people throw rocks at things that shine

advent calender day twenty-one - for rosingsemma/elsa + winter wood

“Emma, are you sure we should be out here?”

Elsa’s voice is a bit between apprehensive and giggly as it rings in the chill of the air, adrenaline and winter flushing her cheeks red as she follows Emma through the woods, snow dripping off the branches and tangling in their hair and on their coats. Emma laughs, tugs on her hand, her eyes green-grey in the moonlight and twice as bright.

“Absolutely not,” she says with unbridled glee, pulling Elsa through the trees and into a small clearing that opens out across a bubbling river. “But look!”

Elsa lifts up her skirt to avoid the spray of the water and joins Emma at the shore of the river, peering over into the murky blue depths. The river seems utterly at peace, flowing merrily downstream, a few brightly-colored fish dotting the ripples as they swim away. Under the stars, it looks like something out of a fairytale.

Then the water shifts, and a dragon emerges.

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