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YOU'RE AMAZING pls do "e" i would love to read angsty bughead

e - “ever wondered what it would be like if you stayed?”
It was all the same, every last hallway and classroom. From the rusted water fountains to the graffitied hallways, Southside High hadn’t changed one bit, the only difference?

Jughead Jones was now 26 years old and he hadn’t been back to Riverdale since he had run from it eight years ago. the mere feel of linoleum under his feet was enough to send him into a fit of shudders, and the sound of his boots echoed through the empty hallways. He was back, he was back and it was just as terrifying as it had been when he left.

He made it to his locker, fingers tracing the permanently etched three pointed crown he had engraved so many years ago. This had been his school, his second home, for two years of his life. Lunch in the divided cafeteria, the row of lockers he had been jumped at, the hallways he and Toni had walked when she told him she was in love with Cheryl Blossom, Dances in the run down gym. It had been such a significant piece of his youth and he was back.

“Jughead Jones, isn’t this something else?”

He stiffened, his back rigid and his eyes forward as he kept his back turned. He knew that voice, could point that voice out of the largest crowds, that voice he still heard every night before he went to sleep, he turned slowly, hands shaking.

“Betty Cooper.” He whispered.

She was leaning against a row of lockers a dangerous smirk on her lips. She had grown up exactly the way Jughead had been imagining for so many years, her perfectly curvy body was wrapped in a pair of skin tight jeans and a tight blue t shirt, her honey blonde hair was long now, no longer confined to the air tight ponytail she had worn everyday of her teenage years it was left loose and wavy spilling over her shoulders. there was a peacefulness to her eyes, a resolution that only came with age.

“I didn’t know you were in town.” She spoke, shaking him out of his blatant ogling.

He looked up into those sparkling green eyes he remembered, she was just as perfect as the day he left.

“I just got in, I didn’t…” he cleared his throat “I didn’t know you were still in Riverdale.”

Betty laughed, one of his favorite sounds

“Sure am, I’m the English teacher here at Southside High. Going on four years now, rumor around the mill is that I’m a shoe in for teacher of the year.” She rolled her eyes playfully before something caught her attention behind Jugheads shoulder “Excuse me just one minute.” She pushed past him and walked towards the end of the hallway quickly successfully cornering a young boy in a ripped t shirt.


“Hey Ms. Cooper, what are you still doing here?” He smiled a nervous grin, he was handsome Jughead could tell from his place a few feet away, charmingly handsome.

“I’m grading your test which you passed with flying colors. Go home Noah, go home to your mother, to your sister.” She was at eye level with the young man and his shoulders instantly deflated.

“Ms. coop..” he whispered

“I know, Noah,just go home. It’s the only way, I want you in my office during lunch tomorrow and right after school. I’ll give you a ride home, if they ask you say “Mrs.Coopers gonna fail me if I don’t show up.” With a ruffle of his light brown hair the boy nodded quickly and headed off towards the exit doors. Betty made her way back to Jughead a tired kind of tilt to her smile.

“That’s Noah Grey, his father left them and the Serpents have been trying to Recruit him. He doesn’t want too but… I can see them pulling harder and harder…” Betty’s eyes fell to the exit door where the young boy had just walked out of

“You really work here? You work on the Southside?” Jughead questioned although he already knew the answer, of course she did. Betty Cooper went where she was needed and the Southside definitely needed Betty Cooper.

“Why don’t you come into my office, I’m closing up anyway I got stuck late grading some papers.” She began walking towards his old chemistry lab, it was silent for a moment before she spoke “I read your book. It was great, I especially loved the girl next door who the author was “desperately in love with” she snorted, a bitter scoff accompanying her words.

It felt like a punch to the chest, she didn’t believe the words he wrote, the things he had never been able to tell her he had written on the pages. She thought he never loved her.

“Thankyou, I… it’s true. All of it.”

Betty simply hummed, opening the door to her classroom, it was neat and organized but there were photos everywhere, her and students, students on field trips, Jugheads eyes landed on a framed photo on her desk, she was holding a baby and smiling, she looked exhausted.

“That’s yours?” Jughead questioned, his fingers curling around the frame as he tried to pick out Betty’s features on the little baby boy.

Betty glanced up from organizing her paperwork

“The baby? No, no that’s Parker. That’s Veronica and Archie’s baby. He turns three months next week. That birth was a tough one, we stayed up for 23 hours straight. We were all exhausted. He’s my god son. They…they named him after you, Parker Forsythe Andrews. He’s a doll.”

Another shot to the chest as he stared down at the photograph, tears pricking the corners of his eyes. He felt her presence, the unique scent of honey and peaches that he had tasted on her skin his entire childhood.

He cleared his throat as he glanced at her, she was propped up on a school desk staring at him.”so uh no kids for Betty Cooper, no husband.”

Betty snorted
“No, no not me. I’m way too busy.

Busy, he knew all too well, was just another word for damaged.

He nodded slowly
“Me too.” He whispered, a lump in his throat

It was quiet for what felt like hours before Betty broke the silence.
“Ever wonder what it would be like if you stayed?”

Jughead walked towards her, his eyes connected to hers

“Every day of my life.”

She squeezed her eyes shut,
“But You didn’t, you left. Left me. You didn’t call, you didn’t write. You didn’t tell me. I hated you Jughead Jones, I hated you so much.” When she opened her eyes they were flooded with tears, enough to drown Jugheads already sinking heart.

“I know, you have every right too, but I want you to know. I never stopped loving you. I wanted to stay, I wanted you to come with me. They wanted me to take over the Serpents they said they would kill me if I tried to leave the gang, I couldn’t become my father. Every day, every year that went by, I missed you. I’ve never been with anyone else because it will always be you. I don’t expect you to want me but I want you to know that I love you. I am still so in love with you.” He whispereD, his voice breaking as he stared at her flowing tears, breaking into her deep blue t shirt.

She got off of the desk, her feet hitting the floor as she began walking towards him, her eyes set on his

And then, almost in a dream, her lips were on his. It wasn’t crazy or passionate or fast and sexy. It was slow and uncertain, but familiar and warm. The kind of kiss you give a lover before you take them to bed, the kind you hold on to, It was safe, it was comfortable

It was home.


I absolutely adore my latest commission (and belated birthday gift to myself) drawn by the amazingly talented @starrycove/ @shalalalalura! I asked for Shallura in formal wear as I was inspired by their Protect AU and wanted to see my beautiful babes as the ridiculously good-looking power couple that they are. The finished result is just incredible! 😍😍😍 Thank you so much!!!


For all I know
The best is over and the worst is yet to come
Is it enough?
To keep on hoping when the rest have given up?