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Magnus had come to give his insight on the possible lead they received on the whereabouts of the Soul Sword, and when he announced he needed to look into a few books to give his final conclusion, Alec eagerly agreed to help him. The two of them were going through the small stack of books on one side of the table, flipping pages and exchanging whispered words, while Izzy, Jace and Clary were developing a further plan of action on the other.

Just as Jace was debating with Izzy over how many of them should go, it happened.

Alec laughed, light and carefree, the sound filling the room, the laughter so full and good that it seemed to brighten the entire space around them. Jace stopped mid-sentence and blatantly stared at his brother; because he cannot remember the last time he’s heard Alec laugh like that.

He can’t remember if he ever has.

“Am I hallucinating or is that Alec laughing?” Clary whispered and only then did Jace notice that both she and Izzy had their eyes on Alec as well.

“If you’re hallucinating, then so am I,” Izzy whispered back and looked at Jace, her eyes wide and almost disbelieving, but then a smile started spreading across her face until it become one of the brightest ones Izzy had. Jace couldn’t help but grin back, because by the Angel, Alec has never been this happy and Jace knows that means the world to Izzy, just like it does to him.

“No one is hallucinating, I just happen to be very amusing,” Magnus said, breaking the moment, but when Jace looked over, Alec was shaking his head, breathing out another tiny laugh. The clever comeback Jace had died at his throat when he noticed the look in Magnus’ eyes and the brightness of his smile, because he realized something.

Alec being happy meant the world to Magnus, too.

This reminds me when Pepe escaped before. The 1st thing I did back then was printing lots of posters of him with money reward more than his value in the market. Within 24 hours, people showed up knocking my door and one of them was holding him. If you really want your lost bird back, this is the fastest and safe way to get him returned. Otherwise people who catch him will most likely sell him or keep him. Time is crucial when a bird is lost, because he can die starving, dehydrated, getting attacked by predators, etc. Without $$$ offering, no one will be motivated enough to look around and help you find the bird. Just saying. :) Don’t forget to reblog this post, Folk!


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i originally meant for this post to be my 1000th post oops though bc it was close to that number :0 maybe i’ll delete a few posts just so i can make it the 1000th one aha
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but anyway this was from my recent bujo spread from the 11th to the 16th!!!ft smol hobi (one of my favourite pictures of him actually)
(♡˙︶˙♡).。 o♡

plus two photos of some sakura trees and daisies i think???i’m sure about the sakuras but not sure about the daisies lmao idk what they are they look like daisies i guess but the point is that i took these photos when i went sakura viewing lmao

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MORE HS AU!! (Ily)


this continues from part one

  • here’s the thing with andrew tutoring neil on weekdays: neil doesn’t actually tell him that he’s always fresh from practice when he pops into the library for tutoring
  • like, it’s not like it ever came up in conversation. andrew was too busy looking to see how to improve neil’s grades, bc if he’s gonna charge a cute guy $10 per hour, he sure as fuck gotta have to step up his game.
    • the trick to neil is: he’s not stupid.
    • in the span of three tutoring days, andrew finds out that neil knows about five languages so well he sounds like he’s local all of them. he also finds out that neil does not need help in other subjects and neil actually lets him know
      • neil: the maths teacher teaches like he needs everyone to know how smart he is. literally all i do in that class is sleep
      • andrew: you’re telling me this like i care
      • neil: no, andrew, listen, he thinks i don’t listen. i’ve never failed a quiz in math since i was nine.
      • andrew: good to know. not another thing you’ll be paying me extra hours for. the faster we finish the better.
      • neil:
      • andrew: don’t stall. the gall bladder. endocrine system. focus, hatford

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A pet play guide.

I enjoy helping new/emerging pets in the pet play world. I try my hardest to provide resources to those who are not sure of where to start, where to go, or just need some clarification. I help those who are brand new all the way to the seasoned expert. When I started in pet play, it was extremely difficult to find well-written information and find the proper place to start; to put it short, I felt very lost and had to do a lot of “making things up” as I went along. Below you will find a list of helpful text posts I have created. Please look through, as you might find one or more of them to be helpful to you. If none of these posts help answer your questions, please don’t hesitate to message me. No question is stupid, and I welcome every pet on my blog. -nods once-


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i originally meant for this post to be my 1000th post oops though bc it was close to that number :0 maybe i’ll delete a few posts just so i can make it the 1000th one aha oh welp
(ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

but anyway this was from my recent bujo spread from the 11th to the 16th!!!ft smol hobi (one of my favourite pictures of him actually)
(♡˙︶˙♡).。 o♡

plus two photos of some sakura trees and daisies i think???i’m sure about the sakuras but not sure about the daisies lmao idk what they are they look like daisies i guess but the point is that i took these photos when i went sakura viewing lmao

i’ve actually already posted this photo on my studygram, so follow me at mochi.studies if you want slightly earlier and a bit more regular posting (sometimes) !!




This is a not a ripoff-overwatch logo, this is the symbol of a right-wing party called “The Identitarian Movement”.

I have read some shit about these, and it is clear that they have pretty extremist intentions, as well as some quite xenophobic/racist posts when you look at their online pages, just look at this for example;

“Too beautiful for a Hijab/Niqab” 

(’Schleier’ is used in context with a bride’s veil or a muslim’s headscarf)

Just saying, but using a blonde, naked women for your racist propaganda is as low as you can get. But wait, doesn’t a blonde, likely blue eyed woman remind you of something?

Well, what a coincidence we got ourselves here; if you fill out the logo of the Nazi-Sturmabteilung (SA), one of the first two Nazi-departments, you get something looking surprisingly similar to the logo of the Identitarian Movement. Coincidence? I think not. Wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You know what’s the motto of the Identitarian movement?

Their motto is “Integration is a lie” and “Fortress Europe

Like, I am not trying to act like Nazis aren’t obvious as fuck in other parties as well, but I can’t believe that they think they are a fuckinkg legitimate party. They are straightup fucking Nazis that abuse pop culture to look like they honestly care about people. Like, let’s just look at this other shit;

“Ladies and Gentleman, multiculti is not a law of nature!” - Using Sheldon Cooper, a gay american, for their conservative, european-only purposes.

Or this fucking abomination. 

Yep, this is Gordon Freeman from Half Life as a Nazi-hero. He is fighting “Gender-Craze”, “Self-Denial”, “Political  Correctness” and “(National) Socialism”. Of course.  classy as always, because if you act like you fight Nazis you can’t be Nazi, am I right? And since ‘national’ is inside brackets they are also fighting regular Socialism!

Please, if you see anyone supporting the Identitarian Movement, unfollow them, stop contact or try to convert them into any ideology but Neo-Nazism.

PS;  Honestly I don’t want to be identified with these pieces of shit, I’m going to change my blog-design tomorrow, because I sure don’t want to be associated with these Neo-Nazis.

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Corrin x Niles hcs?

*slams fist on table* A WILD OTP APPEARED

  • One of the first things they did when Zero moved into the tree house is to push the bed against a window. This way, he can look at the moon while waiting to fall asleep. Also when the moonlight hits Kamui when he’s lying on the bed, it makes his skin look diaphanous and then Zero puts his hand on it because he  l o v e s  the contrast between their skin colors.
  • “Glad you’re back, Lord Leon.”, “Thank you, Zero. So, what did you do during my absence?”, “Lord Kamui.”, “What”, “I am your brother-in-law now, milord.”, “I LEFT YOU ALONE FOR ONE WEEK, YOU TRASH”, “Yes, and it was enough.”
  • He loves to tease Kamui in general but there’s one thing in particular he does often : when Kamui wants a kiss, he doesn’t bend down, forcing him to stand on tiptoe. “Want something, milord?”, “Yes, BEND DOWN YOU UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND.”, “Mmmmh, let me think about this.”, “Oh for the love of…” And then Kamui turns into a dragon and pokes the top of his head with his mouth and is like “heheheh who’s short now?”
  • If Kamui needs to get up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, he always leaves a written note for Zero in case he wakes up. He knows his husband would panic if he were to wake up alone from a nightmare.
  • Somehow Zero didn’t realize being Kamui’s husband made him King of Valla. Kamui had to tell him.
  • Their first time was almost terrible. Zero may know very well how to fuck, he didn’t have a clue how to make love. He only knew to be rough. Long story short he hurt Kamui at first and the latter had to guide him into being gentle and slow, whispering what to do in his ear and telling him if it felt bad or good, all while caressing his bare back. Zero was also taken aback by how much Kamui kissed him while they did it… but very soon became addicted to it.
  • Every time they’re paired up during a battle, there’s a moment when Zero just kisses him in front of their dying enemies. you can’t convince me otherwise
  • Every full moon, they both climb on the roof of the tree house to stargaze and chat. Mostly stargaze though. Sometimes they even fall asleep up there, which makes Felicia and Jakob panic the following morning when they can’t find their lord.

tip for people with detailed abouts/byfs/etc:

do not list your triggers. list things you need tagged, but do not list your triggers. do not list your squiks, do not list your friend’s triggers, your alters triggers, your kins triggers, DO NOT LIST TRIGGERS.

Only list what needs to be tagged and do not explain why on your about. Malicious people can use that info against you when you leave it right in the open. Theres nothing wrong with talking about it in posts but there are TONS of people who click through abouts looking for “cringe materials” and are happy to expose you to your triggers for fun.

I know this is the place we like to overshare and be honest but understand that your abouts are a one click location of a lot of personal info. It’s more than just your followers seeing that information.

Please be careful and keep trigger information as private as you can.

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When do you think Ron and Hermione realized they had feelings for the other person?

Good lord, this message has been in my inbox for so long! And I am extremely sorry for the delay, Anon!

I have so much to say on this that I didn’t even know how to put it all in one post without making it look like a novel in itself. Thank goodness @coyotelaughingsoftly has already done the job for me by creating the masterpiece called To Know You Is To Love You. (I am assuming you have already read TKYITLY, in case you haven’t- READ it NOW!)

If we are talking about an exact moment, I guess for Hermione it would have been sometime during their third year- during the time of the famous Cat-Rat fight. I feel the months when Ron and she spent not talking to each other was the time when she truly realized what he meant to her. 

If my memory doesn’t fail me (i haven’t read PoA in a while), she was utterly miserable and was always described as being very upset. True, the Time-Tuner and so many subjects would be draining her for sure, but if we fast-forward to their fifth year, even with the pressure of O.W.Ls which she surely felt she needed to ace, Umbridge, the DA and her prefect duties, she wasn’t as miserable. And yes, Harry was in bad shape and frequently poured his frustration on Ron and Hermione. Was she so miserable about it? No.

What I mean to say is, being the more emotionally mature one of the two, Hermione would have figured out that her feelings for Ron ran deeper than friendship way before our favorite Weasley realized his. It makes more sense for her to be upset about his angry taunts to Lavender about how Hermione didn’t care much for other’s pets, knowing that she had feelings for this oblivious bloke, doesn’t it? I wish Harry was more observant, but from the little that he saw of her (or realized what was going on in her head), all signs clearly point towards a broken heart because Hermione surely thought she had broken things between them beyond repair? Because perhaps she had no clue how to mend it? Or, quite possibly she was afraid she would only make it worse and would lose Ron forever? Of course, she hugged him when Ron agreed to help her with her research for saving Buckbeak! If that wasn’t a dead giveaway, I don’t even know what was.  

As far as Ron is concerned, alas he was a little slow, to say the least. He cared for her since the time they became friends, that much we know. And our little hero did unbelievably well to win the girl’s heart (come on, who wouldn’t love a knight who sacrificed himself for his friends? Or burp slugs to defend her honor? I would, and Hermione sure did). But did he realize he actually fancied her before the Yule Ball? I doubt. As I have mentioned earlier, my story A Pesky Little Thought is all about that moment of realization. 

However, I don’t think Hermione looking drop dead gorgeous that day had anything to make Ron suddenly start fancying her. This point comes up way too often, and by Ron bashers too. What they fail to comprehend is that Ron was a fourteen-year-old confused teen. Which fourteen-year-old boy is in tune with his emotions, I ask? In fact, I find it utterly cute that Ron never noticed Hermione is a girl. Well, I am sure he knew she was a girl, but he saw her his best friend, just as the same with Harry. How is that wrong? Yes, Ron was a little slow to figure out that he liked her a little differently than he liked Harry, and I am sure, that realization would have both shocked and confused him initially. It takes seeing her with another bloke for him to understand that he doesn’t want anyone else next to her- and takes a little more to understand that he wants that place for himself. That the bloke is Krum only added fuel to fire (made him more insecure) but I am sure he would have been equally jealous had it been Neville or Harry. 



THEIR NAME IS JAKI, AND JUST CAUSE YOU CAN’T FUCKING SPELL RIGHT DOESN’T MEAN YOU ATTACK THEM. Oh my god, I cannot believe I am having to make a post like this right now.

Not only have YOU made yourself look like an asshole for saying their art is mediocre (which it isn’t. I went and looked, since this was one of tumblr’s ‘in orbit’ posts mobile does, and it’s rally fucking good.), you made this fandom look like a bunch of shit bags like yourself!! You messaged them a few times before asking how to blacklist things, and then do this??? What kind of dirt-bag are you? Because of you, there are people who are starting to say we are all like this, because that’s how people work when someone like you does something ASSHOLE-ISH for a whole fandom. 

I am appalled. Disgusted. EMBARRASSED by your actions. I am embarrassed that you thought it’d be okay to do this and then paint the rest of us like that because you are being a dick about someone’s ART STYLE.

If you did this, and you’re reading and following me: Hit that fucking unfollow button. I don’t want you near or around my content. Even better, if you did this, message me off anon so I can block you my damn self. This is rude and inexplicably angering.

So, “also fuck you” anon :) ! 

I have left out the person’s url so that all of you don’t go flooding said person (cause it would happen lbr), and or don’t go to try and defend this anon for doing this (though I don’t see that happening at all, the world is a surprise + the last discourse I never thought would happen in kkc).


Voice Paintings!!!

I’ve been meaning to post something about these for a while! I kinda threw the idea out there and never really followed up on it.

For those of you that know, I have synesthesia. When I hear sounds, I see color. I like painting music and voices when time allows, and I’m taking commissions for them!

So if you want your voice painted or maybe some music you like, I can do that. I’ll even make it look like one of those little faces I paint all the time since a lot of them are actually based on colors if music and voices.

I’m still debating on pricing but I’m thinking $30, which will include shipping since these will be small watercolor pieces.

Shoot me a message if interested!

ethamyplier hc collection 💖

• Mark and Ethan who go shopping for flowers together and pick out the brightest yellow bouquet for Amy

• Amy and Mark are pretty good cooks but Ethan is very bad at it, so he takes a cooking lesson. The cooking lesson only teaches him how to make spaghetti but he picks up very quickly and practices it when Amy and Mark aren’t home.

Then, one night, he announces he’s gonna cook dinner for Mark and Ames, who are very nervous but not saying anything because last time Ethan tried to cook, he accidentally microwaved a fork. But Ethan takes like an hour to make the spaghetti and makes his own sauce and everything and then brings it out to Mark and Amy, who have been sitting patiently the whole time. They’re trying not to wince as they take a bite, but then they actually start chewing and it’s good. Like, really good.

So that’s how Ethan becomes amazing at cooking spaghetti and nothing else and whenever he makes it it’s a very special occasion.

• Ethan and Mark play-wrestling. Amy acts as the referee and counts down when one of them has pinned the other

• Ethan and Amy always overpowering Mark in decisions. Like whether it’s what music to play in the car or where they’re gonna go that day, Ethan and Amy always agree and Mark says they’re bullying him

• Matching promise rings? As given out by Mark, who usually isn’t the sappy one at all but on their two year anniversary he hands Amy and Ethan small boxes and explains he wants them to know he’s in it completely and Ames and Eth obviously both tear up because they’re extremely soft hearted! Mark waits until they have theirs on to show his and Amy takes a picture to put on her instagram of their hands next to each other with the dazzling rings adorning their fingers ✨

• Baking!! Together!! Amy making cookies shaped into aliens, Amy holding out the spatula so Ethan can lick the batter, Amy wiping flour-covered hands on Mark’s shirt by accident. Mark rolling the rolling pin on dough and Ethan and Amy are acting like this isn’t just an excuse to watch that boy’s muscly forearms.

Also Ethan getting all bubbly and excited when the timer goes off and not wanting to let the cookies cool! Plus Ethan having trouble with his apron so Amy laughs at him and wraps her arms around his waist, tying it for him in the back. Also Mark triple-checking the ingredients for peanuts/peanut oil and taking a bite out of the first cupcake “to make sure it’s cooked all the way” (nobody believes you, Mark).

• Mark complaining about giving up closet space when Ethan moves in, Amy is rolling her eyes because she has twice as much clothing as that boy but she still made it work

• Mark and Ethan with “If Lost, Return to Amy” shirts. Amy has a shirt that says “I’m Amy”.

• Ethan who stays up until 3am editing (canon) and Mark insists that he’s fine and Ethan does that every night don’t worry about it but Amy drags him to bed and assures him Mark is fine with it, besides Ethan needs to sleep. Mark is not very fine with it but if he says that Amy will smack him so he keeps quiet.

• Chica being mildly upset because she used to be able to curl up with Amy and Mark but now Ethan takes up the space she did so she has to sleep on her dog bed

• Literally just any of them carrying each other!
-Mark sweeping Amy off her feet and spinning her around

-Ethan giving Amy piggy back rides

-Mark trying to carry both Amy and Ethan up the stairs at the same time because Ethan was like “I’m too tired, you need to carry me.” And then Amy said “me too” so Mark makes it about halfway up before unceremoniously dropping them both and they all burst into laughter

-Amy can’t quite pick Ethan up but with Mark’s help she can and that’s how they transport sleepy Eth to beds, cars, and anywhere else he was supposed to go before falling asleep

-Mark picking up Ethan against his will and Ethan is laughing and half heartedly telling Mark to put him down, Amy is exploding with love and snapchats it, captioning “the princess has been swept off her feet”

• Tickle fights where one person always ends up being mercilessly attacked by the other two and there is no escape

• Ethan and Mark get seperated from Amy because they’re on different flights to a convention! And Amy’s flight gets delayed so she’ll be a day late, Mark and Ethan FaceTime her from the hotel room and Ethan is pouting with his arms wrapped around Mark because he misses her so much.

• Ethan and Amy are blanket hogs so Mark always ends up with no blanket or he has to yank it back

• Amy now has double the amount of boyfriend hoodies to steal

- Bonus for Ethan and Amy being partners in crime and now Mark is missing like half his wardrobe

• Eskimo kisses all the time and always

@crankyplier heard you liked Ethamyplier

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aunt may and peter talking - definitely one of my favorite scenes already. like peter is not just sitting there and looking down or somewhere else. he's sitting there, looking into her eyes and actually listening every word she says. i feel like in movies we see so many times how the main character/hero like him gets uncomfortable when someone says words like that to them and try to look elsewhere but not peter. ugh idk i just love it so much.

it’s like you looked into my heart and said everything i’m feeling about peter and may 😩 but yeah, they’ve always had a very beautiful relationship and peter adores her (there are times in the comics where he’ll call her ‘mom’ or refer to her as his mother and i melt each time) and she adores peter, and they would truly do anything for each other.

i hope we see a lot of their relationship in the film and that it isn’t put on the back burner, bc aunt may is a massive part of peter’s life, he loves her with all his heart, and i hope we see some moments between them to show that. tom said there’s a nice scene where they’re eating at a thai restaurant, i’m excited to see that.

but yeah with that scene it looks to me like what’s gonna happen is the ferry will be split in half, tony will take away the suit, peter won’t have anything to wear so he’ll have to steal those pajamas from a laundromat, and he’ll come home and tell aunt may that he’s had a bad day and he’ll be devastated. and may will tell him how good he is, there will likely be references to uncle ben, she’ll make him feel a bit better and comfort him and the entire time peter will be looking @ her like his aunt hangs the stars in the sky bc to peter she does


Okay, so recently I have been feeling insecure about my art. And then when I looked back at where I was and where i am now. I got a boost of confidence. SO 

I wanted to make this post to say this. 

It doesnt matter how or where you start. If you practice and love what you do, You WILL improve. Even if that improvement isnt obvious at first. 


Keep painting, keep drawing, keep acting, keep doign what you love. You will improve. 

This has been a PSA from ur local noots 

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Hello lovely! I saw your links about watching Versailles with English sub and naturally i was over the moon (thanks so much by the way!) When i went to download the actual episode you linked my computer flagged it up as having viruses on it. I thought that my protection software was just being a bit sensitive, so i decided to look further into it and found that there actually was (as far as i can tell) malicious content within the file. It could just be me, but I just thought I'd let you know :)

Hi there beautiful versailles family friend!

you mean the episodes posted by TvTeam??

these ones?: https://urbanproxy.eu/torrent/17424538/Versailles.2015.S02E01.MULTi.1080p.HDTV.x264-SH0W

because I’ve downloaded all the Versailles episodes they’ve posted and they’re fine? They’re even in english audio!!

If your files are for some reason corrupted, please let me know. i might just post the ones i have, for you all in a masterpost :)

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So here's a thought about Helix that popped into my head

Because I’ve been scrolling through Tumblr for the last ten minutes and seeing a lot of interviews and spoilers and speculation about who’s behind it.

And then when I saw that gif post comparing Felicity and Alena, saying something along the lines of how they look so much alike they could be sisters, my brain just exploded with one thought:


That would make so much sense, wouldn’t it?!


hey pals! this is a little thought monitoring exercise introduced to me by my first psych that I find helpful when trying to manage my negative thoughts particularly in regards to combating anxiety and black and white thinking. if you’re like me, it’s easier to do these kind of exercises when you can just fill in boxes and it looks relatively nice.

the document is three pages and includes instructions, a blank one to print and fill in (shown on the left), and an example

link to the document itself 
link to a folder containing this and any other future printables

Thoughts on New Girl ep "San Diego"

(Stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers)

•Schmidt spent who knows how long throwing l i g h t b u l b s against his garage
•Nick waking up Aly
•The enormous eyes Nick had when Aly said the word “prostitute”
•Aly’s hair is gorgeous.
•The One Winston Rule has been broken
•But.. Nick.. DOES actually somehow look like the only white waiter in a Chinese restaurant?
•Jess’ giant heart is part compass, part flashlight
•Winston Bishop disappearing before Winston Schmidt turns around.. what even is he
•I’m actually really happy with the Nick/Reagan breakup. The writers did really well
•Jess is Ready, not to start dating because she’s over Nick, but to tell Nick she loves him. She’s really, finally Ready

POST ( 9*^*)9 !!

look what the bootyful @quiethistess send to meeeh!
ServampAnime card, Sakuya badge, one of her self-designed wooden Keychain and of course a letter >w>)!! <3
ahhh finalllyyyy, I’ve been waiting for your post unpatiently like as always! ;;///; it REALLY cheers me up while studying 24/7 for those final exams ‘n other stress ._.
thank you so muuuuchhhhh <3
uaahhh just look at all those adorable babiiies (/ ///v///)/ <3 <3 <3
seriously, your wooden keychains looks much more awesome when you see it with your own eyes *o* tiny Tsubakyun, Kuro-Kitty 'n Co. ~ <3

Of course you’ll receive something in return after my Abi ~ youknowIamnotthefastestpersontho.

And I’m also sad about the fact that you’ll leave soon, Kira ._.
although I know why you leave  I can’t stop thinking about the upcoming 'gap’ in the ServampFandom because you’ll be missed ;_; !
This has been said 1000x times, but remember, your artworks are unique and stunning. Those ideas you have! Too bad we won’t see them anymore…
I remember when I first saw your artworks on dA tho :’D! You improve really fast my child, and I’m sure  you’ll be a master next year ! YES.

but ey, you can also return any time you want, you huge KuroFangirl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!