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thoughts on the relationship between marvin and jason? :0 (i know we've discussed this a bit before but !!! i love them)


As a preface, let me just say that Marvin and Jason are indisputably the most important characters in the entire musical. It’s honestly a fierce debate on which of those two are the quote-unquote “main character” because literally everything is centered around these two (the conflict, the subplots, the other characters, etc). They both single-handedly as well as together drive home the whole musical through their internal struggles, dynamic with the other characters, and character developments. I cannot articulate how much I love these two characters and esp how they mirror and struggle against one another.

Act One

The whole focus of Act 1 is centered on the estrangement between Marvin and Jason. As we know from the preface in Tight Knit Family, Marvin not only “divorced his wife…ran off with a friend” but he also “left his child.” Marvin essentially abandoned his family (or at least, that’s definitely how Jason sees it) in order to pursue a relationship with Whizzer and cultivate his true sense of identity as a gay man. Marvin’s abandonment of Jason is the direct cause of Jason acting out, and - as we see Mendel assuming the role of father figure after Tight Knit Family (Reprise) - Jason seems way more grounded and controlled while Jason’s (and Trina’s) perceived abandonment causes Marvin to snap (as seen clearly in “Marvin Hits Trina”). It was very, very pointed in the behavior reversal - In “My Father’s a Homo / Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist,” Jason is shown to be stomping around and knocking over blocks, much to the annoyance of his parents; in “Marvin Hits Trina,” Marvin does the exact same thing. They pull the exact same temper tantrum (except Marvin’s is obviously way more extreme).

Jason is very visibly angry and hurt by his father’s abandonment, and this anger clearly manifests in his fear of being gay (he is so averse to being anything like Marvin). Throughout Act One, he tries very hard to make Marvin angry and exasperated (”Daddy is a prick…Daddy isn’t mine” / ”just because you failed as parents” / “I wanna speak with Whizzer” / there’s more, but you get the gist). It’s to the point that Marvin is convinced Jason doesn’t even love him (Jason, “I love my mother,” / Marvin “Why not me?”). And what’s so frustrating is that Marvin even thinks that he’s trying so hard (taking him to ball games and museums, encouraging Jason about how smart he is, trying to speak “words of wisdom”) when it’s then revealed/heavily implied in “Father to Son” that Marvin had never even apologized for what he had done to his son until then. Marvin literally was “marching in one place” because he refused to see his actions as selfish and kept trying to have this “tight-knit family” when he was the one who tore it apart in the first place.

And it just always hurt me because it’s not like Marvin and Jason don’t love each other. In “I Never Wanted to Love You,” Jason says, “I love my dad / I love the things I never had” (which could mean a positive role model in the form of a father but shh that’s just me being super super meta). Jason - despite his behavior and affirmations to otherwise - loves Marvin and desires his presence in his life. Marvin had just been so blinded by the perception of what a family should look like that he had ignored Jason, who was acting out specifically to get Marvin’s attention. And Marvin acknowledges his son’s internal conflict (“How he adores and hates me”) as well as admitting (quite cruelly) that he never even wanted to love Jason in the first place. He just wanted to “see [Marvin’s own] face in [Jason’s].” He wanted a mini-Marvin, but Jason wasn’t that. And it frustrated Marvin to no end throughout the entire first act, and it isn’t until “Father to Son” that he gives Jason “his blessing” to be his own person and learn from Marvin’s mistakes.

SPEAKING OF FATHER TO SON - OH MY. Most musicals have a “let’s see how many throwbacks to prior songs we can fit into this last one in the act” song as the act one finale (obv it should be noted that Finn maybe didn’t do this because “Act One” of Falsettos was originally written as its own stand-alone musical entitled “March of the Falsettos”), but Falsettos didn’t do that. No, it stayed focused on the one relationship that Marvin had any semblance of saving: his relationship with his son.

And it’s just so powerful because it’s in “Father to Son” that you really see Marvin’s redemption arc. Like, he realizes his mistakes (”what I’ve done to you is rotten”) and he freely admits to wanting that closer connection to him (”Kid, be my son”) and he is finally dropping his expectations of Jason being a mini-Marvin (”I’ve made my choice. You can sing a different song”). And Christian Borle and Anthony Rosenthal really, really did an amazing job with this scene - the soft tones, the crumpled looks, the hug at the very end oh don’t even get me started. Like, it was one of the most powerful songs in the entire musical and it can get me real choked up so I’m just going to move on to Act Two now, okay?

Act Two

Act Two is less heavily focused on Marvin and Jason’s relationship, but it is still very prominent. Marvin is a lot more open and doting on Jason (”My child” - tbh literally all of Year of the Child), and his “becoming of a man” is shown to be really, really important to Marvin. He supports Jason and is a lot less self-absorbed, but we can still see some friction between them. In “Everyone Hates His Parents,” Jason is shown to be really fed up with his parents bickering and fighting, demonstrating that though Marvin has grown up considerably, he can still be over-bearing and self-absorbed about things. 

And like? I wasn’t going to mention this, but it should be mentioned that Jason is the whole reason that Marvin found happiness again by inviting Whizzer to his baseball game, knowing damn well that Marvin is still not over him. Like honestly?? Jason, way to be a bro.

But OH LORD, JASON’S BAR MITZVAH!!!! Don’t even talk to me about “don’t know why but he looks like Marvin.” It is one of my favorite lines of the musical, and yeah, it seems kinda offhanded and stupid (because of course he looks like Marvin - it’s his son???) but it ISN’T. 

Do you remember how averse Jason was in act one to resemble his father in any way (see: Jason’s therapy)? Act One Jason would have balked at this line, but that’s not the reaction that we see from Jason. Instead, we have Marvin fiddling with Jason’s clothes and Jason smiling up at him and Marvin’s whispering words of encouragement, and it’s important because that line isn’t an insult anymore. 

In Summary

Jason and Marvin are parallels to each other. They throw temper tantrums and are very, very idealistic (Marvin’s “Tight Knit Family” Dream and Jason’s “Another Miracle of Judaism” Prayer”) and wrestle against insecurities and had loved and lost someone that meant the absolute most to them. 

Trina was right in that Jason certainly is “Marvin’s child.”

Fake Chats #142
  • Yoongi: Jungkookie~
  • Jungkook: Yoongi-hyung?
  • Yoongi: how's my favorite maknae?
  • Jungkook: he's good, why? Why are you so...loopy?
  • Yoongi: I am not! I just wanted to cuddle.
  • Jungkook: okay, who are you and what have you done with Min Yoongi?
  • Yoongi: I haven't done anything with him!
  • Jungkook: but you're acting weird!
  • Yoongi: you know, when I act like this with Jimin, it's not complicated. He just says I'm cute and does whatever I want.
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: that's why I have a soft spot for him, but I have one for you too, shh, don't tell Taehyung because I also have a soft spot for him.
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: and one for Joonie, of course, and Hopi, my sunshine. And I guess Jin-hyung, 'cause we're the parents.
  • Jungkook: so basically you're soft for all of us.
  • Yoongi: I'm saying that I love you!
  • Jungkook: see? Weird!
  • Yoongi: see if I take you out for lamb skewers again.
  • Jungkook: hey, come on, you can cuddle!
  • Yoongi: thank goodness. Jin-hyung keeps nagging me about stuff and I was trying to be nice, but my soft spot for him isn't as big as my soft spot for you.
  • Jungkook: I don't understand you.
  • Yoongi: if I fall asleep you can sleep in my bed.
  • Jungkook: of course you're going to fall asleep. Even when you loopy Min Yoongi, there is that one guarantee.
Someone’s Always Leaving

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This is for @chaos-and-the-calm67​ Bev’s Milestone Celebration. I chose the quote, ‘It was odd to be in a room full of people who all seemed to look up to my dad like he was some kind of hero. A part of me wanted to see him through their eyes just for a moment. I tried to picture him as…’. The quote was slightly changed so it wasn’t ‘me, my’, but ‘you, your’. Also, there was a gif given which’ll be in the fic itself…I know it kinda looks like a dude…but just imagine the kid is gender neutral, cos that’s what the reader is. 

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER), Bobby, Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley

Pairing: No Pairing    Sam x Y/n (father-kid relationship)    Bobby x Y/n (father-kid relationship)

Warnings: Angsty angst…fluff here and there, but mostly angst. Abandonment over and over, resentment, character death, grieving, hatred, angst, more angst, broken relationships and just a mess of shit between everyone. 

Word count: 3600

Summary: Sam is the one who takes you in when you lose your parents. But he lets you down time and time again. 

A/N: Ok, so, this ended up hella longer than I imagined it being…But there’s mostly angst and nothing else really…Also, reader kinda talks shit about the Winchesters, so if u think the Winchesters are the world’s saviours, u might hate reader…Hope u like it!!

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You knew it was awful. You knew it was wrong.

Of course, most teenagers had their problems with their parents.

But you? Well, you hated him.

You didn’t dislike him. You weren’t just annoyed because he didn’t let you buy something.

You genuinely hated him. And to be honest, you knew it wasn’t good.

Hating the man you used to think of as your father. It was awful.

But then again, maybe you didn’t think of him as a father.

He was the one who took you in. He was the one who promised to protect you. He was the one who was supposed to play that role.

Except, he didn’t.

Every time you expected him to protect you, he didn’t.

He always left you behind.

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Diamonds & Shutters Part 4

Part 4: Hurting

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: College!AU.Jensen is a baseball player and (Y/N) is a photographer, they are best friends and roommates until someone in Jensen’s life leaves him disconsolate and anguished but (Y/N)’s secret stops her from immediately mending Jensen’s broken heart.

Word Count: 1579

A/N - This is part four my entry for @frickfracklesackles #Natalies1000MovieTropeChallenge #Natalies1000FollowerCelebration The prompts I chose were College!AU and the quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” from The Great Gatsby, which can be read in PART 1

A/N 2 – This is also my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN HIATUS WRITING CHALLENGE 2017 – WEEK 14 with the prompt: ‘I never wanted to hurt you.’ - Thank god this prompt came out otherwise this part wouldn’t have been born.


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When you came to, your head was pounding but your bed was empty and you started to panic, the body next to you was gone. Was he here? Did he find you? Find you both?

Your body went onto autopilot, searching and screaming.

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Just One Night - Lin/Reader

Author’s note: okay this was really fun to write, not gonna lie. also I’ve never worked at a hospital and am not a surgeon (unfortunately), will be inaccurate.

Prompt:  “Something fluffy with Lin and reader where there married, he’s still plays Hamilton in NYC, Sebastian is there son.” - @congratsonhamlet

Rating: G

Warnings: lots of fluff and a little crying

Words: 1,507

Ask Box | Masterlist

Your life was a busy one, no one could deny that. Your husband’s career was flourishing, meanwhile you were trying to get back into the swing of things after the birth of your son, Sebastian.

You had gotten off of your maternity leave three weeks ago and had been working eleven hour shifts, six days a week at the hospital as a cardiothoracic surgeon. You had to work in the morning while Lin, your husband, watched your son, then in the evenings you would come home and watch Sebastian and Lin would head off to the theater.

It was a hectic schedule and the two of you barely had time to see each other but you made it work. You knew you’d both get a break and have time to enjoy each others company without worrying about deadlines or when your next shift was going to begin.

Eventually, both you and Lin’s schedules had the same night free and you quickly made arrangements for the rare occasion. The plan consisted of you leaving for the hospital in the morning as usual and Lin staying home with Sebastian. When you got home around six, all three of you would spend time together until Lin’s parents came to pick up Sebastian for the night around eight. The rest of the night you’d be alone with Lin, and Lin alone with you.

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Friend Like Me [One Jump Ahead, Part Two] [Jay Imagine] [Request]

Friend Like Me [One Jump Ahead, Part Two]

Jay Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @pegxcarter - i didn’t mean for this to take so long.

Note: The flashback is in italics.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“This weekend?!” you shouted. “Jane, Family Day can’t be this weekend!”

“[Y/N], it’s the same day every year,” said Jane, looking at her clipboard. “We can’t just reschedule.”

You groaned loudly in annoyance, placing your head in your hands. People around you stared as they walked by.

Jane felt confused, and asked, “Why are you so worried about Family Day? You’ve never had a problem with it before.”

You mumbled something, but Jane was unable to hear you.

Jane sighed, “What?”

You moved your hands, and spoke, “I haven’t… reallyexactlytold my parents… about Jay…”

Jane gaped at you, “What? [Y/N], you have to tell them!”

“Well, I actually did tell my mom,” you said.

“Then you just need to tell Aladdin,” shrugged Jane, giving you a smile.

You laughed nervously, “Not exactly.”

Jane became confused once more: “Who else is there?”

- - -

“I am here! I have arrived! Please, everyone, hold the applause!” smirked Genie, entering your dorm room, with your parents following him.

“Hey, [Y/N], we’re so excited for Family Day this weekend,” said Jasmine, sitting down, “but we wanted to come see you play tourney tomorrow.”

Aladdin picked something up, and smiled, “Speaking of which, is this your jersey?”

You immediately realized he was holding Jay’s tourney jersey, not your own. Your eyes widened and you quickly took the jersey from his hands.

Nope! It’s just an ordinary shirt, so there’s no need to see if there’s a name on the back or anything,” you rambled, shoving the jersey under your pillow.

Aladdin and Genie stared at you. However, Jasmine had a small smirk on her face, obviously realizing why you were acting so strange. She quietly laughed to herself at your embarrassment.

You sighed to yourself. You were going to have a long weekend.

- - -

You sat in your window; you and Jasmine were the only two in your dorm room at the moment. You smiled to yourself when you noticed Jay talking to Mal and Evie in the courtyard. Carlos soon approached the three as well.

“Is that him? The one with the red backpack?” asked Jasmine, sitting in the window as well.

“Yeah,” you smiled, watching Jay and the other three laugh. “Yeah, that’s him.”

“How did you two meet again?”

You grinned, thinking about your first interaction with Jay. You thought about how he’d gone from a villain to the person he was now.


“Now that you’ve seen the school, let’s introduce you to a few people. Oh, perfect! [Y/N]!”

You turned to at the sound of someone calling your name. Ben approached you; behind him, four people with vastly different expressions followed after him.

“[Y/N], these are the students from my proclamation. This is Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay,” said Ben. “Everyone, this is [Y/N], daughter of Jasmine and Aladdin.”

The girl with blue hair gasped and a grin spread across her face. She took one of your hands in both of her own: “You’re a princess? What’s your castle like?”

“Why don’t you come over sometime?” you smiled. “We can have a sleepover.”

“What about me?”

You looked at the boy who spoke to you. He had long hair that covered his shoulders. He stood in front of you, his arms crossed over his chest. You smiled at him, knowing exactly who he was.

“Sure, but just so you know,” you paused for a moment with a smile, “pillow fights aren’t a thing.”

The boy paused. After a moment, a smirk grew on his face. By now, Evie had backed away from the conversation. You held out a hand for Jafar’s son to shake.

“I’m [Y/N],” you said.

“Jay,” replied the boy. “Ben, if it’s cool, I think I’m gonna go with [Y/N].”

Ben only nodded, gesturing for the other three villain kids to follow him. Jay continued to hold your hand in his own.

“Would you like a tour?” you asked.

“Sure,” he nodded. “I’d like that.”

“Let’s go then,” you smirked. “I’ll show you a whole new world.”

End Flashback

“‘A whole new world?’ You quoted me and your dad? Really?” asked Jasmine, a smirk spreading across her face.

You fell onto your bed, groaning loudly into your pillow, “I know! I’m so lame!”

- - -

Jay held your hand as the two of you entered the royal gardens, where Auradon’s Family Day celebration was taking place. You couldn’t see Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie. Jay pointed out Evie when he noticed how nervous you were.

“Hey,” greeted Evie, before she gestured to the buffet, “you two should try the chocolate-covered strawberries. Oh! There’s Doug! I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

After she left, you smiled at Jay, “Mal definitely requested these strawberries.”

“You want one?” asked Jay, holding a strawberry.

You smiled again as Jay fed you the strawberry. He grinned at you, placing his hands on your sides. He leaned in and quickly kissed you.

“What is this?!” shouted Genie, suddenly appearing with Aladdin and Jasmine. “Do you two see this?!”

“I see it,” glared Aladdin, crossing his arms. “When you said you have a boyfriend, I didn’t know you meant… him.”

You felt Jay tense and placed your arms around his waist: “What’s that suppose to mean?”

“He’s a villain! Hello?! He’s Jafar’s son!” shouted Genie, his arms flailing about dramatically, causing some people to glance at him.

“So what?!“ you exclaimed, glaring. “I love him! I’m always going to love him–!”

Jay interrupted, quietly asking, “You love me?”

“You love him?” asked Aladdin, his annoyed expression changing to one of kindness.

Shh!” muttered Jasmine, her eyes trained on you and Jay.

You looked at Jay, who had a surprised expression on his face. The hand Jay had on your back slowly went to your cheek.

You smiled, “Of course. Do you love me?”

“How could I not?” he asked, placing his forehead against your own.

Genie groaned, “Now they’re too cute to be mad at!”

“What’s your name, kid?” asked Aladdin.

Jay moved to look at him, and replied, “My name is Jay.”

“Well, Jay,” said Genie, exaggerating Jay’s name dramatically, “I guess you’re not so bad.”

Jay gave him a bright smile. Genie huffed dramatically at that and left to speak to Belle and Adam. After Aladdin gave Jay a simple nod, he and Jasmine walked away.

You heard Aladdin whine to Jasmine: “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you knew about this.”

You smiled at Jay, and said, “And you were nervous.”

Jay scoffed at your slight sarcasm, and grinned, “Whatever you say, amira.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


amira means “my princess”

Can’t say the words

Title: Can’t say the words

Pairing: Crowley x fem!Reader, Sam x friend!Reader

Word Count: 1800+

Warning: sucky childhood, some hurt/comfort, angsty maybe, but fluffy happy ending

Summary: After getting to the the first I love you of their relationship, (y/n) freaks out. She can’t say the words back (because of her past) and Crowley takes it the wrong way.

(A/n: Dunno why I wrote this. I guess I needed someone to say it’s fine to be emotionally complicated.)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I love you. His words still rang in your mind. It had only been a whisper, more of a soft mumbling into your hair. But you heard it. And that changed everything.

“Love? You alright?” You heard his voice again while automatically stiffed in his arms. “You been restless all night.”

“Couldn’t really find sleep” You admitted staying as close to the truth as you could. True enough you could not possibly fall asleep with these three words out there. But what were you supposed to do? You couldn’t just say them back! For the millionth time it dwelled on you that he’d want to hear it back and then what. You were finally in a nice and content relationship and then he had to just tell you he loved you!

“Something wrong?” He asked pressing light kisses on your neck. “If someone upset you, I can…”

He was always considering like that. To be honest you didn’t want to know what would happen if some day someone really truly upset you. There was no way to tell what the king of hell would do to them. It was one of the things you loved most about him. No matter how often you told him you could handle everything yourself, he wouldn’t fight you on it just insist that if ever you needed him you’d just tell him.

“I’m not upset.” This time you lied.

“I can see that” It was milder than the usual sarcasm he had reserved for everyone else. Another thing you loved about him. His sarcastic and often dry sense of humour. “Is it about last night?”

Shit. This conversation fast approached grounds you weren’t comfortable with. You needed to deflect and not let him asked anymore questions. “No. Last night was wonderful. But we should get up now and…”

“You know I sense how you tensed up?” The kisses on your neck stopped as his hand landed on your shoulder, softly demanding that you turned and faced him. You complied with a fast beating heart. So this was that then. “Why try and change the subject? Talk to me, love.”

Never did you think it possible but this man and his caring brown eyes could make you all honest. Thinking about it, it was quite ironic that it was the king of hell who brought this side of you out.

“You said you loved me” You told him straight forward, trying to get the truth out. He’d find out sooner or later anyway. “And I can’t say it back.”

Now that made his expression change. It almost hurt you physically how his concerned confusion turned to hurt. You didn’t mean to upset him. Really you cared about this man more than about anyone before. He was the best thing that ever happened to you.

“I see” He sighed, his expression in a stoic mask. Crowley straightened his back before taking his warm hands from your shoulder. Immediately you missed his touch, his warmth. Before you could even protest he already turned his back to you and got up from your bed. With a snap of his fingers he was fully dressed, still not even looking at you. Panic rose in your chest. He wouldn’t just go, would he?

“Wait” You scrambled out of bed trying to get a hold of him. He didn’t get it! “Crowley!”

“No need, love. I think were done.”

“No! You’re upset, but I didn’t…”

“I’m not upset.” He looked at you for the first time, his eyes speaking of incredible hurt before he put his composed mask on again. “I’m just taking the hint.”

And with a snap of his fingers you were standing in front of the bunker, fully clothed and totally alone.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

“(Y/n)?” Sam looked up from where he was sitting as you walked through the door. Instantly he dropped his book and made his way over to you, concern written all over his face. There were tears running down your cheeks and your whole body was shaking. “What happened?”

“I ruined it” You yelled, not meaning to but you really couldn’t help yourself not to. There was so much anger about what happened, all dedicated at yourself. “I ruined the one good thing I ever had.”

“Shh” Sam tried to sooth you as he took you into his strong arms, holding you tight. “I’m sure it’s not that bad. And even if it is we can fix it.”

“There’s nothing to fix” You whispered your anger vanishing and being replaced by sadness. “I upset him and he just sapped me back here. I never got to explain. It’s all my fault.”

You were getting really worked up about it. The full implications just hitting you. He was done with you. For ever.

“Hey, (y/n)” Sam tried again to calm you “There is nothing in the world you can’t talk to him about. Doesn’t matter what you did. I know you mean the world to him, he’ll listen. He loves you.”

At that you cried even more. Your vision was blurry and you clung to Sam even harder. Crowley meant the world to you too, of course he did. And you hurt him, because you were unable to say some stupid words. Maybe you should have just said them. Lie like you always did when your emotions got messed up.

“(Y/n)?” Sam was stroking your hair softly still just holding you “What happened?”

Before you got to reply another voice spoke up. “She told him she didn’t love him.” It was Dean who stood right in the door of the library looking at you in confusion. His words made you mad and you pulled away from Sam, glaring daggers at Dean.

“That’s not true!” You yelled anger coming back, this time it wasn’t directed at yourself but at Dean. How could he dare say that!

“How do you know?” Sam asked carefully not siding with either of you, he tried to make sense of this very confusing situation.

“Apparently demons aren’t exactly great at comforting. So the very angry and upset king of hell popped up in my bedroom and started ranting about his girlfriend.” Dean sighed “I got the whole speech about how you would be dead by now if he didn’t care about you this damn much.”

“But I care about him too!” You exclaimed, you’re crying slowly stopping.

“Funny way of showing it, sweetheart.” Dean answered, shrugging. He looked at you as if you were nuts, not really getting what happened.

“(y/n), tell us what happened” It was again Sam in his quiet and comforting voice. His hand lay on your shoulder as he slowly stirred you towards a chair. After settling you in there he took a seat across from you. His eyes were understanding as he waited for you to open up.

“I told him I couldn’t say I love you back” You confessed quietly.

“And why?” Sam kept asking carefully “You’re obviously very upset about not being with him.”

“I… I never told anyone I love them”

“So what? First for everything.” Dean sighted exaggerated as he himself took a seat in one of the library chairs. You didn’t catch Sam throwing his brother a warning look, you just shook your head.

“You don’t get it. I haven’t even told my family I love them.” You kept going “Never as far as I can think back. I care about you, I like you, you are important, but I never ever said these three words.”

“Huh?” Your confession had both of the Winchesters looking you in astonishment. However you didn’t even notice, looking down at your hands and just playing around with them.

“I never believed in love anyway. Finding out as an eight year old that you’re the only reason your parents aren’t divorced because ‘they can’t up that on the children’, kills every illusion you ever had about happy ever afters. Spending the years after that watching them tearing each other and the whole family apart with constant fights that lead to nothing, just repetition.” Suddenly you looked up at the boys again with tears in your eyes “Love is just a way to keep someone close, to hurt them because there is no way out of ‘love’.”

Both brothers were speechless. Sure, they had picked up that you didn’t have a picket fence childhood either, but never would they have guessed what happened to you. Dean was still looking at you like he couldn’t wrap his head around what he just heard. So it was Sam who spoke up first. “Do you think Crowley would ever hurt you?”

“Never” You said, fully believing your words. He was the king of hell, yet to you he was the kindest man you ever met.

“So it’s okay if he tells you he loves you?” Sam kept asking carefully. “The thought of having to say it yourself upset you, right?”

“I can’t just…” You groaned at yourself. You had spent the whole of last night debating exactly this problem with yourself “What if I’m like my parents? What if I’m a horrible person but he puts up with it because we ‘love’ each other?”

“No air quotes necessary” You heard a familiar British accent and your head snapped to the door. How long had he been standing there? Before you could question him on what he heard he made his way over to you, crouching down in front of you to take your hands and look into your eyes. “I’m truly and absolutely smitten with you, okay?” He paused and you realized he waited for an answer. Carefully you nodded, not sure what was expected. “I don’t expect anything, love. I should have never expect you to say these words back so soon anyway. That’s the whole point of love, caring about someone so much you want them to be happy. And I want you to be happy. So let me rephrase it all. (y/n), you mean the world to me and I need you to know that. I want you to understand that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Crowley” You voice was broken and teary again “You should never doubt that I care deeply about you. I want nothing more than to be with you. Like you said this, us, the best thing that ever happened to me too.”

That made him smile. All the hurt from earlier gone. Maybe this wasn’t lost after all.

“That’s all I could ever wanted” He whispered, his hand cupping your cheek “I don’t care what words you use, even if you don’t say anything at all. Looking into your stunning (e/c) eyes I see everything I need to know.”

And with that you kissed him. You wanted to show him that you meant it, that he truly was your world. You wanted to thank him for understanding. And you wanted to never be apart from him again.

This was no lovey-dovey fairy tale ending for the two of you. It was better.

Little Mix “Get Weird” for new 80s themed album - Track By Track Review

Since the year 2000, how many pop albums have been branded “retro” for their ‘return to the 80s/90s’ sound? Well I don’t know either but I will take a wild guess and say that out of the probably 100s of albums claiming to do this, not many have done it as successfully as British pop girl group “Little Mix” have done with their third album “Get Weird”, and while there are some missteps along the way, this album is surely one of the most enjoyable pop albums of 2015 (and 1987 if it had’ve existed).

Black Magic

If you’re from Oceania or Australia or are just one of their 101 million youtube viewers, you definitely know this lead single, “Black Magic”. The start to this retro era and the album, the Little Mix girls storm into album with drums pounding, magic spells and a very 80s chorus channeling “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper (1983). At #1 for 3 weeks in the UK, this song is surely a classic that will have your grandkids questioning when exactly you were born while you reminisce on your childhood favorites.

Love Me Like You

The Second song, and second hit single from the album, Love Me Like You continues the group’s 80s theme, with a song that could very easily fit in any quintessential 1980s teen movies prom scene, as their Prom themed music video also suggests. It’s definitely slower than ‘Black Magic’ but still just as fun, and even though the lyrics are mostly about a lost love the girls want to reclaim because no one can “Love Me Like You”, you’ll find yourself dancing and bopping more than you would crying and weeping.

Weird People

Arguably the most 80s (tired of me saying ‘80s’ too?) song on the album, Weird People keeps up the album’s pace and theme, forcing you into a sort of musical time capsule. The song with its funky bass and classic vocoder support vocal, could fit right into the opening or ending credits of any of the decades classic movies (Most likely Ghostbusters due to its “weird people” lyrics). It screams and perfects retro. If only it wasn’t in mp3 quality I’d suggest tricking your parents/grandparents into trying to say they remember it.

Secret Love Song (f/ Jason Derulo)

Unfortunately the 80s party theme is put on hold here for the sake of a ballad collaboration with Jason Derulo. Unlike their previous album “Salute” (2013), Little Mix’s ballads on this album fall short of their standard. This song is pretty, but if you’re gonna interrupt 10 straight minutes of false (most of their demographic weren’t alive for the 80s or even much of the 90s) nostalgia, it better be amazing. Derulo adds a nice touch to the song, and their vocals of Perrie Edwards and him together are great for an album selling award show performance, but does anyone find it weird when a group of already multiple people collaborate with even more people?


And we’re back! Hair, the first promotional single from the album brings us back to the party, but this time we’re lost in the time capsule. While the song isn’t 80s themed, it’s also not current, or 90s or 70s. It’s basically its own sound that you won’t find on the radio or any pop albums today. That what makes it so good, and such a good filler song, a sort of interlude into their best song next: Grown 


Arguably the best pop song of 2015, the girls deny the advances of a guy because they’re “Grown Now” and can “Hold their own”. With lyrics like “Your voice dropped, you thought that you could handle me” (your future instagram selfie quote), amazing harmonies, a horn beat drop (Honestly who else is doing this), and a stripped back vocal bridge, this is pop perfection. The bass is loud enough for this to be everyone’s 2016 “No Scrubs” type of song. The only thing here better than this song is the live version, Edward’s run in the bridge is presented more successfully than the album version, a testament to her and the Mix girls’ vocal abilities. 

I Love You

This is the first effective ballad on the album. While it sounds like it could also fit on Selena Gomez’ Revival, the vocals and harmonies from 4 different girls give the song the extra push above Revival’s ballads. While Selena is the calm, and Demi Lovato is the storm, I Love You by Little Mix is the perfect breezy hour before the two swap out. Vocals are served, falsettos are used, emotions are touched. 


Another theme finally! This song is definitely a mix between 80s pop, late 90s pop, and Britney bitch! The lyrics scream “Oops I Did It Again”: “Oh my god, I did it again” While it is definitely a filler song (seriously girls, please don’t even try to make this a single, there’re many better options) it’s great to have another themed song, and add towards the cohesiveness of the album


Any 2NE1 fan would love this song. It contains the darkest, most current production off the album and reminds you immediately of Come Back Home by the Korean pop girl group with its powerful beat drop. Asian market single? Definitely girls, just stay away from ‘OMG’. In addition to polished production, the girls also serve amazing vocals, both soft and harcore, throughout the entire song as well as a indistinguishable chant during the bridge most likely the girls ending every other group’s career, watch out Fifth Harmony. (Update: the chant is from an ancient 13th century Medieval Latin poem, truly ‘weird’ for a 2015 pop album girls right? but i’m loving it)


When I saw this song on the tracklist I thought, “Well they have a song about Adidas, this can’t be any good”, but actually it turned out to be their most grown up song on the album. The girls explicitly sing about “shh (sex) with you” to an 80s style bassline. With high falsettos and little yelps here and there, as well as its sexually suggestive lyrics, the song can’t be interpreted in any other way, and that’s the best way to transition into adult music. When their next album has a “Parental Advisory” sticker, kids can easily say “Well mom they’ve been singing about the same things for years now”. Good jobs girls

Love Me Or Leave Me

A typical Little Mix ballad, any fan knows the formula. However the vocals from Jade serve a kind of emotion matched by current emoters such as Adele or Demi Lovato, if only this was her song alone she would have you crying, but depending on who you are, the last half of the song may do that on its own.

The End

A small tear appears in my eye, it’s been a wild ride through decades of pop and to different countries and genres and it’s finally the end, but I don’t want it to end (thank god theres 4 extra bonus songs on the deluxe edition, go get it, it has a better cover art too). As cheesy as it sounds, The End is the perfect title to this song, the 80s theme of the album, and the relationship theme of the album. This song was one of my favorites since they sang it live at radio stations across America in July. As a testament to the group’s live vocals and harmonies, the studio version didn’t live up to my expectations. Maybe the fact that Edwards & her ex-fiance Zayn Malik had just broken up gave the live versions an extra push of emotion, or just the fact that their vocal producers were rushing can excuse this. The song is still just as beautiful, but the vocals don’t sound as emotive or cohesive as the numerous A+ live versions. Nonetheless, it works as a great ending to the album, and i’m always here for this group and an acapella. 

Once again I say that this is one of the most enjoyable albums of the year, and while it does show a downgrade from their last album (They were made for R&B inspired music) it remains above the previous attempt at pop, DNA, their debut album. However the best part about this album is that it’s different. While most other girl groups go from generic pop to R&B to grow up, these girls have taken the step in a totally different direction, and while it can be seen as a downgrade, I think it’s better to credit their creativity. I personally am very excited to hear where they go next with their next album (hopefully the 90s/early 2000s).



Tom x Tara for finchmackee

Dear Tom,

I’ll tell you what I remember, seeing as you asked. That after we made love that night in my parents’ house, you asked me to get out of bed, naked. Remember how I felt? I mean we had just had sex, so that’s as intimate as I thought it got, but it’s funny that I don’t remember that part as much as you making me stand in front of you with nothing on and we were freezing cold and I felt so exposed, like I felt you could see inside the guts of me. And remember, I cried? And you were like, Shh, shh, don’t. You’re beautiful, and I can’t believe I’m writing this now, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget your voice when you said that. I think I loved you at that moment. 

But then Joe happened, and you didn’t ring or anything. You didn’t let me see you exposed from all your pain. You hid and you left me there, starkers, and for so long, for so, so long, I felt raw. Don’t ever ask anyone to do that again, Tom. Don’t ever ask them to bare their soul and then leave it. It’s fucking cruel and no matter how much pain you were in, you had no right. Because sometimes it makes me want to shudder, because sometimes I still think I’m there in my bedroom standing naked, except it’s like the whole world can see me, and they’re laughing like sometimes I remember people laughing at me behind my back in high school. And it makes me just want to cry with shame.


Dear Tara,

If you think I’ve forgotten anything about that night, you, most gorgeous girl, are laboring under great misapprehension. I remember everything. I remember your petticoat.. slip… whatever the hell it’s called, and how you let me take it off. You made me close my eyes and that was even more of a turn on.

You’ve always seen through me and that’s freaked me out. You saw the stuff I didn’t show other people. The part of me that sometimes can be a bully, because I come from a family of it. Learned behavior because I think my dad was taught by Bill and Bill was taught by his father and sometimes I feel it inside me as well, except we’re not actually comfortable with it, but it’s there and it frightens all of us. And that night you saw the fear. You made it go away for just one minute and then Joe happened and I couldn’t speak anymore and the numbness-please, God don’t ever let me feel that numbness again. I think I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to make the numbness go away and if my mum and dad and Anabel couldn’t, and then you couldn’t, I didn’t know whether I could handle that.

I know I stuffed up and I know your peacekeeper probably treated you like gold and I’ve treated you like crap but I want you to know that I remember the conversations we had in Year Twelve, when you told me you wanted to do a cultural studies degree because you believed in trade, not aid, and you believe that the only way was to ask the questions and listen to the needs of the people and I remember thinking that exact moment, I want to change the world with her. And I remember feeling that again in Georgie’s attic. That’s a powerful gift you have there Ms. Finke. To make the laziest guy around want to change the world with you. So next time you remember standing in your bedroom naked, know that it is the most amazing view from any angle, especially the one where we get to see inside.

Love always,


Movie Night w/ Team Free Will

Team Free Will x Reader

(Mainly Dean x Reader)

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 892

Warnings: The Notebook, the pizza man, mention of porn, implied smut, awful writing

The four of you are piled on the motel couch with a box TV in front of you. You sit between Sam and Dean. Cas rests against the arm uncomfortably. He almost sits on the side of the couch. You all stare at the static on the TV blankly.

Until Sam speaks. “Hey, if we are just going to listen to white noise for the next two hours, can’t I just get back to reading my book?”

Dean smacks his brother reaching over you. “No! It’s about time we actually do something together.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “We spend almost every second with each other.”

“Not hunting.” Dean adds.

“Fine. Let’s watch a movie.” Sam says blandly. A moment later his face lights up with excitement. “Hey! I brought The Da Vinci Code.”

Dean groans. “Nerd. You can watch that any other old day.” Dean smiles. “I’ve got The Three Stooges on tape.” He smiles widely and turns to Cas and you. He expresses exaggeratedly with his hands. “It seriously is a classic! You and (Y/N), would love it!”

You smile and laugh. You’ve watched The Three Stooges with Dean before, eating larger hamburgers and fries together. Cas, back when he was human, stared oddly at the screen as he took a bite of his PB & J. He had it smeared all over his face.

“Does anyone have, the pizza man?”

You and Dean laugh. Sam shakes his head. “Cas, we aren’t going to all watch porn as a family.” he laughs and shakes his head.

“Awww, I’m family?” You say. You kiss Dean’s forehead and he blushes. You stand up, the motel sofa creaking. You reach for your duffel bag until the bed you and Dean are sharing. You aren’t romantically involved with any of the three particularly. But, you and Dean are the most comfortable around each other. Your relationship is the state of a crush, minus the awkwardness and amount of sweat. You unzip it and find it, smirking to yourself. You bend over in front of the TV player and insert the movie.

They all open their mouths to ask you. “Shh!” You tell them. You sit back and lean against Dean. He smiles tentatively at you.  The movie begins. The first scene is an orange sunset, white birds flying over the water, a man rowing a small boat slowly. The title grows across the screen. You hear a collection of groans from Sam and Dean.

“Shut up!” you say, angrily. “Just watch!”

And so they do. The four of you watch The Notebook. Dean wraps you in his arms, making you glad you picked the movie you did. Sam shakes his head but grins at you do. He is engrossed in the love story. Cas makes remarks.

When Noah hangs on the Ferris Wheel, he says. “Why must he prove a point by embarrassing himself and endangering his life? I believe he belongs in what the kids refer to, as “The Looney Bin.” he says with air quotes.

You laugh and say, “I don’t think I understand that reference.”

Castiel forces a grin and nods.

For the rest of the movie, Castiel doesn’t approve of Noah and Allie’s secret relationship, nor the decision of Allie’s parents. You look over to see him what looks like crying. Sam sheds a few tears and Dean holds you a little tighter. Castiel scolds Allie and Noah.

When the movie ends, the scene ending with their wrinkled hands clasped, you all watch the credits roll. Castiel stares above the TV. Sam clears his throat and wipes his face of tears. He punches Dean in the arm and laughs. “Hey, you’re crying!”

“Shut up!”

You kiss a tear and he smiles at you. “I never want you to leave me. I haven’t been honest about how I feel. I am crazy about you (Y/N). I want us to be Noah and Allie.”

You put a finger to his lips. “I want us to be Dean and (Y/N). No one else.”

“I love you, (Y/N).” you have been whispering to each other. He wipes away his tears. “How about we go re-enact a scene of our own.” he smirks. “If you know what I mean.”

You smile at him and the two of you walk towards the door. “Where are you going?” Sam asks, already engrossed in his book.

Dean smirks. “Anywhere but here.”

He rents the room across from your normal room. He locks the door and puts on the do not disturb sign outside. The first kiss is tentative. The rest follow slowly, gentle as he undresses you.

Now, you lie under the covers with Dean. Your head against his chest. He smiles at you and plays with your hair. “I love you.” he says.

“I love you too.”

Teen Wolf Preference #2 - You're sad


You had been going through a rough time lately. Everything just seemed to fall apart. And your friend Scott noticed. You kept saying that it was nothing, but in fact, it was everything. You were sitting in your room, all cuddled up on the floor, your knees tucked into your chest, as you were crying. Your parents were out, so you didn’t even try to hide it. Your phone rang, but your eyes were filled with water so you couldn’t make out who it was that was calling you. “It’s Y/N.” you said, wiping a tear away from your cheek. “Hey Y/N it’s Scott. Are you okay?” He asked, concern filling his voice. “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay.” You said, trying to stay strong until you could hang up. “So you’re okay?” He asked. “Yup.” another tear fell as you felt bad for lying to one of your best friends. “Y/N, I can see you crying. I’m standing outside and can look right at you.” He said. You looked out of your window and saw a concerned Scott. You sighed and hung up, and went out to let him in. The minute he got through the front door, he embraced you .And you just started crying all over again. When you had calmed down a little, he asked you what was wrong. “It’s… I don’t know, Scott. Everything and nothing at the same time.. I-I don’t know what to do.” You cried out. “You have to take the good, with the bad, smile when you’re sad, love what you’ve got and remember what you had. Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret, people change,things go wrong, just remember life goes on.” Scott said lamely, as he still had his arms wrapped around you. And you slowly felt yourself relax for the first time in a while. “Thank you.” You whispered, feeling grateful for having Scott as one of your best friends. 


Your parents were giving you a rough time, because of your bad grades. You didn’t know what the big deal was, it was just one bad grade. But it seemed to be the end of the world, for them. One day, you just couldn’t take it anymore. You were at Stiles’ house, studying, when your mom called. “Hey mom, what’s up?” You asked with a smile on your face. “Where are you?” She barked at you. You were surprised by her tone, but chose to ignore it. “I’m at Stiles’ house, studying. Why?” Stiles looked at you with a surprised look on his face. “Didn’t we have a deal? You should be at home, studying! Don’t you understand how important your grades are?!” Your mom said enraged. You tried to explain yourself, but your mom just hung up on you. You let out a frustrated sigh. “What’s up?” Stiles asked. “It’s just my mom.. She’s driving me insane! And she’s been saying all these hurtful things lately. Like ”if you don’t get better grades, you’ll end up on the street as a homeless person! Do you really want that Y/N?!“ You quoted. Stiles sent you a comforting smile. "Hey, everything’s gonna be okay. Now, let’s study and show your mom that you aren’t going to end up on the streets.” He said and playfully nudged your shoulder. You smiled and got to work. 


Your cat had just run away, and you were devastated. You knew it sounded ridiculous, but he had been with you for over six years. You always talked to him, about everything. He knew about all your crushes, and he knew all of your secrets that you didn’t dare to tell anyone, and the fact that he was gone, made your heart ache. So when Isaac found you slowly crying out on the Lacrosse field, he put a soothing arm around you. You let your head rest on his shoulder, as you cried until there was no tears left for this round. Isaac then gently wiped away your tears with a small smile playing on his lips. “Hey, listen Y/N he’s okay, and he’s going to come back. Okay? I promise you.” He said calmly. He sounded so sure that you only wished to believe him. “You sure?” You asked. He nodded with a smile. “And if you want me too, I can help you put up those Missing posters you have in your bag.” He said, smiling. You looked at your bag and saw that it was open. “Really?” you asked. He nodded. “Really. Let’s do it after school, okay?” He got up and stuck out his hand for you to take. “Okay.” You said, finally believing that your cat would be found.  


You slammed your door and slid down against it. You closed your eyes, trying to block out the sound of his voice yelling at you. “Y/N GET OUT HERE!” Your brother yelled once more. You had gotten into an heated argument and tears were threatening to fall. You took a deep breath and texted Derek. Hey Derek… I know it’s late and all.. But.. Could you come and pick me up? Please..? You pressed send. You took another shaking breath. Your brother was still banging at your door. Your phone vibrated next to you. I’m on my way.You sighed in relief and got up. You opened the door and walked downstairs with your brother yelling in your ear. You grabbed your shoes and put them on faster than the speed of light. And faster than you had expected, Derek’s car was holding outside your house. You opened the door and ran to Derek’s car. The minute you sat in the car, you broke down crying. Derek didn’t really say anything, but just the fact that he would pick you up at 11pm made you happy to have him as a friend. But it only made you even happier that he pulled you into a soothing hug, the minute the car was holding still. “Shh, I’m here.” Derek held you close as you just kept on crying. And when you stopped, he took you up to his loft where you sat on his couch and watched movies all night long, until you fell asleep with your head on Derek’s chest. 


Heartache. The main reason for all your sadness. You had just broken up with your boyfriend. And despite the rumors, it wasn’t because he had cheated. He had respected you too much, and had broken it off before anything would happen. But it still hurt like a thousand knives being stuck into your heart at once. At least that was how you would describe the feeling. You sat in the cafeteria when your ex walked in with a beautiful girl hanging off his arm. That was how we used to walk…You thought. You wiped away a tear and looked down before he was you staring. “You really are too pretty to be crying, Y/N.” A voice said. You looked up and saw Aiden looking at you with a smile. “I can’t help it..” you answered, feeling just another tear slip. Aiden came around to your side and sat down next to you. “Look, if he broke it off because of that girl, he ain’t worth it. And you know it. And I know it hurts, but hey, I’m here. Ready to talk if you need it.” Aiden said, rubbing soothing circles on your back. You sniffled. “Thank you Aiden. I really appreciate it.” You said, giving him your best smile, telling him that you were serious. “You’re welcome. Now, let’s get out of here. I know a place we can talk.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you up on your feet. As you walked out, you noticed your ex staring, but you didn’t care. You had found someone who would listen instead. 

Hey! Please give me some feedback, so I can improve and makes these better and better! And I’m truly sorry for any spelling mistakes, they are not intended! And if you have some requests, don’t be afraid, I don’t bite! 




REQ FROM ANON:Baby Naruto and Mommy Sakura and daddy sasuke!!! After the war!!!

So this isn’t really totally after the war (sorry!) but I had a little confusion. Baby Naruto as in Naruto Uzumaki turned into a baby? Baby Naruto as in Naruto’s baby kid that SasuSaku watches over? Or Baby Naruto as in SasuSaku’s kid named after Naruto? I took it as #3 and here it is…

Enjoy :)

“I wanted to name him something like Daisuke or Hiro, but you go and choose the name of our idiot friend to give to our child,” Sakura muttered to her husband as they quietly left the nursery, where baby Naruto was sleeping. “I mean, I love Naruto and all, and he’s the reason we’re finally together, but really? It had to be Naruto?”

“Hn,” Sasuke said, not bothering to elaborate. “You said it yourself. We both love Naruto. I thought it would be fitting.”

“And how come you didn’t let me have a say in this?”

“Because I’m the boss.”

Sasuke noticed his wife’s angry pout, and he leaned over to give her a kiss on the forehead.

“You’ll grow on it,” he assured her. “Just like I grew on you.” He gave her another kiss and looked down at her chest. “And just like these have grown as well since then.”

Sakura let out a small gasp of shock, and Sasuke returned with a smirk. She repaid the favor by squeezing the firm skin of his ass and watching him hold back a groan.

“I’ll be wearing my silk nightie tonight,” Sakura whispered, her lips against his ear. Sasuke fought back his pleasure and kept a straight face.

“I look forward to seeing it.”

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The Fourth Day - Chapter 4

Forgot I had this written and ready to go! Here it is!

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: The Family

The first to hear the news had to be Meryl’s parents. She called them the next morning. Maks was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee while Meryl paced around the room. 

“Just yesterday… No, Mom. I’m telling you right away. It was only yesterday… Just in his apartment… At the beach? Why?… It was romantic.”

Maks laughed and Meryl turned to him, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. 

“Alright, put him on… Hey, Dad. So, you probably guessed from what Mom said… I know it’s soon… I do. I love him so much… No, Dad, I’m not pregnant. God…”.

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Bonded (Part 1/4)

Requested by mishacollinslover18
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Castiel

Reader gender: female

Warnings: smut, fluff, cussing

Author’s note: this was yet another request that I felt needed to be a really long fic. So I put it into parts. I hope you like it!

You’ve been staying with your cousins, Sam and Dean for about eight months now and have developed a sizable crush on their angel friend, Castiel. He had the deepest, blue eyes and the cutest, brown, sex hair. He was a little awkward and a little rough around the edges, but he’d grown comfortable around you in just a short amount of time.

Although, lately you guys hadn’t seen a whole lot of him, due to all the craziness that’s going on in heaven. Castiel was usually either there, or not really up for talking. You knew he was busy so you tried not to call him too much. But today he paid an unexpected visit.

He was happy and smiling today, something was going right.

“Hello Sam, Dean, (y/n).” Cas smiled wide.

“Hey, Cas!” You jumped out of your chair and went to hug him.

He laughed softly, “Hello.”

“What’s up, Cas? How have you been?” You sounded way too excited and tried to tone it down a bit.

“Things have been going well lately. Things in heaven are looking up.” Cas shrugged.

“That’s great, Cas.” Dean chimed in.

“Yeah.” Sam added.

“It’s really nice to see you, Cas. But I think I need to go to bed. I’m exhausted. Will we see you again some time soon?” You smiled up at him.

“I hope to be back soon, yes. Within the next few days.” He nodded.

“Great.” You yawned and lifted your arms, puffing out your chest and leaning back, making a sliver of your stomach peek out of your shirt. “See you then.” You leant up to kiss his cheek before skipping off to bed.

You got all settled in when you realized you forgot to take your antibiotics for something you’d got on a hunt this week.

You climbed out of bed and lightly walked into the hall, but as you approached the kitchen, you heard that Cas was still there.

“How do I-” he stuttered. “May I court (y/n)?” Cas asked shyly.

An excitement welled up in your chest, finding out that the angel returned some feelings for you.

“No way. Absolutely not.” Dean said, and there went your excitement.

Your cousins could be way too overprotective. You wondered if Sam was standing there too.

“Why not?” You could hear a bit of a whine in Cas’ voice.

And there was Sam, “Because, dude… She’s our cousin. And you’re an angel, she’s human… Plus with everything that’s going on in heaven, I don’t think you’re the most eligible bachelor, seeing that you’re never here and… It’s just- it is how it is, Cas.”

Sam sounded way more stern that usual and you had no idea why Sam and Dean were being like this.

Your heart sank as you heard the flap of wings, knowing Cas was gone. You thought ‘fuck it’ about your meds and walked softly back to your room.

You accepted defeat as you curled up in bed.

No. Wait.

Sam and Dean weren’t your parents. Sure, they were older, but they couldn’t tell you what to do or how to live your life.

Cas wanted you. You wanted Cas. And you’d be damned if you weren’t gonna have him.

You sat up and hung your legs off the side of your bed.

You whispered, “Castiel, my angel. I need you.”

You raised your head to a flutter of wings, and there he was.

“What is it, (y/n)?” Cas tilted his head.

God, he was cute. “I uhm- I heard you asking… Asking Sam and Dean if you could court me.” You smiled up at him and used air quotes when you said 'court’.

“Oh.” Cas turned his head shyly.

“I just wanted you to know, that… That I like you too.”

“You do?” Cas raised his head and smiled a little.

You stood, walking towards him. You wrapped your hands around his neck as you pressed your body flush against his. Cas rested his hands on your hips and looked down at you with his bright blue eyes.

“Yes.” You closed the gap between the two of you and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

His lips were soft, just as you had imagined. He had just barely any scruff and it tickled you as you deepened the kiss. His grip tightened on your hips and although you didn’t think it was possible, he pulled you closer.

You rolled your hips once and you felt his erection against your thigh. He moaned into your mouth at the feeling and you didn’t know what to do next except start removing clothes.

You pushed his two jackets off of this shoulders and ran your hands down his toned arms. His lips moved to your neck as he started to pull on the hem of your shirt. You undid his tie and threw it behind you.

He finally got your shirt off and had pinned you against the wall. His hips were against yours and his kisses were trailing over your collarbone, up your neck, and behind your ear, making a heat pool in your panties.

“Cas-” you breathed. “Is there an- easier way to do this?” You panted, trying to unbutton his shirt.

Without missing a beat, Cas snapped and you were both naked. You moaned at the feeling of his hard-on against your stomach and you pushed him back onto your bed. He took that as a challenge and immediately flipped you over, putting you on the bottom.

Cas started kissing down your body and back up. He sucked and nipped at a nipple while his fingers would roll the other. You threw your head back into the pillows and moaned quietly. You knew if you made too much noise, Sam and Dean would catch you, and they would die if you didn’t die first.

“Please, Cas-” you whispered.

“Please, what?” He kissed your neck.

“I need you in me. Like, now.” You whined.

Cas smiled deviously and thrusted into you quickly. You bit your lip, stifling a scream. Cas started moving and it felt amazing. With every thrust his moans got louder.

“Cas. Shh… Baby, we got be quiet. Don’t wanna- Nngh- get caught.” You warned Cas.

He twitched inside you and you knew he was close. He buried his face in your chest to quiet his noises. You lifted his face to yours and kissed him hard. With another thrust Cas was sent over the edge, nearly screaming into you neck. But instead he bit down on your shoulder, making you orgasm because of how all your nerve endings were on fire.

Cas rolled off of you and laid next to you. After listening to each other breathing softly for about ten minutes, you whispered to him.

“Cas, I couldn’t have imagined how great that was actually going to be.” You sighed.

“Me either. But, if I’m being honest, I have imagined it before.” Cas laughed breathily.

“Me too.” You kissed his forehead. “I hate to do this, but you should probably get out of here before one of the guys catches you.”

“Yeah, I know.” He kissed your cheek and began to get up. He put all his clothes back on by hand, despite the fact he could’ve used his angel mojo to do that. He was probably just stalling. Once he pulled his trench coat back on, he cupped your cheek and kissed you for what felt like days, but it still didn’t last long enough.

“I love you, (y/n).” Cas whispered against your lips.

You smiled, “I love you, too.”