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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: why is Treasure Planet so underrated. Does nobody appreciate the concept of pirates in space. All the steampunk is beautiful and the animation is amazing and the storyline is wonderful and it has a relatable loveable rogue character and doesn't rely on romance to be a good movie why isn't anyone talking about this movie.

#tfw your crush beats up your ex-boyfriend to defend your honor

The Grey Suit (part 2)

I had multiple requests for a part 2 of The Grey Suit, so here you go (:

(Shoutout to my bestie @baz-n-simon​ for supporting me through every fic)

Original was inspired by @ddoale

You can find this work on ao3!

(Part 1)

The Grey Suit - Part 2 (0.6k)


Snow is a wreck when we sit down for dinner.

We’re at the middle of the table, furthest out from my family. I had Snow sit across from me, next to my baby brother, and I could hear Mordelia huff in protest as I took my seat next to her. She had a devious look in her eyes, and I tried to convince myself that that was the only reason I asked him to sit on the other side. I didn’t succeed though.

When we’re settled at the table, I allow myself to glance over at Snow. Only a glance, I tell myself. No longer than a few seconds. No need to indulge. But Snow is nervously fiddling with his tie, and his suit coat is snug against his broad shoulders, so I let my eyes linger much longer than intended. I can never seem to just look away anymore.

Snow’s hair is still slicked over from my fingers running through it, and I suppress a smile at the thought that he decided to keep it that way. A few of his curls have slipped down in front of his face again, as if tempting me to reach across the table and push them away, but after putting a large wrinkle in his tie, Snow swipes them back into place.

“Basilton?” My step-mother’s voice breaks my gaze, and she’s looking at me with a raised eyebrow when I take the platter she’s handing me from across the table. I ignore her stare, though, as I let Mordelia take a roll from the plate, then pass it back across the table to Snow. I suppress another smile when he takes two rolls, then awkwardly holds the platter like he’s not sure what to do with it.

“Here, Snow,” I say, holding my hand out, and suddenly I feel every eye in the room on me. Even my baby brother, who has no idea what is going on, is staring me down. Snow passes me the plate, though, and I sit it down rather loudly in the middle of the table.

“Thanks,” is all Snow says, and that seems to break the attention away me.

When everyone begins eating, there’s a small nudge against my shoe. I suppress a third smile when I realize it’s Snow’s foot resting against my own. I look up to meet his gaze, his eyes smiling, but he’s just chewing his food like it’s not a big deal that his foot is touching mine under a table at dinner with my family. I didn’t dare to move it away though. Not that I wanted to anyway. Instead, I gently lay my shoe on top of his and look down.

Dinner continued on then, mostly in silence, with the occasional clinking of forks and mumbles to pass a dish. With no food on my plate, I make a routine out of staring at Snow, looking away to adjust my suit, taking a sip from my glass, looking back to stare at Snow, looking away to fix my tie, looking back as I pass a dish to Snow, and then let my eyes linger as I stare at him some more. This went on for at least ten minutes until I felt a finger being jabbed against my side.

“What?” I say, as my glare turns to Mordelia. She motions for me to lean in, so I do, and she cups her hand against my ear.

“Why does your friend keep staring at you?” she whispers, adding a quiet giggle at the end.

This time, I let a small smile spread across my lips.


Baz looks really amazing in his suit.

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What do you think about Namkook/Kookiemonster? I just love their relationship so much, Do you see how Kookie idolizes him? the way he looks at him with stars in his eyes? And everytime he's asked who's his role model he always answers with 'Namjoon', He based his entire future around him & he even ignored bigger companies just for the sake of Namjoon, In return you'd see Nam always hyping him up and doting on him so damn much, I think people overlook their relationship and how precious it is :'(

i have so much unnecessary and overflowing love for namkook, i’ve been screaming about how underrated it is from day 1 !!!!!!!!!!!! i could go on forever about them? jungkook would even be in bts if it weren’t for namjoon and namjoon just dotes on guk so much and protects him? like they joke around so much and all their photoshoots have so much chemistry, they have a vapp corner together to teach guk english. n the star eyes jungkook looks at namjoon with n gets sad when namjoon isn’t around? they literally sing duets together (Fools and I Know) which is literally the most beautiful thing (I mean, namjoon could choose just about anyone from the vocal line but he picks guk?). 

oh and the fanfic. always that too.


ok but can i just say that i think the MOST underrated emrey moment was episode 4 in season 2 when it was kieran’s 30th birthday party and everyone was doped up and hallucinating and when sheriff acosta came to question them and emma kept telling him that she was attacked and NO ONE believed her, sheriff asked everyone else in the room “did you see the person who attacked emma” and they all went around saying no EXCEPT audrey !! audrey said “if emma says someone in a brandon james mask attacked her, than someone in a brandon james mask attacked her” audrey was the ONLY one who actually believed emma and had her back and stood up for her when everyone else just thought she was crazy or hallucinating and i think this scene doesnt get talked about enough .

So I’m currently playing Elliot’s route for the first time ever and all I can say is I’M SCREAMING

This is so underrated as a route, by myself as well, honestly if you’ve avoided playing it because you don’t think it’ll be very good or he’s a bit of a fop, I feel you but @otomation convinced me to try and all I can say is thank you

The steamiest sex scenes out of the entire game? Check

A really solid foundation of friendship before a typical romance comes in to play? Check

A plot that makes me feel like the meme of the girl who’s doing this 💁🏼with a face like this 😑? Check

MC being a general queen of life? Check

Just, round of applause Voltage, you kill it 👏🏻

There are so many underrated characters in MTV Scream! I highlighted a few from season one here but I think it is time to recognize and cherish our new friends from season two!

  1. Eli’s Cereal bowl 
  2. Audrey’s Chloroform 
  3. Branson’s severed hand
  4. The lipstick Stavo stole from Brooke
  5. The pig organs from Emma’s dream
  6. Piper’s decomposing body
  7. Eli’s Sunglasses
  8. Jake’s intestines 
  9. The Banner that Held up Jake’s Body
  10. The Mirror that Killed Dwayne 
  11. The ayahuasca that was in the bottle “jake” sent
  12. The Kinky Plastic 
  13. Mrs. Langes tapes of her students 
  14. The wind up pig toy
  15. Noah’s cat
  16. The gun in Kierans locker
  17. The Condom’s Beatrice sold Noah
  18. Haley’s potential blowjob  

catching fire meme || 1/3 scenes from page to screen:

“And it’s all my fault, Gale. Because of what I did in the arena. If I had just killed myself with those berries, none of this would’ve happened. Peeta could have come home and lived, and everyone else would have been safe, too.”

“Safe to do what?” he says in a gentler tone. “Starve? Work like slaves? Send their kids to the reaping? You haven’t hurt people – you’ve given them an opportunity. They just have to be brave enough to take it.”

The Signs as Underrated Scream Characters

Aries- Knife Stick 

Taurus- Tyler’s Head 

Gemini- The Brandon James Mask 

Cancer- The Banner that Held up Jake’s Body

Leo- Jake’s intestines 

Virgo- Sage the trained attack Pomeranian 

Libra- Pottery Barn

Scorpio- The ayahuasca that was in the bottle “jake” sent

Sagittarius- Emma’s Hallucination of Will

Capricorn- The Kinky Plastic 

Aquarius- The Freezer Brooke hid in

Pisces- The Body Mayor Maddox was hiding 

Suga’s rapping is literally mediocre at best. BTS fans keep trying to hype him, but Rapmon is the better rapper in that group. He’s not underrated, just because he’s your bias doesn’t mean he deserves anything. He sounds like every other “hip hop” boy group rapper out there. His lyrics are cringe worthy, his flow is repetitive and bland, everything he does has been heard before. I don’t like bashing idols like this, but I’m tired of fans of popular idols screaming how underrated their bias is.