Update on the sick bun ;3;

Thank to you guys i was able to take Flick to a vet and confidently be able to pay the exam fee and the money for his shots to get rid of the mites. We found out my old man has cataracts and is going blind. He’s a happy boy who enjoyed going out, and meeting new people at the vet. He lost a claw when he got scared from his teeth getting checked, but he’s no worse for ware than he was beforehand.

The vet did find something a bit concerning in his stomach. It’s a bit hard, but he said because of his age it could be a tumor. If it is, it’s more than likely been there for a while, especially if he’s still eating, but the vet also pointed out the possibility that it could be a wad of fur… which is common, but does need surgery. 

They want to do an X-ray, but that is 160$, so I’m saving everything I can. I would ask my parents for help if i had any, or maybe family members if i also had any, but damn i kinda don’t and it’s been suggested to me a few times to ask relatives and I… i would really like to…. i would, trust me. 

Thank you all SO MUCH for helping me pay for his vet visit and the medication already. If anyone could spare a few dollars to his x-ray (i haven’t got it done yet as I’ve taken him home to monitor him) I would really appreciate it.
My paypal is Naughty_ninja911@hotmail.com.  Anything helps! I’m going to do a fund raising stream soon here as well. If you already donated, or re-blogged before, I can’t thank you enough.

I know i’m a pathetic mess and i don’t deserve my bun boy, but thank you all so much, you’re all such amazing people and i’m a weak Canadian who cries a lot over peoples kindness. I want to give back, so let me draw you things at least… leave me suggestions.

Aoba giving Mink a smooch
Aoba giving Mink a smooch

So, I mentioned this earlier but just like, this part is just so gosh darn cute. Its so freaking cute, you guys and I just had to make a little snippet of it. 

(translations come from @shibaface and @memera - you can read their entire translations here and here. Also, tumblr has been fucking up audio posts lately so if it doesn’t play when you hit the play button, just click on the upper right corner of this post which will take you to my tumblr and listen to it there.)

M: Go to sleep. Give that to me.

A: Ah, yeah. (he hands over the tea then settles back into bed) Mink? You’ll stay with me, won’t you?

M: Yeah. Move over a little.

A: Huh? Mmhm… (he moves over and Mink lies down beside him)  You’ll sleep by my side?

M: Yeah. (Mink sighs then embraces Aoba) So that you won’t get anymore nightmares. Let’s stay this way.

A: Ah…mhm. Mink–

M: Hmm? (Aoba gives him a smooch, Mink makes a pleased sigh)

A: Goodnight

M: Goodnight

its just so freaking cute. they’re so fucking domestic and i love it so much


It’s like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
It’s one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do

Boueibu Shipping Week, Day 6

“Can I have this dance”

I listened to this song, read the lyrics and I could only think “wedding”, I’m sorry XD. I also have to apologize for the lack of Akoya in a dress, for whatever reason, when I started to craft the idea, I pictured him in a suit idk why tho, brain, it is basically canon that he would rock a dress. Oh well, guess I’ll have to do a proper wedding pic at some point.


Dorian returned to Tevinter to take his father’s place in the Magisterium. As rumors flew about the Imperium’s infighting, Dorian was spoken of often as a voice of resistance against corruption. Along with Magister Maevaris Tilani, he formed a group called the Lucerni to restore and redeem Tevinter - a fight many thought hopeless.

Magister Pavus’ allies said that his greatest strength lay in the lover he left in the South, but still conversed with via message crystal. 

Some claimed to have seen the Inquisitor on the streets of Minrathous on rare occasions, sneaking into the heart of Tevinter to aid his amatus.

Therianthropy: the rundown

- Therians are people who identify as non-human animals that are or have been present on Earth
- Therians believe they are the animal in a non-physical way. The reasoning of their origins varies from spiritual to psychological to neurological.
- Therians can not choose their theriotypes, as it is a part of them- think of it like eye colour.
- The credibility of therianthropy has been confirmed by multiple experts in the areas of psychology and anthropology (List by @liongoatsnake : http://liongoatsnake.tumblr.com/post/160085356385/random-person-online-there-is-no-way )
- Therians are (arguably) a slightly different community from otherkin and copinglinkers. However, all of these fall under the alter human umbrella.
- Good resources for discussion include therianwilderness and theriankincorner. Both are forums, if you want me, ask for Shmi! Good tumblr accounts will be tagged below.

@theriannation @liongoatsnake (sorry to tag y'all twice) @elevengrackles @aestherians @shitpost-kin (if you want a laugh) @queen-of-carrion @muninn-the-raven @who-is-page
Feel free to add resources, feel free to ask me to reword or take something down.