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— this is where we take a stand.

Pennywise is honestly the most relatable character in the movie. I mean it sleeps for 27-30 years then spends 2 years feeding and then goes back to sleep.


Hey @taylorswift ! You’ve been so supportive, kind to us, and just incredible recently and I just wanted to put something together to thank you. You’re honestly the best, greatest thing in our lives and we all appreciate your consistent support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This is a collage of about 100 fans just to thank you for how kind you’ve been recently.

We all love you SO much. Thank you for being our best supporters and such a huge source of happiness for us all. I hope that you see this and know how much we love you and how many people have your back.

People also submitted messages that I added below. I know that they would love for you to read them. Love you babe.

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Self Ship Questions

I decided to make some Selfship questions of my own! Just some domestic and cutesy ones and some random ones! Feel free to use and reblog!

1. What’s each other their cell phone contact names for each other?
2. Who’s the one to go to the grocery store with a full list of what they need, and who’s the one that goes for one thing and gets everything else but that one thing?
3. Who has a calendar with things they’re going to be doing today, and who doesn’t have a set schedule and still ends up missing deadlines?
4. Who decorates the house?
5. How do they function as a family unit? (Whether it be the two of you or some little ones!)
6. What are they’re plans for the future?
7. How do they decide what they do for dinner?
8. Are their any nightly/morning routines that they do?
9. Do they visit family for the holidays or stay home?
10. Who is early on bills and who is right on time?

emergency commissions pls reblog

hello im a transgender latinx man living in a homophobic and transphobic household and i really need some help…

i have a massive guilt complex so i cant ask for donations but i will sell very cheap doodle commissions for $10 a character.

u can visit this album for examples; [ x ]

keep reading for info on how to commission me;

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