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Sequel to Midnight.

Thorin x Reader

Warnings: Angsty as hell. Food mention.

Word count: 3,090

It is a gentle surprise when you arrive; though it is a few minutes after midnight, the kitchens still seem well in use, cooking up some sort of dessert, surely. The scents of chocolate and pastry fill your nose and, briefly, you all but forget the reason you stand there in the first place as a subtle sense of home trickles into your veins. You lean in, spotting a few of Erebor’s finest chefs conversing with a Dwarf, the back of the latter’s head stealing from you any meager drop of comfort that had warmed your heart.

Yanking your head back, you flatten against the wall, wondering not for the first time whether caving to curiosity and a pained history was at all a wise decision.

“Idiot,” you grumble to yourself as you clench your eyes shut, resolving, un-resolving, and resolving once more to simply return to your quarters and pretend like you had never even left. Before you can even peel yourself from the spot, however, you hear the voice you had been dreading.

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Imagine growing up with Fili and realizing one day that both of you are in love with each other


egrubbs101, hope this is ok

You and Fili had been best friends ever since you could remember. You had met as children when you had caught him waving a stick around outside his home, pretending it was a sword and that he was fighting orcs, like his uncle.

He had spotted you watching him from behind a rock and asked if you would like to play, to which you had nodded eagerly as he handed you another stick from the ground and began to ‘sword fight’. Ever since then you hadn’t left each others side and had grown up happily together, training, laughing and fighting, so naturally when Fili and his brother Kili had been ordered by their uncle to join him on the quest to reclaim Erebor you begged to come with them.

“Please, Thorin Oakenshield. Let me join your company. I’m great with a sword and i wouldn’t get in the way, I promise.” You had pleaded Thorin.

“You only want to go because Fili’s going.” He had replied gruffly, crossing his arms and looking down at your small frame, frowning.

“If she’s not going, I’m not going.” Fili interupted suddenly from behind you. He came to stand next to you, his arms crossed and face stern, squaring himself up to Thorin.

Thorin narrowed his eyes at Fili then at you before sighing and nodding reluctantly, he knew he was being serious but didn’t know what he saw in you. You smiled at Fili in triumph and threw your arms around his neck laughing.


It had been a few months after you had left your home in the mountains to journey with Fili and Kili to Bag end where you met up with the rest of the company. Now you were in the wilderness on night watch with Fili while the rest of the dwarves, and hobbit, slept on the cold, hard floor.

“Remember when we used to pretend we were on an adventure when we were younger?” Asked Fili quietly, casting a side glance at you.

“Of course!” You whispered back, smiling fondly as you recalled those happy memories, “I don’t think we ever expected it to be like this though. We didn’t know how dangerous the world really was.”

A look of worry suddenly crossed your face and you looked intently at your boots lost in thought. Fili immediately noticed your tense form and placed a warm, large hand on your back.

“I won’t let anything hurt you y/n.” He spoke calmly, trying his best to relax you. He began to rub his hand up and down your back sending pleasant shivers running along your spine. “I’ll always be here to protect you, no matter what.”

You turned your head to look at him. His expression was calm and his eyes twinkled softly in the starlight. The right side of his mouth lifted up into a small smile and his blonde eyebrows raised slightly, making his eyes appear even brighter.

It was then in that moment when you knew he truly meant every word, that you realised you were in love with him and he must have been thinking the same for his eyes grew wide and he brushed your soft, glowing cheek with his large, calloused fingers. He ran them gingerly down your cheek bone, across your jaw and over your soft, pink lips.

“I…I think I’m in love with you y/n.” He whispered, his face inching closer and closer towards yours until you could hear his deep, heavy breathing and feel the heat radiating off his chest.

You felt dizzy with delight at this new found feeling, your heart felt light and all other thoughts disappeared from your mind as you focused on Fili.

“I think I love you too.” You spoke softly against his lips as they came into contact with yours.

You both fell into a tender kiss, his mouth opening and closing in time with yours, his lips strong yet gentle as he applied just the right amount of pressure to drive you crazy. After a short while you parted, his lips lingering over yours for a moment, both of your eyes still closed shut as you gasped for breath. He moved his head so that your foreheads were resting against each other, you opened your eyes finding yourself staring into his.

“I’ll always be here.” He repeated tenderly.