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  • First Place: A full color waist-up drawing of a character or ship of your choice (with a few exceptions. I won’t incest, pedophilia, ect.)
  • Second Place: A waist-up sketch of a character or ship of your choice (with a few exceptions. I won’t incest, pedophilia, ect.)
  • Third Place: A bust lineart of a character of your choice.


  • You must be following @chase2452 to be eligible (new followers welcomed!)
  • Reblogs and likes of this post count as entries.
  • There is no limit to the amount of times you can enter. The more you reblog this post, the greater chance you have of winning.

The deadline for the giveaway is MARCH 1.

If you have any questions about the giveaway or what I am willing to draw, please message me!

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world tonight. When I feel scared, I try to take a step back, close my eyes, and feel my place in the universe instead.

The problems and challenges we face are indeed intimidating and significant, especially when some people fear for their very lives. But there is a future worth heading toward. The universe is so immensely vast. It will endure. And so will we.

“I believe in humanity.”


Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack Giveaway

⏩ As a thank you to all my followers I’m going to be giving away two copies of the new Sims 4 Vampire Game pack.

⏩ Rules ⏪ 

You must follow me and reblog this post.

⏩ The giveaway ends on January 23rd 2017 (the day the pack is released) and the winners will be announced on my blog.

⏩ I’ll be using a random number generator to chose the winners so the more times you reblog this the greater a chance you have of winning.

⏩ The pack will be gifted to you (if you live in the UK) or I’ll send you a game code that can be redeemed on Origin, so either way you need an account on there.

⏩ Please have asks on or messages so I can contact you if you win.

⏩ The winners have 24 hours to respond otherwise I will generate a different winner.

Good luck to everyone!


Oh my god it’s so beautiful and perfect and my f god people you gotta share it it’s just perfect


To honor Stydia finally being canon, shouldn’t us Stydia shippers help get our ship to be TV’S Top Couple 2017? We definitely should! E! Online is hosting a contest where you can vote among multiple TV couples to select the top couple of 2017!

What should I do?
Go to this link, scroll down and vote for Stydia! The fourth

 round poll is open until Feb 23rd 5 p.m. PT.
You can vote how many times you want if you refresh the page!
this post to spread the word!

Let’s win this guys!


this is the blessed monsta x post. reblog this to help mx get their first win in 2017 so they can get their phones back and changkyun can call him mom whenever he likes

Valentine’s Giveaway! 💜

Win a full set of 15 Motivational Tattoos, we have 5 boxes to give away! That means 5 different winners will be picked and 5 times the chances of winning! ❤️💜💙💚💛

Open internationally. 🌍 To enter, just reblog this post! 💗

Terms: Maximum 3 reblogs/entries per blog. Closes at midnight PST on 1st February 2017. Winners will be announced on 2nd February. If you are under 18, make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian to enter. (You can also purchase our tattoos and other self care things from here.) Thank you, and good luck!

- The Floret Oracle 🌷 Valentine Event -

Let us try this again, shall we? The last event completely died down because life happened in an extreme way and prevented me from being able to complete it, unfortunately. Now that things have settled down again, let’s give this another shot. Valentines Day is coming up and I thought it’d be the perfect time to do this with you lovelies. 

It will be a quick event. This will end on February 14, 2017 and the winner will be picked randomly.

- Must be following me.
- Must be 18 years of age or older.
- Must be willing to give adress upon winning this deck.
- Reblogs count, likes do not.
- Do not tag as give-away.
- More than one reblog is fine. Be mindful of your own followers though.
- This deck will be printed upon winning, meaning it will take a few weeks to arrive on your doorstep.

Good luck, beautifuls. 🌿