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Title: Spring light

Artist: @macroramblings

Category: Photography

Division: Harvest

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Fandometrics in Depth: The Defenders

Early this morning, in the weeist of hours, Netflix (@netflix) released a miniseries two years in the making: The Defenders. The show features four major characters that each starred in their own Marvel (@marvelentertainment) show: Daredevil (@daredevil), Jessica Jones (@jessicajones), Luke Cage (@lukecage), and Iron Fist (@marvelsironfist). 

These four shows have had their time in the Fandometrics spotlight and the community around them is extremely dedicated. The excitement for the new series is nearly palpable. With all four characters on one show, The Defenders is set-up for success.

The Defenders, historically

The first series to debut was Daredevil on April 10, 2015, followed by Jessica Jones on November 20, 2015, Luke Cage on September 30, 2016, and Iron First on March 17, 2017.

With 16 appearances on our Television list, Daredevil has appeared on more lists than any other Defender, partially due to being the only series that had a second season run thus far. Jessica Jones has appeared eight times and Luke Cage twice. Iron Fist never made it onto a Fandometrics list. This could be attributed to the whitewashing controversy around the titular character’s casting. Y i k e s.

The stars have appeared on our Celebrities list a number of times as well. Charlie Cox and David Tennant are tied with each appearing four times. Though David Tennant is beloved for his time as the Tenth Doctor, most of his rankings took place in late 2015, correlating with the release of Jessica Jones.

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The Defenders, currently

We parsed data and perused our lists from the last six months to bring you the hottest, freshest numbers. Though Iron Fist was the most searched (120% more search volume than the next highest Defenders show) and most posted about (9% more search volume), Jessica Jones wins for most reblogged (3% more reblog volume). Daredevil, which fell into the number two spot for searches, original posts, and reblogs, had the most likes; 4% more than Iron Fist.

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For your consideration

If you want to take your time with the new episodes, there’s tons of stuff on Tumblr to sift through in between your binge-watching. May we suggest you start with:

And finally, don’t forget to tag your spoilers, pals.

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love wins lockscreens
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CLICK TO PRE-ORDER the Miraculous Ladybug disaster relief zine featuring art, cosplay, and fanfic from over 80 creators!

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“A hero is just a man who does what he can.” - Romain Rolland

What can we do for disaster victims around the world? Donate and reblog! Every cent (and every minute) counts. If we all donated even one penny, we could make a difference in countless lives. Please make the choice today to be a hero to someone in need. Check our How to Donate page for more information. We’re also excited to announce the following zine perks:


Thanks to a generous donation by @portentous-offerings (thank you!!!), we’re thrilled to announce that special donors will get a copy of the full, finished MAHR comic (over 70 pages!) with their zine! Donate $5 or more to get MAHR when the zine comes out, or donate $10 or more to get access to the comic right away! More info on the How to Donate page.


Thanks to wonderful donations by users who wish to remain anonymous (thank you!!!), everyone who reblogs this post is automatically entered to win our Reblog Raffle. Prizes include an original drawing of Tikki by Thomas Astruc, an ML poster, access to MAHR, and more! 

Raffle rules: 

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Thank you so much to our donors and participants. You’re all heroes to us!


Now, whenever he kisses him, Han remembers what it was like to kiss him on their wedding day last June. He remembers the tears on both of their cheeks, remembers Luke shaking to pieces in his arms, remembers the feeling of pure elation with a dash of anxiety and a breath of relief. He remembers the smile against his lips, the way Luke laughed into his mouth.

read it here! 

Giveaway time!

As an apology for my inactivity and a thank you to everyone who continues to support everything I’m working on, I’m doing a giveaway!

I picked up these Clexa funkos a few weeks ago and I’d like to send them out–as a pair– to someone. Somewhat (incredibly) hilariously, the guest star is the only popular pop from the show, and hers is the only one still in production, so this Clarke pop just got a lot more rare.

Like or reblog this post and on Halloween, I’ll be randomly selecting a winner!

I’ll ship anywhere in the world, and to anyone. 

(but I would prefer if the winner is someone who doesn’t have either of the Pops yet. I know some of us would love six Lexas, but it would be pretty cool if you’d spread the love. Of course, I have no way of knowing so I’m not going to call you on it, but it would just be a cool thing.)

Nonetheless, go ahead and like/reblog for a boost or a chance to win. No limit on entries, I’ll be using one of those random selector things to pick a winner on Halloween, October 31st.

While we’re here, I’m also going to take a second to shamelessly boost my current in progress fics:

in love and war and politics - in progress. 132k words, rated m.  Here!
“It’s the most watched Senate race around the country, and Clarke Griffin is running one hell of an underdog campaign against the favored Cage Wallace. But she has a secret weapon that might save the campaign–and a secret that might ruin it. And both are named Lexa Ward.” 

six shooter - in progress. 7.7k words, rated m. Here!
“Lexa prefers contract killer. Brutally precise and efficient. Blood for money—no other attachments. 

Clarke prefers hitwoman. More force, more room for improvisation. 

Neither of them prefer crossing paths with each other. In fact, they openly loathe it: crossing paths usually results in threats, violence, gunfire, the occasional chase and at least one instance of bondage. 

But when Clarke and Lexa are hired by different clients to kill the same target, their paths won’t only cross, but converge. Explosively.”

green like american money - coming soon. rated m.
Heir apparent to billionaire CEO Titus Woods, Lexa Woods has one perfect Hamptons summer before she is granted control of one of the wealthiest corporations in the world. Gliding through galas and yacht parties and country club dinners with effortless ease, Lexa is a darling of East Coast high society. She has the world at her feet.

Enter Clarke Griffin. The wealthy and irreverent daughter of west coast tech boom entrepreneurs, she is the one girl who can threaten Lexa’s perfect summer.

And the only one she can’t resist.

Untitled S3 Canon Fixit - coming soon. rated m.
In which Lexa and Clarke find themselves at the center of a conspiracy. Playing out the way I envisioned S3, with civil war, coups, assassination attempts, betrayals, alliances, exploration, travel, training, and healing. 

So that’s what’s coming soon! Whether you read my fics or not, you’re still welcome to reblog the post for the giveaway! Thanks again for all the patience and support.


hello friends!! i’ve never done anything like this, but with harry’s first tour approaching, i would like to help some of my fellow harries. 

it breaks my heart to see deserving fans posting about not being able to afford tickets, so i would like to give away 2 $100 ticketmaster giftcards. 

i want to give them to someone deserving, and it doesn’t be have to be anyone i know or have spoken to before, so don’t worry about me being bias about who i give the giftcards to. 

to let me know you would like a chance to win, please follow me and reblog this post. 

it’s not required, but feel free to message me and tell me why you think you deserve the tickets if you think you do. 

i will announce the winner a few days before the tickets go on sale, and i can send the giftcards by email. 

xoxo, abby

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