Witchy Writing Prompts!

keep track of your dreams. studying your dreams is a great way to dig deep into your subconscious. there are several books / online references that have detailed explanations of objects, imagery, or actions that may have appeared in your mind during slumber! 🌙

write about the witch you wish to be. this doesn’t just apply tobbaby witches. there is room for growth at any stage of your practice! how do you see yourself in a few weeks? months? years? describe what you want to learn the most. are there things you wish to change? specific areas for extra growth? write about how you want your practice to be in the future. 🔮

plan out your dream set-up. dreaming of supplies and gardens and herb collections is really such an exciting thing. don’t focus on the funds you need, or the funds you don’t have - just be honest, and lay out your wish list. this could include tools, plants, herbs, crystals, jars, cabinets, *anything* witchy that you find yourself lusting after. set a goal (but don’t stress yourself out! you don’t need a million supplies to practice witchcraft), and describe the things you would like the most // any altars you’d like to make // what objects you think would be most beneficial to your own unique craft. 🕯

start keeping track of your tarot or oracle spreads. which card did you get during your daily draw? what did you learn from a full-moon spread? having your experiences written out can be very helpful - start noticing patterns in your drawings. did you pull the same card three times in a month? did a past spread prove to be true? think about looking back on these descriptions years from now, and marveling at how accurate (or inaccurate) a reading turned out to be! ⏳💕


Of course, Celica thinks I should take a more compassionate approach to enemies… But really, it’s a battlefield! How do you compassionately stab someone? It may sound barbaric, but that’s just how I feel. If you hurt me, I hurt you back…tenfold.

Lavender-Hops Iced Tea

Lavender: Sleep, peace, wishes, protection, love, purification, visions, clarity of thought, anti-anxiety/depression

Hops: Sleep, pleasant dreams, Anti-Nightmare, anti-aphrodisiac, healing

Best paired with an amethyst crystal.


Fill your iced tea tumbler FULL of ice and a generous helping of sugar, honey, or agave nectar. Make hot tea with 1-3 hops flowers and a spoon-full of lavender. Depending on how big your teapot is, you may need to make more than one pot to fill your tumbler; it is okay to use the previously steeped herbs.

Let the herbs steep, 7 minutes for each teapot.

Pour the hot tea over the ice and sweetener. You will need to add a bit more ice in case your tumbler is plastic and you don’t want the hot tea to melt it.

Once your tumbler is filled with tea and ice, feel free to add a slice of lemon or a sprig of fresh rosemary. Let sit in the refrigerator for ~2 hours, and then enjoy!

Hops and Lavender work very well in calming upset tummies and minds. A great drink before bed on a hot summer night.