[sobs on the floor]


Musical Theatre Mood Boards: Dear Evan Hansen (2016)

“You will be found.”


I’d be on the floor sobbing

Last night I crumbled in the laundry room.

It’s never been easy with us, and last night was no exception.

You found me on the floor with the light off, sobbing softly into my knees. You sat down, squeezing into the tiny room with me, holding me and apologizing and begging me not to cry.

I made us tea and refused to look at you. But the moment you said you’d try, my head snapped up. The moment I registered you crying, I was covering you, leaving kisses on your neck, holding you as close as possible.

I told you that I would do our laundry if you would wash the dishes. You said you needed your desk to be outside of our bedroom, and that I needed a desk, too, for all of my writing. And then you told me it was time to sleep, because it was four in the morning, and you loved me so much. Our eyes were red and we were sniffling in unison, but I don’t think my heart has ever felt so big.

So maybe life has never been easy with you. It probably never will be.

But for every low, there are twenty highs, and I will never stop chasing them. And each time you chase the highs with me, another forever I was scared of muttering comes true. I thank my lucky stars each night that you waltzed into my life.

So maybe life will never be easy with you. But you’ve never wanted easy, anyway, and I think you’re the best thing about me.

—  cut scene: “this is for you, it’s always for you, it’ll always be for you”

Concept: framework!fitzsimmons first kiss is a complete role reversal from their real first kiss. Jemma kisses Fitz in a hurried effort to get him to remember her, and after being stunned for a moment, Fitz kisses her back gently.


Laurita Fernandez - Harley Quinn

But Lily and James would have tucked Harry in and read him stories about trains and magic and everything else and James would have made the noises and Lily would have bopped Harry on the nose and pulled funny faces while he giggled in his little blue pyjamas but they died instead