[proceeds to sing 'you are my sunshine']

BTS (As your boyfriend) Scenario - When they forgot your birthday and you forgive them

Hey there anon! Sorry for this late response since I’ve had a hell month lmao ㅠㅠ Really sorry. Don’t worry, your reaction request makes sense :) So here it is, and I hope you liked it :D //sending lots of love because Yuki is cheesy lol// ♥♥♥

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Jin: *Out of the awkward silence that feels the room, you suddenly tell him that you forgive him*
Waaaah! 진짜? (Really?) *Proceeds to bear-hug you and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with that silly tone again*

Suga: *You walked into his room to find out the Yoongi who’s looking down, totally guilty and sad about forgetting your birthday and somehow thinking of a way to at least cheer you up*
Babe, I’m totally okay with it.
Him: *GIF* You do?
You: *Nods with a smile*
Him: *Smiles faintly but looks down again with a sad face*
Oh come on. What is it?
Him: I’m really sorry about that. It’s just that I had a busy weekend and had a lot of things in my mind.
You: You know, I understand that. You’re an idol so it’s normal.
Him: *Looks up again and hugs you closer, you can feel him trying not to cry* I promise I’ll make time for you as soon as possible, okay? I love you and happy birthday again.

J-Hope: *After the long drama, he proceeds to stand up and dance just to make you smile and laugh (after all those tears you’ve released) with his hyper tone of voice singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and then hugs you again and kisses you all over your face saying ‘don’t cry, my sunshine’*

Rap Monster: *You opened the door after a minute of listening outside his room, talking to himself saying things like ‘Sorry…’ somewhat practicing his lines on how to apologize to you. He was so surprised to see you so you hug him and tell him it’s okay*
Him: *GIF* (Since he doesn’t want to let you see that he’s embarrassed) 

Jimin: *He made a small surprise for you that he’s hoping for you to accept and forgive him*
You: Alright, it’s okay now, you cheesy guy. *Laughs*
Him: *GIF* *Proceeds to hug you tightly and maybe even cry lol*

V: (You were both sitting on the same couch, not talking to each other nor making a sound so it was awkward af especially you both look on the opposite direction)
Him: *Starts singing your favorite song as he looks at you but you are too sulky about it to look back at him*
Him: *He starts telling funny jokes or even tries to make you look back at him with his crazy and funny dancing/facial expressions the moment he knew that his singing wasn’t really effective*
Him: *Although you were trying not to laugh, you still made it through so he sits down and sighs heavily*
I forgot your birthday and now I can’t make you listen, I can’t make you smile, and I can’t even make you laugh. *Long pause* I’m such an awful boyfriend. *Makes sad face*
You: *Chuckles* No you’re not. *Looks at him* You’re the best.
Him: *GIF* So, does that mean we’re okay now?
You: Yes, silly. *Laughs*
Him: Wow. But I didn’t even made you listen to me singing nor make you smile and laugh.
You: You didn’t, but you made me feel guilty. *Laughs again*
Him: I’m sorry. *Scratches nape*
You: *Laughs as you hug him and he hugs back, and starts singing ‘Happy Birthday’* 

Jungkook: *You entered the room to see him playing video games*
You: *Sigh*
You could’ve at least tried to make me feel better.
Him: Sorry. *Continues playing the game*
You: It’s fine.
Him: Really?
You: Yeah. *Smiles*
Him: *First GIF*
Him: *Second GIF* Happy birthday, Jagiya!
You: *Second GIF as Taehyung*
You and Jungkook: *Laughs*