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After seeing a post about a university that has a deity that students pray to, it made me think about Phichit and Yuuri accidentally starting an ice skating religion among the Detroit rink skaters.

Like, Phichit takes one of Yuuri’s posters of Victor and they make a large corkboard shrine where skaters can pin their prayers on post-it notes to Lord Victor to grant them luck on their jumps. Some even bring offerings of food.

Yuuri becomes the low-key shrine keeper and most devout follower of this religion the more compeitions he wins.

Later when Yuuri marries Victor, his poster joins the shrine as the second god of their religion.

Basically, its a big meme that spirals out of control.

a star is born is going to be so iconic for this fanbase. there’s gonna be trailers, posters, soundtrack written by gaga, the movie in theaters everywhere… and then she’s gonna win her academy award for it all, wow

Kari's part in the poster might be this

I don’t know about meis part but kari face is covered and she’s turned to the side with whistle in hand

Everyone wants there digimon to remember them and there past but I doubt kari does…. Gatomon has had a bad past and a lot has happened to her and kari won’t want her to relive that but what if gatomon remembers and starts to panick? Maybe she still has that scar and didn’t know how it got there but has flashbacks, kari would be devastated that tailmons suffereing again and maybe she shuts down and that’s when gatomon digivolves 

Kari must feel responsible for what happened to gatomon even though it wasn’t her fault

The poor thing was separated and waited for her even though there was nothing either of them could do about it those negative emotions might come from kari and influence gatomon evolution 

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how would you feel about headcanons re: costumes victor and yuuri are wearing for particular programs when you haven't described them? some of the costumes from yuuri's poster collection of victor look like they would fit well with some songs and when i watched the 4cc some costumes jumped out at me for yuuri

I would love headcanons as even though I have a general idea of what they’re wearing if I don’t state it explicitly in the fic it’s open to interpretation!

He’s his own thing. Thought I’d give the newest star in the horror genre his own poster treatment after his debut on Saturday night. You can buy this vintage style poster here so he can constantly scare the hell out of you. Any questions?

Still without WiFi and with little free time, but alive!

- the last costumes is “inspired” by one of Viktor. Inspired because I found it in one of Yuuri’s posters of Viktor. So, yeah, a in bad quality and the dress was showed only to the bust up. I want to see more of their old costumes!