[prays to the lord]

Missing Her

When I miss her
I learn to breathe
Can’t help my tears
But I know she’s thinking of me
Looking down
I stare at my ring
A promise is what we keep
In my heart
Every beat she is telling me
She loves me

I’ve learned that I’m not forgotten
When anxiety starts to take over me
She tells me that I’m strong
So I keep praying to the lord
To keep giving me strength
So that I can keep plugging on

Her voice will always be known
For when I’m too low
I zone out
Replaying her voice in my head
Telling me “It’s okay babe I’m okay”
As I slowly put my head at rest

On my pillow
Imagining her lips kissing my forehead
As she whispers “I miss you too”
Not even having to say it
Because she knows me to well that I do

—  Sara Johnson / @expressions-ecstasy

phoenix21love  asked:

*prays out loud* dear lord, please let my punishment from Bucky be well received as I have been very bad and deserve whatever punishment he doles out. amen #NoneOfUsAreGoingToSurvivePart4

😭😭😭 Let’s just say you’re not gonna be able to sit down for a looooooooong time 😊😊❤❤❤❤


I’d like to share one of Paul Washer’s great sermons. His sermons led me deeper into the scriptures and onto a search for God almighty. Something about his sermons made me examine my life as I had been living it (which was very ungodly at the time) so many years ago… And I had to know this God he spoke so passionately about. I HAD to know him.
My thoughts and prayers are with him, as are many… Lord we pray you will keep him upon this earth for many years to come as a servant and man of God.