeah, I need you for guard duty. Nat is coming along to gather information.” Steve explained as you listened closely.

After suiting up and pushing your thoughts about Bucky aside, you walked out of your room and gathered around the team in the common room.

“This should be really easy, you know what to do.” Tony said, speaking to Steve. The others wished you good luck, all except Bucky. He was off to the side, arms crossed and brows creased. He looked troubled, almost like he wanted to say something. You glanced over at him and his eyes met yours, only to flicker away.

You sighed and Nat walked over to you, linking her arm with yours. “Steve told me what happened. I need you to focus, okay?” Nat whispered, her eyes soft. You nodded and swallowed the lump in your throat. “I know.” You said softly.

Steve finished talking with Tony and you all set out on the mission. It took about 4 hours to get there and you had to walk down a wooded trail to get to the base. You were crouched down with Steve and Nat, guns aimed with silencers. “Ready.” Steve said, cocking his gun. You all had to take out the guards out front, so you readied your gun and aimed for any guard you laid eyes on.

You took them down in record time and slowly made your way to the base. Steve kicked in the door and you shot down a guard inside, watching his body instantly fall to the ground. “Okay, Nat you know what to do. I’m right beside you.“ Steve said, leaving you outside to keep watch.

You looked around, keeping your eyes focused and your gun ready. You could hear Steve and Natasha fighting throughout the base in your comm, grunts and hits coming from them. Still looking around the area, you noticed a small movement in the woods in front of you. Your heart jumped in your chest as you slowly held your gun up, scanning the area.

Steve grunted into your comm and you heard Nat yelling curse words. “Y/N! We need you in here!” Steve yelled, his shielding ricocheting off a wall, hitting a guard. Before you replied, you quickly scanned the area once more, hoping it was just an animal you saw rustling in the woods. “I’m coming.” You responded, retreating backwards and turning into the building.

As you walked down the hallways that was covered with dead bodies, you listened for your teammates. “Where are you guys?” You asked, stopping as you approached another hallway. “Take the stairs,we’re on the second floor,” Steve grunted loudly, “There’s a lot more guards than we thought!” Steve called out, gunshots ringing through your comm.

You quickly ran to the door that held the staircase behind it and made your way up, hoping you got there in time. You could hear Steve and Natasha yelling, their weapons going off. “Guys, I’m almost there!” You yelled, keeping a tight grip on your gun. You finally reached the top of the stairs and rounded to the second floor.

You immediately started shooting at any enemy you laid your eyes on. Steve was going to hand to hand with a guard, his shield stuck in the concrete wall. You quickly glanced at Natasha after shooting two more guards down. She used her signature move on one guard and round house kicked another, knocking them both out cold.

A guard to your left aimed his gun at you and you were able to shoot him first, the bullet piercing through his chest. “Nice!” Steve yelled, a smile on his face. He twisted the guards neck and sighed out, pulling his shield from the wall. Natasha finished off the guards around her and you looked around, seeing all of the lifeless bodies.

You wiped your brow and took a deep breath. “Okay, now that that’s over, there should be a vault in the room.” Natasha said, her boots clicking as she walked towards the door, moving around the bodies. 

Steve didn’t lie when he said there were a lot more than they thought. Nat kicked open the door, holding her gun up. “All clear.” She said into her comm. Steve joined her in the room, helping her open the safe.

Putting your gun in your holster, you crossed your arms, waiting for Steve and Nat to finish. A deep chuckle came from behind you, making your heart jump. You whipped around just in time to feel a bullet pierce through your abdomen. You gasped, looking down at the blood starting to pour out of you. “Y/N!” You heard Steve and Nat yell, Steve taking the guard down.

You fell to your knees and the two rushed over to you, Steve grasping hold of your body before you fell onto the floor. “Shit!” Nat yelled, holstering her gun. 

You were breathing heavily, though every breath you took made your body ache and the pain worsen. “St-Steve.” You winced, squeezing your eyes shut. Applying pressure to your wound, Steve rushed you out of the room.

Steve was yelling at Nat to call Bruce, to tell him you need him as soon as you land. “Y/N, you have to stay awake!” Steve yelled, shaking you lightly enough to make your eyes peel open. You felt Nat’s hand putting more pressure on your wound and looked down, your bodysuit a dark color from the blood. The pain was unbearable, the last thing you heard was Nat and Steve calling your name.

The jet landed and Steve carried you out, meeting Bruce on the roof with a gurney. “She-Bruce, please.” Steve sobbed as he looked down at your pale face. You looked lifeless, just like the enemies you had taken out. “I’ll take care of her.” Bruce assured Steve, quickly rolling your body away.

Nat took a deep breath as they walked into the elevator after Bruce had wheeled you inside and took it down to the medic room. “She can’t die.” Steve’s body shook with another sob and Nat looked up at him, her own eyes threatening to spill with tears. “She won’t. Not Y/N.” Nat whispered, scared her voice would break her tough facade.

The two walked into the common room and met with the others. “Hey! You’re back!” Sam cheered but stopped when he looked at Steve and Nat’s faces. “What happened?” Tony asked, taking his glasses off. “Whose blood is that?” Clint asked, causing Steve and Nat to look at your blood on their hands. Wanda stepped forward. “Where’s Y/N?” She asked nervously. Bucky entered the room and noticed how quiet it was. “What, did someone die or something?” He asked jokingly.

Bucky looked at Steve, his smile dropping. Bucky took in everyone’s scared expressions. He looked around for you, but he knew something was wrong when he didn’t see your bright and beautiful smile greeting him like you always did. 

“Wait, where’s Y/N?” Bucky asked, feeling his heart starting to beat fast. Steve shook his head and tried to speak, but nothing came out. Steve looked at his bloody hands again and his lip trembled. Bucky gasped, his eyes falling to Steve’s hands. “No. She’s-Steve, don’t do that to me.” Bucky said, shaking his head, his knees feeling weak.

Nat walked over to Bucky and looked at him sadly. “Bucky, she got shot. Bruce is taking care of her now.” Nat explained as best she could, her voice shaking. Bucky noticed the blood on her hands too as tears filled his eyes. “If this is-is some sort of sick joke.“ Bucky choked out, a lump forming in his throat.

Steve sniffled and shook his head. “Buck, it’s not.” Steve said, looking at Bucky as flashbacks played throughout his mind. “Stop! She can’t-FUCK!” Bucky yelled in the all too quiet room. Bucky rushed out, walking straight towards the elevator. All he could think about was you, the whole time you were gone, Bucky thought of how badly he had treated you.

He knew he took you for granted, he didn’t realize how much you did for him until you left his room after he made you leave. He never knew how much you actually meant to him. Bucky wanted to apologize and tell you how he felt when he woke up next to you and he hoped it wouldn’t be too late.

The elevator stopped and Bucky ran out, his feet carrying him down the hallway. He could hear a heart monitor going off and he ran up to the large window, seeing Bruce stitching you up. There was blood all over his gloves and a bit around your stitches. Bloody tissues filled the small trashcan beside Bruce’s feet and it made Bucky’s heart clench.

Your body was still and it scared Bucky. It scared him because he realized he did need you. You tried so hard to make Bucky feel something, feel happy, feel better, feel…loved. Bucky’s tears fell, his chest rising up and down heavily and fast as he watched Bruce finish up.

Bucky knew you’d be okay now, but he just couldn’t help but feel like the biggest piece of crap because of how he made you feel before you left. He realized his mistake and he desperately wanted to make it better.

Bruce turned to see Bucky looking through the glass window and waved him to come inside. Bucky took a deep breath after wiping his tears away. He took slow steps, afraid his presence alone would cause more damage. Bruce watched closely as Bucky walked toward your body. His eyes took in your current state and he felt even more guilty.

Bruce was writing down information on his clipboard and he sighed softly. “She should be awake soon. The medicine I gave her wears off in just enough time.” Bruce told Bucky, watching him grasp your hand gently. Bucky nodded slowly, his eyes on your closed ones. He reached up to your face, his finger caressing along your jawline like he did this morning.

Deciding to give you two a bit of privacy, Bruce quietly exited the room and left to notify the others on how you’re doing. Bucky took a shaky breath before speaking. “Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Bucky whispered, his eyes filling with tears again. “I was so horrible to you.” He choked out.

He saw your eyelids flutter before slowly starting to open. His heart skipped in his chest and he rubbed your cheek with the pad of his thumb. “That’s it, Doll. Come back to me, please.” Bucky whispered. You squinted your eyes a tad at the bright lights and Bucky moved closer, blocking it for you.

You groaned and tried to sit up, not aware of the stitches in your abdomen. Bucky held you down gently. “Y/N, don’t move.” He spoke softly. You relaxed again and licked your dry lips. You sighed and looked up at Bucky. “Why are you here?” You asked rather coldly, not meaning to, though you didn’t apologize. 

Bucky sighed and frowned at your sourness towards him. He was used to you being sweet, but he reckoned he ruined that for good. “I know you might hate me now, but I realized something after, you know..” Bucky trailed off, staring down at you. Your heart sank as you took in his watery and puffy eyes. He had been crying and it was probably because of you.

You watched Bucky’s lip tremble and you reached your hand up to hold his that was still resting on your cheek. “I’m sorry I never appreciated you.” Bucky said, his words holding more than he led on. You knew what he meant and you nodded gently. “I’m sorry if I was too much. I won’t do it anymore.” You whispered, letting your hand fall from Bucky’s.

Bucky nodded gently. “I don’t mind if you don’t want to do things for me anymore. But I do want you to keep trying with me. Y/N, I-I need you.” Bucky said, a sob wracking through his body. Your eyes lifted to Bucky’s and you furrowed your eyebrows. “You what?” You asked, not believing what Bucky just said.

Your heart started racing as Bucky bent down, slowly leaning in to press his lips to yours. You gasped before kissing him back, your hand reaching up to rest on the back of his head. Your heart monitor started beeping faster and Bucky pulled away, a smile on his face. “I said I need you. I was wrong before, so so wrong.” Bucky whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.

A smile formed on your lips in return and you giggled. “I’ll always be here, Bucky.” You said, your hand resting on his cheek. Bucky sniffled and kissed your forehead. “I want to take care of you until you get better.” Bucky said, raising up so he could look at your bandage. You gently sighed and frowned. “But I-” Bucky shushed you. “Y/N, you’ve done so much for me.” Bucky said, holding onto your hand.

You nodded and smiled at Bucky, your happiness fluttering back into your chest.


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Keep Quiet

A/N: i don’t have the slightest clue as to where this came from but enjoy it i guess
Word count: 1.1k

“Need ya to keep quiet for me, darling. Can you do that?” Y/N nods vigorously, her hips eagerly bucking into the rough palms of his hand. It just had to be tonight of all nights that Shawn decided, his games were deserving of a little bit of play time.

Shawn’s undoubtedly the most annoying person to ever exist to Y/N tonight. When it comes to teasing, he’ll drag it out as long as he can, until she’s begging him to give her anything to extinguish the burn of desire. Shawn knows her body like every note on his guitar. Where to move, how to curve his fingers so they hit that spot in such a sickeningly delicious way, it makes her bones quake. He does it every single time, without fail.

Y/N lets him play her like his favorite song, whenever he wants no questions asked; Pushing her until she’s on the edge of her release, pulling it away in the blink of an eye, taunting Y/N practically. It makes her core cry out every time, pleading with want to be cared for and he does it just right.

“Use your words, baby. Your smart ass mouth had no problem functioning earlier.” His digits curved against her g-spot, pulling an undetected moan with it.

“I can be quiet, I-I promise.” Y/N’s eyes knit shut, beads of perspiration running down her temple already. She trembles out a response, virtually a whisper among the sounds of the air conditioning in the bathroom.

He presses the pad of his thumb against her bundle of nerves and her hand instinctively reaches out for his bicep, feeling her knees nearly give out beneath her. “Dazed, flushed, and needy. Such a beautiful look on you.” He hums, his teeth gently grazing her earlobe.

The ocean waves of blood washing over her tongue remind Y/N of how hard she’s biting into her bottom lip. She wants to scream, moan, anything that allows her to liberate the feelings boiling within, but she remembers her promise just moments ago and she remembers that if she breaks, he stops. As much as she wants to let it out, she refuses to make him stop now.

“Please stop teasing me, Shawn. Please.” Her pleas fall on deaf ears as a dark chuckle pierces through the darkness. “Now you know I can’t do that, honey. That’s not my style.”

“Well can’t you fucking make it your style?” She grunted, a slight irritation at the almost nonexistent movement of his fingers setting in.

“M’kay.” Is all he says. It’s never that easy to convince him to stop with his games. Never. It always took her to her vocal limits to convince him to even slightly speed up. Shawn seduces her until tears are streaming down her pretty little face, pools of disheveled sheets surround her, and her skin is slick with sweat and desperation, every fucking time. Y/N knows she’s thinking too much about this. She thinks so much his lips blanketing her clit blindside her, pulling a strangled scream from her throat.

Even in the dim light of the handicapped bathroom, Y/N can feel his piercing chocolate eyes staring daggers through her chest. She knows he is, no need for bright lights or opened eyes to tell her. Her right hand reaches out for something, anything to take out this excess tension on. Her trembling hands run down past her navel, basking in the soft curls she teases between her fingers. “Fuck you,” the growl falls into the void, triggering a chuckle from Shawn and a whole new sensation to her pussy.

She whines when he pulls away, allowing the cold air breezing through the pristine bathroom to hit her dead on. “Love to, not right now, though.” His pink puckered lips return to the most intimate parts of her, to pleasing her. His fingers don’t stop, drilling into her like nobody’s business. His tongue never ceases, licking and prodding the sensitive dips, curves, and crevices of Y/N’s heat. One of those screams she wanted to let out finally bubbles up, coming out as a high-pitched moan instead.

The slurping sounds his mouth creates against her pussy drives Y/N up the walls. Something about the way he devours her, pushes her towards a pleasurable insanity. His thrusts get more forceful, more powerful, his tongue more gentle. Teasing, she might even say. “Gonna cum for me, darling? Hmm?” She nods despite him not being able to see her the best at the moment.

The knot in her stomach has been forming for God knows how long now, inflating like a fucking balloon before the opening is freed and the moistened air exits once again, a never ending cycle. Shawn knew exactly what to do, kicking his trusty assistants into overdrive. Amongst the thrusting of his digits, he adds a third one and his hand quickly flies towards Y/N’s mouth, knowing she’ll moan at any second.

His prediction was right, not even close to a shot in the dark. A deep moan presses up against his hand like her unrelenting hips as his fingers pick up their pace, desperate to feel her walls clenching around him. He couldn’t tell if he wanted her orgasm more than her or not. Her chest heaves, eyes shut tight like bolted locks while her body shakes. Her muffled moans of Shawn’s name fill his hand like overflowing water, each one making his cock swell larger in his jeans. He was grateful he wore a relatively long shirt today.

Y/N’s orgasm continues to waver over her, each hit like a jolt of electricity to her core. She’d had amazing orgasms courtesy of Shawn, but none had ever hit her this hard. Hard enough to pull tears from her eyes, leave her throat sore and deep red  crescent marks in her palms. Her hair was soaked along the edges, similar to Shawn’s fingers now, her face glowing even in the dark. Shawn’s tongue doesn’t cease fire as he works mercilessly to clean Y/N up, nearly bringing her to another earth-shattering orgasm.

“Better now?” Shawn quips, pulling her underwear back up her legs. Y/N unties her sundress, letting the fabric fall back down and shield her legs once again.

“Yeah, but someone else isn’t.” She hums, gesturing to the ever growing bulge in his jeans.

“Shut up, it’s your fault.” He groans, pressing a kiss to her temple. Y/N’s hands run up the expanse of his chest as she pushes him against the wall. Her hands palm at his growing cock, eliciting a loud moan from the adonis beneath her palms.

“Let me make it better.”

pandalandalopalis  asked:

ANGSTY CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: The reader is best friends with Peter Parker (and they're in love with him, but he doesn't know), but she doesn't know that he's Spider-Man. One day, the reader is caught in the damage of some kind of villain, and they get severely hurt (something bad enough that it's basically fatal). Spider-Man is there trying to keep her from bleeding out, and the reader is like "Please don't let me die, I haven't told my best friend I'm in love with him" and angst ensues

A strangled scream burst from your lips as you were thrown through the air, tossed aside as if you weighed no more than a rag doll. All the air was knocked from your lungs as you collided with a parked car, before falling to the ground.

Your ribs felt as though they were shrinking in around your organs; your vision was flickering and blurry; blood was pouring from a wound somewhere on your stomach. You squinted your eyes as you lay in agony, and managed to make out an unclear image of the enormous robotic creature which had just sent an entire street into chaos.

You breathed in sharply as a familiar red-and-blue figure soared overhead, however instead of attacking the villain, Spiderman landed clumsily and sprinted to your side.

“Oh God, (Y/N), I’m so sorry,” he murmured repeatedly, his hands hovering over the wound in your stomach. You were in too much pain to wonder how he knew your name.

“You need to…help the people,” you managed to whisper hoarsely, tears welling in your eyes. “They’ll d-die.”

Spiderman shook his head rapidly, taking one of your hands in both of his gloved ones. You frowned; there was something familiar about the hands, something which reminded you of-

“Peter,” you wheezed. The superhero’s head jerked in your direction, and his whole body became tense.

“What did you say?” he asked, his voice rising in pitch. You narrowed your eyes to try and see him.

“Tell my f-friend, Peter….Parker, tell him I love h-him?” you requested, tears flowing down your cheeks and mingling with the blood.

Spiderman looked over his shoulder briefly, before doing the last thing you expected; he tugged his famous mask off of his face to reveal-

“Peter?” you whispered in confusion, trying to reach up and touch his face. He grabbed your hand and pressed it against his cheek, trying to smile reassuringly at you even as your blood smeared against his face.

“I’m here, (Nickname), don’t worry,” he told you. “You’re going to be okay, I promise. Oh god, I’m so sorry, this is all my-”

“I love you,” you blurted out again, wincing as you accidentally put pressure on your undoubtedly broken ribs. It was getting harder to breathe now.

Peter let out a heartbreaking sound which was somewhere between a laugh and a sob.

“I love you too, I love you so much,” he replied desperately, leaning down to press his forehead to yours. “I’m gonna get you out of here, hang on.”

He tried to lift you and you screamed in pain, your ribs turning to daggers within you. Your head fell against his chest, and he cradled you carefully, as if you were the most fragile creature in the world.

“Keep your eyes open,” he begged, stroking your hair, which was now matted with blood. “Please, (Y/N), don’t make me lose you too.”

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, struggling for breath now. “I love-”


anonymous asked:

Ohhh could you write a sic fic where back at home Lance would find small random places to curl up when he was sick to get away from his siblings sense they were always loud and so when he gets sick in space for the fist time he hides somewhere tiny in the castle (like the air vents) and the team get worried when they can't find him??

Thanks so much for the prompt! I hope you enjoy it!

He wasn’t sure when the habit started; it could have been when he was old enough to realize that the noises in the house wouldn’t stop just because he was feeling a little under the weather. The first time, he found himself crawling in the space between the couch and wall, dragging a blanket with him; vainly trying to block out the sounds of music blaring from the kitchen and his siblings fighting over some sort of game. For some reason he found his headache alleviate and he let out a sigh as the warmth from the blanket traveled through his bones. Slowly he found himself following his strange habit whenever he became ill. By the time he moved to the Garrison, he had healed up in every single part of the house. Small spaces between furniture, under tables and counters, even going so far as to curl up in empty cabinets. Although it didn’t seem to do much for his actual ailments, he was more comfortable and able to rest more than if he just laid down in bed. His family got used to the teen’s strange habit after encountering him a number of times and accepted his weird superstition. However, he didn’t stop even when he moved away to the Garrison. The very first time he got sick at the Garrison, he crawled under his desk without hesitation a blanket trailing behind him; disregarding the strange look he was getting from his then roommate. He wasn’t surprised that a week and a half later he switched out of their room and was replaced with Hunk, not that he was complaining. You’d be kind of weirded out if your roommate started sleeping under his desk for no apparent reason too. It wasn’t exactly like he was trying to hide his little quirk, but it’s not really something you bring up during a conversation or an icebreaker game. Which is why he wasn’t exactly surprised when he was woken up out of his nap by the panicked voices of his friends. They, however, had a different view on the whole situation.

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Kiss and Dash | Part 1 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: It all starts when the reader kisses Peter Parker for a dare then runs off but it really spirals out of control when Spiderman takes revenge with his own kiss and dash. Is it possible that a simple dare could lead to the unveiling of New York City’s youngest superhero’s true identity? Because not all people kiss the exact same… right?

Author’s Note: I swear I’ll start posting Riverdale fics again but for now Spiderman is my life. This fic is based off of another one I read last summer that I absolutely loved the concept of. Anyways, let me know if you like it and I’ll definitely write another part.

Word Count: 1556

Fanfiction Masterlist| Part 2

It all started on a rare day when the girl’s PE Instructor was out sick, and the girls were forced to sit in a classroom and complete a worksheet on anatomy.

Without any supervision.

Being the good students they were, everyone immediately went to work on their worksheets. That being said, the girls just immediately took out their phones and googled the answers, because it’s 2017 and that’s what teenagers do.

They decided to do something more interesting when they finally finished. Gossiping instantly turned into FMK which turned into roasting which turned into story telling which inevitably turned into truth or dare.

It was already starting to get out of hand with Michelle coming up with wicked dares, Liz yanking out some scandalous truths, and (Y/N) doing a bit of both.

(Y/N) was starting to really dread her turn again. Last round she chose truth and Michelle made her dredge up every detail of the feelings she held for her best friend Peter Parker. Luckily for her though, the girls surrounding her were nice and didn’t tease her relentlessly like they would in movies. That didn’t make the confession any less embarrassing though.

Things were heating up too. One of Liz’s friends had to wear a sign around her neck that read, well, let’s not go there. And another girl recently had to fess up to wetting bed until she was 5 years old. (Y/N) was rather scared at what would happen to her next.

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The power switch of petty revenge; cute asian girl to the rescue

Prefixing this by stating that this piece of revenge was not mine but I was a front seat witness to it and I’m still giddy about it.

University finals are looming up and the uni lab (computer rooms) are packed with students desperately trying to hammer out final projects while shooting down caffeine pills and energy drinks. Everyone was quiet and respectful, the tension was real and it’s common fucking decency to be a bro and shut it so people can work.

Apparently common decency is not a concept to douchebag mcdicknozzle. First of all, fuck off with the smelly foods. Goddamn kimchi of all things at 2am in an unventilated room is a nightmare. Secondly, earphones exist for a reason. He had some kind of gameshow blasting through the tinny speaker of his phone, letting out wild, snorting laughs and yells every twenty seconds or so.

DbMDN was sitting next to me, in the middle row of computers. There was another row mirroring us in front of us and I could see that there was this tiny, delicate, pretty asian girl there looking absolutely serene about it all. She surveyed the scene and watched us yell at the dude to STFU everytime he opened his mouth but he just rudely gestured at us and continued his sensory assault.

I haf just about enough and was about to hunt down a security dude when i see a flash of dark hair underneath the desk in front of us. Cute girl had crawled under the desks and was slowly advancing on DBMDN. It looked thoroughly suspect but whatever, sleep deprivation makes weirdos of us all. That’s when DBMDN’s computer shut down, screen black, fan off. Totally off, all work gone. He lets out a strangled scream and tried mashing the buttons on the keyboard. The computer starts again and I see cute girl appearing quietly back behind her computer. Nobody but me saw her duck down and flip the computer’s power switch off and then on again. It just looked like the computer crashed.

All of DBMDN’s work was gone, was not even autosaved. Computers reset and wipe themselves at university when they shut down. His essay and work is gone and he finally shuts the fuck up and gets to work rewriting his paper.

I give cute girl a thumbs up and she just smiles shyly and returns to her work.

Wet Bodies

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warning: Cocky-Scott, shower sex, cursing. 18+

A/n: I’m working on a new Stiles series, and I got this idea but it didn’t fit in with the story so I decided why not just write it as a one-shot for Scotty. FYI, you have absolutely no permission to take this story and post it elsewhere. None. Nada. Nope. Don’t do it.


Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it’s true.

And I don’t want to spend my whole life, just waiting for you.

Now I don’t want you back for the weekend.

Not back for a day–

The water fell over your body like an angel dancing in the rain, it was hot and everything you needed after a hard day at work. Squirting the shampoo into your hand, you scrubbed it into your scalp as the song playing off your phone was blaring through your bathroom. Your legs did a little dance but you also focused on not slipping.

Just as the chorus was about to start, everything switched off. Your heart pounded, you stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your body as you looked around in darkness. You cried out when the shampoo got into your eyes, “Just my luck.”

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*warning: this one is extremely graphic.*

Anti dragged his knife along Jameson’s skin, leaving a long shallow gash right across his chest. He took his time, moving his knife excruciatingly slow. The whole time his eyes were fixed, gleeful, on Jameson’s face. On his mouth, open in a strangled but completely silent scream. He could hear the air leaving his lungs, but it never made a single sound. Tears poured from Jameson’s eyes, which were closed tight against the agonizing overwhelming pain that consumed every inch of his body. The gasps of a choking sob could be heard; the loudest noise he would ever make.

“W̛hat́ ̛a ͏g̴o͜od҉ ҉b̀o̧y,“ Anti purred, finally finally pulling his knife away. “W͢e͞'ve͏ bȩe̵n ͘at ͟thi̡s̸, w͟h̛a̸t̶,͡ two hour̢s̛?͞ An̕d ͠not ̨a͟ ͜s̵ing̸le͢ ṕeeṕ.͞”

Jameson’s head fell limply, his chest heaving with every wheezing breath. He had stopped struggling ages ago. He no longer had the strength. He no longer had tears to cry, but still he wept.

“And͜ t̀o t͟hink, a̶l҉l͜ ̡y̴o͜ur͟ ͟f̶r̴iends̕ ̵are͡ ́ju̡st̛ ouţside̷ ́thiş r̢ơom͡.,” Anti said through a twisted grin. “Just d̸o̵wn ͡t̶h͘e͢ hal̢l,̷ p҉la͝yíng ̴c̵ha͡rad̷e͜s. I̢'m͟ ͟s͡urè ͡th̛e̷y͢'v̴é ̨for҉got̛t͠en̴ a͝ll ab͟òu͝t́ theír͡ ̧dis̨a͏p͏p̵oi̢ńt҉me̡nţ w͟h́en͟ y̡òu̸ ͘t́ol͟d ͝t̴he͏m ͢y͘ou̸ ćo҉ưldn’t ́makę ̴it t͝o͢ ͞g͢am͏e ̸night͏.́“

Anti reached out, tipping Jameson’s head harshly upwards so their eyes met. Jameson’s eyes were lazy and distant, wandering away as if he were about to fall asleep. Anti inspected his face a moment before he let his head drop, stepping back to admire his work.

True, he could never fully… indulge himself. The wounds had to be discreet, or else all the fun would end. And so the chest, upper arms and legs became his canvas. Then he would string him up like a pig, and watch all the blood drain. Sometimes he would even break a bone, but JJ always did such a lovely job of explaining that away. What a good little puppet.

Though, there were some days where he couldn’t help himself, and he would tear and rip and crack and slash until there was nothing left. And then he would go even further, completely succumbing to the carnal hunger inside him until finally stopped. 

But it was alright, because he could easily turn back the time and start all over. And not only did Jameson stay silent the entire time, but he remembered everything.

Then Jameson would spend all of the next day cleaning the blood from the carpet of his room and scrubbing off the little bits that stuck to the walls. All in preparation for the next session.

Anti bent down to Jameson’s level, his eyes widening in mock pity. “Y̨o̷u kǹow҉ th͟ȩ ̀dea̧l̢, J͜J͠. ͞Yo̵u̧ ̧tel҉l͢ ́m͡e ͢to̴ sto͘p,̷ ̕án̡d I'͡l̢l͞ sto͟p̕.͞ ̡J̸ust s̵a̴y̵ ̕t͟ḩe wo̢rd͝.”


A suppressed giggle slipped from Anti’s mouth but he forced himself to keep a straight face. Everything about this was perfect. Delicious. Every inch of his skin itched to abandon all restraints, to just plunge his knife into every inch and listen to the sweet lullaby of silence.

Eh, what was one more time? They had all the time in the world anyway…

“Hey, JJ!” 

Jameson started, looking up with wide eyes at Jackieboy Man across the table, who was watching him with concern. Everything suddenly seemed very loud in his ears.

“Something the matter?” Jackieboy Man asked, setting down the slice of pizza he was eating onto his plate. “You don’t look okay.”

Jameson only nodded, though he didn’t meet Jackieboy’s eyes. Even his nod was small, reserved. It wasn’t very convincing, but it was all Jackieboy Man got out of JJ these days.

“We missed you at game night,” Jackieboy Man offered after a moment. “I won Cards Against Humanity, but probably only cuz you weren’t there, ha ha.”

Suddenly Jameson stood up from the table, taking a sharp breath and walking quickly out of the room. Jackieboy Man watched him leave, both puzzled and concerned. 

The poor guy never seemed to be fully honest with anyone. He spoke in BSL to Jackieboy often, but it was always just to ask how he was doing or if Jackieboy wanted to watch Tom and Jerry with him. And any real conversations they had were never about JJ.

But he was an introverted guy, after all. He was probably fine.

~ ~ ~

(written by @antidarkimagines as requested by @holmes-watson-moriarty-hudson)

(to read more imagines/fanfiction, check out the tag #antidarkimagines on my blog.)

Harrison Osterfield Imagine - Jealous (smut)

a/n: This is my first ever imagine I’m posting. Thanks to @itspenisparker for all of the help proofreading and giving me tips, you were so helpful :) (Feedback would be appreciated too)

word count: 1793

masterlist: (x)

He didn’t mean to lose his rag with you, but he had spent almost the entire night watching his girlfriend dance so closely with his best friend, Tom. You and Tom were good friends, Harrison knew that, after all, it was Tom that had introduced the two of you last year while you were filming Spider-Man: Homecoming together. Harrison had been feeling a little bit under the weather, and so he wasn’t in the mood for much dancing at the club. You, on the other hand, wanted to dance the night away, and luckily for you, Tom did too, so he stepped in to be your dancing partner for the evening.

Harrison had watched from the VIP booth as you laughed and joked with Tom on the dance floor. The pulsating strobe lights danced on your skin, casting suggestive shadows between you and Tom. Harrison’s mind was in overdrive, the scene before him twisting and taunting his mind. He could feel his anger bubbling inside of him, and he was about to burst when you started grinding on his best friend, your sweaty bodies moving perfectly in sync together.

Harrison was jealous.

His hands gripped his bottle of beer so tightly he thought the glass would smash. His eyes were squinted, focused only on his dancing girlfriend, and his jaw was clenched shut, the vein in his neck was the most prominent it had ever been. He watched as Tom’s hands hesitated over your exposed waist as your shirt was riding up as you danced. When Tom finally placed his hands on your skin, ever so tenderly, Harrison couldn’t take it anymore. He shot up from the booth and headed straight for the exit.

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sex on fire ❦ roman godfrey

prompt: can you do a roman x reader where they go out to a fancy lunch and it ends up getting really steamy at the restaurant because roman doesn’t care if people see, and you convince him to take you back to the car?

requested by: @get-royally-fucked

warning(s): this imagine contains sexual themes

word count: 1077

It was going to be a nice, simple lunch date with him—at least that was what you were hoping it’d be. But of course, when it came to Roman, things never did end up going as planned. And now here you were, sat in a booth with flushed cheeks and an ache between your legs that only he could relieve. Damn you, Roman Godfrey.

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A Piece of the Moonlight

Words: 22.1k
Genre: Angst, tad of Fluff, Historical, Mulan!Au
Summary: For your loved ones, the people who are waiting at home, the people who have died - you will fight. And sometimes to fight means to sacrifice: who you really are and the person you really love.
Warnings for underlying misogynistic themes, blood, war and death.

In one simple command, the comrades scream at the top of their lungs as they rush forward.

A blizzard of arrows swoop across the horizon and the enemies sprint. Swords clash in the middle as the two seas of men meet like the seams of two fabrics sewn together. It’s barbaric and vicious, a brutality that no one can ever be immune to.

The horses roar out, galloping ahead and leaping over the corpses, hooves marking into the dirt. Friend or foe, there is no fear. It is the destruction of humankind; a horrific massacre of chaos. There is mangling of flesh, pummeling down swords and battering skin. The sound of choking and strangled screams play like broken recordings, driving people to insanity. The battle ensues.

Every stitch and seam is mended by silk threads, each movement vital in order to keep the embroidery accurate; it is an art. An art that you are unfortunately unskilled at. One tug with too much strength and the strand would…snap.

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promise pt. 1

Originally posted by caliciaporter

characters: spencer x wife!reader, ellie (daughter!OC)

summary: spencer returns from a long day at work to find that the serial killer he has been hunting at work has come for you and your daughter

warnings: kidnap, implied violence, fear over the life of a child (she’s fine), home invasion, mention of torture, etc.

a/n: pls tell me what y'all think of this because i’m not even sure.

read part two here

series masterlist

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falling (for you)

a little ficlet based off of recent spoilers (ya’ll know the ones) and the possibilities that it may not be as it seems. however, this is all speculation and an excuse for me to write some bed sharing! :D

The Sinnerman grips Chloe roughly by the forearm in one hand and holds a gun on her with the other. They stand on the edge of Lux’s penthouse balcony, wind whipping at Chloe’s hair. Fear and fury burn through Lucifer, both.

“You will regret this.” Lucifer growls, his wrath barely restrained. How he wishes for his Devil’s Face, a flash of his true form and the human would be gibbering and useless and Chloe would be safe at his side.

“Maybe.” the Sinnerman shrugs. “But I really doubt it.”

Lucifer steps closer, trying to get a read on Chloe. She’s holding herself still, ready to act the moment she can, but her eyes are scared. He attempts to wordlessly communicate to her not to worry, that he’ll get them out of this somehow. She gives him a little nod.

The gun presses harder into her side. “I wouldn’t get any closer if I were you.” the Sinnerman cautions.

Chloe closes her eyes and bites at her bottom lip. Lucifer halts, unwilling to endanger her.

“What do you want?” Lucifer says between gritted teeth.

The Sinnerman laughs. “What do I want? I’m afraid you little tricks won’t work on me, Morningstar. But I’ll be lenient, just this once, and tell you.” There’s a beat of silence stretched out between them and the Sinnerman’s smile goes cruel. “I want you to answer a question.” he says.

“Anything.” Lucifer replies instantly, desperate.

“Does it terrify you? That she will finally know what you are?” the Sinnerman grins triumphantly and pushes Chloe off the edge.

She screams.

Chloe!” Lucifer yells, her name torn from his throat. He sprints to the balcony and launches himself after her without any hesitation.

He spots her easily, free falling just below him. He angles himself, streamlining in order to catch up to her. Her eyes are wide and terrified as he cuts through the air towards her. He is close enough to reach out to her, straining, and then his hand closes around her arm and he pulls her to him, arms enfolding her as they continue to plummet.

She clutches at him, desperate. “Lucifer!” she gasps in his ear.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. I’ve got you.” he says and goes to unfurl his wings…and there’s nothing. He looks over his shoulder to see empty space, blood soaking rapidly through his shirt in two wet patches, hot and sticky.


They tumble helplessly through the air, the wing muscles along his spine cramping as they try to move limbs that aren’t there. “Father, please.” he begs, wrapping himself around Chloe more fully.

There is no answer. His wings remain absent.

“I’m sorry.” he tells Chloe, distraught. “I’m so sorry.” He doesn’t know if she can even hear him, the wind tearing the words away the moment he utters them.

He keeps her face tucked against his neck, hand cradling the back if her head. He doesn’t want her to see how close they are to the end as they fall faster and faster. They plummet, tangled up together, the ground rushing up to meet them. Then everything goes dark.


Lucifer comes awake with a strangled scream, jolting upright, lungs heaving. He’s drenched with sweat, trailing down his back, collected in the hollow of his throat. His sheets are soaked with it. He shivers, chilled.

He summons his wings into the physical plane. They respond instantly, appearing at a mere thought, glowing slightly in the darkness. He curls them around himself, a built-in safety blanket of feathers. For the first time since they’ve been stuck unwillingly to his back, he is ridiculously grateful for their presence.

It was only a dream.

Bloody hell, that was horrible. Fright still curls in his veins, jittery and frantic. It had felt so real, Chloe in his arms, the stomach swooping sensation of dropping through the air, the sickening crunch - It’s too much. He can’t just sit here. He has to know, he has to make sure she’s alright.

Lucifer kicks away the tangled bedding and gets to his feet. He slides on a pair of pants, snatches up a shirt from off the floor and throws it on, barely bothering with buttons.

He reaches for his keys out of habit and then stops. Driving won’t be fast enough, not to sate this unrelenting panic. He walks out to that same balcony nervously, but there’s no Sinnerman, no danger. Even so, he can still hear Chloe’s phantom scream ring through his ears.

Lucifer splays his wings out, feeling the way the wind drifts through his feathers, catches at them. He gives his wings an experimental flap, reveling in the smooth motion, the flex of muscle.

For the first time, he flies.


There’s an insistent knock at her door. Chloe blinks blearily, her mind slow to understand the noise that drug her from sleep.

Her phone tells her it’s an ungodly hour and that means it can only be one person. She supposed she should be grateful he didn’t just break in like he normally does.

She hauls herself out of bed, looks at her threadbare pajama pants and oversized LAPD shirt and decides that if he’s going to bother her at this time in the morning he can deal with her appearance.

She shuffles over to the door, nearly rattling with the force of his knocking, and opens it. Lucifer stares back at her, leaning heavily against the side of the door frame. He looks disheveled, hair wild, his shirt buttons mismatched. He’s barefooted, toes peeking out from under his pant legs.

“Lucifer, what -” she starts.

“You’re okay.” he breathes, like it’s salvation. Then he’s moving forward, fingers on the side of her face first, then the rest of him as he steps through and embraces her. “You’re okay.” he repeats and she realizes he’s trembling, holding her almost too tight.

It’s the first time he’s ever initiated contact like this. She returns the hug, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“I’m fine, Lucifer. Everyone is fine.” she tells him, mostly muffled by his chest. Still, she lets him hold her, far past the point of propriety. He’s warm and solid against her, banishing the chill that the still open door is letting in.

He finally eases back and now he looks embarrassed. She doesn’t let him go far, catching at his wrist and keeping him near.

“What’s wrong, Lucifer?” she asks when he won’t meet her gaze.

“Just a nightmare, Detective. Nothing more.” he says dismissively. “I shouldn’t have bothered you.” he begins to tug himself loose, but she tightens her grip.

“Don’t.” she says, voice firm. “Stay.” she commands in a voice that expects obedience. His feet remain rooted where he stands. She steps around him and closes the door, sealing off the cooler night air trying to sneak in. She turns back to him. “Now, what was this all about?”

He shifts. “It is foolish.”

She pushes back in his space, not letting him close off from her. It’s almost a hug except that their arms remain at their sides. His head dips down towards hers, like the pull of gravity, as hers tips back to stare back at him.

“Tell me anyway.” she says softly.

“You were falling.” he says hoarsely. He closes his eyes tight. “And I couldn’t catch you.”

Chloe sighs faintly and rests her head against his sternum. It rises and falls slightly with his breathing. Then she straightens. “Well, come on, then.” she says and starts to walk back to her room.

“Detective?” he asks, uncertain. She looks back at him, standing there, looking lost and unsure.

“Are you coming?” Chloe asks, raising her brows. She gives him an impatient gesture and that finally spurs his feet after her. He halts again at the threshold of her bedroom, seeming bewildered at this sequence of events.

“I’m sorry, I think I’ve misunderstood.” he says.

“If you went back home, would you get any more sleep tonight?” she asks.

“No.” he replies quietly. Yeah, that’s what she thought.

“And then I would be up all night worried about you after you’d have left, so this way maybe we both can get some rest before we have to go into work tomorrow, alright?”

The fact that he doesn’t argue with her or make a lascivious comment tells her that this nightmare really shook him. He just brings his hands up to slowly undo the buttons on his shirt. He hangs it on the back of her doorknob while she gets back in bed. He reaches for the covers and pulls them back, sliding carefully under the sheets beside her.

There’s an odd swoop of sensation in her stomach at the mattress dipping with his weight. It has been a long time since she’s shared a bed with someone and nerves flutter briefly in her belly before she pushes them away.

He settles himself, tense and holding his body carefully away from hers. Well, she’s not having any of that nonsense and rolls close. His eyes are shadowed and unfathomable in the dark, and she meets them for a moment before she wriggles down against him, nose at his throat, sliding an arm around his waist, pressing her palm against his spine. She forces herself to relax and, after a moment, he gradually eases and winds his arms around her, too.

He exhales a shuddery breath into her hair and Chloe makes a small humming noise of contentment, pressing soothing patterns into his back with her fingertips. They fall asleep like that, tangled up in one another, and nightmares do not visit them.