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so bright the sun is ashamed to rise & be in love with all of these vampires - a moodboard

gotta love some love mcr tbh, w o w so emo; also I am the vampire, love me

Meet Me by the River - c0rnfl0wer - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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I’ll make a pretty banner for this later but I just posted my first story on Slavic mythology !!  It’s based on Kupala Night, an old holiday when young people would celebrate then get lucky in the woods. It actually has a plot though, just so you know, lol, along with a happy ending and nsfw stuff and long-haired Viktor & Yuuri. It also properly demonstrates Russian naming conventions & lightly explains the holiday throughout the story. It’s really not a complicated story, it should be just fine for anyone, & I added additional notes at the end just in case. So highly recommend because I put a lot of work into it and love it, lol.

The Specs:
Word count: 11k+
Rating: E
Genre: historical au, mythology au, fantasy au, soulmate au
Pairing: Victor Nikiforov / Katsuki Yuuri, victuuri


What I’m willing to draw are 

any undertale au characters(skelebros or the humans if you can)

furries(i’ll try)


this will go on till, lets say April 10th. I’ll choose 4 random people. and make sure your message is on so we can discuss it on that day. Also if you can, give me a reference so i can make your characters more accurate.

I’m excited to do this for you. And good luck


So here’s a personal post…! Recorded my questionable fashion choices over my long weekend at my dad’s (1st 3 photos) and today’s work outfit (4th). Usually I range between 3 and 4 at work (casual/creative office). 1st is my usual everyday comfy. The 2nd photo is me at my most casual if I have to leave the house, give or take a hoodie or scarf. ;D yes, that is a Holyhead Harpies tee. ⚡️✨

((Tryna prove to @tolhinata that I dress regular/normal m o s t of the time…?? I dunno who am I!))

HEY GUYS i hit 500 followers how cool is that so im gonna get off my lazy ass and make some stuff for you guys as a thank you for putting up with the weird mix of content on this mess of a blog

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send an ask my way with one of the following:

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  • your name and i’ll do a playlist for you from my library with songs spelling out your name see this’ll be funny bc someone’s gonna get lucky and have a playlist with songs in 3 languages
  • any type of moodboard request!!! ships, mythology, books, characters, songs, archive, whatever you want dude i love making moodboards and not doing my homework
  • send me a number 1 through 100 and i’ll send it to @thisisabitofme then i’ll give you whatever number photo that is in her personal folder of me being a meme in her photos theyre all really zoomed in and ugly it’ll be funny


an ask with up to two of the above options bc i can’t think of anything else to do im sorry im boring and untalented but ily so its ok

MY FAVES @manonblaxkbeak @etoile-kid @battlebornpeacemaker @astralar @thisisabitofme @pastelgoth6661 @sentient-forest-boy @czernyandlynch you guys let me bother you a lot with tagging you in stuff and sending you memes and sad or weird stuff so i’ll write you a poem based on your name/a prompt chosen by you, or i will sketch/paint you something of your choosing!! wow u get my emo words and shit art ur so lucky OR you can pick any of the other options its up to you man you got full reign of this shitshow

important sidenote: I’m a full time student and I work extra hours at school nearly every day, plus weekends, so if any of these take a while im!! really sorry!!! all i can promise is that they WILL get done. I’ll be taking requests for a week.

if you want examples of moodboards go here, art go here, and poetry here.

thank you again for following srsly this blogs a mess, im a mess, high five dude i made this post at 5am on 3 hours of sleep so its probably a mess too what a surprise