[sobs disgustingly]

Patroclus x Achilles (The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller) 

I finished the book a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it, even though I’m not that much into Greek mythology. Well, since I have no time to draw atm I’m just posting some of my drafts. :3 This is one of them.

@itzminyard  Thanks for recommending TSOA to me, I liked it a lot, even though it was really sad. (;_;) I love Patroclus sooo so much! >_< And Briseis. And Achilles is also okay most of the time. XD (When he’s not acting like a unreasonable brat and kinda causing Pat’s death ;_;) *sobs disgustingly*

my ideal type

someone who will love you unconditionally with their entire being and existence, wholeheartedly and genuinely, like Jimin (while simultaneously blinding you with their eye smile and murdering you with their heartwarming, melodic laugh)

someone effortlessly hilarious, contagiously derpy, and as bright as a ray of happy sunshine who will cheer you up and make you laugh no matter the case and scream right along with you when watching horror movies or killing bugs, like Hoseok

someone with a sexyass brain (knowledge is sooo sexy), who is always thinking outside of the box and just oozes charisma and confidence but is really just a clumsy and lovable cinnabun like Namjoon (maybe sans the god of destruction part though hehe)

someone with whom you will always have so much fun with because they’re so unique and out there, and not to mention they’re the biggest sweetheart to have ever walked the face of the planet because they just love everyone, like Taehyung (also, deep voice + cute face = DEATH)

someone who has unshakable self confidence and will work 928477562x harder than anyone else and will cook and feed you amaaaazingly yummy food like the loving, warm, and generous Jin (not to mention, um, SHOULDERS? YES PLEASE.)

someone whose beautiful but fierce stare can melt you into a puddle of feels but then their random, cute, hyper outbursts and bashful shyness will have you pinching their adorable cheeks because ultimately, they just need and want some lovin’, like Jungkook

someone who, at first, may appear to be ice cold, but then shows they care with the little, subtle things because deep down inside, they have a heart of pure gold and warm fuzzies and will love you right, like Yoongi (not to mention bluntness and witty sarcasm are a HUGE YES)

i mean, is that too much to ask for?


i hope nobody minds how frequently i’ve been posting!!! i dont want to flood anybody’s dashboards with liverpepper nonsense but i’ve gone on and off hiatus so often and am now finally going through so many good asks that i can’t help myself ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ) also, i hope everyone’s been having a wonderful june so far!!! how has everyone been doing *__*!!!

The new opening of FT physically pains me as a manga reader… ;___; aaaaahh..love it yet it causes so much pain

Shit’s just about to get real and I feel horrible for anime watcher’s only,I just wanna hug you all!!

And for us manga readers too because now… we have to see it all… all of it… every single moment… a nim a te d.

Me: *sobbing disgustingly*

Me: Well yeah, I mean why wouldn’t I be happy for them?

Me: *sniffs loudly*

Me: Just because he’s married and I can no longer get the chance to marry him.