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It’s, it’s an octopus riding an eel.

  • Person A: "Do you think we will ever get out of here it's like we've been trapped here for hours! We need to be saved!!" *Bangs on the door*
  • Person B: "I know your scared of lifts but it's a five second ride to the third floor... and the door has only just closed..."
  • Person A: *Holds onto person B*

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Based on the pride ficlet, but Richie always carrying Eddie, like whether it be bridal style, on his shoulders, a piggyback ride he's almost always carrying the boy (he's so smol how could he not?)

Eddie had been playing outside in the schoolyard with Bill when his friend introduced him to Richie Tozier and Stanley Uris. They were both ten like Bill and himself. And as a group they decided to play tag within the small time they had during recess.

And Eddie had been it when he came across a problem. As he was chasing his new found friend, one who was missing one of his front teeth, he skidded to a stop at the sight of a huge mud river. Richie looked at him from across it with a cheeky grin, missing tooth showing in glory. “Aren’t ya gonna tag me, Eds?”

Eddie glared daggers at him, crossing his arms. “Don’t call me that. Do you have any idea how many germs are waiting for me in that disgusting sludge?” Eddie pointed fiercely, contradicting his small baby voice with a very adult set of worries. Richie frowned.

“The games no fun when you’re not playing.” Richie trudged back through the sludge and stood in front of Eddie with a small smirk. The pit of Eddies stomach churned and he gazed at the other boy wondering just what he was thinking.

“I’m gonna help you out so you can go tag Bill or Stan but you gotta promise not to tag me, ok?” Richie asked with a grin, Eddie nodded numbly. “Hands in the air, wise guy.” Richie pointed his finger and Eddie raised his hands like he was surrendering.

Richie abruptly picked the smaller boy up in his arms, bridal style and started carrying the boy over to the other side. Once they reached the other side, he set Eddie down and pat his shoulders.

Eddie stared up at him, Richie frowned and waited for him to say something. But Eddie suddenly broke out into a grin. “Tag!” Eddie slapped his shoulder and ran off, as fast as the wind. Richie stood with his mouth agape before smiling.

“Oh you’re gonna get it, Eds!”

They’d been walking for what felt like miles now. It had been Bev’s idea to hitch hike their way through the forestry area of the town to get to the large open field. They suspected something had happened at home, maybe she just needed out of there for a while. So they all agreed.

But now, Eddie was beginning to regret it. He was dead tired and at a loss for breath. He reached into his fanny pack but found nothing, he went to panic. “Huh-shit-I-huh.” Eddie clambered for air as his friends started to panic. He saw guilt in Bevs eyes. But before anything more could escalate, Richie tore something from his backpack, an inhaler and shoved it into Eddies mouth, shooting it.

“Hey….w-w-why do you h-ha-have one?” Bill asked as he stepped closer to them. Richie shrugged.

“I keep an extra one just in case…you remember how buggy he got that time he forgot it when we were out playing in the barrens.” Richie justified and everyone smiled, returning to their walk.

Eddie kept his pace the same as Richie’s and tapped his shoulder. “Thanks Rich.”

Richie shrugged. “No problem… how tired are you anyway?”

“Dead tired.” Eddie chuckled as Richie stopped and kicked at the ground.

“Well I don’t want you have an asthma attack on me….c'mon.” Richie tilted his head and gestured for Eddie to come closer. Eddie quirked his brow. “I’ll give ya a piggyback ride, free of charge.”

Eddie shrugged and came over and allowed Richie to help lift him onto his back. He curled his arms around Richie’s neck and immediately recoiled a little. “God, you’re sweaty.” He scrunched his nose up as Richie bounced him slightly and started to catch up to everyone else.

“What do you expect Eds? We’ve been walking in 100 degree heat.” Richie hopped a little and Eddie smacked his head.

Eddie slammed his locker shut as he made conversation with Bill. “S-s-so Richie ask you to h-homecoming y-y-yet?”

Eddie frowned. “No. I don’t know what the ass is waiting for.” He frowned and Bill laughed. It was true, Richie was taking his sweet ol’ time.

“By the time he asks me I’ll be-”

Eddie was cut off as someone thundered down the hall and swept Eddie right off his feet. Eddie shrieked and looked Richie Tozier dead in the eye, tying his legs around his waist and arms around his neck.

“Drop me Tozier and you’ll see what happens!”

Richie stopped running and held them still, pressing their foreheads together. “Will you come to homecoming with me?”

Eddie frowned for a second and flicked Richie’s nose. “Yes, but next time you don’t have to carry me through the whole school to do so.”

“Mmmm I’ll think about it.” Richie rubbed their noses together.


R: If you could be anyone in this video, who would you be?

Sam: I genuinely aspire to be the guy who’s so cool he’s just riding around on the hood of a slow-moving car behind everyone who’s dancing. 

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Feed me with small canon facts about dem bois mother

to name a few of my fav little facts!

-ayato can dance. kou and ruki said he was really good at it!
-theres an amusement park in the dialovers universe called princessland and the boys just go there sometimes for fun
-ayato blackmailed yuma into giving him a piggyback ride
-yui’s real good at making french toast, I think she calls it her specialty lol. marry me
-the tsukinamis have a separate, founders-only classroom at school and it has a sofa
-ayato used to sleep with a stuffed rabbit and he still has it, but it’s all worn out and the ears are missing
-yuma likes getting his hair pulled. even having yui brush his hair was enough for him to be like “OK THIS HAS TO STOP”
-subaru meditates
-reiji once dreamt that he got vored by teddy, I cannot stress this enough, reiji dreamt that he got vored by teddy
-laito and subaru had no idea what haikus were until shu told them
-laito is scared of bugs n creepy crawlies
-ayato once wrote subarus name on his coffin but spelled it wrong
-shin n subaru were both in those boats u peddle around on the lake and they fuckin crashed into each other and then got stuck out there on the lake. rip

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andrew said that viz media will help him somehow with releasing that long promised epilogue and that he wants it to be something other than just an internet story, though also they will help him with releasing a new set of books (like the ones from topatoco but new). my guess is that that epilogue will either be a manga or a fucking anime considering what viz media does?

whatever they do I hope it works out and Hussie also gets a break once in a while it’s been a Wild Ride and apparently it hasn’t stopped yet

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pastas at a farm? i think that would be intresting to hear

  • Jeff’s trying to ride one of the bulls, idiotic bastard. It threw him off, and he landed face first into a ditch.
  • The sheep love Jane. She’s being swarmed by several fluffy clouds and there’s no way out. She keeps giggling.
  • Liu is really excited, look at all the rabbits! They’re hopping all over the place and he wants to keep them all.
  • Clockwork’s planning to steal a ram. He’s tough, he’s cute and he licked her. He’s her pet now and his name is Clover.
  • Ben is trying to make peace with the chickens once and for all. A small group of ducklings have imprinted on him. He’s their mom now. 
  • Tim is in the field chilling with a bunch of cows. They’re really peaceful, and let him lie on them. They’re his favourite animal now.
  • Brian expected the geese to attack him, but apparently they really like him? There’s a small one nuzzling him. He thinks they’re cute.
  • Toby has a pile of chicks in his arms. Their mom is missing, so they choose him as their new one. He isn’t opposed to it, so?
  • Kate is in the stables again. She rides out of the barn on a ridiculously large horse and starts kicking things again.
  • There are several swans nestled in the feathers on LJ’s shoulders. They’ve sort of adopted him. He’s okay with it, the swans are cool.
  • EJ is feeding the old blind sheepdog. It looks like it’s on its last legs, and he can’t just leave it alone. He spends the whole day with it, petting and lying with it.
  • Sally and Lazari are playing with the pigs and piglets in the mud. They’ll need baths, but for now they just want to play with their messy new friends.
  • Lost and Red are laying down in the grass with various small animals, mostly goat kids.That day is a good day for them.
Now it comes when you whistle

This is sitting in my “upcoming” folder, @captainceranna, but I was inspired by your bog unicorn post to share it.

We managed about a week of Cullen’s promised riding lessons before I released him from his promise.

“No need to come with me,” Rylen chortled. “You can just sign them here.”

He crinkled a stack of papers in Cullen’s direction. The sound made me miss my usual mount, but Cullen had promised me riding lessons in the hope of getting me to give up the bog unicorn, so here we were.

“I am not signing papers on the back of a horse, Knight-Captain,” Cullen snapped. “Let’s go. With your permission, Inquisitor.”

He wasn’t asking for my permission, of course.

“Of course,” I waved my hand. “You have apparently achieved a level of importance that requires you be consulted all the time about…”

I peered over at Rylen’s papers.

“Bridge construction, troop rotations, and,” he grinned, “hygiene.”

“By all means, then,” I waved the pair away. “I’ll make my own way back.”

Cullen glared at Rylen. Rylen smirked at Cullen. Then they both gave me that bland, courteous Templar smile that alerts you to the fact that you are about to be managed, and you have no choice in the matter.

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A year ago I created Sadie.

She’s been a wonderful ball of angst and I have loved every single interaction she has had.

From her start in Overwatch, to her time in Pokémon, to her future in My Hero Academia. It’s been a while ride and I’m so happy to have her in my life.

That being said I will be celebrating her birthday as well as mine on October first.

No real big event planned just a heads up if I am missing or slow to respond.

I know that’s like….a week and a half from now but still.

Felt like it was good to include that last little bit just in case people bombard Sades with Happy Birthday.

Anyways. I love you guys. Activity will pick up soon. I promise.