[sparkling eyes]

The kids get older and its time for Sportacus to leave. But he won’t. No one knows why. He ignores the letters reassigning him to new towns. The council gets angry with him and threatens to fire him. The kids tell him they’ll be fine even if they miss him, that he can visit. The other hero’s try to talk to him and explain why he needs to leave the kids and that they know its hard. His parents message him asking what’s wrong but he always says he’s doing good.

Finally his brother comes to get him bc obviously his little bro needs him. But when Ithro gets there he sees Sportacus talking with a man. His little brother’s eyes sparkle and his smile is so soft. There’s a light dusting of pink on both of their cheeks and they seem oblivious to the fact they are being watched. When Sport sees his brother he introduces the man as Robbie, the used to be towns villain and Ithro knows then why Sportcaus wouldn’t leave and that he won’t ever. Not without Robbie.

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Ten/Rose - wine tasting au ;)

His brown eyes sparkle with mischief as he pours her next tasting- a pretty decent Tannat, something that the winery is famous for. She can’t help but wink at him and delights in his slightly flustered look before he composes himself and moves on to the next couple at the bar.

At the end of the night, there’s a bag deposited in front of her- a bottle of Rosé (cheeky bugger) with a bow and a phone number…his name is John.

Send me a pairing and a prompt- I’ll write you a three-sentence fic!

i just meditated and i was in a meadow next to a running steam, the grass was warm and all of a sudden one of my spirit guides appeared. she was an angel. she had long, wavy red hair and a radiance to her being. her eyes sparkled and her smile was big and kind, and she reached out to embrace me. she came out of a glow or a bubble of light and she had her arms around me for a while. we then sat down at a metal garden table by the waterfall and she listened to me release. we talked for a long time but neither one of our mouths opened. she understood my thoughts and that’s how we communicated. she noticed that i still had some burdens after our “conversation” so she reached out to grab my hand firmly and made me feel light because of where she led me. we ascended into the air and floated around, looking at the view and feeling the cool breeze softly hit my skin. i passed by a bird and one of my other spirit guides who i had met at the beach- remember the handsome soldier who told me to pay attention to the signs. he floated by. eventually, after feeling a sense of release, it was time to come back down. my feet touched the warm grass again and i could hear the water. she told me to carry the feeling of weightlessness with me into the everyday world and to remember who i was before i was born (apparently i was here before this world i don’t know). i had seen a glimpse into her world and she was glad to share it with me. she placed one of her hands on my head and transferred some of her glow into me. she backed away into the light again and i was left in the meadow radiating. i didn’t feel alone because a piece of her stayed with me.

then my right ear started to itch/ring and i was brought back into reality.

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How about fluffy MarcoAce on a date at an amusement park?

Marco couldn’t believe that Ace had never eaten cotton candy in all his life. While he wasn’t exactly fond of the sweet treat, he had tasted it nonetheless when Thatch had tried to make it once. But it was just so adorable how his boyfriend’s eyes sparkled each time he saw something new - especially food - and wanted to try it out, and he eternally thanked Izo for suggesting going to an amusement park.

Did you know you’re adorable, yoi?” Marco finally voiced with an affectionate smile and leaned in to kiss Ace’s cheek that felt a little sticky due to the cotton candy he happily devoured. In his other hand, Ace was also holding a candy apple he took a bite of once in a while until it was gone.

I’m not! Quit saying it all the time–!” came the immediate protest from Ace, whose freckled cheeks quickly gained the colour of the cotton candy he was eating, caused by the unexpected kiss of those soft lips he often found his eyes drawn to.

Marco licked his lips and chuckled amused, before wrapping an arm around Ace’s waist, looking happier than ever.

I won’t.” The smile morphed into a smirk, as Marco loved to tease his boyfriend, because the reactions he received in return were just too good to stop with it. “Now, where do you wanna go next, yoi?” He didn’t mind anyplace, especially because so far, they had only seen about half of the park - mainly the food booths.

Ace hummed in thought while finishing his cotton candy, gazing around to find something interesting. Everything was so colourful, lights of various rides illuminating the park, demanding his attention so it was hard to pick just something. But eventually, his eyes halted on the huge ferris wheel that towered over everything, bright lights blinking in the night sky.

Let’s go to the big wheel, Marco! I bet you can see everything from up there!” Ace pointed at the ride excited, his eyes once again sparkling like he was a little boy in wonder. There was no way Marco could resist this endearing side of his boyfriend, and simply nodded before starting to walk towards it, arm still wrapped around Ace, who secretly snuggled a little more against Marco.

They were lucky, not having to wait that long in the row before the entrance, and like they could hear from others, the ferris wheel needed more than thirty minutes for one round. That excited Ace even more, and Marco just smiled fondly as they entered a cabin for themselves.

For a while, there was a comfortable silence as they sat beside each other with their hands intertwined, while Ace gazed out of the window to watch everything below them becoming smaller and smaller. When they reached the highest point, Ace was nearly glued to the window in awe.

Ace..” Marco spoke softly to get his boyfriend’s attention, who turned around in question. A smile spread over his lips as he gazed at Ace, the lights of the city shining behind him which made Ace even more beautiful than he already was.

I love you.” These three powerful words caught Ace by utter surprise, and Marco took the chance to claim the soft pair of lips in a tender kiss that spoke of his feelings he hadn’t voiced until now. When he pulled back, he saw the dark blush on Ace’s cheeks and the way those dark depths held a certain shine.

I– love you too..!” And with that, Ace threw himself into Marco’s arms with the biggest smile ever, the view on the illuminated park and city long forgotten.

Ice-cream date

„Ice-cream?” Diana tilted her head, confused.

“You´ve never-? Oh, we have to fix that.” Kara grabbed her hand and charged forward. Dina laughed, following the girl.

“Where are we going?” The woman chuckled.

Kara looked back at her, a slight smirk playing on her lips. “You´ll see.”

Diana quirked an eyebrow. “Oh, really?”

Kara hummed making them both giggle. The girl looked around, biting her lip. Something she did when she was deep in though. A habit Diana grew particularly fond of. Kara´s eyes were sparkling when she looked back. Diana chuckled. “What?” The girl asked.

Dina shook her head. “Nothing.” She gave her a warm smile. “Happy looks good on you.”

Kara blushed, looking away and fixing her glasses. “Thanks.” She breathed and Diana chuckled again.

“May I now know where I´m being taken to?” Diana tilted her head, biting back a grin.

Kara nudged her side, shaking her head with laughter. “Very funny.”

“I know.” The woman puffed her chest, biting her lip harder. Kara breathed in to say something back, but couldn’t help the flicker of her gaze down to the women’s lips. She quickly looked up only to be met with a quirked eyebrow and a knowing smile from Diana. “Yes?”

“Nothing.” Kara petted herself internally for managing to keep an even tone.

“Mhmm.” Diana hummed, watching Kara blush, with amusement. She laughed again when Kara tugged on her arm. “I feel like this will end badly.”

Kara frowned as they crossed the street. “What? Why?”

Diana lifted an eyebrow. “Oh, simply having flashbacks from when you took me out drinking.” Again, the woman found herself biting back a smirk, watching the girl grow flustered.

“Okay, to my defence I was certain a human could not outdrink an alien.” Kara fixed her glasses again, pouting slightly.

Diana laughed. “Dear, you are forgetting I am an Amazon, not a mere human.” It was one of Diana´s favourite stories. They had known each other only for a few weeks and Kara had always been so composed and professional around her. Watching the girl unwind, especially since Kara had been so certain Diana would be the first one to get drunk, had been beyond amusing. Even if the woman had ended up having to carry Kara all the way to her apartment. That had also been the point at which Kara started to act more like herself around Diana.

“How could I forget?” Kara mumbled, still refusing to meet the woman´s eyes.

Diana reach out, turning Kara´s chin towards her. “Want me to remind you?” She whispered. The woman leaned closer. Closer. As Kara closed her eyes, she turned her head, instead brushing her lips against the girl´s ear. “Or not.” Diana pulled away, giggling. Even more so when Kara´s blush changed into a pout and then into a frown.

“Again, very funny.” The girl muttered.

“Oh, I´m sorry.” Diana tried unsuccessfully to stop her laughter. When they walked inside the park, she tugged on Kara´s arm, feeling the growing grin on her lips. “Did you expect something else?” Diana cocked her head to the side, watching the girl.

Kara narrowed her eyes. “You know, keep this up and no sweet heaven for you.”

Diana considered for a moment. “I think,” her hand snuck around Kara´s waist and pulled her closer “I´m good as long as I have you.” She whispered, their noses touching.

Kara gasped at the sudden nearness, but managed to regain her composure – or what was left of it. “What makes you so sure you do?” This time it was the girl who had to bite down a grin. Although internally, she was jumping up and down, proud of her self.

Diana shrugged, then leaned seemingly impossibly closer. Kara´s heart fluttered and it was like Diana could tell because she simply smiled. “Do I?”

Kara shook her head, her smile spreading. She prompted herself up on her tip toes, brushing her lips against Diana´s and letting them linger for a heartbeat. The girl than pulled away, but only slightly. “You do.” She breathed, not having to look to know that the other woman was smiling as well. “Okay, let´s go or they´ll close on us.” Kara stepped away, taking a hold of Diana´s hand and all but flew them to the middle of the park.

Diana laughed, but squeezed Kara´s hand tighter.

“Alright,” Kara beamed. “prepare to have your mind blown.”

Diana gave the girl a thoughtful look. “I don´t think many things can do that by this point.” She winked, enjoying the deepening blush on the girl´s face.

“G-good evening, sir.” Kara shifted her attention elsewhere, hearing Diana chuckle behind her.

“Hello, Miss.” The old man smiled.

“Could you please give us, what you would say is the best flavoured ice-cream?” Kara grinned when the man nodded. “Ready?” Kara turned to Diana smiling from ear to ear.

“Yes.” Kara watched how the woman´s eyes widened. It was almost as if they were sparkling. “This is wonderful.” She breathed. Diana quickly turned to the man. “Sir, you should be proud!”

The man gave her a slightly confused smile while Kara laughed next to her. Some things never change, Kara thought looking at overjoyed expression on Diana´s face. “Happy looks good on you too.”