Think about the avocados you mash for your Super Bowl guacamole, or the fresh tomatoes you enjoy in the winter. There’s a good chance they came from Mexico.

Our southern neighbor is the United States’ leading supplier of fresh produce, providing 70 percent of the fresh vegetables we import and more than 40 percent of our fresh fruit imports. That trade has boomed since NAFTA — the North American Free Trade Agreement — was signed in 1994.

President Trump’s repeated campaign threats to pull out of NAFTA and impose a tax on Mexican imports have caused jitters for Wholesum and other businesses on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Amid Talk Of Tariffs, What Happens To Companies That Straddle The Border?

Photos by Elissa Nadworny/NPR

My Fake Boyfriend Part 2

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 930 ( I promise nex part is gonna be bigger)

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


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You barely slept that night; you couldn’t relax your muscles neither your mind. You packed and repacked your suit case five times; you watered your house plants and read a book about a girl who relived the day of her death over and over again.

You weren’t ready to spent six days at your hometown, when you looked at the clock was 5 a.m. and you had a flight to catch in 6 hours. You took a long shower letting the water wash your worries away, after that you cleaned your apartment one last time.

 You still have one hour to spent, you lay on your couch hopping that you can take a quick nap but no. Your conversation with your mother keeps playing in your head.

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When Meredith Quill was twenty, she fell in love.

“Fear not, my darling,” her angel said before he left, all aglow with heavenly light. “I shall return for you. Never doubt that.”

After he was gone, it was weeks before she stopped seeing sunbursts in the corners of her eyes, weeks before she could look at the night sky without tearing up. But weeks turned into months, and he didn’t come back, and her belly got bigger, and Meredith did her best to get on with her life.

When Meredith Quill was twenty-one, she got abducted by aliens.

“Look, little lady,” said the blue one, who seemed to be in charge, “if you’re gonna spent this trip abusin’ my crew this ain’t gonna be a fun ride for anyone, least of all you.”

“Then your crew better not get fresh again,” Meredith said, glaring, arms crossed protectively over her belly.

“He was installin’ your translator!” the blue one said, and the gnarly-faced fella curled up on the floor moaned affirmatively.

“Well, fine,” said Meredith. “But you could warn a person. I had a bag packed!” She’d packed it first, optimistically, in the days after her angel left, and repacked as the months passed until it was mostly the things she’d need at the hospital. Still, it was the principle of the thing.

Big Blue only rolled his eyes. “We got plenty of supplies on board. Better ‘n anything on that ball of dirt you call a planet.”

“Y’all got maternity clothes?” Meredith asked. “I’m eight months along, regular pants don’t fit so well these days. Not to mention my vitamins, or any baby things at all–”

“Wait,” said Blue. “How long do Terran pregnancies last?”

“‘Bout nine months,” said Meredith, and when he still looked blank, added “Another thirty days, give or take.”

“Damn it all to hell,” said Blue, and then hollered “Kraglin! Go prep a fighter, we gotta fetch the little lady’s luggage!”

“It’s all in the blue duffel in the hall closet,” Meredith told him. “Oh, and bring the milk crate full of records by the couch, while you’re at it. And the turntable.”


Silver Moon: the brand new repack from her last album, Honeymoon.
Honeymoon and the brand new EP, Silver Moon included in one CD.

Silver Moon’s tracklist:
1 - Resistance
2 - Drinks Lemonade
3 - Spin The Record
4 - Cosmo
5 - Emeraude
6 - Lights Camera Accion
7 - Under The Rain
8 - Lady Whiskey
9 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


“Finally having entirely repacked the beaded bag three times, Hermione seemed unable to find any more reasons to delay: she and Harry gasped hands and disapparated, reappearing on a windswept heather-covered hillside. The instant they arrived, Hermione dropped Harry’s hand and walked away from him, finally sitting down on a large rock, her face on her knees, shaking with what he knew were sobs.”

Walked In*



You and Joe have been dating for a little over a year now and you have gotten to know Joe’s family quite well in that time. You and Joe had decided spend a few days in Wiltshire to get away from the busy city life of London and spend time with Joe’s family. 

“What do you two have planed for today?” Graham asked as the three of you sat around the table eating breakfast.

“Not sure really, might just have a walk around town, Y/N’s not seen everything yet” Joe answered his dad’s question. 

“That sounds good to me seeing that we go back to London tomorrow.” You said sadly. Joe was right when he said that you were going to love the country side. 

“Hey we’ll make it back more often this year, I promise. I need to take more time away from YouTube sometimes and what better way than coming over to see Daddy Sugg.” Joe said patting his dad on the shoulder. 

“You guys are welcome anytime you know that and who knows maybe next visit you two will be looking at wedding venues” Graham said causing Joe to choke on his drink. 

“You’re just as bad as the subscribers you know that” You laughed as Joe tired his hardest to control his cough. 

“Cheers dad for almost killing me” 

“Hey it could happen” Graham said before taking the plates off the table and walking them over to the sink. 

The day was coming to an end and you and Joe were sat in a small restaurant watching the sun set through the window. 

“Do we have to go back to London?” You said standing and throwing on your coat. 

“I’m afraid so, we both have work on Monday” Joe said reaching for your hand which you gladly excepted and let him lead you out of the restaurant. 

You frowned at Joe’s words as you walked over to his car. You knew he was right, you had to go back to work on Monday and Joe had a ton of meetings. But you also knew that he meant what he said about coming back more often because, whether Joe admitted it or not, he really missed home. 

“Alright love, where are we off to now? Back to dad’s to chill or we can go to a bar.” Joe said once you two got in his car. 

“Home’s fine, I kind of want to relax, we can watch that movie your dad was going on about last night.” you said smiling over at Joe.

The two of your arrived home and quickly changed yourselves out of your clothes and into something more comfortable and then headed back downstairs to find Graham had already set up the movie along with a few snacks. 

You were woken up by a gentle hand moving across your cheek. Blinking your eyes open, you focused them on the tv screen that was now rolling through the end credits. 

“How long was I asleep for?” You said looking up at Joe.

“Awhile, you maybe saw 15 minutes” Joe laughed lightly as you sat up and rubbed the sleep out eyes. 

“Whoops, I guess the day just caught up with me” You said grabbing hold of Joe’s hand so he could help you off the couch. 

“Well then off to bed it is” He said kissing your temple before turning off the tv and following you up the stairs. 

The two of you did your nightly routine, brushing you teeth, washing your face, the usual things you did before you officially called it a night. You tucked yourself into bed when you heard Joe shout goodnight to his dad who was still downstairs before he entered the room and closed the door behind him. Joe climbed in bed and quickly pressed his lips against yours.

“Joe,” You managed to get out between kisses. 

“Hmmm?” Joe hummed against your lips, before he deepened the kiss by pulling you on top of him. 

You let out a small giggle before placing your lips back on Joe’s. “You’re dads awake.” 

“So?” Joe said running his finger tips over the smooth skin of your bare legs. 

“So stop it” you said pushing his hands off your legs. 

Joe quickly moved his hands back, this time moving them higher up your thigh, “You know,” Joe said looking down at his hands on your skin, “I really like it when you sleep in just my t-shirt” 

“Oh?” You raised and eyebrow up at him. 

“Mhmm” he said reaching up to connect his lips with your again. Joe’s hands traveled from your thighs to your bum giving it a small squeeze as the kiss heated. 

Joe fingers moved themselves underneath the lining your panties working their way back to your core. 

“Joe” You said against his lips.

“Shhh, you’re going to have to be quiet love. My dads awake.” He said sliding a finger along your wet slit. You let out a airy moan when he slid a finger in and out slowly. 

Joe flipped you over so you were laying next to him on the bed, your legs spread apart, his hand still inside your panties working at your core. Joe’s fingers slowed when you heard the stairs creak under the weight of his dad as he climbed up them. Joe pulled his fingers out of you and quickly removed your underwear followed by his own before moving himself over you, his weight held up by his hands.

Joe positionsed himself at you entrance and slowly pushed into you, your hand moving over your mouth to muffle your moan. Joe picked up the pace a little but still kept it slow to avoid any unnecessary noise. 

Joe had only been thrusting into you for a few minutes when there was a quiet knock on the door before it opened slowly which caused both you and Joe to panic. Joe rolled himself off of you just as Graham had fully opened the door. 

“Hey Jo-”

“DAD!” Joe said pulling the duvet up and over the two of you.

You tried to conceal your blush and laughter as you watched Graham jump at the sudden outburst and then realize what he had just walked in on. 

“Oh I’m sorry, sorry. I forgot Y/N was here!” Graham said quickly backing out of the room and shutting the door. 

You started laughing which caused Joe to shoot you a look before his attention was drawn to the sound of his phone receiving a text. He picked it up, reading the message quickly before rolling his eyes and jumping out of bed and pulling on some pants. 

Joe left the room, the sound of footsteps up and down the stairs and muffled voices could be heard before Joe finally emerged back into the room. 

He shut the door behind him before undressing himself again and getting back in bed. You looked over at him watching in the dark as he stared up at the ceiling. 

“Umm, you alright?” You asked after a while of silence.

“Yep, dad just needed help finding something. We had a weird talk that I never thought I’d have to experience that ended with ‘I didn’t see anything by the way’.” 

You let out small giggle at the slight fear in Joe’s voice. 

“What?” He said turning to look at you. 

“I told you.” You said, reaching over the bed to grab your underwear that Joe had tossed to the ground. You tugged them on before curling yourself around Joe, kissing his cheek and resting your head on his chest. 

The next morning was weird. As the two of you got ready to head back to London, you could hear Graham rummaging through the kitchen downstairs and could tell Joe was dreading having to go down for breakfast.

“C’mon Joe, we can’t stay up here all day.” You said taking a seat on the made bed as you watched Joe repack his things for the third time. 

“Maybe we can climb out of the window, it doesn’t seem that high up” Joe said moving to the window after zipping his bag up. 

“You can jump out the window, I’ll be downstairs eating breakfast. Don’t call me when you’re hurt” You said moving for the door as you heard Joe groan behind you. 

The two of you marched your way down the stairs and into the kitchen where Graham had been making breakfast. 

“Morning Graham” You said taking a seat at the table watching Joe avoid eye contact with his dad. 

“Morning guys” Graham said placing a plate full of eggs, toast and bacon on the table before taking a seat himself. “So um-”

“Don’t dad, lets just forgot this happened please” Joe said going in for the food. 

You let out another small laugh as you looked over at Graham who looked pretty embarrassed. 

“How are you not freaking out about this?” Joe said looking over at you. 

“I just think it’s funny” You said letting out another laugh. 

“It’s not.” Joe said shaking his head. 

“This clearly hasn’t happened for you before has it?” you asked looking between Joe and Graham. 

“No honestly, you’re the first girl Joe’s ever really brought home and to my knowledge, Zoe’s never had sex here” Graham said trying to remember the past.

“Alright dad enough please.” Joe said looking over at his dad. 

“Hey fine, okay. This never happened.” Graham said putting his hands up in defense. 

“Thank you.” Joe said letting out a sigh and taking a sip of his orange juice. 

“Alright lets talk about something else. So when the wedding?” Graham said causing Joe to yet again choke on his drink.

You Are Not My Mother Part 1

A/N: This was a random idea that came to me in the middle of the night. I woke up out of a dead sleep and had to write it down before I forgot it. I’m considering turning this into a series. Let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated (even if you only click the like button. It means a lot!). This actually won’t follow the show, but I’m going to try to incorporate as much as possible. (I thought of this after watching the episode “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”.
Warnings: Angst, mentions of past neglect
Summary: While heading back to the bunker, Mary makes a detour that makes her daughter question everything.
Word Count: 1247    
Tags below the cut

    There was a flash of blue light and suddenly Castiel was healed. I was checking him for injuries while the others talked to Crowley. I helped Cas stand after Crowley disappeared.
“You okay?” I asked.
“Yes.” He nodded. “I’ll be fine.”
“Let’s hit the road before anything else happens.” Dean suggested.
     We agreed and headed for our vehicles. Sam and Dean climbed into the Impala while Mom climbed into her car. I helped Cas into the passenger seat of my car before walking over to the others.
“Be safe.” I told. “I’ll see you guys at the bunker.”
“Okay. You guys be safe too.” Sam said. “Keep an eye on Cas and let us know if anything weird happens.”
“Will do.” I smiled before heading back to my car.
     I started my car as the boys pulled out and Mom followed behind them. Mom had been acting strange all evening. I had some suspicions, but I didn’t want to voice them to my brothers. We had enough to worry about.
“You mind if we make a pit stop?” I asked Cas.
“Not at all.” He shook his head. “Can I ask where we are going?”
“I’ll tell you when we get there.” I answered.
       I could make out the Impala’s taillights in the distance and Mom’s not far behind them. Suddenly, Mom turned off at the exit and I slowed down before following her down the winding ramp.
“Where’s Mary going?” Castiel asked me.
“We’re about to find out.” I muttered under my breath.
“Should I call your brothers?” He questioned.
“No.” I said quickly. “We can handle this.”

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Drag Me Down (To Hell) | 03

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Summary: There’s a darkness to your city, a murderous underbelly filled with crime and deceit that you’ve sworn to avoid at all costs. But the universe has funny ways of forcing your involvement in the form of a notorious mob boss and his young daughter.
Pairing: Jeongguk x reader
Genre: mafia!au
Rating: Mature (for themes; subject to change in later chapters)
Word Count: 11.534

Part 01 - Part 02

You don’t sleep that night.

After Jeongguk had pushed Surin into your arms and slammed your front door, his footsteps echoing loudly throughout the building as he left, the young girl had promptly fallen back asleep with her face nestled against your neck. You hadn’t been able to move for what might have been an hour, staring at the door in muted shock before finally regaining yourself to get Surin into your bed to sleep for the rest of the night, and then calling Jeongguk.

There was no answer, of course. You really hadn’t expected one. But there was no answer on the burner phone Jimin had given you the number to, or on Taehyung’s phone, or even Jimin’s. And Jimin had promised you he’d always answer your calls if he could.

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Lord!!!' I am so in love with The Gateway!!! Thank you for this AU. It is so magnificent. I cannot wait for the next installment. Thank you. This blog is my jam. You all rock!

anonymous asked:

I am eagerly waiting for The Getaway! I love it!

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Loved the latest Getaway. Those crazy kids.

diversemediums asked:

Could we get another installment of The Getaway please?

anonymous asked:

Any plans to continue The Getaway?

Wrapping her large scarf around her neck, Claire waited in the draughty bus station walking from end to end as she tried to decipher the local routes. Hungry and cold, it’d been just over two days of heavy travelling and the extended journey was beginning to take its toll on poor Claire.

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Need a Ride, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Anything seems possible in the front seat of your beat up Chevy.

Words: 1,122

Author’s Note: So this is inspired by a real-life relationship I had with someone in high school (a lot of it is, you know, made up) but that’s basically the reason it’s so stupidly poetic. Also, this was so so so inspired by a midnight reading of @sunshinemiranda and @alexanderhamllton‘s collab ‘5 a.m.’ which immediately had me reaching for my laptop to write this fic, which took about 25 minutes from the bout of inspiration these amazing writers caused.

Warnings: The tiniest allusion to smut. Blink and you miss it.

Askbox | Masterlist

It was a well practiced and respected routine that everyone knew not to interrupt.

Following an after-school rehearsal or a late night performance, your little group often found its way to a local diner. They knew you well and had come to expect you whenever they caught word that another production was quickly approaching.

After you got your driver’s license at the start of Junior year - an entire month sooner than any of your other Junior friends - Lin started hitting you up for rides.

He made the excuse that he never needed a licence, he couldn’t afford a car and New York public transportation was cheap and easy.

But at 8pm on a school night, the warmth of your beat up Chevy was preferred over any bus or subway car he could name.

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Warnings: Mentions of blood and violence.

The small gym is packed to the rafters. Large men with shifty eyes and one hand firmly tucked inside their pockets, women with anxious eyes and one hand placed firmly over their hearts, meek men with bruised skin and one hand clutching a betting slip because their lives depend on it; they’re all together, they’re all waiting. And you’re sitting there among them, one hand gripping the silver chain around your neck and the other clutching the edge of your seat.

The copper tang of blood fills the air and mixes with the musk of men from fights past. You’re almost certain there’s a noxious cloud floating above the crowd from the cigarettes and the bottles scattered around the room. It’s a cesspool, filthy and disgusting, but you don’t dare move a muscle.

Members of the crowd are watching the entrances, waiting for the prize fighters to enter. The main event is all that’s left, all of the other men have bloodied their fists and earned their week’s salary. But your eyes are glued to the small blue stool in one corner of the ring.

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Feathers, Part 4

Hello again, lovelies!! I bring you part four of Feathers. As always, many, many thanks to @charminglyantiquated for creating @elsewhereuniversity and letting everyone play. :D Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Oh! I’ve also started cross posting this to AO3. you can find it here.



Slowly, slowly, he steps aside. You wave your group though the doors, nod as he makes the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture (you’d expect nothing less), and step through.

Part 4:

You spend four days in the library. Well. You spend four days-worth of hours in the library, only seven or so of which really pass. The books you sought were deep, deep in the library indeed.

It’s Not-Jenna who finds the treatise, though you think she might not have done it on purpose. She was trailing her hands along the spines of the books you’d all already looked at, and knocked the last in the row off the table. She’d bent to retrieve it, and found herself at eye level with the tome.

(It really is a good thing you’re so deep- the squawk she’d let out would have been enough to have you evicted, had a librarian heard it.)

As it is, it took Not-Jenna finding it, and Cat-Eyes to navigate the spell work keeping it on the shelf. You ended up having to pluck it out while Thirteen used a rolled up magazine to beat back the grasping tendrils that kept reaching for it until Not-Jenna and Cat-Eyes could find a different book of the same size to give to them.

You were all quite glad to retreat to the library’s cafe, after that.

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hi! let me just say, i love your work SO much! idk if ur open for requests, but could you do reader x spencer where reader is autistic? theyre around spencers age but yet they act super bubbly & stuff & is like a supportive little sister to the bau members. but the thing is, they never tell anyone about their problems or feelings, & so one day while theyre working a night shift with spencer they get overwhelmed by their work & have a panic attack & spenc comforts em. any other detail is fine! ly

I can do this!  I hope you enjoy your one-shot because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

You knew you put it in your paperwork when they hired you a couple of years ago, but if they knew no one ever said anything.  You had taken great pains in immersing yourself into society, trying to figure out how to blend in so that people didn’t feel so uncomfortable around you.  You smiled all the time and brought in doughnuts.  Maybe some cookies if you stayed up late to back.

But if they knew, they never mentioned it.

High-functioning autistic is what doctors called you.  But you were more than just your disability.  You had passions and dislikes.  Favorite foods and music you gravitated towards.

Sure, people touching you for long periods of time freaked you out.  You just blamed it on germs and shrugged it off.

Then you met a colleague of yours that was the same way.

You weren’t really sure if he was like you, but he had a lot of the same quirks you did, and you felt comfortable around him.

It was nice, having someone you actually felt comfortable around.

You knew it got worse when you were stressed on a case.  You found ways of decompressing in the bathrooms of police stations, but not before you could see your colleagues’ eyes flicker down to your hands.

Your hands had these ticks, you see?  If you got stressed, you had to touch each finger with your thumb, over and over and over.  The repetition was nice.



The more stressed you got, the faster it became.

You knew he had seen.


The colleague like you.

But, if he had caught on, he didn’t say anything.

“Hold on a sec,” was your usually phrase before you rushed off to the bathroom.



Four was comforting.  Four, the number of people in your family.

Four, the number of grandparents you had.

Four, the age where you can first remember being different.

Four, the number of times you ate during the day.



You loved it when your colleagues came knocking on your door.  You would offer them drinks and they would talk to you.  They would always say they felt compelled to tell you everything, and you would take their hand in yours and rub light circles in one direction before switching to the other direction.


Then switch.

Night after night, over the phone or at your kitchen table, you listened.  And pretty soon, all of them relied on you to have someone to talk to.

And you liked it.

Being relied on instead of doing the relying.



But one night was different.  One night, you stayed up a little too late and got called in a little too early.  One night, you forgot to do your laundry and repack your go-bag.  One night, you went to work in your pajamas instead of in clothes.

And they stared.

They all stopped and stared.

And your mind began to whirl.

There were more than four people and more than four sets of eyes.  There were more than four cups of coffee and more than four windows in the room.  You checked all the windows to make sure there weren’t four snipers, and you saw all of the folders and realized there were more.

More than four.

Why was everything suddenly greater than four?

Why did it suddenly matter?

You felt the air leave your lungs as your face started to pale, and your eyes began to widen as your hands began to tremble.



You felt a pair of hands on you as you sucked in a shallow bout of air.  Two hands were less than four and 10 fingers were more than four but you couldn’t figure out how to get four hands and only four fingers and still feel rooted to the earth that spun at 1,040 mph.

It was missing a 2…

Missing a 3…



“Breathe in with me,” you heard a voice say as a warmth pressed into your cheek.

“1…2…3…4…hold…and 4…3…2…1…” the voice commanded.


Four sounded nice in that voice.

“In…2…3…4…hold…and out…3…2…1…” the voice soothed.

Your fists tensed into fabric that you didn’t realize you were clutching.

“Sorry, we’ll go back,” the voice soothed gently as a pair of hands ran up and down your back.

“1…2…3…4…” the soft voice counted as your breathing slowly returned back to normal.

“4…3…2…1…” the soft voice chanted as your grip slowly began to release.

A shirt.

You were gripping a shirt.



You felt your mind slowly clear and your feet root back to the ground.  You felt your body grow stable as you let out a relieving sigh.

And those hands continued to caress your back.

“1…2…3…4…” the voice calmly chanted.

And you looked up into the eyes of your colleague, Spencer.

The colleague who understood.

“4…3…2…1…” he chanted with a comforting smile on his face.

You looked up into his eyes.

1 pair of eyes.

2 different eyes.

But when you saw your reflection in his eyes, you saw a pair staring back at you.

2 pairs of eyes.

Four different eyes.


You smiled up at him as he dropped his hands into yours.

And just like you had done with him and everyone else on so many nights at your house, his thumbs traced light circles on the back of your hands as he held your gaze without saying a word.


…and switch.

No eyes for you. 03

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Jimin x reader

01 | 02 | Reading | 04 |

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Highschool/college au, angst, fluff, smut.
Warning: light smut,
Word count: 1678 words

Summary: Having a crush on your best friend’s sister was already hard enough for Jimin especially when Jungkook made clear his sister was off limits. The idea of his older sister dating on of his friends made him feel sick. Lucky for him he didn’t have to worry about that since Y/N made clear that she didn’t have eyes for high schoolers no matter what.  
But things might change when he hears his named being moaned out in the shower.

Y/N would be lying if she said she was focused on whatever her professor was saying, in fact she had no idea what kind of class she had at the moment. The dazed out look did not go unnoticed.
Yoseob had noticed how odd Y/N was behaving, but he didn’t say anything thinking that it would go away at the end of the morning. However noon arrived and Y/N was still in deep thought.

Thus when their well deserved lunch break arrived the two took a seat at a table outside.
“Where is your lunch?”  Yoseob asked as he unpacked his own lunch, normally Y/N would already be ahead of him and would stuff her cheeks full with food, but now she was simply staring at her hands. “Hey!” Y/N jumped at the sudden yell and looked at Yoseob with much confusion “what is wrong?” “I should be the one saying that!” Yoseob sighed out.

“Y/N, you’ve been out of it today. What’s wrong?” Y/N’s ears began to burn when she thought about the events that happened this morning. She had been thinking about it all day and it wasn’t getting any better with each minute.

“Make sure everyone can see those hickeys so they know who’s getting fucked tonight.”

She felt excited but at the same time she felt reluctant at the thought of  having sex with Jimin.
He was a high schooler and her brother’s friend, there was no way this was alright to do.
Jimin was the kid that always was at their home, the kid that was like another son to her parents and like a brother to Jungkook, of course Jimin was something else to Y/N but she would never tell. At least, not until now. Y/N always had an eye for Jimin, but she never engaged any kind of social interaction because for one Jimin was always swarmed by people and she didn’t want to make a fool of herself to be that one senior that tried to make a move on her little brother’s friend. Besides after Jungkook became friends with Jimin she had the luxury to have Jimin all by herself after school. In her bed. Touching her in ways she had always wanted him to touch.

There was a sharp pain that shot through Y/N’s forehead. Wincing in pain Y/N glared at Yoseob who gave the girl a serious look. “Y/N, you’re seriously out of it. Are you sick or something?”

“I’m fine Yoseob, it’s just…” Y/N sighed out. She was best friends with Yoseob since high school and they could tell them everything, but this time, this time it was different.

“It’s?” Yoseob urged on. “I don’t know, I think I am getting sick.” Y/N lied. She felt bad about lying about this, but what else was she suppose to say?  She couldn’t just tell Yoseob she almost fucked the best friend of her little brother.

“I expected something like that,” Yoseob repacked his lunch and shoved it in his backpack and stood up his hand stretched out to Y/N who looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Come, I’ll take you home.” He said as he cocked his head to the left, his black locks falling in front of his brows. Y/N was silent for a second waging between going or not, eventually her hand slipped in Yoseob’s and gave the boy a soft smile as a thank you.

The ride home was silent, well the the exception of the radio softly playing in the background, but it wasn’t a silence that felt uncomfortable. It was a nice kind of silence, a silence that Y/N only could have with Yoseob.

“We’re here.” Yoseob said as he pulled up at the house “it looks less trashed out now.” he joked.

“I know right, I hope Jungkook gets the fist of justice.” Yoseob chuckled at Y/N’s comment.
“Anyways, thank you for bringing me home Yoseob.”

“Always Y/N. I’ll text you later ok?” Y/N nodded as she stepped out the vehicle.
Yoseob didn’t move until he saw that Y/N disappeared in her house. When she did Yoseob let out a deep and heavy sigh before driving off.

The house was quiet which wasn’t unusual, Jungkook should be at school for at least an hour longer and her parents were off to work and wouldn’t be back  until night had fallen.
For now Y/N had an hour to herself.  Kicking off her shoes Y/N walked towards the kitchen and poured herself a drink and made her way back and up the stairs towards her room.
The moment her back hit her mattress she never felt so relieved. Rolling to her side she began to replay the way Jimin touched her. It was like fire, a pleasant one that burned her in the right ways and the way Jimin’s plush lips molded with hers perfectly, though his kisses were sloppy they were perfect for Y/N. Y/N stared at her fingers, the ones that glided over Jimin’s toned body and dipped into every curve there was. What would’ve happened if she didn’t leave the bathroom? The burning feeling once again builded up in Y/N lower stomach.
“No, no you can’t. That’s your little brother’s friend!” Y/N scolded herself, her body twisting and turning around in her bed before she found the perfect position and forced herself to sleep. Perhaps rest would do the trick.

Maybe an hour had already passed because the front door opened up and slammed shut.
The sudden noise made Y/N launch out of her bed, not thinking twice she began to run down the stairs hoping to see her parents or anyone. When no one was in the hallway or living room Y/N felt a pang of disappointment. She was ready to go upstairs again but the ruckus in the kitchen stopped her from doing so. Y/N carefully walked towards the kitchen, her heart almost stopped when she was greeted with the bare back that belonged to none other than Jimin.

“J-Jimin?” Y/N stuttered. Turning around Jimin looked at her with a sly smirk.

“You’re finally awake babygirl.” The raspy sultry voice blended perfectly with the way Jimin was making Y/N feel at the moment. In dire need of him.

Y/N wasn’t able to move or talk, she simply stared at every muscle that was visible that came closer with each step Jimin took. Soon she felt the hot breath of Jimin fan across her neck and his cold fingers buried under her shirt burned pleasantly against her waist.
“I’ve missed you babygirl.” Jimin hummed, his lips sucking reds and purples over her neck, making their way up to her ear. Y/N’s breath became ragged, a reaction that made Jimin smile because it was something he was doing.

“Do I make you nervous babygirl?” Jimin whispered. Y/N scoffed, her face turning away from Jimin secretly giving him more access to her skin. “N-no.” She lied.
“Hmm,” Jimin hummed “if that’s so why don’t you help me out here?” Y/N gasped as she felt the prominent and hard bulge poking against her. “You have been on my mind the whole day Y/N, I need you. I need your pretty little mouth wrapped around my dick babygirl.” A moan slipped out of the girl’s mouth, she never expected to hear such vulgar things out of this high schooler’s mouth, but then again it was Jimin.

“Can you do that for me, babygirl?” Too afraid to use her voice Y/N simply nodded.
“Good girl, if you suck me off nicely I’ll reward you with the greatest fuck you have ever had in your life.” By now Y/N’s underwear was wet with her arousal and it only grew with each and every word Jimin spoke. Slowly descending down Y/N kept her eyes focused on Jimin’s who licked his plush lips. As Y/N pulled Jimin’s pants and boxers down with ease his dick sprung out, eagerly waiting for Y/N.

As the female moved forwards she expected to feel skin, instead she felt the hard floor of her bedroom. Groaning in pain Y/N  slowly opened her eyes to see where she was. This was not her kitchen. Her bedroom door swung open and revealed a shocked Jungkook and a curious Jimin standing behind him. Both of them were greeted with the back profile  of Y/N laying on the ground wincing in pain. “Sis, what are you doing? We heard a loud noise.”
There was a low chuckle coming from behind Jungkook and Y/N knew who it was.
“Looks like your sister fell from her bed, who would’ve guessed someone would be dumb enough to do that!” If Y/N wasn’t red in the face she would’ve looked at Jimin and would have scolded him to oblivion, but the sound of his voice only reminded her of the dream she had about him. “Sis, you need help.” Jungkook sighed out before pulling the door with him as he left the room. When the door clicked shut Y/N’s head fell on the ground, the cold feeling great against her skin.

Her phone vibrated next to her on the ground, apparently it too fell with her.
Unlocking the device Y/N looked at who messaged her, she was sure it was Yoseob wanting to know how she was feeling.

[15.30] Unknown:

Your ass looks great, can’t wait to redden it with my hand.


Along with the message a picture was attached to it, a picture of Jimin’s hand.

[15.31] Unknown:

Just imagine these fingers inside of you, babygirl.

Can’t wait for tonight.


If Y/N’s head wasn’t already bright red, she was now. How had such simple texts so much effect on her? Though Y/N was beyond embarrassed she wasn’t lying when she said she was excited.

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Title: Nobody
Summary: The Winchester’s little sister deals with high school and wonders how Sam and Dean survived it.
Word Count: 2136
Pairing: Sister!Winchester x Sam, Sister!Winchester x Dean
Warnings: Older brothers, cussing

Tags below the cut

     My alarm went off and I rolled over and hit snooze. 5 more minutes wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Dean yelled down the hallway.
“Y/N, get up. You’re going to be late.” He called.
“I don’t wanna!” I whined.
“Too bad.” He added.
     I crawled out of my warm bed and went and took a quick shower. Sam and Dean insisted I go to school since I had the chance. They didn’t want me to end up like them and spend their whole life hunting. I pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. Grabbing my bag, I headed for the kitchen. I set my bag down and poured myself a cup of coffee.
“Morning.” Sam chirped.
“Not all of us are morning people, Sammy.” I grumbled. “Why do I have to go to school? It’s not like they have the right information.”
“You’ll thank us when you’re older.” Dean said when he walked in. “There’s more to life than hunting.”
“I know.” I sighed. “I should get going. I’ll see y’all later.”
     The boys called their goodbyes as I walked out. The school wasn’t far so I walked every day. I hated school more than the average kid. Eventually the ugly brown building entered my line of sight. I took a deep breath and kept walking. I walked in the door as the first bell rang and students made their way to class. I blended in the crowd as I made my way to my locker. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.
“HEY WINCHESTER!” A voice yelled.
“Shit.” I whispered while closing my locker.

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It’s @musicalluna‘s bday! She asked for Tony patching Steve up while they chat and are domestic and sappy. I ended up with more sleepy than anything, but I hope you like it! Happy birthday! :D

About 1900 words, watch out for the cut!

“You should take better care of your skin,” Tony admonished from the bathroom. The light clicked off a moment later and he walked back into the room with the vintage first aid kit that Jan had given Steve as a gag on his last birthday. Steve had never used it himself, but it was packed with new “made to look vintage” packages of bandages, alcohol wipes, gauze rolls, and glass bottles of heavy duty pain killers.

Steve smiled at Tony’s bare feet under the trailing hem of a pair of Steve’s pajama pants, and then looked pointedly at the first aid kit. “You don’t need to do that, Tony. They’re just scratches. I’ll be healed in a couple days.”

“Shut up, and let me take care of you,” Tony advised sweetly. He knelt down between Steve’s feet and made himself comfortable. He was so focused on his task that he didn’t even give Steve a heated look and make a joke about being on his knees. He unpacked the first aid kit and arranged the items he needed in neat piles, and then pulled on a pair of blue nitrile gloves.

“I have a vested interest in keeping your skin in one piece,” Tony said, glancing up at Steve through his eyelashes. “It would be nice if you would try to help.”

He gently turned Steve’s arm over to examine the thick swathe of abrasions curling up his arm from the base of his palm to his elbow. Tiny pieces of gravel, glass, and asphalt were embedded in the scratches. Steve had planned to just climb into the shower and scrub them out with a loofa, but he’d found Tony sprawled out on his bed, and plans had changed. He was grimy and coated in sweat, dirt, and soot, but when Tony had ordered him to strip, now he hadn’t argued. So he was perched on the edge of his studio couch with his boyfriend kneeling between his knees and he wasn’t even getting any fun out of it.

Humming reproachfully, Tony levered himself up to his feet and crossed to the small kitchenette in the corner. He returned with a shallow plate, went back to his knees, and peeled the tweezers out of their sterile bag. Steve did his best to cover up any sounds of discomfort as Tony set to picking the largest slivers out of the gashes.

“What did you do?” Tony asked finally. When Steve had first walked in, he’d gone through the emergency questions: are you alright? Are you in immediate danger? Do I need to suit up? But hadn’t asked for another explanation as he was bustling about getting Steve water and grabbing the first aid kit. “I’m guessing by the placement of the scratches that you laid your bike down at least.”

Steve winced and used his free hand to scratch the back of his neck. “Yeah… it might need some of your first aid tomorrow too.”

Tony snorted. “I guessed as much. Run of the mill risking your life to avoid running over a family of quails on the road, or baddies shooting at you kind of situation?”

“There was a cat in the road,” Steve confessed. “I tried to find it after I crashed, but it was gone. I hope it’s alright. I don’t think I hit it.”

“Cats are resilient creatures,” Tony said, teasing out a long sliver of Steve’s headlight from his thigh. “Should we go look for it tomorrow?” he asked, glancing up again.

“You know me so well.” Steve leaned down and kissed the top of Tony’s head. He rested his forehead in the mess of Tony’s hair until Tony reached up and pushed him back so he could get to the scrapes on Steve’s ribs.

Tony finished picking the largest pieces out, and then held the plate of shards up and rattled it at Steve’s face. “Did you bring half the road home with you?”

“Considerably less than half,” Steve said, and then added, “Maybe twelve percent.”

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