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- The winning reading will be posted publicly here on my tumblr, however I can keep you anonymous and send you the reading link.
- Questions are welcome but it can be general too.

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IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING. My account was unfrozen, and I’ve finally decided to clear out all the NC items I’ve hoarded (but never use). Above you will see precisely 180 items, all of which are up for grabs!


  • You don’t have to be following me (this isn’t a neoblog, but now that I’m back on the site I will hopefully be posting more about neo)
  • Reblog and add to the post (not in the tags) the top 3 items you would like if you win
  • Please only reblog to one account, to keep the system balanced

Additionally, all of the items here are up for trade for any Gift Box Mystery Capsule. If you’d like to guarantee that you’ll get a certain item, please send me an ask or message here on Tumblr with your GBC offer (I’m willing to go very low)! The more Gift Boxes I get, the more people will be able to win, so any trades are appreciated! (Current Gift Box count: 14)

The winners will be chosen via random name drawing. The first name drawn will receive all three items on their wishlist! The second and third will each get two items of their choice, and each runner-up will have one.

Giveaway ends on Midnight NST, July 1st. Good luck to everyone! <3

Cal Calore as the student athlete meme

Mare“And what do you see Cal?”
Cal: I SEE 👀 a world 🌎 on the edge of a blade🍴and we must RISE from this darkness ❌ to glory🏅💪 Calore 3:14 🙌 🙏

Cal: the only reason 🤔 you’re still breathing 💨 is because that GRIND 💯💯 NEVER quits 😤 and neither do I 👊🌟 can’t stop won’t stop 💪

Mare: “I won’t go back. For anyone.”
Cal: BACK 😮❓❕there is no BACK 👎😈 there is only FORWARD ➡️ fight the good fight 💯 need for speed 💪🏁

Mare: “Tiberias, choose me.”
Cal: CHOOSE ❔🤔❓ everyday life is 💯 a choice 👊 life is what you make it 💪 stay WOKE because 🤙that GRIND never ends🔥

Cal: They call me a BURNER 🖐💥because I’m always on fire 🔥⚡️KILLIN’ the grind 👌👊 Norta is LIFE 🔵⚪️


Now, whenever he kisses him, Han remembers what it was like to kiss him on their wedding day last June. He remembers the tears on both of their cheeks, remembers Luke shaking to pieces in his arms, remembers the feeling of pure elation with a dash of anxiety and a breath of relief. He remembers the smile against his lips, the way Luke laughed into his mouth.

read it here! 


hello friends!! i’ve never done anything like this, but with harry’s first tour approaching, i would like to help some of my fellow harries. 

it breaks my heart to see deserving fans posting about not being able to afford tickets, so i would like to give away 2 $100 ticketmaster giftcards. 

i want to give them to someone deserving, and it doesn’t be have to be anyone i know or have spoken to before, so don’t worry about me being bias about who i give the giftcards to. 

to let me know you would like a chance to win, please follow me and reblog this post. 

it’s not required, but feel free to message me and tell me why you think you deserve the tickets if you think you do. 

i will announce the winner a few days before the tickets go on sale, and i can send the giftcards by email. 

xoxo, abby

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love wins lockscreens
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I’ve got an advanced review copy of my friend Court Stevens’ upcoming YA (she calls it genderfluid Footloose). If you want a chance to win it, just reblog this post and I’ll pick a winner on 4/17/17 (this contest is also going on twitter).


It’s finally GIVEAWAY TIME again!

This giveaway is being held to celebrate the blog turning 5 years old and reaching 30,000+ amazing followers. Also, it’s my own birthday today - 3 reasons to celebrate should be enough for a giveaway, shouldn’t it?!

This giveaway will have two prices:

First place winner will receive a handmade (by me) needle felted hedgehog similar to the one in the picture. It will be made after picking the winner, so they will have some say in what colours to use and such.
Second place winner will receive a print of a picture of their choice from the blog (roughly 30 x 40 cm/12 x 16 inch, depending on the dimensions of the picture)*

*as long as it’s a picture I took & the quality is high enough to have it printed

Here’s how the rules work:

  • this giveaway will end on May 29th, 2017 at 12AM (midnight) CET
  • winners will have 48 hours to respond, if they do not respond within this period I will pick another winner(s)
  • since this giveaway is a thank you to my followers you have to be following me. No spam blogs, giveaway blogs, accounts with no other posts but this one etc. (I will check!)
  • free shipping worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you come from!
  • I can however not be held accountable for any additional import fees or taxes you might have to pay
  • you must be 18+ or have permission from your parents to give your address to me & let me send stuff to you. You should obviously be comfortable with giving me your full name and address
  • you must have your ask box enabled. This is how I will contact you if you win something
  • both likes and reblogs count! You may reblog as many times as you want but please think of your followers. Don’t reblog it 20 times in a row. Don’t be that jerk.
  • please leave this description intact! If you change or delete it (and this includes putting it under a “read more”) I will pick someone else
  • winners will be chosen using a random picker

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with tumblr.

Good luck everyone!


💥 Simply reblog this picture and you will be entered into a contest to win a FREE 30 minute phone or text session with ME! One random pervert will be picked on St. Patricks Day! So go-ahead since clicking for Me feels so good, reblog Now! 💥

“mike faist doesn’t deserve to win because his role isn’t physically demanding and he doesn’t work hard enough”

first of all, who asked

second of all, i don’t know if we’re watching the same fucking musical but i sure as hell believe mike faist’s role is one of the most demanding in the musical. as mentioned in a post by @flyawayrachel (it won’t tag you? sobs), mike basically plays three different characters. he plays connor murphy, the real connor murphy that we see interacting with evan in the beginning; he plays the peppy, upbeat, woobied and glazed-over version that evan and jared create in sincerely me; and he plays the version that is the personification of evan’s anxiety/the voice in his head or whatever you want to call it. and, hell, even if he didn’t have to do this stuff, the tony committee nominated him because - stay with me here - they thought he deserved it!! mike faist is an incredibly talented actor and, at this point, all we can do is be super happy for him, because he’s fought tooth and nail and worked super hard to get where he’s gotten !!!